Sony claims Microsoft’s ‘true strategy’ is to ‘make PlayStation like Nintendo’ | VGC

11/23/2022 6:43:00 PM

The company argues that Xbox will become the home of FPS games if its Activision deal is approved…


Sony has claimed that Microsoft’s “true strategy” behind its Activision Blizzard deal is to have PlayStation “become like Nintendo” and not compete in the 18-rated shooter space.

The company argues that Xbox will become the home of FPS games if its Activision deal is approved…

), as the Decision explains, and it would then be free from serious competitive pressure.”SIE’s statement goes on to claim that Activision’s games, “in particular Call of Duty”, are “critical” to PlayStation.“The franchise is firmly entrenched in gamers’ psyche: every instalment since Call of Duty was first released back in 2003 has consistently topped the charts,” it states, going on to share redacted percentage figures of the share of its audience it believes it would lose to Xbox should CoD go exclusive.

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Last PlayStation shooters released were killzone (2013) and resistance 3 (2011). They scored well and had great potential, history and brand recognition. Since then they’ve been sponsoring COD to remove feature parity from Xbox. Maybe they should just release a shooter XD Sony owns like 4 different shooter franchises, 3 of which are 18 rated shooters. The hell kind of excuse is this?

Yeah except Nintendo doesn’t have to lmao. They own Mario, pokemon, Nintendo, smash, I mean like they’re doing fine without shooters Sony went full-retard dropping neglecting and abandoning their japanese IPs, and now they've gone full-schizo Jim Crying Ryan strikes again lol Dudes so scared of competition

As a ps guy, that's some BS. SONY begging on its last legs but MICROSOFT offered 10years and they said Nintendo will have cod in the future especially with the Switch 2.0 coming soon Xbox MICROSOFT gamers looking at SONY like 💀👇bro wat is wrong with u Um Microsoft already said multiple times they didn't want to take it off other platforms because it would hurt sells number and they offered a 10 year deal for COD to stay on Sony platform.

Reads: Sony complains that Microsoft is throwing sand in their eyes while throwing sand in Nintendo's eyes. I swear are these people actual 14-yr-olds? Ya know they could just resurrect Socom and Killzone 🤷‍♂️.

Microsoft says it offered Sony 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStationAs intense government scrutiny of Microsoft's $69bn acquisition of Activision Blizzard continues, with many regulatory … Lying crying dance moves Jim Ryan I'd love to see Call of Duty stay on PlayStation, and Marvel's future titles to come to Xbox too. That'd be amazing for both communities in my opinion But it’s not about the machines now. Microsoft knows they can’t shift the hardware they want to, so they’ve shifted to getting GamePass on different devices. Saying they’ll put the game on PlayStation is a distraction. What they want to do is get GamePass on PlayStation.

I mean, everyone likes Nintendo, if Sony does more first party stuff this could actually be great for them So basically...Microsoft is saying: 'No one shall make any games other than what I make!' That's fucking stupid and absolutely hysterical at the same time Man I've never seen so much bitching from a single company.

More gaming companies could stand to do more of what Nintendo is doing. Emphasis on fun and not taking yourself too seriously versus gritty grimdark 'mature' photorealism. Nintendo is sells the most number of consoles and games The hypocrisy is crazy Remember the times when Sega use to fight Nintendo Kudos to them for that

PlayStation right now: Seriously as a massive PlayStation fan this is really embarrassing. People keep asking them to make a new SOCOM, KillIzone, and Resistance...but noooooo Sony doesn't want to Nintendo doesn't need to compete with anyone. They know what their fan base wants and that's why they're successful.

Microsoft offered Sony a 10 year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStationThe offer was made earlier this month to help push through the Activision acquisition. Jim Ryan is still going to cry and say what about year 11. It’s not fair for you to hold exclusives lol. Playstation doesn’t want CoD to come to Game pass, it’s understandable, I love game pass but it would do to the gaming industry like what Netflix did to the movie industry Thats honestly way more then we all expected

Killzone is way better than COD. It's like a toddler whining at this point Sony owns Bungie wtf lmao Wut that's so dumb, Sony has multiple Fps iOS they can bring back. Nintendo Haven’t they literally just bought bungie? Ok VGC, we know at this point you too believe Sony is spitting bs right So that is why sony censor games worst than nintendo?

