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'She's got a son': Trump seems to forget he has a son with Melania – video

'She's got a son': Trump seems to forget he has a son with Melania – video


'She's got a son': Trump seems to forget he has a son with Melania – video

'She's got a son' Donald Trump says to the press pointing to his wife Melania seeming to forget momentarily he is the father

Play Video 0:44 During a press conference about the dangers of vaping, Donald Trump praised his wife Melania for shining light on the health implications for young people. 'That’s how the first lady got involved. She’s got a son,' Trump said. Trump then interjected quickly 'together', as if he had just remembered that Melania’s son was also his son. Source: YouTube / White House Read more: The Guardian

He can't remember his wife's name or who barons father is 🤔😳 Semantics. This is ridiculous. It doesn’t damage Trump it just reinforces his sometimes legitimate criticism of media coverage. How is this considered news? This is petty and holds no consequence to the world. If the liberals, the left and Democrats want to beat Trump then come up with a better plan and some better candidates.

Going to ban vaping yet you can walk into gun store and buy an automatic machine gun 🤔 Cigarettes kill millions - when you banning them? 🤣🤣🤣 I don't think she's convinced Barron is her son either. Maybe he doesn’t? Maybe Barons not his - I wouldn’t doubt it The media is working so hard to get Trump reelected

Chrissy Teigen just joked she wants to trademark her Donald Trump takedownChrissy Teigen just joked that she wants to copyright THAT Donald Trump takedown ChrissyTeigen

Leave trump alone, I like him since he sacked JohnBolton This is not surprising. Trump is so damaged from his own father that Melania doesn't want him any where near Barron. Consequently Trump isn't even aware of him. This is a good thing for Barron. If only he could be so concerned about Melania's son at school with the threat of an active shooter wielding a gun.

dementia? 🙄🤦‍♂️🤣 Maybe donnie isn't really the father? Love him. Love watching full blown TDS ah come on now, this is scraping the barrel a bit. You're better than this Guardian Perhaps, he was implying someone else is the daddy. It is funny, but I think that since this ban is Melania's thing, he wanted to remind the public that she's a mother and that's why this is important to her. Everyone knows he's a father-they bash his older kids every chance they get-but Baron gets forgotten about.

Melania Trump: REAL reason people hate FLOTUS revealed by expert who exposes trollsMELANIA TRUMP has received huge amounts of criticism for being the wife of US President Donald Trump but expert Jadan Horyn has revealed why “ridiculous” online trolls hate on the First Lady of the United States. Sudah tua juga melanie trump. Kerut di mana2. Tapi foto2nya masa muda tetap menjaga libido.

This is the kind of thing the media obsesses over but that only makes his base cling tighter. If Obama had said “Michelle’s got two daughters she’s trying to teach,” no one would assume he didn’t recall their names or that they were also his. Enough of this. So petty. Perhaps one of the best things Melania has done is to keep Barron away from his dad's influence?!?

Show us the birth certificate! Just wondering what it will feel like to have a father like that,it must be*******. Ban cigarettes then you fool DumbAss 😉 Ok, I'm far for being pro-Trump, but now you're overdoing it, he obviously didn't mean it that way... He did say “together” right afterwards - but I agree that President sounded a bit detached from his son Baron - this would have been a better title (and truer)

He seems to have forgot a lot since he's become Emperor of China She has got a son. So has he. This is the weakest attempt at a story iv heard in a while

Melania Trump outrage: FLOTUS savaged on Twitter for shocking post on 9/11 anniversaryMELANIA TRUMP has been savaged once again on Twitter for a controversial post on the anniversary of 9/11.

Don't get this one, and I'm no fan of Trump. He says the word 'together' after mentioning she has a son. It was a stumble over words. “She’s got a son. I hear he is really good at Minecraft and Fortnite.” Safe to say he's never taken the kid fishing...or golfing at least. Another slooowwww news day for this pathetic lame liberal garbage outlet! Try reporting relevant important news and maybe, just maybe you can climb out of the crab bucket you're in with the likes of cnn, msnbc, nbc, etc!

