Anorexia, Eating Disorders, Mental Health

Anorexia, Eating Disorders

Teen stops eating and has anorexic liver failure after being told 'you're fat'

Teen stops eating and has anorexic liver failure after being told 'you're fat'


Teen stops eating and has anorexic liver failure after being told 'you're fat'

Madason Faulker, 16, only ate mints and half a bourbon cream a day for one year in a bid to lose weight until her mother urged to take her to doctors

"I believed that because I thought they were my friends."

"I was actually pulled out of school and my mum took me to the doctors and they kept telling me 'you’re fine'.

After various trips to the GP over 18 months she said their 'old school doctor' wouldn’t even consider the possibility of an eating disorder referring her for a series of brain scans instead.

"I raised awareness with the doctor on numerous occasions and they ruled out epilepsy and moved on to non-epileptic seizures," she added.

"Within a week of being at Beechcroft Madason was diagnosed after 18 months of running to a doctor.

"Madason was crying out. I knew that home treatment wasn’t working," added her worried mum.

"She became quite aggressive and eventually Beechcroft admitted her - after two weeks it was decided that Madason’s eating and mental health was worse than they thought.

"Her weight is just under seven stone and she should be nine stone so we are trying to the increase it."

But Madason said she wouldn't have made it without the support of her mum.

"I kept it to myself for a very long time. I found it hard to speak about it.

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