Should outdoor exercise be banned and parks closed?

Should outdoor exercise be banned and parks closed?

4/6/2020 5:56:00 PM

Should outdoor exercise be banned and parks closed?

Some parks around the UK have already been shut to stop people congregating.

The government is concerned people might pass the virus between themselves in parks,defeating the purpose of the current restrictions on movement.Deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries said over the weekend:"If you are sitting on a park bench, people tend to accumulate. It is very difficult to prevent that."

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Prof John Edmunds, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, explained that there were three ways that the virus may be transmitted:Touching an infected surface and then your face with unwashed handsFrom tiny particles that stay suspended in the air (aerosols)

From larger droplets that quickly fall to the ground - the particles in both cases coming from coughing and sneezing, for example"The first two of these routes would be reduced to virtually zero out of doors," he said."You are much less likely to touch an infected surface, and suspended particles will be massively diluted by the fresh air."

That means that the remaining danger is droplet infection. To try to avoid that people should stay at least the recommended 2m (6ft) distance from others. However,a US study has suggestedthat coughs can reach 6m and sneezes 8m.The government's current concern is that crowded parks and people sitting on benches could mean that people are not staying far enough apart, and so there is a danger of infection.

When will we know if the UK lockdown is working?What problems would stopping outdoor exercise cause?If outdoor exercise was stopped, it would be a particular problem for people without access to a garden.Labour's new deputy leader Angela Rayner said it was"all right for people who have got big houses and huge back gardens" to tell people sunbathing while observing social distancing to stop doing so.

And Linda Bauld, professor of public health at University of Edinburgh, said:"The health implications of the lockdown that we anticipate - increased alcohol consumption, domestic violence, anxiety and depression, poor diet and decreased physical activity - will get worse if we confine more of us to our homes, without the hugely important respite that outdoor exercise provides."

"If the rationale is virus transmission outdoors, then far stronger evidence is needed to justify it." Read more: BBC News (UK) »

No. You don't closed them because of a couple of bellends. No, stop the government overreach, fear mongering and control. Something more sinister is going on. Meanwhile (ignored by the BBC) at an inessential construction site near you Yes Noooo !!! We all need to realize this is ridiculous and get back to work. Everyone wear masks 🎭 & move on before the economy completely crashes and we can’t recover.

Yes Punishing EVERYBODY by banning outdoor exercise because the minority break the rules isn’t right. Get stricter and punish the minority. It’s like making the whole class stay in at lunchtime because one kid misbehaved. MattHancock Yes These people are putting their lives and lives of others at risk. Complete ban needed now. When will they ever learn, selfish idiots.

Having a bbq with friends and family and sunbathing is not exercise. Not if a 5mtr rule was observed No, lying around sunbathing and having BBQ should be banned idiots Don’t close parks, just fine those who break the rules No I’m struggling with which part of exercise is laying on the grass ffs This doesn’t look a lot like exercise to me....

No Only after airports or frankly no point. Unfortunately, yes; a minority of people just don’t seem to be getting the message. All those folks in flats etc need some space, and should be allowed to have some time to sit in the sun for a while. There’s a lot of people in our cities, the parks don’t take long to look busy. People shouldn’t be chastised for having some outdoor time.

Yes definitely Just crack down on the selfish pricks sunbathing and hanging out in the public areas. People need a bit of fresh air, but they should be responsible. Shut public areas like parks and beaches then they can't go on them not rocket science 😡 Yes there no need to excise outside. People are still not listening 😡walking about as if there doing nothing wrong. Bloody stupid

Should honesty be part of mainstream media policy, you know like active denial systems being used during the coming financial crisis possibly worse than Great Depression, stop sweetening people with bullshit Been thinking about this in the U.S too! I wonder if/when going outside could be prohibited. This may have an even greater toll on mental health due to strict isolation. GburgGH2020

If you guys want to live and see your family and friends in the future, I suggest please do stay at home. For your own's sake. Yes, exercise in your living room it’s not for the rest of your life.Take vitamin D pills stayhome No BUT picnickers should be shot on site⁉️ (too much) 🤔😷 It's irritating being people sunbathing but they're likely not affecting the spread of the virus. I suspect public transport is the main culprit at present as people are forced into close proximity.

Even prisoners get to spend time outside each day unless they are in solitary confinement, which if longer than 14 is considered inhumane. I guess this virus has side effects called stupidity and loss of common sense. COVID19 YES 👏🏻 No, and there would be no need if people acted responsibly and kept their distance. Plus the fact I've just bought a lead for my to get out somehow.

