Swastika painted on Biden and Harris campaign sign in Iowa

Swastika painted on Biden and Harris campaign sign in Iowa

10/29/2020 3:50:00 PM

Swastika painted on Biden and Harris campaign sign in Iowa

Officials in Iowa’s Polk County say they responded to four other damaged campaign signs in six months

reported, in what was said to be an “extreme” incident.The sign, which sat outside an address in Ankeny, Iowa, had Biden and Harris’s names covered with white paint and a swastika drawn on top in red, according to a police report.Polk County sergeant Ryan Evans told the

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Registerthat no suspects were identified."That's obviously extreme," said Mr Evans."It could be construed as a hate crime, which does elevate the severity." Read more: The Independent »

Covid: Boris Johnson to set out post-lockdown plan for England - BBC News

Boris Johnson is due to explain a return to the three-tier system after lockdown ends on 2 December.

‘We need you’: Trump campaign’s plea as president trails Biden in pollsPresident Donald Trump’s campaign has a bold theory for how he will win reelection: It can tap a universe of millions of supporters who did not vote for him in 2016 but will do so this time ...to die of hypothermia apparently 🤷‍♀️ In 2017 in the UK, Conservatives didn’t turn out to vote for May, the then Prime Minister. She lost her majority but remained PM although their action allowed Labour under Corbyn to win 40 seats. Those voters didn’t make that mistake again in 2019. Democrats won’t sit this out.

If Biden wins what would the first 100 days of his presidency look like?If he wins the election, the Democrat will have to urgently tackle the coronavirus pandemic as well as rebuild global relationships open borders, tax increases banning 4th of July celebrations in favour of 'Minorities Day' China wins talk about real stuff , stop talking about hypothetical question🤭

Trump campaign takes over YouTube masthead with ads including ‘zombie’ BidenAdvertising reported to have cost president’s campaign seven-figure amount Things are really heating up... but neither side is good. Trump is the real 'zombie' for Halloween.

Trump paints apocalyptic portrait of life in US under BidenPresident Donald Trump is painting an apocalyptic portrait of American life if Democrat Joe Biden gets elected Projection Maga Vision. I'm surprised that Trump and his Fox toadies aren't calling him Osama Bin Biden yet... or are they?

Biden vows rapid coronavirus response if electedShould he win next week’s presidential election, Joe Biden is vowing to begin combating the coronavirus before he even takes office Lol . Sleepy Joe ... His best plan for Corona is quick death .... no pain ... If Biden wins, China won’t need to release viruses on us anymore, so in a way... he’s right. Huge crowd for sleepy Joe.

Biden urges Georgians to deliver him the presidency — and the Senate'I can't tell you how important it is that we flip the United States Senate,' former vice president says a week out from Election Day Him? No you mean his puppet masters. Some people are cool with that no doubt, but lets not pretend anyone is voting for Joe because they like joe