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Teen who stabbed schoolboy Yousef Makki to death released after seven months

Teen who stabbed schoolboy Yousef Makki to death freed from jail after seven months


Teen who stabbed schoolboy Yousef Makki to death freed from jail after seven months

Joshua Molnar stabbed promising teen academic Yousef Makki through the heart during a fight over an apparent botched robbery of a drug dealer

Joshua Molnar killed Yousef Makki during a fight, with the dead 17-year-old's family slamming his killer's early release as "the third knife in Yousef's heart".Molnar, 18, attended a £33,000-a-year private school when he stabbed public schoolboy Yousef, but was cleared of murder and manslaughter in court - though was given a detention order for possession of an offensive weapon and perverting the course of justice by lying to officers.

On Tuesday, police told Yousef's dad Ghaleb Makki that Molnar has been freed, less than a week before the one-year anniversary of his son's death.Speaking to the Daily Mail , he said: "I told my mother: 'They stabbed him for the third time.' The second time he was stabbed was at the verdict.

"And when I was told the news today I said: 'That's the third knife in Yousef's heart. Another insult.'"He added: "Does justice for the rich top justice for the victim? What type of justice system does not protect the lives of children."I am so angry I feel like exhuming my son's body and taking him to a land governed by a proper justice system, where everyone is equal."

Yousef, who had just won a scholarship to £12,000 per year Manchester Grammar School, was stabbed through the heart with an illegal flick blade during a fight on March 2, 2019.As a result, he suffered a fatal 5.5-inch wound during the altercation in the Cheshire village of Hale Barns.

Molnar appeared at Manchester Crown Court with Adam Chowdhary, also 18 - both initially referred to as Boy A and Boy B, respectively, before becoming adults.It was said the three boys had been friends until they fell out over a failed plan to rob a drug dealer which led to Molnar getting beaten up and his £2,000 mountain bike thrown over a hedge.

While the knife used by Molnar to kill Yousef was bought online by Chowdhary - though in court he successfully argued he attacked only after Yousef had pull a knife on him.The prosecution said there was no evidence Yousef had a knife.Chowdhary, meanwhile, was cleared of perverting the course of justice, but was sentenced to four months in a youth detention centre after admitting possession of the flick knife.

Mr Makki, who lives in London but is separated from Yousef's mum Debbie, said he feels guilty and can't bring himself to visit his son's grave, with his "exact words keep ringing in my ears" from the last time they spoke."He said: 'Hang on there baba' - the Arabic word for father - he said: 'One more year and I promise I will be with you and I will never leave you alone, never'.'

The distraught dad said his son was wearing the new white trainers he'd bought the day he died - which had proved crucial during the investigation.Mr Makki said: "Those were a major point in the investigation because they were white. The other two boys were wearing dark shoes. In the CCTV when it was dark they distinguished Yousef by his shoes. That was the last item. I sent him the money.

"Yousef was very clever, highly intelligent. At his primary school the teachers used to tell me he was years ahead of his age."They spotted his potential, he was talented and gifted. One of his teachers told me he was one of those who come only once in every 20 generations.

"Another teacher, at the cemetery when she was expressing her condolences, said to me: 'Mr Makki you are not the only one who lost him. The whole country lost him, he was an academic-to-be."When he had exams, he used to send emails to the head of year, thanking them for putting all the effort in to provide him with the opportunity to have exams and to thank them for all their hard work. That is the type of child he was.

"I stopped visiting Yousef's grave because I feel extremely guilty. I vowed to do justice for him and I keep visualising images of the night he died. I would have stood between him and that knife."Chowdhary's appeals to the High Court for anonymity after he turned 18 until he had completed his schooling in November 2021 was thrown out due to the strong public interest in him being named.

Mr Makki added: "The families are talking about career and future. Adam Choudary's family want to keep anonymity on his name."I just wonder do they think about Yousef's future? The implications and how far reaching the ripple effects on us are? His family back home?

