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Should primary schoolchildren be made to wear masks?

Should primary schoolchildren be made to wear masks?

3/2/2021 11:51:00 PM

Should primary schoolchildren be made to wear masks?

Improving ventilation and reducing class sizes is of more importance, say Covid experts

In general, data suggests that children up to the age of 18 experience lower rates of Covid-19-related hospitalisation and death compared with all other age groups. While all children are susceptible to and can transmit the virus that causes Covid-19, younger children appear to be less susceptible to infection and when infected less likely to spread the disease than older children and adults.

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Last week, the government announced plans for the full reopening of schools on 8 March alongside a suite of measures designed to enhance Covid safety – including twice-weekly testing and a recommendation to wear face coverings in classrooms for secondary pupils. The World Health Organization also recommends that only children aged 12 and over should wear a face covering under the same conditions as adults.

So, what are the benefits to getting primary schoolchildren to wear masks? For one, whatever little degree of transmission is occurring in these age groups could be limited. It could also help normalise the practice – young children wearing masks may make their families more likely to accept masks, said Susan Michie, a member of the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behavioural Science, a Sage subcommittee.

On the negative side, whatever the gains on aerosol transmission, if young children are more likely to touch them, take them off, leave them on surfaces or swap them among each other, that benefit will be undermined. Another issue is children with medical conditions that make it untenable to wear masks – but those are surmountable challenges; afflicted children can be given a badge or something similar to reflect that they cannot wear masks, she added.

“Really, we need to be collecting data,” said Michie, noting that this happening in one council but not others offers an excellent opportunity for a natural experiment, in which data can be collected to indicate whether or not the intervention has a significant impact on infections and transmission.

Scientists have long stressed the need for measures to make schools safer for return, and one of the key interventions, they say, is improving ventilation. However, the government’s major messaging campaign still prioritises hand washing, surface cleaning and social distancing, which downplays the fact that Covid mostly spreads through the air, and emphasises the risk of surface spread.

“Ventilation, I would say, is much more important than masks … and there’s no negative side-effect of that,” said Michie, highlighting that the government should have focused on addressing that issue while schools were closed.Another issue is class sizes. “We have one of the most crowded classrooms in Europe … other countries have much bigger classrooms and smaller class sizes,” she said, suggesting that unused buildings and retired teachers could be put into use to solve that problem.

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To ensure my type one diabetic daughter primary school daughter , and her colleagues do not get Covid yes please Hell no. If you have kids you will say the same. And as for those saying they're inherently unhygienic.....all I have to say is: What is the contact time on your anti bac spray? Or even a better question: What is contact time on anti back spray

cancelciexams2021 Don’t only think for your children only. Please. Nobody 'should be made' wearing nothing,cause this is not China or North Koreea !!! Doable of course: classes Split in half, School only every2nd day, masks everywhere and at all timeS 8-13:30 except lunch: eat your lunchpack outdoors, every class stay in designated area, cafeterias are closed: elementary schools inGermany since March22 you‘re welcome

Absolutely not. Our young children have been through enough Absolutely if only to reduce flu and cold bugs the youngest can be bacteria fireworks waiting g to go off That would depends if you would rather see children dying or not. In other words do you see them as a nuisance or the future? I find the whole concept of adults imposing there will on children to mitigate their own insecurities utterly disgusting.

Yes! So we don't have to see their ugly little faces Why should 5 year olds wear masks when office workers do not have to? It’s hard enough understanding my 4 year old let alone if he were masked up. Can you imagine they would all be swapoing them with eavh other, dropping them in the mudd & putting back on etc 🤢

No they shouldn’t. Teachers need to man up and get back to work. Shop workers have more risks than them!! It’s a joke now CONTROLLING KIDS IS CHILD ABUSE. YOU JUST DON'T KNOW IT YET. ITS AS BAD AS BELTING THEM. FKN SOCIALISTS. Yes It makes me chuckle that the people claiming their kids are traumatised from wearing masks are often in the same camp as those calling people like me snowflakes. If you think a piece of cotton on the face traumatises your kids I fear for their future.

No, absolutely not. It’s child abuse. NEVER. No They are responsible for the largest transmission - they freely mix at school asymptotically, pass it on to any adult they meet like teachers, go home and pass it on to any adult they meet - and then complete the cycle on a daily basis just in case they missed out on anything.

is that even a question? for me they must wear mask whenever they go outside or to a certain place Be made to? What do you mean by 'be made to'? Like on gun-point or something? Why not simply... 'Should primary school children wear masks or are they out of COVID-19 risk?' Dear God, no Yes Of course! Here in Italy it is mandatory, with also minimum cubic space pro-capite, it's not required during meals (consumed at their desks served on dishes brought from home) and of course during physical activities. No complaints from kids nor breathing issues, only the odd parent rants.

Why not? At least outside their own classroom. They understand and it's become normal for them here. No harm done by this measure. What about children and adults with hearing loss I find masks to be detrimental on that front Absolutely not. My kids do wear masks at school. Parents were sceptical in the beginning, but after a few months we realized that kids are far better at adapting and follow rules than adults. And they care more.

