Some Brits 'still don't think slavery was really a bad thing', top author says

6/12/2020 3:52:00 AM

Some Brits 'still don't think slavery was really a bad thing', top author says

Some Brits 'still don't think slavery was really a bad thing', top author says

Bernardine Evaristo, the 2019 Booker Prize winner and first woman of colour to top the UK paperback fiction charts, said Britain's 'murky past' should be constantly re-interrogated

There are still Brits "who don't think slavery was really a bad thing" and misunderstand colonialism as about helping people out, an author has said.Nick McDermott Invalid Date, THE NHS Test and Trace programme is not yet 'gold standard' - as the first figures show a third of Covid-infected Brits could not be traced.Airlines generally charge additional fees for putting luggage in the hold.A mum who suffered terrifying mystery rashes for months has finally found out she was one of the first Brits to get Covid-19.

During a debate about the whitewashing of Britain's history on Thursday's Question Time, Bernardine Evaristo praised protesters who removed Bristol's Edward Colston statue.Taking the "law into your own hands" in order to highlight the "relics of Britain's murky past" is "really important", she said.⚠️ Read our for the latest news & updates 6 Health Secretary Matt Hancock said following the Test and Trace rules is our 'civic duty' Credit: Crown Copyright 6 About two thirds of people whose cases were transferred to the contact tracing system were reached and asked to provide information about their contacts Credit: NHS 6 Most people were reached and asked to provide information about contacts within 24 hours of their case being transferred to contact tracing Credit: NHS But one in seven close contacts of infected patients were missed – raising the risk they could continue to spread Covid.Multiple Black Lives Matter demonstrations have taken place across the UK since the death of George Floyd in the United States.British Airways is charging £25 for putting a 23kg bag in the hold for passengers with the cheapest fare on a flight from Heathrow to the same destination on the same date.Some protesters have turned their anger on longstanding structures considered offensive to people of colour, such as those of slave traders like Colston.He said: "You have your part to play, you must isolate and get a test.Also speaking on the BBC programme, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Robert Buckland had said he disagreed with protesters' actions in Bristol last Sunday.Eventually, more than three months later, the 36-year-old was told she had contracted Covid-19 in late February.

While he supported "being honest" and "using democratic processes" in considering certain aspects of Britain's history, he found the removal "disturbing" due to a lack of a "sense of order"."I would even go so far as to say that participation with Test and Trace is your civic duty.From 15 June, passengers will need to wear a face covering on public transport.It was pointed out on the programme that there had been protests against the Colston statue - including at the very least the adding of a plaque to contextualise it - for decades but they'd fallen on deaf ears.Ms Evaristo - the 2019 Booker Prize winner and first woman of colour to top the UK paperback fiction charts - argued "history is a construction"." 6 Test and Trace chief Baroness Dido Harding says tens of thousands of people have so far been told to stay at home to slash Covid spread Credit: crown copyright The new army of tracers attempted to reach 8,117 people who tested positive for the killer bug."Okay, events happened.We have a past, and then historians contextualise that past and interrogate it," she continued.In total, from May 28 to June 3, 31,794 contacts were identified and, of these 26,985 were reached and told to self-isolate - 85 per cent of contacts."It's been an emotional rollercoaster.

"And what's happened in this country, historically - that has been done by elite white men who have been the historians who have set the framework for the events of the past." Instead, she said history "needs to be challenged and re-interrogated and revised constantly".'Not yet Gold standard' Test and Trace chief, Baroness Dido Harding, admitted today that improvements are needed, but said the system was "fit for purpose".The removal of the statue, Ms Evaristo said, gives "power to the people who really object to a symbol of their historical slavery".She added that history has a tendency to exclude women, the working classes and members of the LGBTQ+ community - while many Brits still "don't understand" colonial history."But you can absolutely see the path of how we are going to get there."Or they understand it through a certain prism where they feel that Britain went and travelled all the over the world in order to help people." Sarah first felt ill at the end of February - weeks before Britain went into lockdown, and only around a dozen Covid-19 cases had been confirmed.