No outdoor exercise should absolutely not be banned. It is well known that exercise is good for mental health. The current period of isolation will have a significant impact on mental health & you would be confining some to being inside 24/7 for an indefinite period. Parks yes. No Yes, indeed. It can lead to crowding and spread of disease

If the experts are sure that school closures have little impact, why not let them prove it by removing social distancing for everyone under the age of 22 years, then see what happens! No. But transgressors of the Social Distancing rules should be fined £10,000 and have a 2 year suspended prison sentence.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! just keep 2m away from others I would say no as there are some who abide by the rules , it’s only the idiots gathering . Let them ones be policed and fined , but don’t spoil it for everyone. There are some people who haven’t got a garden or yard so think of them too . Is this the same BBC who are also reporting that schools should be reopened ? Make your mind up and stop confusing people!

Why are UK airports still open and not enforcing checks or social distancing? Id the public continue to bend the rules to suit themselves. More importantly to close airports. NO Only once they have closed airports 👍🏼 Surely on the spot fines if your outside not moving is easier, rather than just ban it all

Definitely not, some people do not have gardens & if they are wearing a mask or social distancing & using sanitiser if they touch anything & washing hands on returning home (some are doing all those measures) they should not be prevented from being allowed to exercise. Yes!! This is so serious we need to be tougher!

Of course coutries like india are doing it too so why not us It is only advice and not law, so people wouldn't be breaking any law. If it is a few people and well isolated no harm. But stop large gatherings & those that repeatedly ignore the rules. Name & shame with a picture too. But generally no ban.

No way People aren‘y supposed to be sunbathing, people are still going out in large groups. Best thing to do is ban outdoor exercise and close parks because a small minority of fucking idiots. Wanna exercise? Do it inside! You can stay fit without leaving the house/ flat it’s not hard. How can you ban outdoor exercise and close parks when none essential factory workers are still going to work it just doesn't make any sense at all

No... But people should social distance when in them No. Stop asking stupid fucking questions. All kinds of people are still working. Working on building sites and in small factory units and the like. There is no chance that social distancing is taking place in the vast majority of these places. A walk in the park is nothing when compared with these things.

No, but those out running and cycling need to ask themselves if it’s really necessary to run/cycle through busy streets and parks when they could easily run/cycle on quite ones. No! Instead the police should take the names and addresses of anyone that is blatantly ignoring social distancing. Put their details into a database and if they contract the virus they go to the back of the queue for treatment.

Absolutely not! Exercise (running, walking, cycling, dog walking) is essential! Sunbathing & sitting in a park is not. You can soak up the sun while going for a walk. Closing parks should be a last resort. No one is discussing other options to implement... i.e. more park wardens 你们一边做着利于病毒传播的事情,一边质疑中国的数据。你们可知道,中国刚封城的时候,我们公园、商场、甚至是海边都封闭上了。通往各地的路,包括到农村也都关闭了,人民大部分都自觉隔离。所以,我们现在能有目前的结果。别质疑了,还是羡慕嫉妒恨吧!哈

Maybe the Government is getting concerned that people may start appreciating time with family and questioning the ties of a financial strain of which most isnt needed. How terrible if people start to appreciate the planet and less objects and want 3/ 4 day week. Not at all the police should do thier bloody job, no app that you can report on, no police in sight. All your doing is the same as usual put everyone under a blanket because if lack of resources dye to crap managment. Theres a mass of coomonsense but its lost on some.

Yes!! If that's what it takes. I exercise every day in my living room, it's not difficult, like staying at home, that's not difficult either! Cause StayingHomeSavesLives !! Why can't people listen to simple instructions? rebellious No! I’d go insane with cabin fever! Being cooped up in doors is unhealthy. Just stick to the rules!

Should the BBC be banned? Yes Government should be banned and Media closed Exercise no, sunbathing yes! Probably not Because of the flu? In flu season. No they shouldn't. What we should be doing is ending all the media driven hysteria and getting back to normal befor our economy is damaged beond repair while the author's of this hoax that has even fooled governments make trillions

everybody would like stay outside right now, the sun and warm air but people are dying, some of them are losing jobs, more killing them self. This is not the time to be egocentric. Yes, we should do exercise, just do it at home and use your balcony or window to get the fresh air. To all the people who are saying no, let me just remind you that countries like Spain have banned exercise outdoors weeks ago, now they're starting to see positive signs that the infection rate is slowing. Why do the UK have to be so precious over everything. It's pathetic

No. All they need to do is to concentrate on that ban- of no more than 2 people gathering inside or outside the parks. This is all about not spreading the disease, right? Two people from the same household should be allowed out, following the social distancing rule. YES! Especially now. Shut up Bbc No absolutely they should not be closed.

Absolutely not! For so many people, both pre & during the Coronavirus crisis, exercise is what they need & do to keep them sane. Why should we be punished because people cannot apply some common sense!? Parks closed yes.... Outdoor exercised banned no NO ! Yes Yes it should. We should be on complete lock down like Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland and other countries. England is a joke! Ashamed to be English right about now

Yes. The country, as a whole, clearly can't be trusted to look after itself. There are too many selfish, thick, arrogant, ignorant idiots that think the rules didn't apply to them. The rest of us, unfortunately, are going to have to pay the price for this. Should Airports be closed? 9 Flights landed in 45 mins at Heathrow yesterday,no Temperature checks,no Social Distancing...?!!

