Sheep ride on deserted playground roundabout

Lockdown isn't so baa-d for these Welsh sheep 🐑

4/6/2020 8:22:00 PM

Lockdown isn't so baa-d for these Welsh sheep 🐑

Sheep are making the most of a closed play park and have begun playing on the rides themselves.

Yes, that really is little woolly beasts catching a ride on an abandoned roundabout during the coronavirus outbreak.The sheep are usually kept away away from the play area at Raglan Farm Park in Monmouthshire, but with the equipment deserted, the sheep have learned how to use it.

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Owner Gareth Williams said:"I was quite shocked when I saw them on the roundabout. We don't usually have them down here so it was quite amazing to see."Some of them were playing and others were all around the park. I was really surprised at how quickly they've started to play and get the hang of it."

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Less human more opportunity for wildlife ! That's called finally nature will go to taking their right VickyBroom95 Love that lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣they also wanna have some fun.. Miss_Jackie_T Stunning BBC news journalism. I wonder what those pesky sheep are up to during this lockdown 😂😂 For the shear joy of it, wooln't you say?

'baa-d' please no Sweet! 😊

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