"There are still a section of society who don't think slavery was a really bad thing," she said."Is it completely perfect? No, of course it isn't," she said."I think it's really important that we interrogate history and when you have to take the law into your own hands and remove a statue, I mean, God, nobody died, it’s just this little tin statue whatever it was that was thrown into the river and then led to this conversation we’re having now about the rest of the relics of Britain’s murky past, I think it’s really important," she added.MP for South Swindon Mr Buckland said "applying today's standards" to the past "is a difficult concept" and said we shouldn't be "using the language of blame and apology"." She was unable to give a date for the launch of the app which will form part of the test and trace programme she leads.Referring to the Colston statue, he said: "Use the democratic process to a proper decision to decide what to do with that particular memorial or statue." George Floyd death When asked by host Fiona Bruce if he thought protesters in Bristol were wrong to tear down the monument, he said: "I think they were.The programme said the number of people reached includes those who provided details about recent contacts or whose cases have been investigated as part of an outbreak.He thought Sarah might even have blood cancer or even suffer HIV.

"While I absolutely get and understand the huge strength of feeling that's been engendered as a result of that appalling incident in Minneapolis and the fact that many people have just had enough, and I get that utterly, I do think that we all owe it to each other to respect the rule of law and within that to work for greater equality."I think the scenes that we saw in Bristol were disturbing in the sense that there didn't seem to be that sense of order.It also includes people who the service has been able to contact but who have not provided information about contacts.".

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What utter Bullock's! Said no one ever! 🤯 kool😖that she is no 1 not kool people dont care about slavery She’s got a book to sell Rubbish Don't be ridiculous. When is someone/anyone going to challenge and refute these vile lies and smears. Boris say something ffs. Lies! Stop fuelling hate! Racist inciting acts of violence

Does she have proof of this claim? I know of nobody who holds that view. Yes it was a bad thing. You can’t change history but how about fighting for modern day slavery. Black peoples are being sold in Libya, does she care about that. What about concentration camps in China today, does she care about that.

I have never come across a single person who thinks this

Test and Trace puts 27k Brits into quarantine - but 15% refuse to give detailsTHE NHS Test and Trace programme is not yet ‘gold standard’ – as the first figures show a third of Covid-infected Brits could not be traced. Nearly 27,000 people were ordered to s… Pointless This hoax virus is beyond a joke. People have had enough of this malarkey Name and shame. You're good at that so won't be a problem.

Only ones would be those who are from countries that still practice it - like North Afica Who? Find me six? Top? Muslims?

Brits told not to take hand luggage on flights under new travel rulesAccording to the Department of Transport, travelling without hand luggage makes it quicker to get on and off the plane, reducing the chance of transmitting coronavirus. so stupid. The pandemic is over No really? Rubbish it’s just another way of increasing prices

Mum suffering rashes for months told she was one of first Brits to get Covid-19Sarah Churchill, from Bournemouth, Dorset, was told by doctors that she may have blood cancer or even HIV after medical tests were inconclusive, leaving her fearing for the future of her nine-year-old son

Brits CAN'T take hand luggage on planes & must wear face masks in airports, Gov rules sayBRITS must check in all their hand luggage and wear face masks at all times in airports under new Government rules. People will also have to stay seated as much as possible during their flight as p… this shit is getting stupid Surely your allowed to take a little bag as u need one to put passports hotel vouchers and money So rules on taking medication in hand luggage ?

Brits shielding still CAN'T hug families and must stay isolated, Govt saysMILLIONS of Brits shielding from coronavirus still can’t hug family – and must stay isolated, the Government has tonight warned. Boris Johnson announced that those living alone or singl… For f**ks sake? More complete BS for this inept moron posing as the PM BorisJohnson is clueless & seems intent on killing more of the uk public whilst pretending he’s doing a great job! Please would someone take him aside and wake him up from this fluffy dream he thinks he’s in!

UK weather forecast: Brits face three days of rain as downpours lash BritainTHICK cloud from the north and east is bringing heavy showers – welcome news for gardeners during lockdown. The Met Office says that while today will kick off with “occasional rain”, heavy sh… splash Splish Splash Splosh! Quack Quack! Heres the good olde English weather we have been waiting for... Said no one ever