Jo they shouldn’t but clowns like these two in your pictures should be fined heavily No. Why spoil it for everyone else because of the irresponsible actions of a few. Rather, heavily fine them. No, just fine the people who don't adhere to distancing rules. If you getvto the park and its full go home or find a different park.

no Anyway, not seen one day I could sunbathe. It's cold. Biggest risk is food shopping. Muppets never respecting 2m rule as they grab their sausages and bacon leaning over me. No risk being outdoors in wide open spaces. With fresh clean air. Touching nothing that's been touched by others The only thing that needs banning is those that fail to understand how to conduct themselves properly they are then ones that require some object lessons in thinking of others

To good health both exercise and sun are essential. I find it difficult to believe that if I were to lie in a field in a big park that someone could lie in exactly the same spot shortly after me and catch the virus. So any public transport is deadly then No Carpet bombing and drone strikes. Let’s send a clear message

Unfortunately yes a minority of because people just aren’t getting the message! No, for the sake of those with no garden. Yes they should just make sure people respect the correct distant. NO! but laying around in a park is not exercise. Get the police to fine them and put a boot in their backsides and send them home.

No. No. Next question. Yes, because lockdown is being ignored by some... always the minority ruin it for the majority! Yes. Or maybe no longer to be 10metres max from your home ofc Yes! Unfortunatly parks have to close for the time being as people can't be trusted to follow the rules and therefore lockdown cycle will continue. The sooner people comply the sooner we can return to normal. Don't want to miss summer because others wanna see spring.

记者:左言,右己。言正直,己无私。言不正,礻也。己存私,成巳,合二为一乃祭祀的祀!天道轮回,老天放过谁! No the last thing we need is the police getting any more powers, unless we are given a law to be able to protect ourselves from them if they come with in 2 meters of us. Too many people exercising, some out everyday. People doing 10k runs, where there some people only come out once a week. Runners and cycling breath heavily, so not fair on people that want to just walk or elderly. You can all exercise indoors.

No video showing why may be necessary, morons If you can’t be arsed in social responsibility, social distancing and the current severity of the current sitituation think about the deaths and how it would affect your family if it was one of them or you. Get a grip. BAN it quick before its too late!😞 YES 100%!!

Absolutely 👍🏻 If people adhered to the current advice then they wouldn’t have to. A walk, run, bike ride is excersise not children playing on park equipment, sunbathing etc. Laying in the sun is not excercise or driving somewhere for reccrenation purposes. ...and how is the young man in thrr ...and how as the young man in the picture partacking in excercise?

Exercise shouldn’t be banned...for me certainly it is the only time I leave the house as only one person can go shopping so my partner does that at the same time as doing her mothers. Parks shut, yes! Road late still seem really busy, are they really all buying essentials? Yes parks and exercise closed till further notice . It’s clearly people ain’t taking the advice off the government and they will put a further lockdown on it this week

Should kittens be punched in the face? . . . . . . . Is this really what passes for news coverage? That 2 meter distance are enough is a theory. The exact details of how this spreads are not entirely clear. All we know is that it spreads incredibly fast and easily. People should be forced to stay home and parks closed. You can do exercise at home for a while.

Must... Yes total shutdown ,too many idiots still out and about Yes! If only to take the morons off the streets! This is serious! Just because it’s something not seen in peacetime, doesn’t mean it’s a joke! Stupid people should be banned...doing my nut in! Yes and stop people travelling out of their town

why ask question and then show sunbathing? not exercise. Everyone knows that. Go for a walk and keep your distance. simply yet another case of those people who think somehow they are special and the rules don't.apply to them. They likeley have stacks of toilet roll at home.too Go away you are well past your use by date!

I try to run 3 or 4 times a week, used to be on canal paths, now on roads with little traffic. You don’t need to go to the local park to exercise. When running & near people I go on the road or the kerb edge if traffic. It’s easy to exercise & distance if you just think about it This is simple. Don't just have a word with these people increase the amount and issue a penalty notice ... persistent offenders go to should be obvious to anyone sunbathing or having a BBQ is not exercise. Don't ban exercise and make the many pay for the idiotic few.

If corona gave you the physical appearance of Leprosy, would you still be keen to go to the park? I'm disappointed with the way many try to reason around the fact they make themselves potential spreaders. Compared to the sacrifices of WW2 closed parks is a small price to pay,no? If you don't do that , it will make you fall into an abyss.

Yes Even if it's closed and forbidden, the people of your country will find a way out They should heavily fine all those who flout the guidelines! social distancing is easier in a park than it is in a supermarket or on the high street No No. Yes Common Sense tells you, 'YES.' No! Yeah only temporarily 1-2 weeks just to really stop the virus from moving

No why should other people suffer for the minority cretins that won’t tow the line !! Let the police get tougher with these selfish bastards !! This Government has changed its mind so many times in it's approach to Covid 19 having no one plan of action ,stoping people exercising surly people will use there own common sense by now

All these sun bathers and those that are exercising are distancing themselves. Look at all the so called shaming videos, there are no big groups everyone is spaced out... The large parks...absolutely. the smaller ones, keep open. Anyone sunbathing etc. Immediate fine/prison. Simple. If you close the lovely green parks where will the dogs have a crap?