No. Burn your masks. All of them. Too scared to go out? Stay home and let the 99.9% of us go back to normal. This is outrageous. Sure, they must wear them 24/7, forever. It'll be so much fun! No. Our two girls have been at school for the whole of lockdown (keyworker parents) and no teacher has been off sick and there has been one two week stay-at-home just in case due to a classmate in a family with a secondary contact. Adult behaviour and child control is the issue

If they are a life saving measure. Of course! No YES!!!!!!! Of course ! Should have happened months ago ! They all manage it fine here in France, no fuss. Yes? People are dying? Protect your kids? No. It's child abuse. It would be useful for the kids to get used to this new habit. Mask wearing won’t go away in public transportation and air planes.

Only the ones with bad breath No Compulsory and enforced in Spain, in the province of Murcia school- based infections are a minute percentage of the total. NatalieGrover Cld you do a science article 'what is a Co2 monitor'? how can this be used in a classroom to keep safe? Please speak to aerosol expert on Covid Watch first 30min first jljcolorado COVIDisAirborne With Parents_Utd LongCovidKids

No - WTF! What? Are you nuts? Of fucking course not, that is tantamount to child abuse Yes Good luck enforcing that one. It’s funny that schools enforce rules banning fidget spinners and books in the playground and have daft rules about the size of school bags so one more rule about wearing face masks can’t do any harm. Parents support banning chewing gum but get angry at face masks smh

Mine is happy to as is concerned about a friend whose family are clinically vulnerable. And bring back canning by a masked teacher for those 4 year olds who can't quite manage to bring themselves to stop killing grannies!! Where are the reports that study the benefits versus harms of wearing mask? Who is going to respond with the possible damage to our children at half time? There are no necessary more questions

EMPHATICALLY NO Most definitely YES! ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. Any other answer is from a shit for brains. Period. Don’t be STUPID!! Some people still don’t understand how a virus is transmitted. Of course they should wear a mask ... if they are back in school at all. Not if you keep them at home. NO! Yes, they will think that it's cool!

According to two doctors I know, they are disgusted that kids are wearing masks. Bacterial pneumonia. Depleted oxygen to the brain.. child abuse I can’t believe this is even a question Fucking horse shit. The people that have died in the last year (of anything) are well out of this shit show at the fuck factory !

Yes If they have the sort of staff we do who keep closing windows, then yes. No chance. Absolutely no! No I don't know why I'm surprised when it's the guardian but I still shudder that people on here actually think it's a good idea.... Um...NO. Are you serious? How is this even a question Get out the box, stop living in fear, stop forcing the children to believe in crap!

No They shouldn’t open schools just yet. It’s still too early Top trẻ đẹp nhà ở hà nội hay đag làm vc ở hnội Sure What a ridiculous question Is Michie wants to 'normalise' masks I suggest she wears one permanently and insist all her family do the same at all times. I also suggest she goes back quietly into her hole and leaves our kids alone.

No (very unlikely to catch or transit it) but secondary children should in places where social distancing or ventilation can’t be done properly. No, no, no, no........... Essential watching for anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Three paediatric medical professionals discuss the potential psychological and physical impacts of mask wearing in schools.

I don’t think it would hurt Obviously, and not some stupid scarfs but proper FFP2 masks! No they f*cking shouldn't. Have SAGE lost their minds? Sorry, stupid question. Only if you want to protect them 🤷🏻‍♀️ My kids wear them to school No! Exemption required. At least students below 14 yrs should be exempt.

Fuck no, don’t be ridiculous. No no no ! And the guardian is guilty for perpetuating this fake pandemic and giving these extremists a platform No! No, never. It's ridiculous to even suggest it. You can shove it where you want to put your anal swabs. This is sick child abuse. Anyone suggesting anybody should be wearing masks needs putting in jail. The evidence shows them not only useless but harmful

Definitely not ffs. Enough already Depends if you are a totalitarian nutter or not. If you are, then yes. Yes as the kids don't care , it's the adults projecting their tin hat fears on the the kids.. yes No Hahaha reading the comments , then realised it's the guardian hahaha 😂 No fuckin way You people are sick

Yes. They are in Spain No No, never. Wear masks, or do other things that also help limit the risk of spread? Well, they are going to need some kind of facial filter when Climate Chaos really kicks in, so yes, it would be a good warm up! Awww ffs fuck right off In Siaya and Kenya primary school children are wearing masks. Schools have been open since January 4th SSRG_solutions

Face painting might be more logical. Sometimes your eyes don't line up with the holes and they might not see the blackboard properly Yep. They're the ones that will be silently spreading the disease and creating new variants when most adults have been vaccinated. Little gits. Just vaccinate everyone FFS, and prioritise teachers. I wouldn't want to wear a mask all day.

Yes!!! Yes, prevention is always better than cure. Obviously not People who give a like to this have issues Absolutely not, I wouldn't send my children into school if they made that mandatory. Yes Duh Definitely. Beyond me why they haven't had to already. Yes why would we take a chance and I kids getting sick how crazy is that!

Only at Halloween The should study online. maybe Yes No