Video Loading Video Unavailable Click to play Tap to play The video will start in8Cancel Play now "Yousef will never be able to pursue his life, his career, his future. I will never see him doing well, being happy, having a family of his own."Molnar applied for day release from prison last year in time for Christmas while his family gave a press interview describing him as "normal" and "typical" for his age.

They also claimed their son was remorseful about the death of his former friend, having apparently also hired a publicity firm.His dad Mark Molnar is a business consultant and former chairman of Cheshire Lawn Tennis Association, while his mum Stephanie Molnar co-founded a chain of private children's nurseries.

A Ministry of Justice spokesperson said: "We understand the distress the release of an offender can cause victims and their loved ones, and our thoughts are with Yousef Makki's family.

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They both pulled knifes on each other, live by the sword, die by the sword. Not saying he deserved to be killed but if tou carry a knife what do you expect, posh boys trying to act like gangsters, dickheads. lol just 7months 💔 This is just so fucking wrong, no wonder this country is fucked. He looks and acts like a kray brother.

Shame.... if the case was vice-versa, Yousef will be called as terrorist & maybe he will freed from jail after at least 20 years. Well, that’s how the system works. I think his hairdresser should do time as well, horrendous barnet. Sham13567603 May Allah grant Yousef entrance into Jannah Al Firdaus without any accounting. As for this self-harm inflicting soul, may Allah grant him Guidance -back to the natural disposition of the human being before it’s too late.

No get him back in jail What tf is wrong with this generation please 😭😭😭 Why. This country gone mad.

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how many times do you people need to be shown that you will never be excepted as equals..At this point we might as well make our own justice system because this one definitely doesn't support us. Look at him like one of those Shelby's His haircut is shit Where's piers Morgan for this one? I don't see him running his mouth ... oh wait I unfollowed that mug because he chats shit

7 months? Very little value put on a young man's life...shame on the system... Unbelievable Duh. He's white and his victim wasn't. Why ya'll wanna act surprised by this institutional and systematic racism? Justice is never given when money is involved,to pay for top can’t remove the crime committed,& memories made in life. When will this change ,being rich should not be given powers or favouritism

He will kill again Here's hoping karma has something in store for this shitstain.

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Si c'était un Noir 🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾? This is so tragic. I’m not even trying to justify it but I know black people in jail for 2 years MINIMUM for just having a knife in their possession. This is murder and DESERVES A MANDATORY LIFE SENTENCE. I know kids from school who got longer sentences for standing alongside someone who robbed somebodys phone. Not that I condone theft but still 7 months for murder is a joke.

Deserves life minimum with an extra 6 year for that barnet Why do we even need judges and Jails at this point? The dead boy just got murdered again with injustice,So beautiful. Maybe someone will show him what it feels like. This must be in England . And it’s is nothing to do with colour it’s to do with money simple as like everything in life it’s all about the money

This is a troubled young man. He is not healthy.

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Money talks 🤬 Disgusting! What is this system! Unfair This particular case, in my opinion, has more to do with class than race. Had this have been me at the same age coming from where I come from I would have got a much stricter sentence. This guy looks like bertzzz_ is this getting called 'Justice' ? because it‘s not justice

Put him back in jail YourdarkArt شبهك Oh damn he should pay for his whole life Sebab dia bunuh muslim. Cuba kalau muslim yang bunuh. Mampus dekat tali gantung. Excuse me, justice?

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read about it before you go saying shit ffs man White privilege The colour of Law!!! Imagine if roles were reversed🤔 Is this some kind of joke White privilege The uk has and always hated Muslims they just wanna see us down Should of been locked up for a few years just for that fringe alone This is a joke fucking 7 months for what he did

danielle2001p patel4witham is this being hard on crime?

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So lucky 🤮👎🏾, other don’t have the rights Colors or religions. Put him back in for this haircut But: ‘A digger driver who caused a 'trail of destruction' at a brand new Travelodge because he was owed £600 in wages has been jailed for *five years and four months*.’ Life is cheap. Propriety is everything!