As a playstation owner this shit makes me wanna switch platforms so bad What a load of crap haha, Sony own Bungie they could literally have them make a new 18 rated FPS IP or reboot a classic franchise like Marathon! Sony moaning about Microsoft buying Activision while basically admitting they aren't gonna do anything to compete is hilarious!

Microsoft offered Sony 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStationMicrosoft says that earlier this month, it offered Sony a deal that would keep Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles for a decade.

Didn't they just said Nintendo wasn't that family friendly because of cult of the Lamb and bayonetta? Is Sony straight up panicking over nothing? Dear, Sony: SOCOM, MAG(Technology is better), Resistance, and Killzone. IJS I think what they are saying is that Nintendo does not compete in the more adult content, with them in the same boat Microsoft will not have a competitor in that space. That said it's still a ludicrous statement. Sony does not need Call of Duty to be competitive in that area.

But they already aren’t…….. MS agreed to keep COD on Sony for 10 years. Once deal is done, cancel COD completely. The obligation was to keep it for 10 years, but have no obligation to make new COD games. Or just release ONE COD game at the end of the 10-yeat contract. That would piss Sony off big time

This shit ain't gonna happen When is Sony gonna get off their ass and bring back some of the 1st-party shooters? Killzone, SOCOM, Resistence... or MAG even... hell, make a brand new IP that can go toe-to-toe with CoD, because EA sure fucked that one up. Iss business 💰 Eh Sony, Sony...🤦‍♂️ Se volevi cercare di far ridere ci sei riuscita, però almeno sii coerente... 😉

No where near as popular but still... This kinda just calls attention to IP's they haven't touched in years. Now that they got Bungie maybe they could do another Haze for a laugh.

Warzone 2 has reached 25 million players in its first five days, Activision says | VGCWarzone 2.0 has reached 25 million players in its first five days, Activision has claimed. It's not yet clear if it'll surpass the original's milestone of 30 million in 10 days.

Contando que nintendo le da a Sony 100 vueltas en muchas cosas, deberían estar contentos de medio parecerse a ella. No se si están desesperados pero llevan una época muy vergonzosa en Sony. Ok Maybe if they didn't kill Killzone and Resistence then this wouldn't be a problem Bruh they just gotta offered ten years? Why are they so salty, cod will probs be dead in the water by the end of that 10 year deal.

Sony lost all respect from me when they sold everquest. They are just trying to hold xbox back now. also PlayStation: Killed killzone, socom, resistance, syphon filter, MAG, and hasn't come up with a similar type of shooter since the underwhelming killzone ShadowFall which was a rushed showcase of ps4s abilities and nothing more.

Sony takes a dig at Nintendo while a Nintendo exclusive sells 10 million copies in 3 days. Doesn't sony own killzone and resistance, which are 18+? While reviving killzone or resistance would be awesome, it would take years to develop, cost ton of money and resources for a game that might not even be received well. What a devastating move by Microsoft

If Sony now thinks Microsoft isn't interested in investing in FPS games, I fail to see why they're simultaneously screeching about how Microsoft supposedly will use COD to exclusively dominate the marketplace. Pick an excuse. You can't have two polar opposite invalidating ones.

Microsoft says it offered Sony a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation | VGCMicrosoft says it has offered Sony a deal that would see the Call of Duty franchise remain on PlayStation for a decade Sony esta cagada Your move PlayStation I'm sure they'll still complain about it. That’s not forever, no deal.

How about a console that plays everything… MERGE!!! I want to play Call of Duty, Yum Yum, Halo, etc… On one thing… CookstarYumYum I guess the Bungie acquisition and Epic partnership are foreseen to not be good investments. delusional at best 💀💀 PlayStation should’ve keep gta exclusive but noooo Didnt Nintendo actually beat out both PlayStation n Xbox one year with Splatoon? Isnt that rated E? Jim Ryan has gotta stop huffing that pony salt, its gonna kill him at this rate. This desprate grasping at straws bs is making Sony look beyond pathetic as well as lazy.

