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‘Smart’ for firms to insist returning staff are fully vaccinated, says Dominic Raab

‘Smart’ for firms to insist returning staff are fully vaccinated, says Dominic Raab

7/30/2021 3:36:00 AM

‘Smart’ for firms to insist returning staff are fully vaccinated, says Dominic Raab

Foreign secretary says he ‘can understand’ why businesses would want to adopt a tough stance

Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty ImagesCommuters walk over London Bridge during the morning rush hour in London.Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty ImagesThu 29 Jul 2021 23.40 BSTLast modified on Fri 30 Jul 2021 00.24 BSTDominic Raab said it would be “smart” for businesses to insist staff are fully vaccinated before returning to the office.

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The foreign secretary said he “can understand” why firms would want to adopt a tough stance to keep staff safe but said the legal rules need to be looked at carefully.Number 10 confirmed it was up to individual businesses to decide when workers would be expected to return to the office if they are not back already.

In an interview on Thursday, Raab told Sky News: “We want everyone to be double-jabbed. I can understand why employers think that that would be a smart policy or approach to encourage, whether or not there should be hard and fast legal rules I think we need to look at carefully. But our message overwhelmingly is get the jab.”

He said he is not in favour of forcing staff to return to the office with a “stick approach” as some people have “understandable anxieties”.“I certainly think that we should be encouraging young people to get the vaccine, making sure the workplaces are Covid secure, a confident environment for people to return to,” he said.

“Certainly I know this as an employer in the [Foreign Office] … what I want to do is build up confidence rather than, if you like, take a stick approach and say you have got to get back into the office because people are still feeling their way and people have understandable anxieties.”

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StickApproach? Fasces are nothing more than a tightly bound bundle of Sticks. So its soon to be a condition of employment!!! Things are going to get ugly and very mean indeed. Mr Raab must think that the workforce is made up of people without health conditions and all able to take the vaccine. Not all unvaccinated people are anti vax. Some are cautiously waiting to get it but need more studies to happen. GB seems determined on destroying itself

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