It’s not about the being there, but the getting there and back, surely ? What ever happened to the BBC? Now we get reaction-seeking tweets during a real crisis. covid19 Yes!!! Close all parks!!! FFS, of course It would make more sense to close the parks to anyone without small children. It would stop people sunbathing and congregating but leave a little freedom.

People staying it ok if you have a garden but what if you’re in a high rise. Well in italy most people live in flats and apartment buildings and they are managing. Stop been so selfish and look at the bigger picture. The sooner everyone stays inside the quicker we can go outside Yes Sunbathing isn’t exercise. Who’s not bloody getting it!!

Defo yes. The lockdown will start to work when it will be a proper one... until then no effect will be seen I’m afraid. Moreover people going for grocery or medicines must wear a mask, this is necessary. As the lockdown has gone on people in my area are gradually coming out more and more. Not taking it a seriously as they did at the start. It's the warmer weather.

Yes if some people cannot properly behave and follow the guidelines. Only if you like life and want to live. Yes. One hundred times yes! It appears that the majority are following the guidance. Why punish us all for the minority's inability to stick to the rules? This will do massive harm to many people.

Yes. Of course not, there is no argument for that at all. I'd shut down most news media far earlier, we don't need these multiple repeated resources. No. People need fresh air and green spaces for mental wellbeing. All parks and green spaces should remain open. People of the same household should be able to rest and enjoy the view whilst keeping their distance from others.

Yes! Because too many brainless zombies are creating groups of more than two people because they have no respect for other human beings!! They are 3rd party murderers!! norespect Here we go... No. Yes !! No Yes absolutely, people are taking the piss and are not taking COVID-19 seriously enough. Imagine reading this headline just a few months ago. It's dystopian as fuck

tabs41 Yes No. Twats who are clearly abusing the law should be fines and told. To get home or be fined again. What kind of juvenile system punishes grown ups with no connection to errant children . Perhaps if your reporting was a little more grown up? No. What a ridiculous suggestion. No! Maybe close the parks as a next step but stopping exercising should be last resort. mentalhealth

Yes Parks should be closed but but people should still be allowed to go for a run No just taser the chavs & yes they are obvious to spot Exercise - no. BUT take your exercise away from others. My husband and I are runners. We run prior to 6 am most days and now, only run the streets away from the popular running paths in our area. It can be done. All it takes is a functioning brain and consideration for others.

Surely the exercise illustrated could be done indoors? No. Yes!!! Fake news use a Fake photo Not now Just because a few can’t behave responsibly doesn’t mean we should all suffer. No but ffs, be sensible. Yes & yes. It’s clear that some fucking idiots in this country cannot listen and take heed of simple instructions

Just praying that loved ones can see each other a week today, partners, parents and grandparents shouldn’t go without especially if there has been no sign of symptoms in the last three weeks. No. Big no. Lock up the people doi g it Yes total lockdown is needed Only if you want riots in a few weeks. Has Norway succeeded in suppressing COVID? It seems so, current spreading rate is 1:0,9 Has Norway closed parks or banned outdoor exercise? No Is crowding in towns a problem? Of course! Has concern about this been expressed? Duh!! Is it a big problem? It seems not

YES! If people had listened in the first place this wouldn’t be an option! I live in a flat.. I don’t have a garden but I’m 15 weeks pregnant and can’t go anywhere but the longer people take the piss the longer it’s going to go on! I’d like to see my family at some point! You BBC people just want to vilify the public and set people against one another. All in together? As if

Yes Fine the morons flouting the new rules. Don’t ban exercise, ban idiots! Covid_19 For the safety of ‘everyone’ is the reason we should be staying in and being decent human beings but still some people are selfish and clearly believe they and their family will be immune.... no YES YES YES YES YES YES

No Yes just close them people are dying doctors nurses paramedics who front line staff shop. Staff bus driver for god sake just stay in Yess Close the lot.they dont give a dam about others I live in a tiny flat with no garden and can say with confidence that sunbathing in a public place isn't essential and it's definitely not a form of exercise. So the small minority that is taking the piss need to quit making excuses for their selfish behaviour.

I am saying yes as i do exercise every day No, for mental health we would walk out, it's difficult to stay in for 24 No No, and no. No one sits on the grass within 2 m of each other in a park, ever. Parks in urban built up areas should remain open and have a special police constable presence. Parks in more rural areas where there is space and other options should remain closed.

