Teen 'knifepoint robbery' reported near annual carnival

6/27/2022 2:54:00 PM

A teenager was left 'shaken' after a robbery near an annual carnival.

A teenager was left 'shaken' after a robbery near an annual carnival.

A teenage boy was left “shaken” after he was attacked near a carnival in what he believes was a knifepoint robbery.

The boy was walking by Kings Langley Common on Saturday (June 25) near to where the annual Kings Langley Carnival was taking place.A black teenager was handcuffed and forced onto the ground in a mistaken stop and search with the youngster fearing for his life.June 26, 2022 All appeared not to be lost, however, as the organiser of another protest, planned for later this year was present and handing out business cards.His mum arrived to the scene in south London as he was being handcuffed on the ground (Picture: ITV) A young Black teenager was handcuffed and thrown to the floor by officers on his way home from school in a case of mistaken identity.

READ ALSO: Popular Kings Langley Carnival set to return this weekend According to a Facebook post, Kelly Campbell, the victim’s aunt, said he was “taken at knifepoint from the cage ride into the trees”.A Herts Police spokesperson said he reportedly felt something pointed touching his back before he was punched in the face and stomach and had his phone stolen.The young boy was on his way home from school when he was forced to the ground face-down outside of a tram station in Croydon.Although the victim's aunt believes they had a knife, police said no weapons were actually seen during the robbery.Keith questioned if people were enjoying the sun instead.Kings Langley Carnival, 2019.De-Shaun told ITV News that he hadn't done anything wrong and was stopped for no reason.Picture: Kings Langley Carnival Facebook page The victim's mum, who spoke to the Observer , said: “The sad thing is my son ran into the road trying to stop cars for help, he begged one person to get in his car because he believed he would be stabbed and they wound the window and drove off.Shocked by the police’s conduct, passersby stopped to film the incident.

” The thief is described as a black male, around 16 years old and 5ft 9ins tall.Janet Joseph was afraid that her asthmatic son would be the next George Floyd, and was worried that he would be killed while being restrained by cops.| Image: RSM Photography Keith said his organisation was “not party political”.He is also said to be of slim build, clean shaven and with two cornrows in his hair, wearing a blue tracksuit and a Canada Goose bodywarmer at the time.It is believed that the offender made off in the direction of Coniston Road.While being restrained, De-Shaun shouted his mum's mobile number to an onlooker.Police are investigating PC Andy Simms, who is investigating, said: “I’d like to hear from anyone who was on the common or near the wooded area at the time of this incident and witnessed what happened or saw anything suspicious.He has been trying to get support from a number of different unions and organisations.” It is said that some dashcam footage has already been retrieved, but it’s hoped that further footage or bits of information could come to light to help identify the suspect.Top news stories today De-Shan told ITV News that police officers took his phone, put him in handcuffs and pinned him against the wall with no explanation.Janet Joseph, who arrived at the scene as her son was being handcuffed on the floor, told ITV News she was ‘worried my son would be the next George Floyd’.

Information can be reported via 101 quoting reference 41/50631/22.Have you got a story for us? You can."It's every parent's worst nightmare," Ms Joseph told ITV.| Image: Daniel Jaines The controversial ‘Thatchue’ has divided the town since it was unveiled in May and has been the target of repeated vandalism.

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