Sunak says inflation impact of cost of living help 'minimal' as he tells wealthy: let's give our £400 rebate to charity

The chancellor defended a policy which will see all households receive help with their energy bills as well as targeting additional support to millions of the least well-off.

5/27/2022 12:17:00 PM

Rishi Sunak has said cost of living support delivering hundreds of pounds to every household will have a 'minimal impact' on inflation - and suggested those who do not need it could give the money to charity. Read more:

The chancellor defended a policy which will see all households receive help with their energy bills as well as targeting additional support to millions of the least well-off.

Asked if it would lift inflation by one percentage point he said"much, much less than that"."What we're doing is very targeted at those most in need. We're also raising money to help pay for it," Mr Sunak said."The combination of those two things is the responsible approach.

"Even though we are supporting the economy we want to make sure that we don't make the inflation situation worse."Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player2:37Analysis: What will govt help cost?Mr Sunak's support package is partly being paid for by a levy on oil and gas company bumper profits - which have soared due to rising prices - expected to raise £5bn over the next year.

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The best course of action would be to NOT increase the price cap in the autumn! In other news the Tory party has today enacted laws that funnel all charitable donations to their private accounts Instead of this temporary 'Windfall Tax', energy bills should have been reduced & capped at no more than £1800 per annum. Most importantly,the £400 energy grant should only be given solely to low income families instead of every single household.

this man wears more makeup than Dame Edna July is 2 month too late Billionaires bullshit strikes again An absolute clown. Gifting the rich and suggesting they donate it to charity? Who's going to pay for this exactly!? can someone clear this up some saying will go straight to energy companies to pay ... or sunak saying when that happens use ur own money to give away?

Why is he and Boris still in a job, they should have resigned by now They will be buying fags and booze when it hits their accounts. Like an early Christmas present.

Rishi Sunak To 'Cut Energy Bills By £400 In Windfall Tax U-Turn'The chancellor is expected to set out plan to ease the cost-of-living squeeze a day after the partygate report. He's around £1300 short

Rishi Sunak defends letting second home owners get £400 energy bill rebate twice – UK politics liveLatest updates: chancellor urges wealthy recipients of rebate to donate money to charity as he details £15bn support package Proof that yesterday’s announcement was a rush job to try to save the PM’s skin: 2nd home owners are going to get the £400 grant too! Excessive 2nd home ownership kills rural communities… yet the Conservatives have now given an incentive to make things even worse for us… FFS. there's nothing wrong with universalist measures but it should be coupled with tax increases targeting the wealthiest

Sunak urges rich to give £400 to charity as he defends giving second-home owners payoutRishi Sunak has pledged to give his \u00a3400 energy rebate to charity as he defended his controversial decision to give even the richest households the payout. How can they give their £400 to charity when it's a rebate off your bill. That just means he wants people to donate to charity 💭🤔 Charity 😡😡😡 I’ll keep it thanks as a token of appreciation for paying the 45% tax rate

Rishi Sunak warned £15bn support package may not be enoughEconomists fear the Chancellor may have to dish out billions more next spring, risking pushing inflation higher

Rishi Sunak Urges Wealthy To Donate Their Energy Bill Discount To Charity'Rich people didn’t get rich by handing back free money that they received from the government,' the presenter told him. Which charity is he choosing then? He spent £95 on flip flops. Fat chance

Rishi Sunak finally helps families 5 months after Mirror and Labour demanded itChancellor Rishi Sunak admitted high inflation was causing people 'acute distress' and announced a 25% levy to help fund his £21billion package of measures - months after we called for a windfall tax Shows how caring the Tories are by doing this. Instead of giving millionaires £400 & wasting yet More Money wouldn't it have been better to give it to families who earn below £30.000. Thus their share could go to NHS backlogs food banks etc. Lining their own pockets yet again! UTTER DISGRACE.