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Social distancing should stay FOREVER, says Communist SAGE scientist

Social distancing and face masks should stay FOREVER, says Communist SAGE committee member

6/11/2021 11:18:00 AM

Social distancing and face masks should stay FOREVER, says Communist SAGE committee member

Professor Susan Michie from University College London said she thinks the draconian restrictions should become part of people's every day routine.

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Prince Edward wishes Sussex family 'all happiness'

The Earl of Wessex spoke exclusively to the BBC on what would have been his father's 100th birthday.

Klaus Martin Schwab deve ser degolado em praça pública como exemplo que não se domina a humanidade para a escravidão. Esse crápula está comandando um 'apagão' cibernético, visando o dinheiro virtual. Saiam da bolha e se preparem que a coisa vai piorar. Atsinatas Well she can fuck right off! 😉 You need a mask you ugly cu**

What has her politics got to do with this, many other countries have used masks daily for many decades. ezralevant Ok you keep wearing them but I am done . No More Masks 😷 😡😡🇺🇸🇺🇸 Since when are we listening to everyone’s opinion about how to live our lives? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️ Ela é a estranha, que mude-se para a China.

Really? Is this 'lady' going to follow these bizarre ideas? Until when? The Reds are so creative about stupid and useless plans. I hope mankind will be capable of leaving this mentality at once and for all. it will not HAPPEN SILLY WOMAN Comunistas sempre procurando uma forma de prender as pessoas... Why isn't she using a mask in this picture ?

Priti Patel says police shouldn't face 'trial by social media'COPS should share body-cam footage to combat “high selective” trials by social media, according to Priti Patel. The Home Secretary told the Police Federation she wants forces to “… She an her government had a 80 majority, use it, an stop the bloody illegal invasion! For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to him _Alexander56 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success Or as members of the public like to call it….filming the truth 👍

Does anyone have a picture of Xi, Putin, Kin or Raul using masks ? ezralevant A communist advocating social control?...that can't be... If the communist keep their distance from the rest of the world I wouldn't be mad. ezralevant As I said in a post just the other day, She is the embodiment of evil ezralevant ah, some people are crazy, and it will stay that way forever. As long as most of us understand what is the essence of human life, things will be alright. This voice should not be an authority for the rest of us.

Why have a communist on a committee?it will never end well. Let them use it then...

Hancock: no evidence PPE shortages led to health and social care workers dying of Covid – videoMatt Hancock played down the practice of discharging hospital patients into care homes without Covid tests AliCairns3 I want to cuss this guy out right now. What a crock of bull. Those shortages caused much more illness to spread. How could it not?

How about … You do you, I’ll do Me with a face like hers no wonder she wants to wear a mask…😱😱😱 There is a serious conflict of interest when this sage member wants us to wear masks forever, is giving 'scientific' advice, but it's clearly from her extreme political viewpoint and is a member of a political extremist The communist party of britain! 😠

Iromg Mike this woman whos part of sage wants us to wear masks forever & has extreme political views as member of communist party! You should grill her on your show. I didn't know theres commie party in England. How many are there like her in sage? Politics& science can't mix With that face I’m not surprised it wants to make muzzles permanent

Brain cleansed.

Covid super variants could lead to '2020 all over again', say scientistsA new essay from top scientists and doctors, 'The Forever Virus' warns about the need for a complete 'system reboot' in the global fight against Covid How if we are all vaccinated. Wish these guys would say something positive for a change. Can someone tell these doom merchants to f**k off!! The Mirror and socialist have nothing much to offer but doom and gloom sensationalism. Does anyone really take any notice of this any longer ?

'Quick fixes' to the climate crisis risk harming nature'Climate fails' include misguided tree planting and large-scale bioenergy crops, say scientists. In the battle of nature versus nurture. Nurture truly wins. And in other news something fell when pushed off the table. You can NOT Cure the Climate. You can’t fix if burgs or the weather. So how the hell can you cure the Climate.

'I was sore' Jeremy Clarkson's former mistress addresses whether they still talkJEREMY CLARKSON'S former girlfriend, Phillipa Sage , has revealed that the pair have remained in contact. Mistress? So he is just a lothario?