Son on trial for murder after stabbing parents to death at home

6/28/2022 12:12:00 PM

Closing speeches will continue this morning

Closing speeches will continue this morning

Lee Tipping denies murder - the trial continues at Preston Crown Court

Defence closing speech resumes Mr Ford QC will continue his closing speech.The jury in the trial of Lee Tipping, accused of murdering his parents at the family home near Preston, has been asked to weigh up the evidence in the case as they prepare to consider the verdicts.Gogglebox star Lee Riley has become a firm favourite with fans of the Channel 4 show.Media caption, Megan Lee's parents hope others can learn from their daughter's nut allergy death.

He will speak about things Tipping said when he was arrested.Mr Ford QC said the jury must consider the defendant had not had a minutes sleep before making the comments about his father attacking his mum.He then fled to Manchester Airport to catch a flight, but took a taxi from the airport to a Premier Inn in Manchester City Centre where he was arrested by armed police.The scene on the landing must have been pretty traumatic and the arrest scene was highly charged with armed police..Tipping told the jury he was in a rage.He says he remembers stabbing Anthony two or three times before losing control and going into a dreamlike frenzy, in which he hacked both his parents to death.He had a serious hand injury and had drunk strong alcohol.The pair worked with Trading Standards officers at Lancashire County Council to produce Megan's Story, which features treasured photos and videos of their daughter growing up.

"He wasnt in a good place mentally and perhaps one or two things were said in the throat of that environment, in drink, were not accurate", Mr Ford says.Pointing at the dock, Mr McLachlan said: "We say that man there is literally trying to get away with murder.READ MORE: Pet Shop Boys announce big Leeds show after wowing at Glastonbury Behind the couple, you can see fluffy throws and comfy cushions and a cool, tasteful colour scheme.However the essence of the case is set out in two quotes from Tipping: "He came at me with a knife", at the time of his arrest and later at Guild Lodge: "I panicked, dad was trying to attack me, I attacked him back, I was fighting one against two." Above all this, Mr Ford says Tipping was assessed as not being fit for interview on the weekend he was arrested and interviews were delayed for a number of weeks.He said his dad had returned from the pub and immediately started shouting insults relating to his mental health, after Tipping broke a bedroom door.Mr Ford QC urges the jury to treat comments made that weekend with care.One said: "Omg ur home is beautiful enjoy ur summer with ur love.Mr Ford QC says the prosecution wants it both ways, and Tipping says he remembers things that happened during the violence - and therefore his 'loss of control' defence fails.At 11.No-one wants another tragedy to happen.

Tipping said he had to make a choice."It was either me or him.A few minutes later, she texted: "Please God, somebody help us." Lee found fame after appearing on Gogglebox with Jenny." Mr Ford QC asks if that was careful choice or instinct? Share Rachel Smith Defence closing statement conintued After taking a taxi to Manchester City Centre, receptionist Gabrielle Matthew, a receptionist at the Premier Inn, said the customer (Tipping) started telling her his whole life story and she got fed up with him.Mr Ford says all these accounts show a changing mind and changing decisions.30am neighbours heard banging and shouting from the Tipping's home.He was conspicuous, he was clumsy, and it failed.But fans will be delighted that the duo will return in September for the 20th series of the show." Megan suffered an acute asthma attack after eating food from Royal Spice which her friend had ordered with a note reading "prawns, nuts" to show her allergies.

He was arrested.Tipping told the court in the days before the incident his mental health was deteriorating rapidly.Mr Ford QC will continue delivering his closing speech tomorrow (June 28).The jury has retired for the day.He said the incident felt "like a dream" and he expected to wake up sweating.A round-up of today's proceedings will follow.Updates will continue tomorrow.Following his arrest, Tipping made a number of comments to police and mental health nurses at Guild Lodge, which he now says he made up.

Share Rachel Smith Defence continued "In March 2020 the following things happened, pretty much at once.He stopped taking his medication.READ MORE: Once-popular Preston pub to be transformed into 90 apartments He said when he asked officers: "What am I looking at for self defence?" he was winding them up, as he was unhappy at being rough handled by them.The Government locked down the country.Many a struggle for the best of us.He showed them no mercy whatsoever, firstly stabbing his father to death stabbing him after he was dead and then moving on to his mother.He lost his mother to hospital for four months.