2 metres apart sunbathing - no problem. It’s people travelling to parks etc and causing crowding that’s that’s the problem. People exercising in groups, cyclists weaving in and out of walkers, not to mention joggers. It’s easier to say no to it all. The few ruin it for everyone. Yup 16 floors up in a high rise with highly energetic children. Oh sure stop them going out but Sophie Ranworth can go running in the park with a camera outrider

No most people are obeying rules police should be clamping down on the folk who are not In London? Yes! No but with clever ppl in a perfect world... No. That would be incredibly stupid. It won't stop those who are determined to flout the rules and those who follow the rules will be severely disadvantaged.

No Simple, if you're outside exercising you must be moving 🙂 TomClarke24G No. Yes all form of transportation as well unless you have to work. Or going to shop, people are travelling to get cars remapped n travelling to get beaches n parks How quickly would the UK population adapt to a North Korea style police state?

I reckon I could leave my house and go somewhere to sunbathe and not see another person on the way. Should I not go out? The question is are these people aware other people out there might be spreading the virus. Nobody knows how it got to the other countries after China. So it could be in the atmosphere.

Unenforceable outside the big cities Yup Yes! Otherwise this outbreak is never going to end☝🏼 I will be taking my dog out for walks no matter what. I obey the rules. I love BBC news Sunbathing is not exercise. No. The existing rules should be enforced. Media trying to make policy once again... should try harder....

Yes I don't think outdoor exercise should be banned but I do think that parks should be closed to stop the idiots who congregate there! Please no i am begging That’s not exercise those two are thick and need locking up for 24hrs for being so stupid. That will hopefully make them see sense. Increase the distance to 5m or 10m unless the household can prove they are same family unit and has children of a school age or seniors who need assistance

BBCTravelAlert NO. BBCTravelAlert You don't change a rule because people ignore it. Assuming the rule is rational, you educate and enforce, surely? BBCTravelAlert It’s banned in South Africa so yes it should be banned there in 3rd world UK too Just close the parks. Why punish everyone for the sake of the few. Being able to go out for that 1 hour makes the other 23 manageable.

Duh Yes they should. Never mind who exercises and who doesn't, this virus is killing thousands of people. “Exercise” should not be confused with sunbathing. They’re not the same thing! As a seasonal runner, definitely no. Exercise also has mental health benefits. Like other runners I’ve seen, all have kept away from other people. I do have sympathy for people sat in a park if they are keeping away from others. Definitely not with people gathering in groups.

Yes. Because people are stupid No That picture does not show people exercising. God forbid the world realizes direct sunlight kills all viruses🤯. Just keep a reasonable distance from strangers. Yes definitely, we need to to many deaths now ,x Obviously not. But a harsher punishment for people not following the guidelines. Go to park,exercise,go home.

Yes. Stay indoors and sexercise. No! Since when was sunbathing exercising? Just asking.. No. Behave yourself Why? You won't catch a virus walking in a forest or park. Locking 60m people inside for 6 months will not go well. No. Don't talk pish No good banning outdoor exercise, the police simply couldn't enforce it. Unless you means London only, but then most of the MSM only consider London.

No. Don't be absurd. Sun bathing is fine too. Just keep your distance. Looks like David Icke is right after all🤷‍♂️ No unless people dont follow the guidelines No it shouldn't be banned for the people following the rules... the idiots sunbathing should get a fine. No That looks like intense exercising to me

Many abide by the rules but the behaviour of a few is killing the NHS. Think before you step out. Save the NHSuk COVID19 Nope! Yes, if they are going to go sunbathing like these idiots. I am staying at home and not seeing my grandsons who I live 5 minutes from and these idiots are sunbathing. No it shouldnt but laying on a piece of grass in a park is NOT exercise, is it? If parks get closed you can thank the 'hangabouts'

What about dog walkers Yet you show people sun bathing - agitating the public more and more - national embarrassment Not unless you want riots in our cities. Simple if you go out and are not exercising or shopping and you think it’s ok to just sit out.. you carry ID with you, and you get fined which goes to the NHS £1000 fine should keep the fookwhits in stayinstaysafe SaveLives NHSheroes

YES! Me neighbours have got friends round getting drunk in there garden. Something needs to be done No. Consider people that live in flats with no garden (aka. the majority of people living in London!). Just police the parks better. Nope No idiots like in your pictures should be fined This was the beach at Cleethorpes, midday Sunday. It is possible to ignore the London-centric media.

Aye, only in London but. Apparently everyone there interprets ‘stay at home’ as ‘let’s go to the park for a bbq.’ With the highest number of cases/infections in the UK, they should be utterly ashamed of their behaviour. No but more fines should be given out to those who refuse to follow the rules. Yes of course

No, and stop trying to stir things up. The only that should be banned is you lot. There just aren't enough police to do this. And the police can't afford people to find this out. No. Ultraviolet light is what is used in virology labs for disinfection. Open swimming pools, they use chlorine too. BBC totally responsible to treat the World and his donkey as Chief Medical Officers. We have been told to stay indoors, except for exercise. End of..

