Spain bans all unvaccinated Brits from visiting after cases of Omicron detected

The new rules scupper many people's Christmas getaways.

11/28/2021 3:41:00 PM

BREAKING: Spain bans all unvaccinated Brits from visiting after cases of Omicron detected

The new rules scupper many people's Christmas getaways.

SharesTourists at the airport of the Costa del Sol in July – Spain is now set to ban unvaccinated Brits from visiting (Picture: Getty)Spain has announced it won’t admit unvaccinated British visitors from Wednesday due to concerns about the new Covid variant.

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The popular holiday spot has tightened rules just before Christmas getaways were due to begin.Previously people were allowed entry into Spain with proof of a negative test result, even if they hadn’t been jabbed.But now only the vaccinated will now be allowed to visit in an attempt to limit the spread of the Omicron variant.

Two cases of the new strain were detected in England on Saturday, while other European countries have also confirmed the mutant strain has spread.‘The appearance of new variants causing (coronavirus) obliges an increase in restrictions,’ with regard to people from the UK and Northern Ireland, said a Spanish government bulletin.

‘This will affect British residents but not British people who are resident in Spain,’ a spokeswoman for Spain’s Industry, Trade and Tourism said.The new measure comes into force on December 1.Destinations such as Ibiza will be off limits to the unvaccinated (Picture: Getty)

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About 300,000 Britons have residency in Spain, making it the largest group of UK citizens in Europe outside Britain.It comes after Spain restricted flights from South Africa and Botswana on Friday following similar decisions by other European governments.

Countries are scrambling to keep the variant out amid fears it might be more resistant to vaccines.Much of Europe has already been struggling with a sharp increase in cases over recent weeks.Travel is becoming more difficult again to the spread of a new Covid strain (Picture: Getty)

The Netherlands has confirmedamong passengers on a flight back from South Africa.On Saturday, Israel detected its first case and then became the first nation in the world toban all foreign visitors.Switzerland has introduced new rules that mean travellers from Britain, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands must present evidence of a negative test result and quarantine for 10 days.

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French Health Minister Olivier Veran said that while no cases have yet been confirmed in France, ‘it’s a question of hours,’ given that omicron infections have been reported in multiple neighboring countries. ‘It is probable that there currently are cases in circulation,’ he said on a visit to a Paris vaccination centre.

Many health leaders have said it is inevitable that the strain will spread around the world but it is hoped delaying the transmission will help doctors understand more about how dangerous the variant actually is.

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😂 😂 😂 😂 Good for Spain. I love it!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 so much for the British saying that Spain needs their money and will never ban tjem 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 Just had a blinding 10 days in Gran canaria . Great timing. When are theses so called leaders going realise the vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus or protect anyone.

Daves gran didn’t fight two world wars for this sort of treatment. Cue covidiots saying they will boycott hols to Spain, (yes I know, but they won't see the irony), in 10, 9, 8, 7..... Bravo Espana 👏👏 for protecting your people 🇪🇸 😷💉 COVIDIOTS British What will they do? Throw you in jail if you say you’re English?

Unclear whether this includes kids? That won’t do much! Vaccinated can still catch and carry Covid. Before anyone starts, I’m vaccinated, I’ve had 3 jabs up to now. Just stating a fact. 😂 well done Spain

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That's a lot of Z list super star Anti-vaxx DJs not having much to do next summer. Hope some of the unvaccinated lepers have Spanish Xmas breaks booked. 🤣 They can't do that! We're a sovereign country!!!!! as they should!

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Two cases of Omicron Covid variant detected in Britain, says health secretary – videoThe variant, described by the chief medical adviser to the UK Health Security Agency as the 'most worrying we’ve seen', was first identified in southern Africa China has zero policy

COVID-19 around the world: Israel to ban foreigners as other nations tighten restrictions on BritonsAs cases of the new Omicron variant emerge across Europe, many countries are imposing travel bans or increasing quarantine requirements. The Omicron horse bolted a long time ago. With the useless U.K. Test & Trace, no point in trying to stop it at entry. Better to spend the money expanding CoVid wards. Why does the world not stand up to the criminal colonial israeli entity for its crimes against the Palestinian people? PalestineWillBeFree PalestinianChildrenRightsSOS