His father lost his job."By his actions he has torn his immediate family apart and the wider family apart through his selfishness."Those two men were at home together all day, every day.The defendant seems to have withdrawn from the family somewhat and the family may have become a little less paitient of him.These are real people.One night his parents came home from the pub and there was a fight over a broken door.There had been a fight the day before.It is trial by jury.

"The defendant lost control and killed them both.That is the bigger picture." Andrew Ford QC, defending, told the jury a number of agreed facts relating to Tipping's mental health.It is relevant and we ask you to consider it as the backdrop.You the jury between you, have hundreds of years of experience.Dr Stephen Barlow was instructed by the prosecution to carry out further assessments on Tipping."It is for you to say whether he was in control during these 300-odd stabbings.

It is for you to say whether he needed to defend himself, and it is for you to decide whether his actions afterwards - booking a flight he never took, driving miles to an airport before driving back to use a printer, whether these were sound decisions.It was alleged there was a history of arguments between the defendant and his father, and Tipping was likely to react with fearfulness and anger to any real or perceived threat." After the killing, Tipping said he sat with his head in his hands on the landing, 'dreamlike' as if it hadn't happened.Mr Ford QC says he did nothing to try and dispose of the bodies.Mr Ford QC said a number of people who had dealings with the defendant described him as 'a pest', 'different' and 'childlike'.He just fled to the airport.He says Tipping's behaviour in the aftermath was 'hesitant and uncertain'.Here is a man in his mid 30s, born and raised in Preston, no siblings.

By the time he was at Liverpool John Lennon Airport, Mr Ford says Tipping was showing the kind of obsessional behaviour associated with his condition.Tipping turned round and drove home, before sitting in his car outside his own house, where his parents lay dead.It proved to be a serious mental disorder.He sat for a long time, according to doorbell camera footage.Knowing what he had done, Mr Ford says this was distinctive and unusual behaviour.It might be that the selfishness, the self-absorption and rudeness are wrapped up in it.He eventually booked a flight for 6pm on a plane he never boarded.

His journey to the airport was erratic.Then he was managed in the community on a regime of medication.When he got to the airport he had an encounter with a man at the Raddison Blu hotel, who described him as 'very strange'.At the Airport Pub the waitress said she found his behaviour frustrating, and she could not be doing with him.He has no criminal record.He gave generous tips to the waitress and taxi driver.Share Rachel Smith Defence closing statements continued The psychiatrists say Lee Tipping was more likely to act out of fear." Mr Ford says in March 2020, Tipping and his father were forced together at home when Anthony lost his job, the country went into lockdown and Tricia became seriously unwell and was admitted to hospital.

There was an increased risk of paranoia and anger after breaking the door earlier in the evening and after drinking alcohol."Perhaps the defendant was outspoken and animated at times, unlike other people in the family because he is not well."It is for you to say whether he was in control during these 300-odd stabbings.His cousin Louise Hodgkinson described Lee as 'quiet, different and childlike.'" As a child he was taken in by Mr Nuttall at the local youth club, who described Tipping as 'not the full shilling'." Mr Ford QC said Tipping's actions after the killings were hesitant and uncertain.Karen Dirkin, community psychiatric nurse, said Lee was a complex character.

He was highly anxious about dad asking him to leave.Mr Ford QC will continue his closing speech on Tuesday (June 28) after which the judge will sum up the case for the jury.He was never, in the seven years she saw him, aggressive.He needed a stable family.If they find Tipping was acting in self defence when he killed dad Anthony Tipping, he will be cleared of all charges relating to his father.He stabbed his parents after stopping his medication.There is another view.The case continues at 10am on Tuesday.

Andrew Sutcliffe, a lifelong friend of the Tippings, described Lee as 'a pain in the arse for his parents.Id tell him myself - f*** off.' Robert Taylor, Tricia's mother's partner, said Lee had come to be regarded as a nuisance and a pest.Mr Taylor said: "I took no nonsense." Martin Riding, Tricia and Tip's brother-in law.

