Sony says 'the Battlefield franchise cannot keep up' with COD

11/24/2022 12:53:00 AM

No dice.

Feels a bit mean pointing it out though.

No dice.

We're curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right here There have been various shots fired across the bow as the process has rumbled on, and Sony's latest filings repeat a lot of what we've heard before.4m 21 Nov 2022 Krishnan Guru-Murthy Presenter We spoke to the Russian opposition politician Mikhail Kasyanov – who was Vladimir Putin’s first Prime Minister – about how pivotal a moment Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson really is.We're curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right here The matter took what appeared to be a bit of a personal bent in September, when Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft had guaranteed Call of Duty releases on PlayStation consoles"for at least several more years beyond the current Sony contract.Financial Times that they plan to use music, movies and gaming to build electric cars built around a premium entertainment experience.

To be frank about it, Sony just wants to make this acquisition as difficult as possible for Microsoft, and will say more-or-less anything in order to do so.Also keep in mind that what is in a filing like this has been written by a Sony legal team: This isn't a bare-chested Jim Ryan bellowing from the rooftops.One of the key areas of focus for Sony is Call of Duty, which it believes Microsoft will look to make exclusive." This new 10 year offer is a little less broad than that, but also a bit easier to nail down contractually, and it speaks to Microsoft's determination to make the acquisition happen.Microsoft has given various assurances about keeping it on PlayStation, but Sony says it doesn't believe them, and points to previous Microsoft acquisitions where studios went on to produce games exclusively for PC and Xbox.But Sony goes even further than this, and claims that no other game in existence can compete with or replicate what Call of Duty is doing.Ultimately, the joint venture also hopes to release fully self-driving vehicles.

This leads Sony's lawyers to make the surprising choice of dunking on Battlefield.Console exclusivity is only one issue: There's also concern that having Activision games on Game Pass will give it"an unparalleled advantage" over other streaming services."Other publishers do not have the resources or expertise to match its success.To give a concrete example, Electronic Arts (one of the largest thirdparty developers after Activision) has tried for many years to produce a rival to Call of Duty with its Battlefield series." So how has that been going?"Despite the similarities between Call of Duty and Battlefield and despite EA's track record in developing other successful AAA franchises (such as FIFA, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and Star Wars: Battlefront)—the Battlefield franchise cannot keep up.Saudi Arabia and Brazil have approved the deal, but agencies in the US,.As of August 2021, more than 400 million Call of Duty games had been sold, while Battlefield had sold just 88.

7 million copies" Just 88.7 million? Those paupers.This is what you get when a lawyer writes about games: It's not like Mass Effect or Star Wars: Battlefront are in any way comparable to an annualised series like FIFA or COD.And hilariously enough, Star Wars: Battlefront is developed by… DICE, best-known as the developers of Battlefield.No-one tell the regulators eh? The surprising thing about this is seeing Sony, which tends to adopt the platform-holder position of being above it all, throwing shade like this at Battlefield.

It's not that what is being said is necessarily inaccurate, because there's no denying one series sells more than another, but it feels a bit like Sony's saying stuff out loud that it wouldn't usually do.There's little else new in the filing, beyond the vaguest of vague references to PlayStation 6, in the context of Microsoft offering to keep Activision Blizzard's games on Sony platforms until 2027."By the time SIE launched the next generation of its console (which is likely to occur around [REDACTED], it would have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision titles." So don't expect a PS6 until 2028?.

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BF has been on a slow downward spiral since Bad Company 2, they a need a more impactful storyline like they used to. Also I'd love to see a Vietnam or Iraq War iteration of the game. WWI/II is fun in game format, but its sooo overdone and the future stuff doesnt hit hard enough. Typical slippery slopes and red herrings from Sony. Mean while they can’t even make one decent multiplayer game unless it’s by a 3rd party AAA.

It can, if dice tried harder Given how absolute wank 2042 turned out. Kind of true I mean they could if they would stop shooting themselves in the foot. Then don’t. Stop trying to copycat and follow the BF classic formula. If they keep releasing garbage, that's true My buddy and I played BF 1942 5 nights a week back in the day. We lost interest after BF2, when it got too complicated, and the screen got too cluttered. Now it’s just Spawn and Die, repeat.

They got a point. Bf seemed like it could overtake Cod when Bf1 was so great while cod iw served as a marked low point for the series. But Cod got its groove back while BF lost its stride. Then stop trying to compete with COD and be Battlefield again. The comments about it are pure tardation as well, of course. Battlefield predates CoD. DICE was making an incredible multiplayer shooter before Call of Duty even existed and the reality is 99% of kids never heard of Call of Duty until COD4, at which point Battlefield was better.