Should a failure to resign for lying about testing PPE not be enforced by the law? MattHancock No NO! Folks going crazy now. Well as usual the irresponsible minority will make it worse for all those responsible people who are doing what is asked of them to save lives! But if more stringent measures are needed I am happy to embrace them!!!

Love dr Chris Smith, nice to finally get some clear, no-nonsense answers Make it a law and the nation will have to adhere. People are dying. End of. No, please DO NOT close the parks. They are essential to our health and wellbeing. Instead, could the ban apply to just those miscreants who do not follow this simple instruction? I also think they should be fined!

No, now stfu and quit fuelling the collective hysteria of the easily manipulated No, the ones that break the rule should be isolated in empty warehouses, as now these people could be carrying this dreadful virus Yes because there are to many people who take advantage Yes it should tbh only way to stop the morons

Some folk live in tower blocks. No. Yes the brits haven't any idea what is coming No! Yes No No, idiots need to obey the rules. Fixed penalty 1000 quid.soon stop them. Probably not Thts a big fat yes Yes No! Definitely not. You potentially catch or spread the virus much easier by going to the shops. Perhaps if the Americans had done something about it in 2015 we wouldn’t be in this position now!!

No Sunbathing isn't exercise .... Amazing the only excercise you see is in warm weather No this I getting stupid 🤬, if you are keeping the recommended social distance and staying in you isolation group then there is no problem. The problem is with the govt policy they need to test everyone and isolated those infected and stop this current idiotic policy

No - all these reports are from cities/towns. We don’t all live in huge conurbations and can easily exercise outside and obey social distancing rules. Target the idiots and punish accordingly. No way. Some people clearly need clearer examples of the rules eg no sunbathing in public on a sunny day. Otherwise, fine them

No but the media are trying there best to get them closed, makes a better story. No No. But sun bathers should be fined. Sunbathing is not exercise! Yes - if morons still think they can do as they like! No but as usual the minority spoil for the majority. A wee bit of thought from everyone would make all the difference but unfortunately too many selfish people out there. Didn't think this was too serious at start but death toll is scary. We ALL need to think!!

No Yes otherwise what’s the point of a lockdown when some people just won’t listen. Tough laws need bringing in to help the NHS Yes close all parks,a walk or a run is classed as exercise,not sunbathing,picnics etc. Whats so hard for people to grasp here,crack on,do what you like,if u r so confident can we revoke your nhs entitlement,thought not,and when the full lockdown comes,dont whinge about it,

No, except for exhibitions of I-religionism. Presenting one's arse to the sky is off-puttingly vulgar and must be banned from all public places, forever. Absolutely if people persist in breaking the guidelines then sorry these steps to ban outdoors excercise needs 2b stopped. No to banning outdoor exercise - pretty sure there will be problems if they did for a lot of people, especially if they have no garden to at least get outside and get some sunlight in. Closing parks...maybe. Seems plenty of people are taking the piss a bit in how they use them.

The problem is A study published on March 26 in medical journal JAMA found droplets from sneezes and coughs could travel much further than the recommended social distancing of two metres. Droplets were measured up to eight metres away, in fact. So have to balance risks. No. It's immoral. I think it is about time. Even with just a minority don't listen, these minority can infect a whole nation.

It’s the result of a few people who have broken the rules. Most people are responsible Where? Yes now 100% Hasn't spain banned exercise for the last 3 weeks now? No , No but the rules as they stand should be enforced by the army if necessary. Why should we all suffer because of selfish folk. Yes if people are too stupid to go for a walk or run then home. The rules need to be hammered home

No. Arrest those that are doing this. No. Close car parks, so they are only accessible, locally. There is little point in closing down the space, when we should be opening as many spaces as possible, including streets. If it means this horrible nightmare we are living through is shorter and it rids us of this virus quicker then yes, shut it all down. So scared for my friends in the NHS so if they get back to their lives sooner then yes!

No I've heard the argument that if I'm alone and sunbathing what's the problem. The problem is if everyone did it you would be socialising and potentially spreading the virus. It's also sneering at those who are complying which can lead to discourse. Only where problems have arisen AvonandsomerRob No! However MSM won’t be satisfied unless we are on 24/7 lockdown with food parcels delivered.

Exercise in Spain must be within 250m of your home Personally I think we should close the park, you can exercise in other places and parks cannot be policed... I understand London is overcrowded and parks offer a space to exercise but people are abusing it No it shouldn't, but if this is a problem they should only ban it in London where all the smelly Remainers refuse to do their part to help stop the spread, just like they refused to accept referendum results, they also wished death upon elderly voters and got their wish.