They could compete. They've just become to reliant on the same 3rd person action walking sim type games & refuse to put money into anything else so they rely on 3rd party FPS sales for that niche. Sony is lazy & their fans are complacent. Maybe Sony should try making a game that isnt a third person cinematic narrative game then

Xbox should just agree to let launch COD on Sony forever to seal the deal. Then get the teams who make COD to start a new military shooter called 'Ring of Service' and make it exclusive. Sony is the biggest cry babies I ever laid eyes on

Microsoft's public statements 'should be treated with extreme scepticism,' says SonyBoth Microsoft and Sony's responses to the CMA's Issues Statement about the Activision Blizzard deal have been shared, with both companies responding to the others' arguments. 'Microsoft doesn't allow PS plus on Xbox' I would love this future, ps plus on Xbox and Gamepass on playstation

doesnt sony literally own bungie like what's stopping them from making a good mature shooter Now just watch Nintendo make a 18 rated shooter to prove Microsoft wrong lol Sony have some of the best studios on their side. why are they complaining Unhinged conspiracy theory. what 😂, you literally have like a shit tone of shooters and even more third person games like damn bro

you mean the 18 plus rated shooters like cod that theyve already offered a decade of support and current contract benifits? or the 18 plus shooters like... uh.... dang what other 18 plus shooters does actiblizard have? When was the last ps shooter? Maybe PlayStation should spend less time crying like a little bitch and more time developing good shooters. Remember Killzone? They abandoned it and left it to die.

So now they’re insulting Nintendo? Lol Sony is lost

Is this a complaint, a burn, a own, or a flex? Nintendo owns the rights to the most profitable entertainment franchise in recorded human history... Why wouldn't you want to be like Nintendo? Build a franchise so you don't need to rely on third party studios and developers... duh. Sony has Killzone, Resistance, Bungie, oh and they can make a brand new IP with the billions they have on hand…

Bruh, just make a new Killzone game or have Bungie make something. They have what it takes to compete, they just choose not to. 💀 That space Sony already doesn't compete in and hasn't since the ps3? LOL I sense another killzone announcement If Sony could have, they would have done the same thing, much like then they bought shenmie or alot of Capcom games(looking at you SF5)..

mfs literally own bungie FFS Sony you OWN Killzone, and you OWN Bungie, have Bungie make a new Killzone or Have Insomniac make a new Resistance. Stop making movie games. Become like Nintendo? Didn’t Nintendo’s buggy ass Pokémon game outsell PlayStations heavy hitter by huge numbers?! Maybe SONY needs to stop playing victim.

Okay, I have had enough of this, Sony and Jim Ryan can F the hell off because the age of console war is effin over and done for god sake Will Sony Revive Killzone finally? Or maybe even MAG? Crazy how they refuse to and will only focus on CoD. If I were Bungie I'd be like what the hell man. Bungie has made some of the most popular 1st person shooters in the world but Sony can no longer compete in the 18+ shooter space? I'd be like you know what this isn't working for us we're gonna take our 18+ shooters and move on.

They say with no new killzone in sight. They could always. Ya know, bring these franchises back. Your own article has Sony exposing their family angle. It's part of excusing their price hike that they accuse Xbox of possibly doing. This the same Sony that owns several 18 rated shooter franchises they refuse to do anything with?

Shouldn't becoming like Nintendo be an honour or something instead of vulgarity? Bruh if sony wants to compete in the 18 rated shooter space then MAKE ANOTHER FUCKING KILLZONE AND STOP RELYING OFF COD SOCOM, Killzone, Resistance. They had their own M Rated FPS franchises.

Then why won't they make fps games? They have all the problems but no solutions If I was Microsoft I would take the gloves off and really start whooping Sony’s ass. These arguments are laughable. god damnit this deal just needs to go through already- Sony looks like a whiny child with each passing article on their responses.

I wouldn't mind PS becoming Nintendo. The Switch has out sold the PS5 and the Xbox. Did sony forget they own Killzone? What happened to all their studios, Sony can't maje good shooters anymore? They look so desperate Everyone should be able to play with anyone and everyone no matter what they play on for any game that’s on all platforms, that’s how it should be, they are honestly acting like kids with this dumb console wars crap, just let the people play how they want

Interesting comments by Sony. They have no evidence of this. It is all speculation. BUT, they know that by creating this false narrative, it could influence key decision makers involved in the ActiBlizz buyout investigation. They have some smart business people at Sony Wow! If Microsoft acquires ABK, Sony can no longer make M rated games & they can't make a shooter at all. Had no idea Microsoft was that powerful. Guess Sony hasn't made a FPS in so long because Microsoft won't let them & COD is the only one that can ever be on playstation huh?

Bring back the Resistance franchise. That was the first PS3 game I ever played and the last one (3) was a very good game even if it did rip off Half Life 2.