Russian soldiers in Ukraine just ‘more meat in the battlefield’, says former Russian prime ministerMobilised Russian soldiers in Ukraine are just, 'more meat in the battlefield'. Former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov tells krishgm Russian withdrawal from Kherson is 'significant' and means a change of Russian attitude to Vladimir Putin. krishgm Can't say I 'like' this but the guy gave a damn good interview. Wish I were a fly on the wall when he was in his previous job! krishgm Question is Is Europe on suicide mission in Ukraine Russia fight

Playstation simply needs to buy the Titanfall IP, that can easily compete with CoD. Please Someone EA/Respawn has neglected it for far too long. Because they they decided to beat COD by turning into COD and that's where they failed. Well it feels that most of their games since 4 flopped hard Doesn't need to. So there is that. I play battlefield. I don't play cod.

Sometimes you gotta get a bit mean to get the facts across. For instance, the PC gamer website sucks. You guys could do much better. 'Call of Duty' has three different studios working on games that release yearly. Of course Battlefield can't compete with it. It's sad really. If they did BF2042 right, god forbid they delay and polish the game and gave their all, It would have rivaled BF1/BF4 with how good of a comeback that would be. I assume it was probably EA rushing them anyway.

I would agree and admittedly, I disagree every time I see its Sony saying these damn things. I went to jump in free today on game pass & I get an immediate bug where I'm staring at my feet & can't look up. SMH. Had to do a bunch of troubleshooting. Turns out you can't have anything plugged in that could possibly control the game. Mine was a drawing tablet.

Selling copies isn't the only thing that matters 🤷‍♂️

Microsoft offered Sony a 10 year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStationThe offer was made earlier this month to help push through the Activision acquisition. Jim Ryan is still going to cry and say what about year 11. It’s not fair for you to hold exclusives lol. Playstation doesn’t want CoD to come to Game pass, it’s understandable, I love game pass but it would do to the gaming industry like what Netflix did to the movie industry Thats honestly way more then we all expected

Yeah but I prefer Battlefield I really hate that run and Gun shit I would prefer something closer to a real Battlefield experience Battlefield1 was the one I spent the most time on. We don’t get enough WWI games. So did Killzone it could if they had a good engine, standards, less attacking the fans etc.

Yet somehow 2042 is still more fun than any of COD's attempts at big modes. Well you have women kicking ass in WWI… Battlefield used to be for tacticians who wanted an arcade experience. COD is dumb fun that you can jump in and jump out of — a quick fix, if you will. This is why chocolate is more popular than apples.

Maybe if they just did what everyone ACTUALLY wanted. Remake BF2 and BF2142. Same maps, same classes, weapons, and rules. If they stopped trying to make it COD and reproduced what worked... Everyone would come back. Stop catering to the COD players. THEY ALREADY HAVE COD! as much as i played 2042 , EA and Dice and whoever worked on it needs to step up! the launch was TERRIBLE! BF1 has an higher active playerbase rn then 2042, wich tells alot here... ive played trough all the bugs and glitches and still enjoyed it tho. had fun shenanigans

Remember when it was BF1 vs Infinite Warfare? Those were the days...

Sony and Honda could include PS5 consoles in electric cars | VGCA new joint venture from Sony and Honda could see the pair release electric cars featuring built-in PS5 hardware “Car accidents rise by 100%” And here I thought it would have been cameras for parking/safety and HD displays for your dashboard. Nah no thanks. Ps5 taking too much electricity in the car the car will stop outta nowhere too soon

God forgive me for such sacrilege, but I played BF 2042 through the gamepass and I can say with absolute certainty that the gameplay was 1000x more fun FOR ME than MW2 / Warzone 2, this taking into account the problems that are very obvious while playing. That CIA money makes the diff But the hackers sure can. Omg, so bad

At this point Battlefield can't keep up with every second indie fps game so that isn't really surprising. Only because EA keeps trying to sabotage it at every possible opportunity The quiet part out loud 😂

Microsoft's public statements 'should be treated with extreme scepticism,' says SonyBoth Microsoft and Sony's responses to the CMA's Issues Statement about the Activision Blizzard deal have been shared, with both companies responding to the others' arguments. 'Microsoft doesn't allow PS plus on Xbox' I would love this future, ps plus on Xbox and Gamepass on playstation

Sony claims Microsoft’s ‘true strategy’ is to ‘make PlayStation like Nintendo’ | VGCSony has claimed that Microsoft’s “true strategy” behind its Activision Blizzard deal is to have PlayStation “become like Nintendo” and not compete in the 18-rated shooter space. Jesus this has gotten childish We'll make your own shooter Sony ... Damn sony are pathetic lol

Sony claims Xbox’s Activision deal could ‘hurt developers and lead to price rises’ | VGCSony has claimed Microsoft's Activision Blizzard deal could hurt developers and lead to price rises in a new response to the UK regulator. So much fear mongering from Sony yet they raised the price of the PS5 and games. Um wtf? Remind me who has $70 games now and who doesn't but it was Sony who did this, her argument doesn't make any sense kkkk