Can you ask him who the jail barber is? Someone hates their job I done more time on remand for something I didn't do than this murderer 😂😢😭 Rambut macam penan fakyu That your British ‘justice’ for you And they won't free tay-k? I swear fck dis planet sometimes , finna move to marz This is justice around the world when its a white terrorist they suddenly become ill. But any other race they terrorist and get life sentence.

Disgusting no justice for the young lad who died and his family. Shows you what money buys. Let’s see if he is allowed back to hale.

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Should get longer for the haircut alone Un fucking believable Piss take this. Justice for sale Hope he gets bullied for the rest of his life the little rat Haircut = barcode. piersmorgan would be great to get your thoughts on this? “The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice A kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the news And if he's white you give him a chance, he's ill and confused If he's black he's probably armed, you see him and shoot” - Dave explains it well ..

This is dreadful. Move house,lad...

Can I play devils advocate and say if you’re going to be a cardboard gangster and play with knives then silly things tend to happen افسوس Don’t get this at all I know people who’ve served longer than this for basically nothing absolutely ridiculous The justice system is fucked. Seven months ! Should be 70 years.

This is so wrong. What a tosser This is so pathetic Is this post misleading? Did they free him on bail or is he free period. My guess is bail and he's waiting sentencing. How do u stab someone to death and not get charged with murder or manslaughter?! EthWright01 ngl he kinda looks like you

Hope someone finds him and Beats the living shit out of him During the trial, Molnar admitted to having a knife on him. He told the court that, following an argument between the boys after a botched attempt to buy drugs, Makki had pulled out a knife and so he had pulled out a flick-knife in return. Molnar testified that he did not know how he ended up stabbing his friend. Makki’s family have always maintained there was no DNA or other independent evidence that Yousef had a knife, but the assertion was accepted by the jury as part of Molnar’s self-defence claim.

If the victims name would’ve been John Coldridge or something else that sounds kinda british, the killer wouldn’t be free right now. This is insane. What they don't tell you: the stabbing was done in self defence. He was in jail for possessing a knife/obstructing justice. 7 months is quite reasonable in that respect

Comments please, patel4witham! No sense in any of this , justice system is a joke, but not for the victims family. Jail the wee rocket fur that haircut wit the fuck is that but. Horrific *eagerly waits for BarristerSecret’s opinion on this* This is sickening!

18 month for murder!!! He stabbed him to death...but was cleared of murder or manslaughter? Who was the judge, his fcking dad?😡😡😡 Why such faux outrage, ALL were as bad as each other and planned ROBBERY. Stupidity was the only cause by all 3 boys including desceased. The digger driver was a well aged adult who could of injured/killed multiple people and not a single target like the 3 boys

He should have served life as a minimum just for that barnet. 🤣🤣 You know when Jhus got a longer sentence for just carrying (not using) a knife... Our society is so disgracefully racist. If his skin is any other colour he’s not seeing daylight for years. How's this fair on Youseff's family? Why does he look like he was in the movie Shrek?

would have given him 30 years just for that haircut Smh rubbish

Let's just hope he's dealt with properly outside. Dang, he's lucky he didn't impede business like that Travelodge guy. Can’t help but be reminded of PeteBratley91 hair when seeing this image BennyIbson looks like you this Seven months isn’t enough for someone’s life. Life ain’t fair if you are not white 😓😤

Scumbag Why? The f 🥺🥵 What TH?

Deserves a life sentence for that haircut alone... Because Muslim blood is not important for so called champions of humanity.... What kinda message is this giving out to others ? And they wonder why knife crime is out of control. This countries justice system needs to get a bloody grip. Whoever's agreed his release, I hope your proud of yourselves.