Solution: just make something to rival CoD. There’s already Ps exclusive shooters they’ve made but chose to forget, so it’s their own fault if they got nothing to hold some ground. They just keep making themselves look hopeless and stupid. XD? Sony grasping at straws here 😂😂 Bruh what, they reaching 🤣

This is hilarious 🤣 omfg sony sounds like playstation needs to bring back socom, 'Become like Nintendo', does this mean they will make their own shooter like the fabled 'Metroid Prime'? 🤣🤣🤣 Just invest in new 18 First Person IPs. The solution is simple. If you no longer have access to thing, create your own thing.

Sounds like an attention grabber and no real info… Qwerty_Soda Sony…just create a call of duty like ip

Sony makes the dumbest claims ever If this deal fails i hope it pisses Activision off they and just stop working with Sony. Just never releases another cod with them. God that'd be funny Ohhh. Those sound like fighting words. Does Sony have proof of that? Um no..Nintendo literally doesn't care about this whole thing and is based around family friendly games. Plus didn't Phil want to treat COD like minecraft? So just keep the games multi platform.

Would now be a good time for PlayStation to stop crying and reboot both the Killzone and Resistance franchises then ? 🤔 Is it just needs or Sony coming off as extremely whiny about all this. Did Sony forget they have their own exclusive 18+ shooter franchise they choose to neglect lmao But... It was SONY that decided not to compete in the 18-rated shooter genre.

Bro reaching so far up his ass we can see his hand Can’t believe people ate up the buddy buddy rubbish these two were pulling 😂

Microsoft has a right to purchase activision. Sony needs to stop crying lul....CoD an 18+ fps? Its an M rating which is 17+ Also you can't fall abck to 'we sat on our asses and rely on this 1 3rd party IP rather than make actual 1st party content' Even IF MS doesnt get AVB...AVB can easily become every platform except PS.

PlayStation making it more personal than it needs to be. Sony has already stopped making those type of games what are they talking about. How on earth are they being taken serious here😂 Nintendo does that by choice, Sony is just lying out of its ass now Oh my.... Jim Ryan is STILL in this freaking butthurt crybaby mode? For hell's sake, Microsoft literally offered a 10 year avaibility of CoD on PlayStation and it's still not good enough?


They own Bungie Xbox forever YOO Sony can compete in the 18-rater shooter space if/when they actually try. They have the devs and resources. I'm a PlayStation die hard to the end, but I feel like Sony is just embarrassing themselves at this point. Let it go. PlayStation has several exclusives, that's what I love about the console. So if Xbox wants to buy Call All Duty, that's fair game.

Acting like they don’t got 18 rated shooter games made for just PlayStation, but they decide not to make them cause cod gives them more money 😂 As a PS player if that’s the case why doesn’t Sony just make a new IP or make genuine multiplayer projects for already existing IPs There's other shooters than cod........

That's an oddly specific space to not compete? Bayonetta 3 is more explicit than anything Sony has. Just sitting here waiting on Last of Us multiplayer They are lucky that this isn't december 9th 1993

So? Sony could literally make Destiny 3, or another new ip This arguments are just shit, jesus, you own bungie and Destiny, just do something, and stop doing action adventure 3rd person games, imao. Sony acting like MS buying the FPS genre lol Bruh can't Sony revive one of their IPs they have plenty and we haven't had a Kill Zone game since forever

You mean they might have to do something that's not call of duty? Gasp Would be really neat if this inspired Sony to make a better shooter than Call of Duty since.. ya know, Call of Duty is actually terrible and is only successful because lonely white dudes have a hard on for the American military. You never did compete in 18+ shooters... Like bruh... When did you? You call 3rd party marketing deals competing in shooters?

I must have missed the part where call of duty is the only rated M shooter that exists Well they weren’t anyway so lol

But that is what sony does. They don't make first person shooters they haven't for a while. Sony's is acting like a spoiled child at this point not getting the toy that they want. And then saying something like 'Billy doesn't have the toy either you want me to be like that loser Billy.' 💀 💀 💀 Sony really are desperate to stop this deal Lmaooooo

Why is Sony assuming Microsoft would take CoD away? That wouldn't make them more money. Are Sony just whining about the fact they'd have to give Microsoft a cut for having CoD on Playstation? 💀💀 Sony claims lots of things🤷🏻‍♂️ jim ryan is destroying the companies pr so hard Sounds terrible , but how bad is it to have your company specialize on a certain market and really improve on that ? I mean Sony has some AAA exclusives like Spider-Man, GOW , if they become like Nintendo and really focus on those . Nintendo for childish, Sony mature ,Xbox fps 🤔

Shit like this makes me wanna unironically be one of those pro Xbox/Nintendo accounts.

