Stealing masks from other countries and stockpiling hydroxychloroquine — what has America become?

Stealing masks from other countries and stockpiling hydroxychloroquine — what has America become?

4/6/2020 6:35:00 PM

Stealing masks from other countries and stockpiling hydroxychloroquine — what has America become?

Under Trump's crisis leadership, the US has been accused of modern piracy on the airport tarmac, considered denying medical supplies to Canada and taken medication off lupus patients. Meanwhile, New York has to take donations off China

( EPA )Last night, in the most recent of several long and strange press conferences, President Trump announced that the United States had amassed 29 million pills of hydroxychloroquine, a yet-unproven treatment that may assist in improving outcomes with Covid-19. Shortly after Trump spoke, Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, was prevented from answering any questions pursuant to the drug and its uses.

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The reason that Fauci was not permitted to speak at that presser was because there is still much debate about whether or not this drug can even be used to treat Covid-19 — and a whole other host of ethical considerations about removing from circulation a drug that is already useful in treating lupus, since now those patients will no longer have access to it. Unlike what Trump called, the FDA has not actually approved hydroxychloroquine as a

coronavirustreatment. Fauci has already made clear his reluctance to kowtow to the president, as many other administration sycophants have done in the past, and was likely to have mentioned that if he’d been allowed to speak. But Trump hates a dissident, so Fauci was forced into silence.

Download the new Independent Premium appSharing the full story, not just the headlinesDownload nowThe stockpiling of hydroxychloroquine presents a darker truth about the American methodology in the era of Covid-19, however. We shouldn’t just be concerned about the way President Trump is personally conducting himself. Seen as part of a whole, what Americans have committed — and are continuing to commit — is, essentially, modern piracy.

On April 2, it was reported that “US buyers waving wads of cash managed to wrest control of a consignment of masksas it was about to be dispatched from China to one of the worst-hit coronavirus areas of France”. On April 3, a second story hit the press, claiming that 200,000 N95 masks, destined for Germany from China, were diverted to the United States during a plane transfer in Thailand. The masks had been ordered for the Berlin police force. As of today, Germany has over 100,000 coronavirus cases, the fourth most in the world, behind Italy, Spain, and the United States.

The hydroxychloroquine stockpiling, then, is not an act in a vacuum. Instead, it’s an example of ongoing behavior that’s wholly indicative of what the United States has become under the ethically vacuous leadership of President Trump. It seems that Americans don’t care if others suffer while they engages in piracy to the express benefit of their people (so long as they don’t have lupus,

in which case they’ll be denied medication and thanked for their sacrifice) — and the detriment of the rest of the world. Indeed, at some points it even seems to have descended into a state vs. state brawl, with Trump accused of pandering to red states and refusing ventilators to New York, which is in desperate need (over the weekend,

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when the federal government couldn’t assure governors they would be able to deliver enough medical supplies.)Trump prevents DrFaucifrom answering questionBut if coronavirus presents any lesson inherent, it’s that borders and boundaries are useless in a global economy. If one state or country or leader fails, we all do, which is why hoarding supplies, or stealing from each other, or engaging in subterfuge has no long-term use beyond tanking everything. The greed of piracy fails to see the broad picture of how a world depends on the health, safety, and welfare of all of its residents, rich and poor, American, British, French, German, and every other nationality in between.

or South America will have a direct impact on people inside the US. That’s a fact that President Trump has never grasped, and likely never will.Even if hydroxychloroquine proves to be a miracle drug that saves millions of lives (and, to be clear, no doctor, including Dr Fauci, has confirmed that this hopeful prognosis is anything but a hypothesis as of right now), providing the drug to only Americans serves no real purpose, just like stealing masks from the French or from the Berlin police force serves no real purpose. Infections don’t check your national identity before proliferating. But, of course, telling Trump to wait his turn serves about as much purpose as telling a tantrum-throwing one-year-old to wait his turn. A leader with no vision for the future will never truly be able to lead. So what can we really, earnestly expect?

Governor blasts Trump for months of delay and withholding equipment: 'He does not understand the word federal'Here we are, at the threshold. The only hope remaining is that the few mitigating forces that surround the president can rein him in and remind him that the United States is not autonomous in the world, but that this country is, rather, a cog. If we have any hope in surviving the decimation of death and destruction that we now face — miracle drug or not — we must hope for the improved health and welfare of every single person on this planet. Without that, there is nothing.