When they say white privilege doesnt exist but here's one of many instances of White Privilege. How was his sentence only 16 months 😂😂😂 Remember Theresa May saying 'nobody is above the law'? The wealthy (and their murderous children) must have found that quite funny. Should do hard jug just for that fringe

He should be given life in prison for that dead ass trim alone Samchattwood1 you see what Dave means now

I don’t understand, how can he get such a short sentence. You're kidding right? Making fun of your own judicial system. It's a laughing stock. RIP Justice, RIP truth Im sorry but this is wrong. You shouldnt publish this story if you cant publish all the facts, if there was a death by stabbing AND both manslaughter and murder were dropped, that means there was a reasonable case presented for either self defence or reasonable doubt. Misleading

Justice will find him again one day, don’t worry Money talks Get him back in. Diane Abbott’s son. Let’s see how that pans out. Should be able to see that it’s about wealth and right people in right places. Not about colour! Our mobile phones gets updates at least once a month, at the workplace compliance documentation’s gets updated annually yet one of the most crucial aspects of our so call civilisation that makes us somewhat different from animals in terms of reasoning aka “Laws” don’t get updated


Teen why not terrorist or murderer? who cut his hair? the council? Oh no but he's an intelligent mature student with a bright future so let's not over-punish him.... but yours is coming (soon) WTF Iam sorry what? But Selling tobacco gets 4 years 😂 At least he didn't smash a travelodge up, he would have got 5 years.

Bad, no more justice in the world Man drives digger into hotel gets 5 years 🤷🏼‍♂️ Please people read the story before commenting with your race-baiting. What the fuck is going on with our justice system. Getting out of hand.

BarristerSecret and this is less than the travel lodge guy, why. Also, travel lodge guy's work mates, all out way and cheering on, so? Please help, we need proper punishments that equates the crime. Rich 18 year old murders, only get 16 months, wth... I heard that the parents of Yousef makki was the ones that ask for his release

Lock him up on the basis of that shit haircut alone. I'm not sure what's more serious, the crime or the dead trim Even in the Middle East it’s not that easy to kill and go out of jail. At least there’ll be revenge in some cases. Let me think of whom I want to kill in the UK🤔. But I need to hire a white man, with or wothout that haircut💇‍♂️.

7 months for killing someone?! Rich white people are above the law and that’s a fact. Disgusting. Killing for fun nowadays the sentencing are a joke prayers to the family. mercer_harry looks like you His mum runs nursery’s... target practice I suppose 7 months for murder HE SERVED 7 MONTHS FOR MURDER 😡 some justice system

Should of been a longer sentence for that hair cut alone The best judgement for a murderor is found in QURAN. other judgements ni upus 😡🤷‍♀️ just you wait until the judgement day. Good job he didnt smash a travelodge to fuck or else he'd of got 5 years freeTheWorkingClassHero How can anyone believe 7 months is a fair and reasonable jail sentence for anyone guilty of killing a person?

It's called white privilege A life is cheap when you come from a privileged background aight imma call some assassin rn Kid would be doing life if he grew up on a housing estate

They let him out of jail with that lid So.....the stabbing happened because the two of them botched a robbery of a drug dealer...? Bullshit system. Wheres the angry white ppl under this moaning about stormzy, the mayor an preeti lol ... Dont mind this one nah ? y’all white people are crazy. we are being killed and hated just because of our belief lol.

Daddy paid his way out 👬 Hope someone gives him a sentence he can’t pay his way out of Should have got longer for that haircut... It's always the people you absolutely expect to do this kind of thing 16 month sentence for murder? And he got off at 7 month. Make it make sense.

Wtf Needs to be out back in for that hair cut How can he be freed after 7 months he was found guilty of killing a Teen? The killer even looks Like De Ligt? Should’ve got an additional 30 years for crimes against barbering. Bloody outrageous. So, apparently this killer kid/man was at a £33k a year private school while him and his 2 friends planned to rob a drug dealer... £33k well spent then.

How do you get away with murder or manslaughter after stabbing somebody in the heart and killing them? What sort of jungle justice is that? Should've got 7 months for the haircut alone! SonnylovesRafa the reason death penalty is necessary This is a disgrace and this fool will definitely commit another offence because he’s not been punished

Disgusting even the daily mirror is protecting this murderer’s image by not revealing his name Should have got life without parole for that haircut alone. is ki shakal hi lanti hai Presenting to you... The White Privileges Now the whites can kill whoever they want If this was africa he would have been killed just for being white

7 months in jail for 1 life. I will charge extra 2 years for his hair cut separately 😂😂 He looks Jewish and we all know what that means He fully beat a m charge. They gotta reveal how? Gobsmacked