They actually OWN the studio that developed Halo... Why don't invest in a game that goes head to head with CoD and/or Halo? Didn't playstation censor a bunch of shit that even Nintendo didn't? And Sony wants Microsoft to be like the last generation 🤣 My god, this as a read is interesting and also just a mess. Fair points made, but dude...This whole thing has seriously felt like we are spectating the biggest custody battle in the history of gaming.

Sony are correct. Microsoft are forcing them out. Microsoft are just buying things and not creating anything. Nintendo will always win. Unlike Nintendo, Somy cannot survive on only their first party IP’s. Also, Microsoft cannot either but than again I don’t think Microsoft would even remotely try comparing Xbox to Nintendo when talking about successful first party IP’s.

That’s funny cause Phil Spencer had already stated they still want COD to be available for PlayStation. Sony, my guy, just buy EA and quit whining Look I'm all for not allowing monopolies, but that seems like a pretty weak argument. Bullshit, sony got resistance and killzone as 18+ shooter franchises. They’ll survive.

I mean you have killzone, resistance, socom, IPs just sitting around. Imagine thinking Sony would ever be on Nintendos level. Nintendo is actually a higher performer with sales compared to Sony and Microsoft combined lol. They're a literal 'do your own thing' brand with Mario, zelda etc. Sony has its exclusives too. Kinda disrespectful to Nintendo.

'and not compete in the 18-rated shooter space.' do they even need to anymore? just make the game people want and make them innovative and unique enough people have interest in both The Belly Aching Quit crying. Git gud. Nintendo is the family friendly console, with Mario and Zelda. PlayStation is the story driven massive AAA games console with GOW and Horizon. Xbox is the multiplayer, performance, best looking games most of the time console with games like Forza, Halo, Gears, COD, Fallout.

fear that MS does what Sony do Lol it doesn't have a point but I have to say that PlayStation resemblance to Nintendo strategy through the years is uncanny because of the strong fanbase and the nice exclusives by its side Since call of duty is apparently the only shooter of that type in all of history I guess this makes sense

Also sony has loads of great FPS IPs left dormant, Also Sony buys Bungie the ones that made Halo for Microsoft. Also Sony refuses 10 year deal for CoD with Microsoft. So how is Microsoft trying to shut them sour?

PlayStation’s statements on the MS-Activision deal are like fanboy arguments over Twitter I thought their thing was creating exciting new ips with their studios built from the ground up? What gives What? The reason why they want them to buy is because of content for GP and Activision was trying to sell because of all drama in that time XBOX was also looking to buy studios to buy, so then xbox took opportunity

PlayStation is scared Expect Nintendo isn't even competing with anyone. They pretty much got out of the console wars and started doing their own thing. It's been like that for them since they launched the Nintendo Wii. Lol It’s funny when they want cod on Nintendo Some of the best studios in the world under the blue banner but they can’t compete !?!? Gtfo here with that nonsense

Nintendo doesn't even cry to have COD on their platform and look at how successful they have been! PlayStation PlayStation please please read this look at how foolish you're become and obsessed with the stupid idea you're throwing around.. people are sitting there laughing at you. I'm a PS here

Nintendo is goated Even if MS tried Sony wouldn't ever become more like Nintendo. Sony would just keep acquiring to keep away from that. “Like Nintendo”…you mean the market leader🤦🏼‍♂️ I mean overpriced games on weak console sounds like Nintendo to me already. Will this ever end? Hahahaha sure what a clown

Somy just claiming whatever bullshit they hope might work at this point... I wonder if Sony would like some cheese with their whine lol Why is Nintendo being dragged into this, when there is no CoD on switch that I know off. Plus Sony is just being petty now! They should use their IP Release a new Killzone, exclusive for PS and PC, you win sony

Wow. I mean sure Jim, we’ll all just pretend you don’t own one of the industry’s most prestigious FPS studios (Bungie). Sony burning all the bridges they can to block this LOL The reach is unbelievable Sony can only dream of becoming like Nintendo. They'll never get remotely close to it. Thinking CoD is the only shooter game is very funny to me. PlayStation at this point is grasping at straws.

i’m really a big hardcore playstation fan but this just not right .. idk why.. they are going to buy it they are going to make it exclusive just like you did so don’t cry when someone else doing it Lol What people don’t seem to get about Microsoft’s long term plans is that they’re a juggernaut with a very steady cash-flow from the PC market, which they already dominate and they’ve done so in the past by making their competitors fade away by limiting access to tech.