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AgenteTruffaut Nation of pirates. America first! What do you expect? Phoebejoy1611 They are looking after their own and who can blame them. He'd steal off his own family of he could get one up. Rather revolting creature Raufers Germany? Oh wow, wait till you hear about China icklepickle What has it become? What has it been for the past 70 or so years!

A nation run by psychopaths, indulging in modern day piracy. Or something to that effect. Fat look out for number 1 c $$ ts . But has anything changed. They think they are a superior breed , when in fact your greed knows no bounds and the arrogance is astounding. TRUMP MUST BE ONE OF THE GREATEST CLOWNS TO RUN THE GREAT US OF A

It is foolish to blame America only. All countries pursue their own interests! China can be accused of concealing the fact of the beginning of the pandemic. Whoever wrote that headline should just move out of the USA JohnWest_JAWS Add in Paris Climate Accord, Iran Nuclear deal - how can you ever make a deal with the USA? The best we can hope for is a sunset clause in any 'deal' going forward being the date of the next Presidential Election. Then no one will be surprised. Only reality is bankable!

Psywin Not new, biggest threat to world peace, according to Gallup Let's not pretend it has SUDDENLY become a laughing stock... that ship sailed approximately 3 years and 2 months ago.... Adrian_Quark Problem is the americans still think it is 1974 and they're in charge. But they're not, they lost that a long time ago.

A gangster state? A rogue state! Become? juliatanner They have taken their lead from the Israelis on this one. hey why u said steal mask u wrong Its true self. This is how America was built, we are now seeing the emperors 'new' clothes A Godfather Administration .. Terribly Gullible and horribly misled. He’s a business man, not a politician. For gain, not for the people. Proof that the land of the free is not what it’s cracked up to be

Defacto dictatorship Quite frankly a shit show!! Mumbo Jumbos! His people will applaud him Killing millions in middle east vs stealing paper masks. You triggered now? It has become a rogue state. It is rule by corrupt sexual pervert and misogynist. He talk like and act like, Al Capone. It’s always been a bully. Instead of invading countries and taking their oil, they are currently taking their medical supplies.

Trump has made america great again look at the death rate & lack of preparation and those nations who are sending him the medicine are doing so at the risk of the life of their own citizens. psychospen It’s become what it’s always been. It has become more openly obvious in its dirty dealings. I wonder how he clears this when he prays to God?

😡😡😡😡😡😡 The world’s bully Untrustworthy. Pirates. they were always like this, u ignored it before because they didnt stole from you. but now they did, you are all like wtf.. The world no longer recognizes the US and hasn’t since long before Covid 19. The pulp that 3M’s N95 masks are made from come from Canada...Can you imagine Canada saying we are only sending “our” pulp to 3M Canada in Ontario to be distributed in Canada only...yeah, me neither! 🇨🇦

They elected trump... Enough said I don’t think I have ever expected America to act in any but its own interests. Right now, though, its president hasn’t worked out that cooperation is usually in America’s interest, so it’s playing the thick playground bully who can’t string two words together. Are we really going to criticize America for what European and Asian countries have been doing for literally weeks now? France stole masks from the UK, India is also hoarding chloroquine, and dont even get me started on China. But Orange Man Bad, so what else is there to say?

Orange Man Bad Liberals are sooo fucked up. If this is legit then you young people don't realize the sars thing and who was our leader then? javiermenosinstagram ..... solicito teletrabajar con usted my tf 636616774 DNC Independent? No answer required Wait till you hear about China!! Look at their clothes sizes, they always want to have it all.🤣🤣🤣

A bigger mess under this president, vote him out smh... Do you really need to ask? He is garage, his father was garbage, his kids are garbage a D his idiot son in law is garbage. Time to make the US as irrelevant is it seems to want to be President Trump is putting his own people first. JUST like every other head of state. America has allways looked out for everyone else, and you know it.

All in favour for real US Democracy ! All in favour for Pluralism ! All in favour for Ethics ! All in favour for Social Behaviour ! All in favour for Mutual Understanding ! All in favour for Sharing with Eachother ! All in favour for Solidarity! All for NATO and the UN! He’s a disgrace Pirates, amoral or immoral - check

KAG. America is finally taking care of itself instead of bending over and assuming the position for Europe. Whether you like it or not, Its the GREATEST COUNTRY from every single point you could imagine to look at. Yeah, wow, taking care of your citizens is super lame. 🙄 journalism MAGA As Trump says “Make America Great Again” but not a world leading country with regard to ethics or responsibility..

