Teenager appears to demolish Boris Johnson’s Brexit approach

Teenager appears to demolish Boris Johnson’s Brexit approach


Teenager appears to demolish Boris Johnson’s Brexit approach

Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategies are dropping like the pound on Brexit day. While he admitted to Andrew Neil that he doesn’t actually know the law he intends to use to plaster over the gaping wound

Baldrick Johnson’s cunning plan was swiftly debunked by a (very astute) 16-year-old.

Having a loud voice and 'peddling optimism' as Jeremy Hunt described it is not going to help.

If you look at his Plan B as it were, if he can't get a deal with the EU, GATT 24.

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Oh my cod. You dolphinately lost it by claiming such a pe tench ous spratt demolished Boris Johnson Brexit Approach 😨 For Shore, he carped on, was goby, but just a young spratt that said nothing. I feel orcaward, knowing that our journalists do so much trawling, please do batter Step aside, old fogeys, the world is too complicated for you -- probably always was.

Nonsence Teenager appears to be writing crap for .. 🙄🙄 No big deal, my 1 y.o. lad can do this as well. Move along nothing to see here.. We've heard this kid.

Boris slams BBC for 'conditioning' Brits with Brexit 'gloom'BORIS Johnson has slammed the BBC for “conditioning” Brits with “gloom” and “negativity” about Brexit and insisted “we can do it”. The current frontr… But he can't define how. BBC is project Doom & Gloom

Opinion: Boris Johnson vs Andrew Neil confirmed we are heading for Brexit crisisThe interviewer deserves credit for setting a benchmark below which Johnson is likely to fall – if he survives as prime minister long enough to be tested Did it need confirming? Wisdom says 'leave good enough alone.' I never expected anything other than a crisis.

New attempt launched to stop Boris Johnson suspending parliament to force no-deal BrexitHouse of Lords will vote on proposal to ensure MPs have an opportunity to vote in the weeks before the Halloween deadline I'll read this later. Take him hostage quick! (Jokes)

Steve Bell on Boris Johnson and his role in Kim Darroch's resignation – cartoonMPs believe the Tory leadership contender has allowed the UK to be bullied by President Trump Gawd, they’re quick these MPs.

There is a huge amount riding on Boris Johnson's first 72 hours in No10“TIME is the greatest enemy,” warns one of Boris Johnson’s closest confidants. They know that if — as seems almost certain — he gets to walk through the front door of No 10 on July 24, he’ll have …

Tory leadership: Boris Johnson uses Andrew Neil interview to deny failing to support ambassador - live newsRolling coverage of the BBC’s Andrew Neil interviewing Tory leadership candidates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, with reaction and analysis It didn't work! What is that quote about convincing people not to believe what they see with their own eyes? Andrew Neill of all people. 😂

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