Students in England should apply for refund if unsatisfied, says minister

Students in England should apply for refund if unsatisfied, says minister

Universities, Michelle Donelan

1/22/2022 3:07:00 PM

Students in England should apply for refund if unsatisfied, says minister

Michelle Donelan says students are ‘consumers’, amid plans to punish universities for poor value for money

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Education should be free. As soon as the Government effectively turned University education into a paid for service, the right to complain and request compensation was inevitable. This is, then, in fact the end of academic freedom and, eventually, universities as we've known them (and held in high esteem) for centuries, when law courts, government, and student buyers of status determine what's academic standard, rather than academics and scholars. Congrats

'Tens of thousands of students in England are studying for degrees at institutions that could soon be punished for low quality and poor value for money,' you pay for it, more power to you. Low quality is the biggest worry and been so for some time. Bloody hell! This isn't helpful. We were doing our best in a very tricky situation.

3:07 PM · 22 янв. 2022 г.·Echobox Which the minister has discretion to knockback and no appeals allowed Is it not her responsibility to uphold education standards in unis? ⚠️👇🏼WATCH OUT!!!👇🏼⚠️ ⚠️👇🏼WATCH OUT!!👇🏼⚠️

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