YES The problem isn’t the exercising, it’s the sunbathing / picnicking - the media need to play their part in separating the two. Anyone who exercises knows how important it is for health & wellbeing... a very minute handful of idiots will always buck the rules but report truthfully. Never mind that people need to get back to work as the economy is going down and then you can all complain when your business go under

I’ve come to the conclusion jogging is becoming a problem. Spewing out sweat and germs whilst running past people is becoming really annoying. Do what you want. Isn’t that the prevailing rule of the global north? P.s Good luck with that. yes People are lying about sunbathing? That's not exercising! Am I the only one seeing this?

Yes or Austria like result could be a year away The bloke in the bikini should definitely be banned!! xxx🌭xxx🤣🥳🤣 But people are not exercising. They're socializing! Outdoor exercise shouldn't be banned, likewise parks shouldnt be closed for the purpose of exercise. Picnics, sunbathing etc is not exercise. Why cant people understand this

Maybe a bit excessive maybe got out but keep on moving all No people should just be doing as they are told No, why punish the vast majority who are acting responsibly? Rather than threatening those who are obeying the rules perhaps they should try enforcing the laws they already have to move people on and break up groups!

No. Did I miss the referendum when we voted to stop being a free, Western, Democracy & became an East European police state? Government can't tell us to exercise so we don't get obese and then stop us exercising. Sunlight is the best form of Vitamin 'D' which prevents Rickets. Sunbathing isn’t exercise!

Exercise isn't the problem, laying & sitting, particularly on park benches where others have sat seconds before & will seconds after you leave, is a big problem. And WHO you are sitting with of course. No because that would be criminal behaviour!!! People have rights even in the current situation!!! Yep, so when this is over we can have an epidemic of overweight people and more diabetes...give the media more to hype

Fuck no Absolutely not, if you want to keep the active sane. People know to keep a distance & that's easier outside. At this rate, with small business sent to the wall, there will be no one left to pay the taxes to pay all these busy NHS staff. BorisJohnson yes you ask the question then put a picture up of people sunbathing next to each other isn’t that the point

No, but the media should stop sensationalising the actions of a small minority. At this point, it is clear you are just trying to scaremonger and keep people living in fear needlessly. No ... so far people keeping social distancing and just doing one sort of exercise as per govt advice.. so What the problem.. right for some idiots that breaking these rules then fine or arrest them .. why we all have to suffer just because a bunch of muppets

If the PM Close the park around the uk i promise everyone everything will be normal in 1 or 2 weeks please stay home protect NHS and save life Yes What exercise is that ? I think banning exercise is a bit far and not fair at all but if there is further action required, then closing parks would be the best shout

No, the majority of parks that have already been closed should be opened, because when you shut down 85% of the parks in one city, people will all go to the ones open, that boxes them in! Therefore to give people the chance to spread out, they should open them all.. YES. Stay at home stop being selfish, people are dying ffs

Thing is, the fuckwits that can’t take simple advice are spoiling it for everyone, if they continue to flounce about in groups, have street parties, BBQs and partake in general fuckwittery then we will all lose out. There's no safe answer here. Some people will not like either, yes or no. My answer is, I am not willing to die because some people don't care about anyone but themselves. I call them trumpees.

How about suggesting the police disperse and fine the idiot few, rather than shutting parks and banning exercise for the population It's not the use of neighbourhood open spaces, it's the way they are being used by some. Meeting up with friends and family from different homes is unacceptable. Going closer than 2m from other walkers/runners/cyclists.

No, do not punish the majority for the reckless actions of a few. Tazer anyone out sunbathing having bbqs non essential activities ect they'll p**s themselves and have to go home Y should everyone be penalised because of the ones that abuse the law they should be finded no if or but fine them & tag , confine them to there home for 14 days Its not fair to the ones that are doing what they are told

Let idiots fill the parks. Then lock them in and guard all exits and fences, for their own safety of course. Yes for two weeks 🤗 If people maintain a distance don’t see the issue No No they should not ban it but fine those who flaunt the guidelines. No. Outdoor exercise and sunbathing are 2 completely different things

AvonandsomerRob Everyone answering 'yes' to this .... Why is so much of your focus on people being in parks? Construction hasn't been stopped despite ZERO social distancing being possible. Nonessential businesses are still open. I really don't understand why the BBC continues to ignore both of these, but focuses on people outside?

Yes. Next question. No. It’s a small minority of stupid people not following advice, deal with them without making the rest of us suffer. Yes, now, no argument. Enforce distancing! Don’t make the 99% pay because of the idiot 1%. AvonandsomerRob No they shouldn't.... But I think you'll have to cos some folk take the piss

BBC agitating for more restrictions and when they are brought in the BBC will criticise them . Yes. People can’t abide by the rules and continue to take the piss. The amount of people I see when I drop my husband at work is unbelievable. There seems to be more about now than before!! Absolute idiots!!