Well we know what ‘The Independent’ has become. USA is now reflection of its murky President. KnittedKittie The man is beyond amoral DariaHassQT It's a country that brexiters want to do deals with. He should be kicked out of office. Better today than tomorrow. WonderKatu what it always has been. thieves and bullies

What do you mean: what has America become? Nothing that it’s not been before, i.e. selfish dog-eat-dog capitalism that always looks after number one 😏 Question is what has British journalism become? Nothing but leftist propaganda! Unbelievable. Some things never change. Typical!! The hatred these jihadist spew is mind boggling

DariaHassQT And stealing ventilators apparently KnittedKittie A reflection of its president..... “Pirates “ that’s what Trump’s America became. Disgusting!! Only a socialist would define that as 'stealing'. Of course you'd like it if thousands more Americans died, wouldn't you? When did you become a Chinese agent?

ShoulderDocUK Probably wants to buy stock Stealing? That’s a bit of a stretch. And stockpiling? Isn’t that necessary to ensure an adequate supply? If he let masks be exported and gave away all the drugs, you would accuse him of leaving the USA short. 'What has China become?' Would be a better article.

Liberal BS How much is China paying you to smear America? We did a smart thing getting hydroxychloroquine. China infected the world, lied for months, hoarded masks and PPE, then sold bad tests for profit. All these deaths are on their hands well done independent. thanks for telling the stupid american abt how unethical their country has been. it shouldn’t be american first. TrumpVirus americanvirus

Corresponding with the picture of that incompetent president. Way to go, President Donald Trump Putting Americans First M.A.G.A 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 i got the answer right here what i win ? Independent shocked that a govt that usually steals oil, are now stealing masks. What monsters have they become!! 😔

This is fake news. And u know it. Pathetic 🏴‍☠️ Shows you how corrupt this president of yours is....... what as America become I think its just Trump is a thief and should not be in a position of power...... he must surely give the order to do such a thing? do we tar all of america because of one idiot?

Exhausting! The world is not full of well meaning innocent actors. We have grown so soft, I am glad he did what needed to be done for this country. If you do not like it, then Vote. In the mean time, shut it! What they've always been, a country the benefits from the suffering of others. Time to cut them loose and let them become the pariah state they should be. fuckamerica

They haven’t become more or less than what they elected 4 years ago! 😂 Are we really surprised that they’re thieves? America did not steal any masks. Try to stay current with German retractions. fcking idiot A massive shitshow All of the comments on this tweet bashing the US are bot accounts. I wonder who that could be. 🧐

The writer spends a lot of time arguing that hydroxychloroquine is unproven. Why care if people are stockpiling something that doesn't work. But she should look at this article. Arguing both sides on this rag mag. PhyllisStein2 They execute people over there a bit of Theft wont worry them You fool prior to China doc and reporter that broke the wuhan flu (one known dead others missing) China purchased PPE from around the world. And FYI America didn’t steal any masks. Told the 3m factory here in US to make them for america. Also told China to release some.

You are CCP propaganda. All I see from the left on Twitter is hate. They are full of hate. MAGA obviously and fuck everyone else!! The faithfull will lap it up and not see the problem! The German story was FakeNews. India is stockpiling the hydroxy. Please get your facts right. This is irresponsible clickbait.

Blame your master “CHINA “ America first ? .. all countries should be helping each other in this difficult time. What a fine example of man ? a selfish uncaring President who doesn’t give a Sh1t about any body but himself and his presidency.. let’s hope the electorate see him for what he really is Lol u must be sleeping when France intercepted uk’s masks just teoweeks ago moron!

The image of its leader. A pariah state 🤔 as Trump is just a con man piece needed to be written. painting with too broad a brush with respect to all Americans, though. the majority of Americans disapprove of Trump, with many calling for his outright removal. TrumpOwnsEveryDeath TrumpVirus Yes AMERICA FIRST, if we can't take care of us first we can't take care of anyone. If we go down there goes the world sorry folks but that's the truth.

