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Storm Evert: Foul weather delays Camp Bestival as stewards scramble to make site safe

Storm Evert caused one of the biggest festivals of the British summer to be delayed as stewards had to make the site safe.

7/30/2021 4:00:00 PM

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Storm Evert caused one of the biggest festivals of the British summer to be delayed as stewards had to make the site safe.

Those in attendance described the campsite as "carnage" with tents blown over by winds of up to 75mph which whipped the south west on Thursday night.Bestival said in a statement at 7.45am Friday morning: "Due to the stormy conditions there will be a delay to public arenas and gates opening.

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"Please follow our social channels for updates. Thanks for your patience."We are working hard on making sure the public arenas and gates are safe to reopen."After a couple of anxious hours, the site was declared safe and customers were welcomed back through the doors.

The 'carnage' at Camp Bestival You need to make a call sooner - the campsite is carnage. Tents down everywhere. No sleep trying to keep our tent in one piece. People shouldn’t be travelling to join today— Simon Lamkin (@lammyjet) July 30, 2021 @RobdaBank @CampBestival it’s a tad drafty here …. SO looking forward to hearing live music in a few hours !!

— jules annan (@jules_annan) July 30, 2021 Our tent has been destroyed by the gale force winds @bestival We’ll have to go home unless we can find alternative accommodation Can anyone help? @RobdaBank— Clare Cunningham (@iamclarec) July 30, 2021 Met Office says 'it will get worse before it gets better' as UK braces for rain and high winds The UK is facing high winds and storms, with the Met Office warning it "will get worse before it gets better".

As newly named Storm Evert gathers pace, winds of up to 75mph are expected to lash the South West, with coastal gales and rain set to affect parts of the country.The storm will move across parts of the UK, giving a "wet and windy start" to Friday for the southern and central regions, the Met Office said.

Steven Keates, a meteorologist from the Met Office, said: "The wind will get worse before it gets better."The highest gust of wind is on the Isles of Scilly, which is 45 knots or 52mph."There is the potential for 60mph in coastal areas of west Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

"There is the chance of seeing something a little stronger than that from midnight to 3am, where as per the amber warning, there is the chance of seeing gusts of up to 75mph in one or two very exposed coastal spots, mainly in Cornwall."An amber weather warning has been issued for south-west England, with the Met Office saying Storm Evert will bring strong winds to the region, potentially causing damage to infrastructure and leading to travel disruption.

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This could include damage to buildings, fallen trees and a "good chance" that power cuts could occur, which could affect other services such as mobile phone coverage.The warning, which is currently in place until Friday morning, also says large waves, flying debris and beach material being thrown on to roads and seafronts could lead to injuries or "danger to life".

On social media on Thursday night, people were sharing videos of heavy rain and large waves as the storm began:Go camping in the UK they said. It will be just like France they said. #Staycation #StormEvert— Alex Whittaker (@alexdwhittaker) July 29, 2021 Flooding and stormy weather has led to disruption in some parts of the country.

Cumbria County Council said 14 properties have been evacuated and some roads and footpaths have been closed due to a landslip in Parton, west Cumbria.The Environment Agency has six flood alerts for areas including parts of south London and an area on the Isle of Wight.

On Thursday the Government announced that more than £860 million is to be invested in flood prevention schemes across the UK over the next year.What to expect from Storm Evert Storm Evert will bring very strong winds to southwest England, perhaps causing damage to infrastructure and leading to travel disruption.

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Storm Evert: First named summer storm of 2021 to hit UK tonightThe first named summer storm of the year will hit the UK tonight. no it’s not going to hit the U.K. it’s only going to affect parts of the south/south west more over dramatic reporting The UK 🤔 think you mean South England your headline is very misleading get it right for god sake !

Storm Evert officially named by Met Office as heavy rain and 75mph gales hit UKThe Met Office has officially named Storm Evert as heavy rain and 'unseasonably strong winds' ready to batter southern parts of the UK later today and into Friday to turn OUTWARD or INSIDE OUT, just helpin, in where EVERT came from, its not a tennis players name? What sort of girly name is that for a storm Hopefully stop the boats landing on the kent coast.

Storm Evert: high winds and heavy rain to hit south-west EnglandWarning of possible infrastructure damage and travel disruption, with gusts of up to 75mph in Cornwall It's gusts of 75mph, not winds of 75mph. There's a big difference. You're not the only publication to make this mistake but please correct it.

Storm Evert: South West braces for 75mph winds and heavy rainHeavy rain and strong winds are expected to hit the region from Thursday evening.

Forecast in your area as Storm Evert to blast Brits with 75mph winds and rainThe Met Office is warning it 'will get worse before it gets better' ahead of winds expected to reach speeds of up to 75 mph in the south west and weather warnings in force StormEvert

Storm Evert to bring 75mph winds in some parts of UK - follow liveStormEvert to bring 75mph winds in some parts of UK Follow live ⬇️