Stories of refugees who fled Nazis revealed in online map

Stories of refugees who fled Nazis revealed in online map

12/4/2021 6:21:00 PM

Stories of refugees who fled Nazis revealed in online map

The interactive resource traces routes used by people fleeing persecution during World War Two.

Pauline Markstein (née Okonski)was born in Poland in 1915. In the 1930s, she moved to Berlin where she worked as an office clerk and married Herbert Markstein.In 1939 they immigrated to Shanghai to escape Nazi persecution. However, during the Japanese occupation of the city in 1943, refugees were forced into a one-mile area called the Hongkew District.

Image source,Wiener Holocaust Library CollectionsImage caption,A school essay titled "My First Impressions of America" written by Ruth Wiener on 16 April 1945Dr Alfred Wiener, who founded Wiener Holocaust Library, escaped Nazi Europe in 1939. However, his wife, Dr Margarethe Wiener, and daughters Ruth, Eva and Mirjam, were trapped in the Netherlands following the outbreak of World War Two.

The group were first sent to Westerbork transit camp before being deported to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. In January 1945, Margarethe and her daughters were chosen to be part of a prisoner exchange scheme.Margarethe died on 25 January 1945 in Switzerland, shortly after regaining her freedom. Ruth, Eva and Mirjam boarded a Red Cross ship bound for New York where they were reunited with their father.

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Speaking about the map, Lord Dubs said it had "stirred two emotions in me; sadness at all the lives torn up by war and persecution, but also happiness that at least some of these lives have now been carefully pieced back together"."Losing connection with the past is a common experience for many refugees. This map helps people reconnect with their scattered pasts," he added.

Enver Solomon, chief executive of Refugee Council, said the "project has great relevance to today's world with people who have fled persecution and oppression desperately seeking safety in the UK having made dangerous journeys overland".

The library plans to add further stories from its collection to the map in the future.

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