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Sister issue

'She thinks I'm too friendly with her husband'

6/22/2021 11:57:00 PM

'She thinks I'm too friendly with her husband'

I recently returned from spending a week at my sisters. I live alone, so needed a break,after hardly seeing anyone in a year due to cover....She was acting very weird with me and then did not speak to me for 2 weeks after I returned. She then said I spent the week chatting with her husband and she felt

21/06/2021 at 5:01 pmAs I read your your story, I felt so sad for you. Your sister is so wrong to say such a thing to you.I think you should have a conversation with your sister and tell her how that has made you feel considering how you see your brother in law as. She is probably just lashing out you as you are close but that is totally unacceptable behaviour and not fair on you or her husband.

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1 likeShelley S(235)21/06/2021 at 5:12 pmI would arrange a coffee morning with your sister as I'm a firm believer in good communication. If you can't do this, send her a letter and explain to her what you've just told netmums. Letter's are great because you can re-read them. I think you've been through a lot in your past and seem a bit reserved. I understand why you're so hurt. Your sister obviously has some self-esteem issues made worse by her seeing her husband communicating with you so happily. Sounds like she has some things to work through. Make sure that when you do speak to her or write, you mention this and mention being there for her regardless. Goodluck. I hope you meet someone yourself who you connect with as well as your BIL. Xx

1 likeKelly G(850)21/06/2021 at 5:34 pmHi, I'm sad to hear that your sister thinks this way. I think you need a proper sit down with your sister. Don't choose to distance yourself, it will only lead to everyone's suffering. But I think your sister needs to know that this is actually offensive what she is implying and that you are hurt by the accusation. I also wouldn't stop going to the wedding, it's kind of weird sharing a room with a couple, just get a separate room, and if you can't afford the same hotel for any reason then just stay somewhere else. I hope you do resolve this issue with your sister and that she realizes that she is overreacting and has done you wrong.

0 likeSarah D(2766)21/06/2021 at 5:45 pmHello, that’s not nice she must be a tad insecure to feel that way with her sister too, has he done something to ruin her trust at any point? If there were no flirting which doesn’t sound as though I wonder why she thinks there’s a problem I think it’s nice you have a great bond but of course the main reason your round is to see her and nephew? So if you didn’t spend much time and she felt you was with husband all time probably felt a bit pushed out but I’m thinking as he done something with them having problems that’s made her feel insecure in general there fore she didn’t feel right with how much time you spent even though it’s innocent and family? I wouldn’t take it to much to heart but meet and see how she is see what problems she having with nephew saying they do, there might be more to it, it’s nice your close with BIL some aren’t , it’s nice have a family like that but if she felt a problem there could be more to it and that’s not your fault something may of happened make her feel insecure about it all xx

0 likeMaxuella A22/06/2021 at 2:02 amIt seems like she is acting weird to you because of her own personal issues that she’s going through at the moment. I would still go to my nephews wedding but I would not share the room with them. You should still go and support your nephew though. I would be offended if I were you but been that you know they’re going through a rough patch I would let my sister know I don’t appreciate her comments and I would distance myself from her. Her husband likely does not even know that she’s said anything to you. I’m not too sure how to deal with with him if he asks why you are being different. But it’s not really fair to him to treat him weird when he has no clue what’s going on.

I have been through a similar situation with my mom and step dad. But she had recently found out that he was cheating with his secretary and they were divorcing. I told him what my mom said and I moved out.0 likeClaire S(3037)22/06/2021 at 3:10 amGet a grip woman,can’t be in the same room,of course you can she’s your sister and tbh messaging him and not your sister is a little odd,maybe he’s having an affair and she is aware,maybe she wants her sister and your just thinking all about yourself

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