When you read articles like this, you just give up on there being justice in the world. Two clearly guilty fully grown aware white teenagers freed from commiting murder because they are rich and privileged. If they were black kids, they won't even get Juve. Death roll it is Can someone in the world explain to me how this is possible without telling me he's white. I'm waiting

I guess the only good part is his mom can’t cut his hair while he’s in jail. This is qwhite unfair. Someone must take care of this terrorist ( Joshua ) . He must get the same fate or even worse . Why would he do such unforgiving Deed oh! He will surely burn in hall. Seven m-months? Holy shit. UK is breeding terrorism at its finest

Wtf? That's haircut alone is life in prison!

Thought this only happens in my country Justice system is so fucked up Police and justice system in this country is pathetic, better off taking it into your own hands Check the officials bank accounts. The officials have been paid up. These nonsense prison sentences should only be given for minor crimes, something like this when 100% proven should be automatic guillotine. Right now our weak judges are leftist & butt hurt.

Wth Hope when the role is reversed, it wont be that a young jihadist killed..., too many hypocrites in this world Wait for his book, about his struggles in prison Smh This is unbelievable.

Such a mess. Just rot in hell man. piersmorgan Unbelievable Ohh i hope he had an “amazing” life after this and thanks to the court..hope there is a special hell for u guys. justiceforyousefmakki Am I missing something... Why is this private school boy only serving a 7 month sentence for straight up murdering his 17 year old friend?

He isn't a 'teen who stabbed a schoolboy' he is a 'murderer/gang member who stabbed a schoolboy' give him some jail time Check My Header. 😤😤😤😤 How much do you wanna bet if this was the opposite Katie Hopkins would've uploaded 20 posts about this by now. RIP justice will be served kid. 🤬🤬🤬

Disgraceful When Muslim killed peoples they will claim as A terorist, where is Justices? Im so sad he should in jail for life just for that haircut 7 months?!! Where's whosdave Twitter? Maybe you guys should try reading the whole article before claiming that his race was the only reason he was released from jail after seven months.

Trim should be 10 years by its self ngl How do you get 7 months for murder Nah fuck offf And yall wonder why terrorists exist i dont even blame them

What the fuck!!!!!!!! If he wasn’t white he wouldn’t be getting released and that is the crap world we live in 🤦‍♂️ The hypocrisy in emphasizing “teen” in the outlet Fantastic justice system 💤🤔 Why did the Judge choose to show clemency for such diabolical action, now the parents of Yousef Makki hv felt into a detour traumatic journey of pain. Where is Humanism here? Do justice for Yousef makki

WTF This is horrific. Not ok. The victim’s poor family. Yet that Builder who drove his digger into a Liverpool Travelodge as revenge for not being paid on time just got sentenced to 5+ years. What the actual.... Sounds about white, a classic pat on the back for killing a minority! Independent guardiannews piersmorgan stormzy nytimes washingtonpost CNN BBCBreaking ITV Channel4 SkyNews DavidLammy do you think a black boy would have gotten the same treatment? Sad really in 2020

The privilege one. His mother runs a successful multiple location of Nursery’s in the North West. That’s how the system works. A horrible individual!

I am simply speechless, me as a poc I would literally get seven months for walking on the wrong side of the road Deserves to be inside for the haircut alone just a pity people didn't make a song and dance about the grooming gangs targeting young white girls in Yorkshire and further afield then again the victims are white

I’d jail his barber How is that not at least man slaughter? I thought carrying a knife carried a 5 year sentence 7 months for a murder He looks evil... what an absolute joke, scumbag isn’t safe to be on the streets 😡 Hope karma finds him soon because if it was my son he killed I would hunt him down White privilege

Imagine if he was a black Muslim White privilege!! A murderer imagine having a brilliant son and raising him for 17 years only for him to get killed by a channing tatum-looking dude White privilege anyone? Where's that guy off QT who deleted his twitter? Sickening. Justice system is corrupt af How tf do people even raise kids like this