It’s become Trump How about Chi-na being the world's largest factory and not distributing masks and medical supplies to the rest of the world? Didn't see proof of the author's claim. One of appeaser of fake news and CCP propaganda no less! Dear UK friends: 66 million Americans did not vote for this man and his ilk. Therefore, there's a higher % of us who are sewing masks by the millions, helping neighbors, staying indoors, and giving back 400 ventilators from Seattle to other cities in need. We are the majority.

Russia If America wouldn’t look after its interest you will be speaking GERMAN & eating Wiener schnitzel mate - morons 🤔 Stealing ventilators as well America First If America wouldn’t look after its interest you will still be speaking GERMAN & eating Wiener schnitzel - morons 🤔 USA gave China respirators and masks when the virus first hit them...Now we are low on supplies.. our 3M was selling masks to Europe to the highest bidder and now we have very little. Nurses are dying because of wearing masks several times. So stfu and mind your own country.

USA first he never lied , ppl have not been listening. America first A Russia wannabe Stealing? So companies in our country can’t be held subject to the Priduction Act? Democrats screamed for that to be put in place. We did. Now you’re screaming about it. You can’t make this stuff up. Not America - please don’t lump us all together. Those that support the criminal in chief, as well as the CIC himself, are the horror.

Why would we give our PPE to other Countries when we don’t have enough? this article is grossly inaccurate, blatantly false, and simply an opinion Hit Piece.... become? it’s always been like that, biggest bullies on the block What about France stealing masks and hand sanitiser bought by the UK? What has France become?...

Ridiculous! He’s ordered a company to produce under emergency legislation the DEMS also called for, vital equipment needed now. Trumps ONLY loyalty is to his own people. But lefties support Big Pharma now, and would rather see vital supplies go to other countries. I work in the Middle East, a British national working for the British government. If me or my colleagues visit an American Army camp / compound, we are viewed as ‘third world nationals’. That’s how Americans view the rest of the world!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YUP, NOW DO CHINA? The reflection of its narcissistic president and vice versa. Survivalists ....... what’s the name Duck Dynasty? Would you expect any different from a selfish nationalistic state? They are doing what they are best at stealing. What’s new ? Selfish! They always thinking they're the most important human on Earth, actually turn out to be human trash.

become? the US was founded on stealing people, so stealing masks is actually quite a big step down Wait, wait, wait.. why would the US stockpile a drug that doesn't work? And since it doesn't work, why do you care? Great, love it. America first. America First. If we don't lookout for our country then who will?

What it has always been... What are you talking about ? They always the same since the past . Just recently they dropped bombs in other ppl countries. Lol Just like every other country. All countries are selfish for their people Trump described them as shit hole countries Despicable How old is this journalist?

STFU.This is not some foreign power, you lazily waited to become a mighty military where we can simply lend lease you supplies.This is a world infection, and American companies should be producing for Americans first.If we don’t save ourselves,who’s going to save you later,again? You do understand that the Uk can manufacture those things the same way the US does, don't you? Oh and just because the government stopped 3M from massively inflating the price of their masks and then selling them outside of the US, does not mean they are stockpiling them!

This is utter bullshit and slanderous! Maybe hold China accountable for releasing a bioweapon on the World! It's the Donny ... Jonestown And on the eight day, the president created America after His OWN image. America first Self reliant 330m Citizens 29m Doses (x 5 days) = 5.8m Possible Recipients. = 324m Possible Recipients short. Not exactly stockpiling sh*t. But that doesn't fit your Hate Trump narrative does it? FakeNewsMedia

BUT BELIEVE CHINA! It has become a product of its President Smart hahahaha. America? Focused on the country bud. Why are so many using this Chinese plague to try and bring down Trump and populism ? the same voices who lost for the last 4 years suddenly have hope sick fucks i smell a rat Hey FakeNews how about you show how CCP funded organisations around the world to buy up PPE and ship it back to China?

A country facing a viral pandemic that wants to take care of it's citizens. UNA VERGUENZA You treat everyone as best you can. Then according to how you are treated. NotADoorMat GFY Independent... 1. we didn't steal anyone's masks 2. it's a generic drug anyone can make for dirt cheap, idiots. there isn't a patent.

A nation that looks out for its own people in a time of crisis. What do you mean what have they become? they always been wankers now they just got the biggest one as their leader America first, unfortunately.... The usual Is this “The Onion”? Waiting for that hot Chinese take Also see People's Republic of China Please also see: they started it, and hid it from the rest of the world until late January. But whatevs, bruh.

