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Student, 22, 'hit in the face for wearing a skirt' in Strasbourg

French student, 22, 'is attacked by three men who hit her in the face for wearing a skirt'

9/24/2020 11:15:00 PM

French student, 22, 'is attacked by three men who hit her in the face for wearing a skirt'

The woman, who identified herself only as Elisabeth, 22, said she had gone for a cigarette and a stroll through the city of Strasbourg on Friday last week when she was attacked by three men.

Elisabeth, 22, student from Strasbourg, said she was attacked for wearing a skirtShe claims three men approached her saying: 'Look at that whore in a skirt'Two men held her while the third hit her, leaving her with a black eye, she saysAnother two women were separately attacked in the city of Mulhouse after a man said their skirts were 'too short', local media reported

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According to Islamic idealogy, half of humankind is disqualified from socio-economic or religious EQUALITY and denied dignity and respect; these are the women who labour at birth and are our mothers, daughters and sisters. Where is the PEACE? Welcome to your woke diversified world. Enjoy i saw a video on youtube of a woman punching herself in the face multiple times, like the scene from fight club. After see that, I don't automatically believe news like this.

Disgusting behaviour by a immature male😡😡 😡 The walls of the no go areas for western lifestyles are being built under our very noses and the authorities do nothing Let me guess the profile of the attacker 🙄 Too late for Europe Reniour Three men! It doesn’t mention their ethnicity but we can guess, can’t we? Tiptoeing around them again. Three Asian Muslim men assaulted her because they didn’t like her length of skirt and considered her a whore. That’s what it should say. 2020!

skirt_day to be launched in France to celebrate fashion and eye stab racist perverts. Valeurs F_Desouche “Men” How descriptive. Now this is important because white female is attacked but when muslim woman is attacked for also dressing the way she wants then who cares, why she dresses like that... France is the most racist European state

Might as well get use to it . Is what happenx wgen you brainwash people to think everything about womans body is sexual . And media outlets have dine it with censorship Well you let third world shit in be prepared for the splash back apuelhindu Multiculturaism at it's finest in France. See all the dog whistle racists have heeded the call.

Open immigration policy that allowed for the destruction the indigenous culture. It's too late for France. Macron does not have the cajones to address the the problem. Makes you wonder what ideology these attacker might be following Can only assume it was Islamist? Big mistake when east meets west. Diversity is our strength. Apparently.

Let me guess... 🤔Hmmmm.. The religion of peace? Shaved apes 🦍 Real men, don't hit women! Women know thy place, be silent and cover up Come the Islamic revolution Women's rights will die! Women must stay three steps behind a man Women must move to behind the back of the house, when women bleed Woman must know to bow their heads with respect when addressing a man..

Any guesses on which group would react with violence like this? Crikey what a world, offended by clothing as they can't control their rapey ways, like living in the dark ages! Coming to the UK soon No surprise, Islamic fanatics in France. Regardless, it's a crime, should be treated the same way as if white Catholics tried to rape her.

Muslims ☪️ a scourge to civilized society Why are these people so upset by the behaviours of others they have no association with? 😡😡😡😡😡 3 Muslim horny men at work. Rob_E_Dresser A thorough description of the attackers I see. Oh wait.... Hmm that religion of peace again?!? I reserve sympathy until I find out what their political views are. If she voted for diversity, then she got what she voted for.

'three men who were offended by her wearing a skirt.' This is how slam gently convince woman to dress like black ghosts. 'Be tolerant to intolerants commiting intolerant acts', they asked. You have far too many adverts on your site. reading articles is next to impossible. France is finished as muslisms goons terrorists great denger to French

'Diversity' means being forced to live with people who hate you, white man. WhiteGenocide French eu peoples r unsafe because French eu govt brought millions muslisms racists into eu for vote bank !!! PymPurnell Champagne Nazi Socialists before the shit hit the fan... Such a 'simple crime' deserves a simpler sentence: temporary e x p u l s i o n

France is full of filthy North African men 😠😡 France surrendered to an invasion without any bloodshed this time. I love France, the home of my ancestors, this is so damn sad and tragic The “peaceful”, “tolerant” “religion” of Islam Oh more wonderful enrichment? They deserve this for importing a population of people who hate them.

Probably sharia law 🙄

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Chinese uni faces backlash after saying 'homosexuality is unnatural'Huaiyin Normal University in east China's Jiangsu province made the statement in a 'Health Education Handbook' which were given out to all of its first-year new students. Wow... we are soooo shocked 🤷‍♀️ But the country makes and sells cheap sxxt, so it's ok. :-/ 'The news comes after another Chinese university's guidelines warning women students not to wear 'revealing' clothes on campus 'to prevent arousing temptation' have whipped up online fury in the socially conservative country.