While man gets 5 years for criminal damage after not receiving his wages... He's not IC3 so... What's the point even sending him to prison in the first place

Sounds about white How do they intend to deter knife crime in the UK if this is the “punishment” ?! Is that all a young boys life is worth? What was essentially a 7 month holiday in a kids home more or less! Vile But smash a travel lodge up and you get 5 years. This country is f**ked William Zanzinger. where is the outrage / condemnation from BBCNews itvnews SkyNews LBCNews BBCr4today GMB BBCBreakfast BBCNewsnight piersmorgan NickFerrariLBC JuliaHB1 KayBurley patel4witham ? BorisJohnson ? perhaps narrative doesn't fit?

Hasn’t got much to do with race but it has a hell of a lot to do with the ole £££. Money doesn’t buy happiness but It can help you get ahead while others are down. And y'all people think these people have the best justice system in the world? Smh UK Zimmerman Money & Privilege buys Justice... Why has he been freed?

The UK is proud of it's instructions. Like the monarchy, parliament, a stiff upper lip. And racism. Assume he was released to go and get a decent hair cut. Disgraceful!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎 Scary days My Grandfather, a Police Officer for 30 years always told me 'there is no such thing as justice in the UK.'

Where's those Proud British people asking to get this kid out the country Money makes the world go around. Disgraceful, but that what happens when mummy and daddy have money elay55 selective outrage merchants won’t see this one.

Unreal Errrrrmmmm imagine if NVM Fucked up decision Am I reading this story right? The guy that was stabbed and killed battered the guy that killed him and pulled knife on him cos he didn’t rob a drug dealer right? Lol why r people feeling sorry for these people His a white man... What do you expect? Terror

If you are white, you are right. ~ Nelson Mundella Disgusting White privilege - if he’d been any other race he’d of been given life. Absolute joke. What if the muslim boy had stabbed this guy then whole of the media would have gone crazy.

I have a feeling posh boy may have to watch his back.... his families money no good in that respect that haircut alone deserves more than 7 months Someone needs to hold a gun to his head and record him explicitly stating that he murdered the boy, whilst pleading for his life. I don’t see any other way around this 😔

Deport him! I just don't understand the justice system metpoliceuk can you explain this? What a justice. 😠😠😠 don’t get it twisted the guy killed him from self-defence, he only went pen for the knife Fkn disgusting a got jailed for a fight after the pub and got 28 mnths because the person needed 12 sitches to a head wound and this lad does 7 mnths for murder 😳


Scandalous that. Should have life for that short back n barcode alone the UK Justice system is a joke Entityfn Juzo1x JayVXY white privilege Errrrr what, he would serve at least 7 years lol Opinions KTHopkins This was one of the most publicised trials for so long and this guy really only got 7 months The ‘justice’ system is a joke and is only a tool for the rich to exploit

Our judicial systems a disgrace! A man has got a 5 stretch for smashing up a travel lodge.....Yet this one walks free after having an extended holiday at her majesty’s pleasure.He took someone’s life ! How’s that work then 🤷🏼‍♂️ UK’s law doesn’t surprise me anymore Get him back to jail

He deserves 7 months for that bloody haircut WHY? And today a guy gets over 5 years for smashing up a hotel with a digger over unpaid wages, seems reasonable And the guy who rammed travel lodge got 5 years 😡 Yet a man who wrecked a Travel Lodge with a JCB, because he hadn’t been paid is jailed for five and a half years. It’s amazing what your daddies money can buy.

I’m sorry but this is Fuckin white privilege. Not a racist Tory looking bastard ftbldean ? WTF Our legal system sucks😪😪😪

Someone pls catch this kid on the street. With a haircut like that he’s hard to miss too Someone make white people go extinct I beg Shock Smells like white privilege round ere Should be doing 15-20 years ffs Before you people complain about wHItE PrIVILeGe remember that Pakistani gang members freely raped little girls with no prosecution from the police because they were scared of being called racists. That's what privilege looks like.