Sony wants to become nintendo tho they dont put their games on sale like they used to their raising their prices so they get more money for ps4 games and they increased the price of consoles for the exact same product aka oled switch by nintendo

Sony with a wack ass response because they’re petty once again ain’t holding back what’s better for the gaming community, barely any ps5’s a good exclusive every 2 years and rest mode turns your ps5 into a brick weight. 2022 and I can’t even get stable 30 fps on bloodborne on ps5 I don’t understand PlayStation’s message of “we can’t compete in the shooter space without Call Of Duty” Just make your own PlayStation exclusive flagship shooter franchise? Make it BETTER than COD. That player base has been complaining about features and functionality for years

How many new excuses are they gonna make? Lol what? They're getting desperate, that doesn't even make any sense lol. I never seen so much dislike over sony since Playstation 1... Then again it wasn't that bad back then... No I swear Jim Ryan is one of the worst CEO ever!... This is getting hella pathetic and toxic. Sony themselves are more toxic than sony fanboys... PlayStation please stop.

Everytime Sony gets caught in lies they come up with something else. I thought Sony was so good at making games. Then it should be that hard to make a game to rival cod. So which is it are they good at making games or not. Then make one yourself? They have all the resources. What are Sony complaining about? Coming from a PS fan, they should MAYBE USE THE ALREADY EXISTING IPs THAT ARE FAR MORE INTERESTING THAN COD (SOCOM)

Huh? Most third party companies REFUSE to put shooters on the Switch. Activision Blizzard chose not to place COD on Switch, it was on their older consoles. That don’t make sense… Never have I thought that any company at all, especially Playstation, would be acting like a 12 year old 💀

This is making Sony look really weak. The PS5 is the best selling next gen console and that is without COD. Why don't they revive Socom, kill zone, and resistance and hire some COD developers to assist with the multiplayer? Sony can survive without COD. Sony doesn't already. Sony, why are you like this

After all this BS Sony is pulling trying to block the deal, it’s insane to me that Microsoft is still offering Sony any deals to keep COD for any period of time on PS. Don’t tell me about Microsoft losing money from it either, they don’t need the money My loyalty to PlayStation is drastically higher than my loyalty to COD games

These consoles are wasted potential Well maybe if not all their game would be 3rd person movies with a little gameplay and they would actually had a good fps there wouldn't be this problem. Bring back Killzone for the playstation players. This is just sad at this point. But Sony were the ones that choosed to leave the 1st person shooter market.

Nothing is stopping Sony from making their own 18+ shooter if Call of Duty goes away. Sony is just trying to prevent from falling further behind.

They say that as if they haven't been trying to 'be like Nintendo' ever since the PS1 Lmao who ever wrote this one should be looking for a new job. Such nonsense For me I like Nintendo and Sony for their exclusives and I enjoy using Xbox for their multiplayer content Sony/PlayStation is so petty and beyond pathetic at this point. 🤦‍♂️

We got a whole mountain full of dumb shit that sony keeps trying to claim to be true. Ok this is actually kinda delusional Happy to have both consoles. Recently Playstation games have become unaffordable to me since I'm a dad. So hopefully COD is day one on Gamepass, that will be cool! Omg quit being such a complainer sony. Just compete. Learn how to compete. I have both platforms, and yes, Microsoft is miles ahead with their gamepass and cloud gaming.

Sony right now

Gosh if only sony had their own shooters 🤔 'We nuked all our shooters into the ground, this is all Microsoft's fault, it's definitely not our fault that we haven't put any money into our franchises. Save us from what we did to ourselves, I mean what big bad Microsoft did to us' Im back again You know what is funny? Every body dreams to reach Nintendo success (without COD at all) and they are No. 1 for eternity but Jimmy does not like it ..

What is stopping Sony from creating or reviving it's own shooters? Microsoft has Halo and GoW. Sony used to have Killzone, Resistance, SOCOM and MAG. If Sony ends up like Nintendo it's because of Sony. They put all their eggs in one basket with the 1P story narratives games. Why is Sony mentioning Nintendo. Didn't they took most of Nintendo exclusives to the Playstation when they released it. Isn't that the same thing. What kind of argument is this and they are selling well too Nintendo. Sony be quiet. Please

Go ahead and be like nintendo so we can get a PS vita successor. Remember back in the 2002 when Sony had Killzone and MS had Halo and kids used to argue? I do. They now literally own Bungie, the makers of Halo, and they own the makers of Killzone, and still refuse to try to make their own FPS because they know no one will give a fuck.

