St George's Day: Who was England's patron saint?

The legend of the handsome soldier who met a gruesome end and became the patron saint of England.

4/23/2021 10:23:00 AM

It's St George's Day - the patron saint of England But who was the dragon-slaying soldier named George? 🐉

The legend of the handsome soldier who met a gruesome end and became the patron saint of England.

St George was tortured and beheaded during the Roman Emperor Diocletian's persecution of ChristiansRoman Emperor Diocletian had ordered the persecution of Christians but St George refused to give up his faith and make a sacrifice to pagan gods, said Dr Carter.

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"Some stories say he was tortured for seven years in which every conceivable horror was inflicted upon him," said Dr Carter. "He was crucified, racked, broken on the wheel, boiled alive and poisoned.""Legend says he died on three occasions and was brought back to life by St Michael. He was ultimately beheaded."

Why did he become the patron saint of England?image copyrightimage captionThe English flag features the cross of St George"Soon after his death, George was venerated as a saint, with a feast day on 23 April, the supposed day of his martyrdom," said Dr Carter.

He is also patron saint for Aragon, Catalonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Moscow, Istanbul, Genoa and Venice - second to St Mark.Why isn't St George's Day a Bank Holiday?image copyrightimage captionPeople took to the streets of Nottingham to celebrate St George's Day in 2017

Following the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, St George's Day became one of the most important feast days in the English calendar, said Dr Carter."And in 1399 his feast day is elevated to being a holiday honoured as same level as Christmas," he said.

"But due to the formation of English national identity following the protestant reformation saints fell out of favour and did not regain their significance."A version of this story was first published on 23 April 2018 Read more: BBC News (UK) »

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St George was Syrian and his mother was from Israel. We need to take back the true meaning and sentiment of this flag to help to remove it from the clutches of modern day nazism. We can start to do this if we discuss the issue whenever we mention St George. racismisavirus PostOffice More importantly, today is JUSTICE FOR SUBPOSTMASTERS DAY. BUT the role of the NFSP in hanging their innocent members out to dry and advising them all to plead guilty when they were supposed to be representing their interests should be investigated.

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To be brief he was Turkish, born to Greek parents, a soldier in the Roman army and died aged 23. No dragons involved, the dragon story was just made up when England and Wales had been at war. Get stuffed BBC in reality we don't have a patron as George was not of English blood Well, if he wasn’t British, but a soldier, that’s means he was a Mercenary!Great! Such a wonderful diversity at those ages, when be a Mercenary it wasn’t that bad; but now is different, they attached nationality to loyalty. Who knew? A foreigner and mercenary is UK Patron. 🌊🦁’s

Mite offend woke snowflakes. It’s mad that he was born in turkey, died in Palestine, never visited England and wasn’t a knight