White privilege + money .. invincible combo What happened to tough on knife crime,this government is useless basically TERRORIST

For minorities the system is broken but for them the system is working just fine🤦🏽‍♂️ First his white. Secondly he isn’t black. And thirdly he killed a Muslim. Ticks all the boxes. 7 month vacation over. Racism white privilege The fact that stuff like this doesn’t even surprise me anymore. qWhite interesting

Where is the death penalty when you need it! People can only take so much injustice. UK justice system is planting the seeds for a total and indiscriminate Armageddon Santandave1 said no lies in his Brits performance then. Guy was doing drugs and kills his friend. Just 7 months. Wow. What justice. If only he was a few shades darker

He is atrociously ugly

Qwhite interesting I get the black white argument but let’s not forgot the black lad with a zombie knife trying to get at someone in a car in Croydon got no charges against him Qwhite interesting Can the victims family not bring a civil case against him? This is absolutely revolting. He only served 7 months for stabbing someone to death? You can probably get more time than that for not paying your TV license.

Omg for a second i thought this was you sola2rr Look at the picture they used. This is disgusting If the other way round or black, life imprisonment or deportation. White privilege The family of the victim must be absolutely gutted at this... Smh.

Posh school boys getting away with it again. It’s very quiet in here .... Possession of knives is up to 4 years. This guy committed premeditated murder and admitted to deal drugs but is let out after 7 months? The streets gonna have to take care of this one icl wtf And Mary Alice Johnson had to have influencers like Kim Kardashian to free her from a non-violence first offence. Sounds about white

Self defence plea accepted. No evidence Makki had a knife as was suggested. Molnar recorded himself in the court dancing to provocative drill song and sent it to his girlfriend. Not accepted as a lack of remorse. No words Money buys good lawyers.. luvvin the bowl crop thought it had gone out of fashion 30 years ago

_MsLindo 2 shades darker and it would be 25 to life How did he get cleared of Murder and Manslaughter? He was found guilty of carrying an offensive weapon, and perverting the course of justice. That was obviously the murder weapon, what were the jury and judge smoking 😑 This headline is disgustingly misleading.

Disgraceful. I'm sick of the privileged in their country being treated fairer than the rest in the Criminal Justice System 😡😡😡😡 Would have been impossible if he was not white 😴 Sound about white White people think white privilege doesnt exist lol Cause he’s a rich scumbag and has thousands behind him, he’s fine to do what he likes, our country’s justice system is disgusting

omwanawekyalo When Dave said ‘A kid dies, the blacker the killer, the sweeter the news And if he's white you give him a chance, he's ill and confused.’

So wrong The justice system is shambolic. Let the streets be with him. I see 0 racists complaining today. Qwhite interesting. Black or Asian he would’ve been gone for life. That sentence is an incentive for a career in knifing people.... hope the streets take care of it now 💕 Should be given life for that haircut alone

CORRUPTION, RICH PEOPLE CAN KILL POOR PEOPLE, disgusting, shame on court Is that hair cut a neo... Never mind CORRUPTED country Joshua Molnar ONLY RECEIVED A 16 MONTH SENTENCE FOR KILLING A 17 YEAR OLD!? THAT ISN'T JUSTICE!!Joshua should have been sentenced to 'LIFE' in Prison!

If the killer was Yousef and the victim being this toe rag, chances are he wouldn’t be getting out until 2040. Disgraceful, what sort of message does that send to others. ‘Oh it’s ok to stab someone because you only do 7months for it’ Absolute joke!! So basically he had a sabbatical year to research for his future degree prisons and and the affects on the underprivileged

Can the victims family not bring a civil case against the perpetrator? I found the decisions of the court mind boggling, it appears as though money talks... Ridiculous. White privilege strikes again! 😡😡 fukin ragin 😡😡 he should be locked up for life.... Hmmm the punishment handed down to perpetrator of the crime is not commensurate to the gravity of the crime committed

Back from Vacation. Next time he does it they will give him 14 months!!!

Wtf That's odd. If this was a black man or a asian man would he of been released? No wonder this country is angry. When is justice gonna do it's job Don’t worry the fashion police will come get him for that haircut

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