I guess. Bungie can't make them! Why $ony buy them again? Wtf every time sony is coming out with more and more shit

Sony: God I hate what PlayStation has become. Remember when they were cutting edge pioneers of the gaming industry? Back I the PS1/PS2 days. They made gaming mainstream. Real cutting edge and all about the players. Now that’s switched to Xbox and Sony are just crying little biatches This is truly a pathetic look I never thought I'd see the all powerful Playstation become.

Sony acting like they'd even be in the same league as Nintendo is textbook delusion. Lol What Seriously Sony.. this is just getting ridiculous now.. Make another kill zone Sony has SOCOM, Killzone, and a Resistance all sitting dormant! And they have Bungie now. What the hell. Make something! Xbox offered CoD for 10 years or more.

'killzone enters the chat' 😭😭😭 Boohoo I'm Sony and I can't possibly create my own 18+ shooter game that people will buy. I'm just not talented or rich enough to fund a video game.🤷‍♂️

Yep, snowflakes Talk about a stupid take. What's worse, we can now expect a small army of loyal fanboys to treat this as gospel and make it their new talking point. Nevermind it's clearly not true, or how successful Nintendo is. Sony really want to take another L? Lmaooo Bruh they gotta be joking with this

It's sad to know Playstation growth depends on CoD franchise. What a mediocre company. Just make another Killzone game but make it actually good. Actual child-like behavior on Sony's part. I have no horse in this race, PlayStation makes great exclusives but man this has to expose to some of there consumer base how they really feel about us; they don’t care, at all. Not that you should’ve ever expected them to anyway.

Well if someone gets some damn PSVR 2 demos in the wild after launch to let people try they will choose to play shooters in VR as time goes on. It’s crazy how shook Sony has become over this deal, not even for the betterment of their consumer base which SHOULD be the primary goal, but inevitably so they can continue to be number 1 in their anti consumer business model.

That's funny. I'd believe the head line much more if it said 'Microsoft has claimed that Sony's 'true strategy' behind its Capcom deal is to have Xbox 'become like Nintendo' and not compete in the fighting genre' because that actually happened. Xbox didn't cry and complain tho. Sony is a bunch of crybabies

So they want sony to become the most successful gaming company? So destiny doesnt exist? Why don't they just make their own shooter? Does their entire console business hinge on one third party game? That's fucking embarrassing if so. Use to be a Sony fan, but man have they been scummy and putting out lackluster products across the board lately. How about, idk, trying to compete rather than using paper-thin litigation? You're just coming across as a petulant hypocritical child at this point.

I am now %100 convinced deal will go through. Sony’s arguments are ridiculous. Are they actually competing in that space now? They killed Killzone, Resistance, SOCOM. They chose to rely on a third party that can be bought out at any time instead of their own IP. And now they have a literal decade, if not more to revive any of them. Should I feel sorry now?

HA! This keep getting better and better

I feel like Sony just keeps trashing their own platform by continuing to claim they won't be able to compete without a single specific game in their lineup. I don't think they actually believe their offering is that weak. If they do, they should fix that. 🍿🛋️ This is pathetic. Just make your own. You already had KZ and Resistance. Plus, it's not like GoW is family friendly.

But isn’t Nintendo doing just fine without 18 rated shooters? And what about Battlefield? Why don’t they just bring back Killzone? Lmmfao!! Maybe instead of Shelving Killzone and Resistance, use them? And don’t remake games that don’t need it? Lol My PS5 is essentially a PS4 Super Pro atm. ils s’ennuient pour lancer des idées sur les autres compagnies comme ça ?

Bring back RESISTANCE. Problem sorted. Just make new Resistance games and Killzone games Jesus Christ.