STFU. They’re are masks made by an American company. I don’t expect you to understand that since you produce nearly nothing. Feel free to come take all the porcelain and fig newtons you need. Uh dude this whole not shipping masks to other countries thing is so more Americans survive. I know this is a difficult concept for you but our government is supposed to protect the lives of Americans not the world.

FROM NOW ON ANY NEWS STATION OR NEWS PAPER THAT DOES NOT PRODUCE PROOF, LEGIT PROOF OF THEIR ARTICLE WILL BE DEEMED AS FAKE NEWS! NO LONGER CREDIBLE. YOU CAN THANK THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA FOR THIS! america is taking care of itself first. thats what we are doing just like if i have a loaf of bread only 1 but next door people want 3/4 of that loaf that means my kids will not get enough to eat. globalism is a flawed system. deal with it and start making your own supplies

Bet you a tool for Communist China propaganda. You are lying! US is greatest, most generous nation on this earth! lol Pathetic reading these media spins full of misinformation that kiss chinas ass at the same time. How do we continue to exist with people like this who so clearly hate their own country and prefer China over it.

Doing the right thing for once in its history Yet nothing about China. Still want those checks from China coming in right? What utter RUBBISH. How about investigating how China knew about WuhanVirus in ‘19 & still allowed their citizens to spread it globally during Chinese New Year travel? And buying up billions of PPE equipment through Jan-Feb. Surprise us & do some actual investigative work!

You’re trash site! The Independent, the scummiest of the fake news rags in the uk. what it always was and is corrupt terrorists Pirates. A reflection of our leadership. US 🇺🇲is adopting '🤠Cowboys & Indians' Wild West strategy once again in snatching masks 😷from other nations after Trump repeatedly denied the effectiveness of it & asking the Americans to make their own 'Cloth' versions at home!!

other countries..? Like Germany? And Germany is today born sheep? Have you seen this video about Germany? Just shows the real face “pirates” Saudi controlled Independent always manages to hook in a few thick lefties. An embarrassment on a global scale. It hasn't become anything different from what it has already and always been.

What it always has been - a country of rogues It hasn't become. This is America since its inception. Canada (Vancouver Island) provides the US with the pulp to MAKE there masks. Trump was warned about the impending COVID-19 crisis, but he didn’t take action early by ordering the testing equipment and much-needed emergency supplies that cities and states are now struggling to obtain. Instead, Trump held rallies and played golf.

Thief America looks like it's leader. That's all((( Mob-like. Not to be trusted BUT BUT CHINA BAD, REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

'What have you got to lose?' Trump tells coronavirus patients to 'try' unproven drugDr Anthony Fauci says there is no 'data to say anything definitively' about hydroxychloroquine's benefits billyrufc4 Good luck with that plan... Incredulous! Los pacientes si hacen uso de su cerebro, él no.

Coronavirus live news: Boris Johnson in hospital as Trump again touts hydroxychloroquineUS orders 29m doses of malaria drug; Pakistan quarantines tens of thousands of worshippers; Bronx Zoo tiger tests positive; Follow the latest updates. 美國佔領其他地方的12個步驟 Why didn't Trump send him some hydroxychloroquine? why does trump push that drug does it get you high or something

Trump grilled over continued promotion of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus – videoDr Fauci says there’s no evidence anti-malaria drug Trump pushes works against virus THIS… Grilled for being right? demand to see his share portfolio and tax records..

Jared Kushner labelled 'useless' over coronavirus response by Hurricane Katrina commandeThe president's son-in-law faces backlash for referring to 'our stockpile' Finally, a label he can live up to. That moron put a shit on and flew to the Middle East to make the peace Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhqhwhhahwhahahhahqah That dude smoked something and I bet it was hash That commander, if active, will be “relieved from duty” for daring to speak out against these cronies

NHS nurses 'hold their breath' while treating coronavirus patientsThe lack of PPE has left 'doctors with no option but to take the matters into their own hands.’ No PPE, No treatment. Nurses are not a tool.

Take 'charisma' into account when managing invasive species, scientists sayResearchers say popularity can mask threat to biodiversity ok, explain tories then How of non-native species should only focus on impact to native flora & fauna... once you start introducing ‘cuteness’/‘charisma’ you lose the argument & lose all credibility as a scientist!😡 I like the look of Japanese STILL needs control!!