Do you think he spoke patiently about Lee Tipping? He heard Tip refer to him as a little s**t.That was a phrase Tricia used about her son in her message to her sister."There is always a place for the bigger picture.Here is a man in his mid 30s, born and raised in Preston, no siblings.Like many young people when he was younger he had difficulties in his late teens and early 20s.

It proved to be a serious mental disorder."He might not have the same advantages and disadvantages as everyone else who came into this courtroom.It might be that the selfishness, the self-absorbtion and rudeness are wrapped up in it."Unlike many young people, this man had two very long periods in a psychiatric hospital.Then he was managed in the community on a regime of medication.

Like most young people he is not by nature violent or aggressive.He has no criminal record.Features of his illness include obsessional behaviour and the need for routine." Share Rachel Smith Closing statement for the defence Andrew Ford QC, defending will now begin his closing speech He says no free passes are sought by the defence and tells the jury not to expect theatre."He has devastated one family.

His family and I pay tribute to their quiet dignity." The best the defendant can hope for on count two, relating to his mum, is manslaughter, because he advances the defence of loss of control.If he succeeds in that defence it reduces the case to manslaughter.The situation in respect of his father is different as he says he had to defend himself.Self-defence is a complete defence and does not reduce murder to manslaughter.

If it failed, then the jury should consider manslaughter on the grounds his control was lost."You are trying somebody with enduring mental illness.That is inescapable." Mr Ford QC pays tribute to the family who has sat through the case with quiet dignity.The one exception is Lee Tipping.

They are his family.He has not always sat quietly.During the case at times he has been animated and outspoken when things have been said that he feels strongly about."He has a condition he must deal with.I apologised for him a couple of times during the trial.

Whatever you think of him personally, please don't hold it against him when deciding on the case.He is not as mentally well as others."Consider what he has done.He has taken away his lifeline.The providers of his home and his upbringing.

He has killed his parents.In the witness box he became visibly upset by what he had done and ended by saying "I've got nobody left now"." "How sound was the decision to kill mum and dad? If it wasn't a decision, what was it? If it wasn't a decision, was he in control?" Share Rachel Smith Prosecution closing statement Closing his speech, Mr McLachlan says: "Due to the ferocious nature of the attack he meted out on his parents, he only had one intention and that was to kill them both.He showed them no mercy whatsoever, firstly stabbing his father to death stabbing him after he was dead and then moving on to his mother.After the killings he made good his escape before being thwarted by the police in Manchester.

"By his actions he has torn his immediate family apart and the wider family apart through his selfishness.It is difficult to remember sometimes, amid the drama that this is real.These are real people."It is trial by you.It is trial by jury.

All I ask is you put all the parts together and reach true verdicts on the evidence you have heard." Share Rachel Smith Prosecution continues Mr McLachlan says Lee Tipping did not come to court voluntarily.The prosecution has brought him.The law of self defence is common sense and you, the jury bring that in abundance.If someone is under attack they are entitled to defend themselves, so long as they use no more than reasonable force.

The prosecution say he wasn't under attack but even taking it at best for him, is 165 times reasonable force? 165 times? Is that no more than reasonable force? The onus is on the prosecution to prove Lee Tipping did not kill by lawful loss of self control.The defendant does not have to prove a thing.The prosecution does not accept for one second Tip armed himself with a knife They say the couple were ready for bed and were probably in bed when the bedroom door went in at around midnight."Did he lose control? That is a matter for the jury, looking at the number of incidents.The prosecution does not accept there was a trigger with a history of violence.

" Would a person of the same age and gender, with a normal level of tolerance and self restraint and in the circumstances, have acted in the same way? If the jury is sure that person would not have acted in the same way, then the defence of loss of control is not made out.He does not get a free pass in respect of his mental health, Mr McLachlan QC says.Share Rachel Smith...

continued re: Guild Lodge At Guild Lodge he said he was fighting one against two people.Mr McLachlan says Tricia did try to stop her son leaving the house and paid the ultimate price.The jury must decide, was it a loss of self control that went on for 320 stabs? Initially Tipping was not fit for interview and there was a gap between his arrest and his interviews under caution.By the time he was interviewed he was assessed as being fit.An appropriate adult was present during the interviews.

