Struggling Brits to be clobbered by higher food bills due to rising fuel costs

Struggling Brits to be clobbered by higher food bills due to rising fuel costs

9/24/2021 6:20:00 AM

Struggling Brits to be clobbered by higher food bills due to rising fuel costs

HIGHER food bills from rising fuel costs could clobber struggling Brits, a minister admitted. Firms will have to pay more for CO2 and are expected to pass on costs to customers, George Eustice said…

Punters may also have to pay more for beer and steaks, food firms andbosses warned.It came amid predictions CO2 costs could rise from £200 per ton to £1,000.A boss at a meat supplier said they could be stung by £1million a month in extra costs.

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He added: “A jump like that is obviously going to be a bad thing for consumers in the long run.”Most read in The Sun Read more: The Sun »

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