Six Omicron cases linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow

Six Omicron cases in Scotland are linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow

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12/4/2021 1:30:00 AM

Six Omicron cases in Scotland are linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow

Six Omicron coronavirus cases in Scotland have been linked to a Steps concert in Glasgow as Nicola Sturgeon warned 'there is now community transmission of this variant'.

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Nobody warned me drinks event was against rules - Boris Johnson

Dominic Cummings - who claims PM lied about lockdown parties - is set to speak to Sue Gray's inquiry.

Must be fucking deadly if it affects the whole audience Chain Reaction or a Tragedy? Steps are now called 'The Stairlifts' now, surely ❓😊 Thought anyone attending concerts in Scotland had to have a vaccine passport. Obviously working then. Steps vaccinepassports 🙄🙄 H is dead. ☹ Of course it was, silly us. Nothing to do with thousands gathering at COPSHITE though !! 🤔🤔

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