Mr McLachlan says those interviews demonstrate what Tipping said and what his thought processes were at the time.He now says he can't really remember and it was a frenzy.In interview Tipping says his mum was shouting to stop.He could hear what was going on.He says he tried ramming his dad against the bathroom - he knew what he was doing, Mr McLachlan says.

He said he was blocking things with his hands - he knew what was going on.Tipping says he is a lot cleverer than his dad.He also says his dad stabbed him and he acted out of self defence or loss of control.Mr McLachaln asks: "Which is it? Was he defending himself knowing what he was doing, or was he so out of control he didn't know?" Mr McLachlan says Tipping made a number of decisions - throwing the medicine ball, using the aerosol lighter, locking the door.He then made a decision to use force, saying he had to be quick thinking.

Tipping said he wanted to leave the house and get away."What stood in his way? A small, 56-year-old woman, who had just recovered from Covid and had been at death's door.In Lee's world, Lee comes first, even if his mum got in the way." Think about Lee Tipping himself, Mr McLachlan says: "He is as much of a witness and anyone else and should be treated with courtesy and respect.You have seen him in the flesh over a typical period of time.

" He said on Friday, November 19 his dad came home shouting abuse and calling him a litany of insults."He said he locked his bedroom door.Does that make any sense? Both parents have got into their pyjamas, Mr McLachlan says.Then he turns towards the danger."Incidents took place in the bedroom, bathroom and landing.

The knife was apparently lying around on the landing and his dad took the chance to use it.Does that make any sense for a house proud woman like Tricia LIvesey? You have seen the downstairs of her house.Can you imagine her leaving a knife on the upstairs hallway?" "He says it happened fast, but there were 320-odd blows." In the end Tipping said: "I've got nobody now.Whose fault is that?" Share Rachel Smith.

..continued re: injuries Dr Stephen Metcalfe carried out a post mortem on Tricia Livesey.It appears some of her clothing had been moved out of the way before injuries were inflicted as she had more injuries to her body than cuts in her clothing.The doctor also said Lee Tipping's injuries to his hands could have been caused by the knife while he was stabbing.

In the aftermath, Tipping had the wherewithal to wash the knife."He knew full well what he was up to", Mr McLachlan says.When he came to his senses, as he would have you believe, did he call the police? No.He was off in his little red beanie to the airport and back again."Did he really walk through the house with his hands across his eyes, not looking at his mum who had been stabbed to death? Did he really not look into the bathroom where his dad was? All he was interested in was his computer.

"He knew his mum was a creature of habit and the alarm would go off soon, because her mum, Cecilia would not be pleased if she did not turn up for lunch." At the airport, Tipping checked flights and the news.Mr McLachlan says he was thinking all the time.When he was arrested by armed police, at the Premier Inn in Manchester, he made comments to the police.The jury must consider what he said.

He said: "Listen.I was just standing up to him.He came at me with a knife and he severed all my hands.He attacked my mum and I had to get him back.He's a bully.

He's bullied me all my life.He can do what he wants to me.It was self defence.He came at me with a knife, screaming 'come on let's do it', chucking knives at me.I was defending myself puttng my hands up.

My mum started defending me and he started killing her with a knife." Mr McLachlan says: "Is Tip going to lay a hand on Tricia.Tip and Tricia who were inseparable?" In the van, Tipping asked: "What am I looking at for self defence?".He now says he was winding the police up.Share Rachel Smith.

..continued re: November 19 On November 19, Lee Tipping went to his SIA course and although he says he did not like his dad he was on the phone to him that morning, and when he finished the course.He cancelled his hair apointment, bought hair products and delivered packages for delivery - he was able to do all the things he would normally do and Tricia and Tip were able to go to the pub.At 7.

38pm, Lee Tipping sent a picture of a new door to his dad.Tip told his brother-in-law Lee had kicked the door in.His friend said Tip seemed agitated and said, 'you've had it when I get home'.Tricia told her sister when Lee had finished his course he was out of the house.Tip had had enough.

