Democratic Unionist Party (Dup), Edwin Poots, Micheál Martin, Ireland

Democratic Unionist Party (Dup), Edwin Poots

Taoiseach calls for calm in Northern Ireland after Edwin Poots resigns

Taoiseach calls for calm in Northern Ireland after Edwin Poots resigns

6/18/2021 7:39:00 PM

Taoiseach calls for calm in Northern Ireland after Edwin Poots resigns

Micheál Martin says maintaining stability is important as Democratic Unionist party seeks new leader

The rebellion also undermined his protegejust hours after Givan’s nomination as first minister, raising doubts about the stability of the power-sharing executive and assembly at Stormont.The fusing of the loyalist marching season withprotests against the Irish Sea border

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has raised the political temperature. A protest was scheduled for Friday night in Newtownards, outside Belfast.A DUP source said many colleagues wanted a smooth, swift succession to try to end the months of turmoil for the region’s biggest party. There is speculation that Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, a Westminster MP who narrowly lost to Poots in the contest to succeed Arlene Foster, will take over.

Simon Coveney, Ireland’s foreign minister, said the DUP needed “space” to regroup amid a tense political climate. “We’re back to square one, if you like, where the party has to find a way of electing a new leader that can unite the DUP, or at least attempts to. And that’s important for politics in Northern Ireland,” he

told RTE.The DUP’s partners in the power-sharing government were blunter in urging the party to resolve its internal ructions before the chaos infected the Stormont institutions.“The last few weeks have been a joke. It has been a real mess for unionism and a mess for all of us,” said Colum Eastwood, the SDLP leader. “The only way that we can make this place work is to work it together.”

Doug Beattie, leader of the Ulster Unionist party (UUP), said there was a crisis within the DUP and its brand of unionism. “They left the goal open for Sinn Féin to score. That’s why the DUP finds itself in a degree of crisis, whether it’s imploding or just a blip, we’ll see that in the coming weeks and months.”

Poots led the coup in April that unseated Foster as party leader – in large part a punishment for DUP blunders over Brexit that led to the creation of an Irish Sea border.When Foster stepped down as first minister on Monday, Poots was unable to replace her with Givan without support from Sinn Féin, which demanded a commitment on Irish language legislation.

Poots assented to a deal on Wednesday night brokered by the UK government but failed to sell it to colleagues, prompting a backlash over his apparent refusal to listen as well as the concession to Sinn Féin. Read more: The Guardian »

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