Lol wtf? That's so random and ridiculous, like what? After being disappointed by PS4 and Xbox. I was my hands of them. I'll stick with Nintendo for now. At least they're still fun. Okay this is just nonsense, PlayStation owns Bungie. During the PS3 era they did compete with games like Resistance when Xbox had the COD deals. So no sorry but Sony are getting more and more pathetic as time goes on during the PS3 era they never cared what Xbox did and got on with it. Nothing stopping PS doing that for the PS5 era

Good, Nobody complains that Sony has their studios with 1st Party games and now so does Xbox.... Suck it up buttercups It’s very sad that Sony won’t just let CoD go, i would really like for them to revive Killzone, it was one of my favorite shooters in the ps2 era 😢 🤣 “Microsoft claims Nintendo’s differentiated model demonstrates PlayStation doesnt need Call of Duty to compete effectively. But this reveals Microsoft’s true strategy. It wants PlayStation to become like Nintendo, so that it would be a less close and effective competitor to Xbox'

When was the last time Sony actually made an 18-rated shooter? They themselves left the shooter space.

Sony's Fear Is MICROSOFT Doing What Sony Did To Nintendo Epic Arguments! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 So resistance and kill zone aren’t first party sony franchises? This is just getting sad now Sony owns bungie and destiny one of the best shooter devs and one of the biggest shooters and they own great shooter franchise like socom and resistance

“Become like Nintendo”😂 Damn so Microsoft can stop Sony from making 18+ rated shooters by buying Activision-Blizzard? What an argument -doesn't want to become like Nintendo Least they don't shy away from sexual content and require censorship to port games. “Become like Nintendo” Uh, considering how big of a deal Sony says console sales are to them, maybe they should take a look at how Nintendo has been doing with that lately?

I’m sure that’s Microsoft’s plan. They’re buying everything up because despite having way more money they’re getting bodied again. I'd say Nintendo is doing just fine. Nintendo went and made their own 3rd person shooter that exploded for them. That being said, Sony was promised to have CoD for a decade at minimum still. Plenty of time for them to go and establish their own. Grasping at straws here.

I'm pretty sure they just bought Bungie and are making a new Factions game so how does that make any sense?

That makes no sense. You have Bungie, Insomniac, Guerilla… you can definitely compete. 'We will never be like Nintendo'-Sony. bro... WHAT? But but but you don't have 18 rated shooter games to begin with. This company is so comical, can the governing bodies finally block their access to western markets entirely? 😂

Damn sony are pathetic lol Oh ffs... This is getting embarassing - it got boring a long time ago. Damn that's crazy. Crossfire X, Gears Of War, Halo, Perfect Dark. Microsoft to Sony:

That is 100% a lie. Jesus this has gotten childish We'll make your own shooter Sony ...

Overwatch ), as the Decision explains, and it would then be free from serious competitive pressure.reported to have flown to Brussels to meet EU regulators and appeal Microsoft's deal in person.We're curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right here The matter took what appeared to be a bit of a personal bent in September, when Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft had guaranteed Call of Duty releases on PlayStation consoles"for at least several more years beyond the current Sony contract., Microsoft has gone into a bit more detail about its latest offer to Sony, revealing that on November 11th, it had offered Sony a 10-year deal to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation.

” SIE’s statement goes on to claim that Activision’s games, “in particular Call of Duty”, are “critical” to PlayStation. “The franchise is firmly entrenched in gamers’ psyche: every instalment since Call of Duty was first released back in 2003 has consistently topped the charts,” it states, going on to share redacted percentage figures of the share of its audience it believes it would lose to Xbox should CoD go exclusive." In response, Jim Ryan told the publication this was"not true", adding Microsoft was"a tech giant with a long history of dominating industries" and that"it is highly likely that the choices gamers have today will disappear if this deal goes ahead. “Ignoring these facts, Microsoft argues that Nintendo has been successful without access to Call of Duty,” it continued." This new 10 year offer is a little less broad than that, but also a bit easier to nail down contractually, and it speaks to Microsoft's determination to make the acquisition happen. “This misses the point. Become a Eurogamer subscriber and get your first month for £1 Get your first month for £1 (normally £3. The Decision identifies a wide body of evidence showing that Nintendo offers a differentiated experience to Xbox and PlayStation because it is focused on family-friendly games that are very different from PEGI 18 FPS games like Call of Duty.

“This is supported by Microsoft’s internal documents, which, so the CMA found, show that: “In general, Microsoft’s internal documents track PlayStation more closely than Nintendo, with Nintendo often being absent from any internal competitive assessment”. Enjoy ad-free browsing, merch discounts, our monthly letter from the editor, and show your support with a supporter-exclusive comment flair!. Console exclusivity is only one issue: There's also concern that having Activision games on Game Pass will give it"an unparalleled advantage" over other streaming services. While the Activision deal has been approved by regulators in .