Prophetically, she told her sister this may be her last gin, and said she did not want to go home.Tricia and Tip went onto the Swan Inn.At 9.58pm, Lee Tipping was pacing outside the house near his car.His parents left the pub at 11.

01pm.Mr McLachlan says Tipping's account of his dad kicking off straight away it does not make sense with the timings of text messages Tricia sent to her sister Cath, saying she probably wouldn't sleep - 'he's being a f***ing shit'.And 'Please God, someone help us xx' Tricia and Tip had their pyjamas on and had gone to bed when things got out of hand around midnight, Mr McLachlan says.Neighbours heard loud banging and heard Tricia shouting 'Lee stop' and 'oh no Lee what have you done'.Dr Alison Armour carried out a post mortem and concluded Anthony Tipping was the victim of a very violent assault sustaining a minimum of 165 injuries.

The majority were inflicted in life, but not all.Injuries to his penis were caused after death, and Dr Armour said were not consistent with throwing a knife at him.There was singing to Tip, and blunt force trauma to his face.When he was arrested, Tipping gave an account.He now says he can not remember what happened as he lost control.

You may think he as developed amnesia, Mr McLachaln says.Share Rachel Smith...continued "Andrew Sutcliffe, a friend of Tip's, asked Lee to help push a car when it broke down.

Lee told him to f*** off.That's the sort of person you are dealing with." Mr McLachlan says Lee passed his driving test on October 29.Tip said: "He's out of our hair now" thinking he had got some independence.Tricia confided in barmaid Tracey Ainsworth she had put a lock on the bedroom door after her son had been putting notes under the door.

He was threatening in those notes to murder them - and look what happened several weeks later.It understandably shocked Tracey Ainsworth."The best the defendant can come up with is for some reason Tracey Ainsworth had a strong dislike for him." On November 9, Diane Burns called the house phone to speak about Tricia.Tricia came across as someone who clearly cared for Lee.

On November 15, Lee Tipping started his SIA training course in Blackpool.Graham Johnson said during the course Lee Tipping's conversation was all over the place but he was really keen on the course.He had similar anxious conversations with Jennifer Monaghan.As for Lee Tipping, there wasn't much room for improvement in his world, as he ranked himself 9/10 or 10/10 in all areas.On November 18 the next door neighbours were working from home when they heard a row spill out of the house.

Tracy Wells said she had to put her meeting on mute but was not concerned as they had heard arguments before.Kane Kirkham was walking back from the shop with his baby in a pram and a can of pop in his hand.He says he saw an old man being punched by a young man and checked if all was OK.Tip gave the thumbs up but Kane Kirkham did not realise it was father and son.Lee Tipping claims it was the other way round - his father punched him.

He says Kane Kirkham lives on a council estate and might want a drink so has come to court to tell lies.Share Rachel Smith...continued "If it wasn't self defence we move on to defence two - loss of control.

Lee Tipping says past events triggered him and he lost control.The prosecution says this must have gone on for some time because he stabbed his parents at least 320 times.Not once.Not two or three times but 320 times.We respectfully submit this was nonsense.

"We say that man there *points at the dock* is literally trying to get away with murder.What was on his mind? What were his thought processes? You must base your decisions on the evidence you have heard and apply your common sense." Mr McLachlan says he will make 12 points - one per member of the jury."The background to the case.It is clear everyone and anyone who came into contact with Lee Tipping that there was something different about him.

One witness struggled to put it sympathetically and described him as 'not the full shilling'.Another said 'once you've met Lee, never forgotten'."Tricia and Tip had a very loving relationship, the prosecutor says.They were a quiet couple who kept themselves to themselves but struggled with Lee.Tip had been Tricia's only boyfriend.

Witnesses said they did their best to protect Lee and wouldn;t have a bad word said about them.'Fortunately the same didn't apply in reverse.' "Not to downplay his illness - sadly Lee suffered paranoid schizophrenia for a number of years, but that does not excuse what he did." "Lee's psychiatric nurse said he was anxious about being asked to leave the home.He was relentless and exhausting to his parents but they stood by him because he was their son and they were his parents.

