Statins side effects - the common symptoms you should know

Statins side effects - the common symptoms you should know

Health, Statins Side Effects - The Common Symptoms You Should Know

12/4/2021 5:34:00 PM

Statins side effects - the common symptoms you should know

STATINS are a type of medicine used to help lower the risk of heart problems caused by high cholesterol. As with all medications, side effects can occur when taking statins - but what are the most commonly reported symptoms you should know?

Statins side effects - cholesterol levels can be regulated by using statins(Image: THE EXPRESS)Omicron variant: The 'scratchy' symptom showing up in infected patientWhat is the most common side effect of statins?There are five types of statins approved for use in the UK, all of which have been linked to some combination of these common side effects.

The NHS have identified the most reported side effects to be:

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