I’m sure she doesn’t like to be reminded who the father is poor soul I feel a little for the kid. Imagine what he lives with every day. Narcissist parents are incredibly damaging to your entire life / worldview. Sadly much damage is already done. Dementia is getting worse Hehe I do the same often... refer to our children as my wife’s’ children. She loves it

Imagine that being your father: No comments here, cause i dont want to hurt the feelings of the innocent son. It is a sad state of affairs though, imo

Ivanka Trump: Donald Trump’s ‘lame and embarrassing speech’ at daughter’s wedding revealed DONALD TRUMP made a “lame and embarrassing” speech at his daughter Ivanka’s wedding, it has been claimed in a new book.

Melanija Knavs of Slovenia is unusually grim faced. Is it true that the Chosen One is shopping for a newer model? Forget regret, probably saw his diet and a fake cardiology report, you make your bed you got to lie in it. At least he remembered that Barron exists. Now who wants to tell him about Tiffany?

The issue was first raised by The First Lady, so that is the context of the comment. Nice try. Get him a full psychological workup. If this isn't a sign of dementia, what is? (OK, everything else he does during the day.) Ask him about Eric. Or Tiffany. He'll be like, 'who's that?' 😂 Oh good point! What happening in the world?

President trump some times entertains 😅 She's got a son with Kim Jong Un! Come on guardian

Watch your back, Donald Trump: this ex-CIA agent has “scores to settle”This is an actual campaign video and NOT a trailer for an action film. American politics is a whole different ball game. ValeriePlame

Nothing to do with the tobacco lobbyists, of course. lol what? He's such a div WTF? I wish he would forget where the WH was and get permanently lost nah, he just doesn't care about Barron because he never wanted him. Melania wanted a kid and Trump acquiesced under protest on condition that 'she gets her figure back'

You ppl are ridiculous! Pathetic journalism! This is not news! WTF Maybe it's not Donald's? and she’s also got an idiot!

Donald Trump proposes tracking people with mental health problems via SMARTPHONESDONALD Trump’s government is planning to battle mass shootings by tracking phones and smartwatches belonging to mentally ill people. The idea was dreamed up by a team tasked by the President’s daug… So we r going to track Trump I propose tracking Donald Trump with tigers. 🐅 .POTUS .realDonaldTrump now how's that for a blacklist?

I'm suspect Baron would like to forget that as well. With Donald J Trump nothing is surprise! I heard him say that, and it threw me into confusion! I thought he was his child too! 🤣 Absolute rubbish . He said the word “together” which you’ve conveniently missed out. Pathetic clickbait. What is the problem ? At least the child is the product of a NATURAL relationship between a male and a female !

He probably doesn't... The Presidential family or other World Leaders are kept out of media blather. USA and other media knows this...why not you? It's a line you don't cross or smear... Guardian How do people admire such an Idiot 🙄 💥🧠 BlowsMyMind 🧠💥 What about all those people killed by guns?!!!!!

She doesn't look very happy?

What a sentimental news! The Guardian keep publishing crap instead should focuse at the core of the news! Seriously there is a huge problem in the US, this guy still has supporters, and that is scary. Maybe he knew that the son of Melania is not his son. I’m thoroughly convinced this man has cognitive impairment which is being masked by his administration!!!

Great news, guys! Congrats! Melania: Baron, his name is Baron. If trump listens to his wife and her son about vaping deaths, maybe he would listen to her if we told her and her son that thousands get killed with guns every year. FLOTUS, please worry about gun violence too. BanAssaultWeapons Melanie looks miserable

She won't be the first to keep a straight face while anticipating finding him a care home. Maybe he is still waiting for a DNA result... ooops

Must every little Trump mis-speaking make the headlines? Do you think she still bumps uglies with him? Looking at it closely....until the Richard Morris's of this world start petitioning your senators highbrow_nobrow Momma's baby, Daddy's maybe... He's talking about her as an individual, not them as a couple, as she is the one campaigning on this issue.