A cousin described Tricia and Tip doing everything for him, taking him on holiday and buying him things.If he didn't get his own way he threw a paddy till he got what he wanted.They would give in for an easier life." "Regardless of what Lee says, Tricia and Tip doted on their son.After Tricia had been seriously ill and almost lost her life to chronic pneumonia and Covid, Tip's attention turned to his wife.

Lee had the run of the house - he had an upstairs bedroom and a den in the spare room full of clutter in contrast to the rest of the house.Imagine living with him.It seems in the last two to three years Lee had become more difficult." Share Rachel Smith Prosecution closing speech David McLachlan QC will now give his closing speech.He says it is two weeks and five days since the jury took their oath to try the case on the evidence.

On June 8 he opened the case with DS Charnock following soon after going through a timeline.Since then they have listened to the evidence.Tomorrow the panel of 12 men and women will begin their deliberations."Never forget this case is real.It involves real people.

" "It really doesn't get any more serious.It is a murder trial.It involves the death of two people, and the three people who will remain most important are Patricia Livesey (Tricia) Anthony Tipping (Tip) and their son Lee Tipping." The jury has heard from a number of witnesses - neighbours, forensic scientists and experts.They have heard about the address at 32 Cann Bridge Street and the two pubs, The Swan and the Mill.

"When Lee Tipping stabbed his father a minimum of 165 times, was he acting or may he have been acting in lawful self defence? We say, with the greatest respect to him that that is absolute nonsence.To suggest stabbing someone 165 times is self defence is an afront to your common sense."Even Lee Tipping can not argue in respect of his mother that this was a case of self defence" Share Rachel Smith Considerations In respect of the murder of Anthony Tipping the jury must decide if they are sure Tipping used unreasonable force, intending to cause him really serious harm.If the jury is sure of this they must consider: Are they sure that it was not caused by loss of control, fear of his father, or something being said which caused the defendant to have a feeling of being seriously wronged or that a person in the same circumstances would not have reacted in the same way.If any of the above is true, they can consider a verdict of manslaughter.

The same considerations apply to the murder of Patricia Livesey.Share Rachel Smith Jury expected to retire to consider verdict tomorrow It is for the prosecution to prove the defendant was not acting in lawful self defence relating to his father.The law is that someone under attack can lawfully defend themself with reasonable force.The jury must decide whether the force used was reasonable in light of the circumstances.There is no dispute the defendant caused the death of both his parents.

It must be proved that in causing the death he intended either to kill or cause really serious harm.Only if the jury is sure the components of a conviction for murder are made out can they consider whether the loss of control defence lowers the case to manslaughter.To return a verdict of guilty to murder as opposed to manslaughter, the prosecution must prove the killing was not as a result of the defendant's loss of control, or out of fear of his father, or in a way that a person of the same age, gender, and circumstances of the defendant would not have reacted in the same way The likelihood of loss of control may be influenced by the defendant's mental health, the judge says.He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in his early 20s.He has been living in the community with his parents for many years without any violence.

However the judge says the defendant's mental health diagnosis is not relevant.The jury must decide whether a person with a normal degree of tolerance would have reacted with the force the defendant used.The test is whether a person of normal self control might have acted in the same way, the judge says.Share Rachel Smith Steps to verdict The judge, Mr Justice Goose, has given the jury a 'steps to verdict' document setting out the legal considerations they must have He says the jury must decide the case on the evidence they have heard.They must weigh up which evidence they accept or reject, which they consider to be reliable and what is unreliable or a lie.

They must not speculate or guess, but can draw common sense inferences based on facts of which they are sure.The judge will sum up the case and remind the jury of the evidence before they retire to consider the verdict tomorrow.They must put aside their emotions, which may be strong, and judge the case on its evidence.It is on the prosecution to prove the case.The defence do not have to prove anything.

The prosecution case is that the defendant formed an intention to kill first his father then his mother, using a knife to inflict the fatal wounds.They say the defendant is guilty of murdering Anthony Tipping and Patricia Livesey.The defendant's case is he acted in lawful self defence after being attacked by his father.This does not apply to his mother who he does not say posed a threat.In the case of both parents he says he had a loss of control, which if proved would lower the case to manslaughter.


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