Das sind Leute von die Bundeskanzlerin jeden Tag wahrt. Und wenn Krank sind, sind ihre Nahverwantschaft auch Krank. No. Yes This “stayathome” phrase, you basically rule it out. When you then say only go out to go work or shopping. What do you want us to do? Is it a lockdown or what? 🤔 Not before construction sites

Parks close yes but not daily exercise tho I like my daily walk No No but people should be sensible No, because mental health, domestic abuse, sustainability. Let's not become a police state, even to try it out. Absolutely not. Those useless bathing activities yes NOT until airports are shut. And I've just had fifteen football pitches to myself for an hour to exercise and walk the dog. Please NO!

Yes Yes. No. I’d love to know what’s actually going through there heads We have been told the risks but these dumb fucks ignore it I don’t give a shit if they get it but they’ll pass it on to people who do care they are putting lives at risk and should be arrested No. Yes sunbathing is not allowed cycling miles is not allowed police need to be tougher

Probably just means people will start 'popping down the shops' more frequently, causing more congestion in a confined space. Oh yeah, definitely. Make people sit indoors, watch Netflix and eat crap and exacerbate metabolic dysfunction even further putting them at even greater risk of COVID-19 infection.

All the parks up by us are locked. You don’t see anyone hanging around. Exercise means move. Not laying down sunbathing. Just be responsible Yes No Only after our government takes necessary steps to ensure widespread availability of PPE, anti-body testing and carrier testing. Then they can communicate their requirements of the public without ambiguity to ensure no misunderstandings ..... then they can ban it.

Quite clearly this photo is NOT of someone exercising. It’s people who think this is exercising that should be banned from leaving the house! Exercise no. Sunbathing, picnics and BBQs yes of course. Nope, I would run anyway Thats exercise? Exercise no .... parks yes Is a Sun Tan worth the risk? Some People do have disgusting habits, like spitting, & how do you know where a carrier of Covid-19 last had a spit, are you quite prepared to gamble with your lives, the NHS Doctors, Nurses & all other NHS Staff would much rather you didn't risk it

yes Parks yes to maintain distances recommended. No absolutely not. The issue is not about being outdoors; it is about distance and, to be frank, age. Probably more effective in infection control to ban non essential work, but they definitely won't do that! All work should be banned too then No we shouldn't, but those sat on thier arse in a park, laying down sunbathing or even starting a bbq slap them straight away with a £100 fine. That will solve the problem!!! They won't want that on thier record if they are looking for a new job when this is all over.

AvonandsomerRob Those are two separate questions. Ideally not, but if you still have idiots that are not correctly complying and risking other people’s safety then they will have to. No, get lost No. Next... When was the last time you exercise? After the lockdown. And before that? High school. Why not sunbathing? I am stillto hear a valid argument to how sitting on your own on a field, respecting hand washing and social isolation is risking transmission.

No RT: The Covid-19 coronavirus has infected 1.2 mn ple worldwide&killed 66,000. In an effort to slow the spread of the disease govts have granted themselves unprecedented emergency powers restricted travel & confined citizens to their homes under the pain of fines or imprisonment'

Downing Street criticised over 'mixed messaging' on visiting parks during coronavirus lockdownGovernment urges public to ‘give the park a miss’ despite allowing outdoor exercise Women cannot stay at home for long time 😂😂😂 Does any of them know what they are talking about?

Outdoor exercise could be banned if Britons continue to flout lockdown rules, government warns'Let's not have a minority spoiling it for everybody,' says health secretary BackBoris whenwillpeoplegetit Stop being so fucking British and do it. ‘Could’ means never would. Queen Elizabeth speech' to applaud CoronavirusPandemic...

Outdoor exercise could be banned if Britons break lockdown rules - follow liveCoronavirus latest: - Outdoor exercise could be banned if Britons continue to break lockdown rules - The Queen set to address UK tonight - 1.2 million Covid-19 cases worldwide Please help close call centres Hantavirus has sent further shockwaves..symptoms o... Are they going to get the military involved? Are they going to start shooting people? Let them try enforcing this utterly pointless restriction. See how they face resistance.

Coronavirus pandemic - all you need to know as outdoor exercise could be bannedThe UK’s coronavirus death toll rose on Saturday by 708 to 4,313, including a five-year-old child - while the total number of cases in the country now totals 41,903 Not helpful have u paid for the opium war? That's one way of gettin' 💰🙄

Coronavirus: Follow lockdown rules or we will ban outdoor exercise, health secretary warnsHealth Secretary Matt Hancock has criticised sunbathers for breaking lockdown rules and warned the government will ban exercise if people continue to ignore the advice to stay home Deflecting away from his shocking handling of the situation Just ban it and stop messing around MattHancock. Teach these idiots that you're not messing around. They've been given enough rope... Exercise should of been banned anyways, people can exercise in the house/garden and get sunlight by standing outside the house, would save more lives

Coronavirus pandemic - all you need to know as UK death toll nears 5,000Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that all public exercise could be banned if Brits don't abide by social distancing rules on a weekend which has seen a third NHS nurse die Not being given the correct PPE I'm not surprised. Whoopee... NOT! That's not good enough! 🙄 TBEM80 Ah the financial dopers, worked out the good PR message.