It’s all about him...always was ..always will be What’s more disturbing is that she’s sat right there and he’s talking for her. By her face I think she just suddenly remembered she has 'that' son too!! Could you imagine if there was something else you could control which was killing young Americans...perhaps the National Vaping Association could pay him off too?

So many wives, so many children to remember them all.

Does Trump only think of himself I wonder if they caught him smoking or vaping and are “teaching him a lesson” by bringing up the subject in public 😂 weird guy but I don’t think he forgot he had a son, he’s just a terrible public speaker Remember when President Obama forgot he had two children? Me neither.

He is talking about her concerns, ffs. Is sucking on cigars still ok? Just asking for Jr To be fair, it’s hard for him to keep track of EVERY porn star he ever knocked up. May be,just may be he is..... He clearly has a debilitating illness He didnt forget he had a son this is really scrapring the barrel How wonderful it is to see Yellow Journalism at work again. smh.

Literally has the intellect of a boiled egg. Please let this end. 2 News: 1) Public Health 😊 2) Public Awareness 😉 'She's got a son', means 'Storks Baby Delivery Service' still is available? I thought this service had been transferred to 'UPS,FedEx, DHL,Amazon' long long time ago but now found it available 😋

a bit confused as always . He is an extraordinary comedian Son is very tall...😜 that's funny but you know what he meant, classic Guardian spin The Trumper has good taste in women. Lol man thats a stretch, sounded normal wouldnt have noticed if it didnt get twisted like this Maybe a DNA test is in order?

Can someone get him therapy now, any? Okay...I'm seeing a sexy grim reaper. Donald, you are so done.

Good movement for public health. By the way 'she's got a son' , is still 'stoke baby delivery service' available? I thought this service was transferred to 'UPS,FedEx, DHL,Amazon' then it is still available 😋 Hm..., does he? Is that an unintended admission? It's all a prop for the media. Trump is definitely finished now

Do you actually think he forgot he has a son he sees every single day? Do you actually believe that enough that you print it as a headline? No wonder no one believes the media anymore. Its like looking to the National Inquirer or Gawker for serious news. Failure. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 'She's got the look' - as Roxette used to sing.

Something goes wrong. Eye roll. What is wrong with y ou people?

Gun deaths are out of control but Agent Orange moans about vaping? he insults her in public?... 😂😂😂 GunnerArchitect Ira Levin is spinning in his grave so hard his coffin is now an electromagnet Is he saying he's not the father? People (young & old) are dying because of guns! Don’t see him doing much about that except advising that everyone has one. 🙄

Man the guardian lies leave Trump alone he talks like that leave Trump alone you guys just want to bag on everything you guys suck I hope my tweet does not offend many people. I truly admire any and all men who can perform well in bed. I even hear that some men do not even need to use those blue rhombic tablets, my 82-year old father included. What is wrong with me, I wonder.

None story.

Maybe not really his son? Or does he? POTUS45 doesn’t forget he has a son with his wife Melania. She brought up the problems about vaping, it is her concern for her son he’s addressing. I'm sure Melania would like to forget it, too. He only interacts with 'his' son walking to and from the helicopter. He let's 'his' son walk behind him. FatherofTheYear

I am still convinced she is his case officer. Or at least his carer. The mans not well. Piss poor, even for the Guardian . i watched, and it doesnt look in the least like he forgot he had a son. He was referring to her involvement and understanding of the issue because *she* herself had a son. How awfully forceful and tabloidy

Nothing new “ Trump' 😃

Ya, well the joke really is on us. This is not news, he was talking about her and her perspective. Stop obsessing over Trump and just hold him to account for the things that he says and does that are actually bad, not frivolous clickbait like this. 'It puffed right out of her, like a alien. Out of nowhere...'

Have to wonder if the Chosen One is signaling something? Hmmmmmm? Donald Trump, proud father of three of his five children. 😂😂😂😂😂 hmmmmm... maybe the father is a sharpie? Between twitter and golf course it’s hard to keep up with who has what with who. Come on, he’s only one man 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣

He forgot Barron's name. So he is admitting Barron isn't his kid?

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