Shaun Bailey: Tory mayoral candidate says universal income would be used for drugs

Tory London mayoral candidate says universal income would be used for 'lots of drugs'

3/3/2021 10:12:00 PM

Tory London mayoral candidate says universal income would be used for 'lots of drugs'

London Tory mayoral candidate said people would buy 'lots of drugs' with a universal basic income.

Shaun Bailey is the Conservative candidate for the 6 May London mayoral electionLondon mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has been criticised for claiming people "would buy lots of drugs" if they were given a universal basic income (UBI).Mr Bailey, a member of the Greater London Authority (GLA) Conservatives, made his comments during a debate about piloting the system in the capital.

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He said he had concerns about how "the human condition" was being overlooked by supporters of a UBI.Critics called his claims "extraordinary" and "shocking".Mr Bailey, a former youth worker, told the GLA's economy committee at City Hall: "I know some people who would absolutely fly if you gave them a lump sum every week. I know some people that would buy lots of drugs.

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Simply not true. Already there are a number of Tory MP's on lots of illegal drugs and not on universal income. I hope this guy does not become Mayor of London. The drugs problem in the UK is down to a lack of investment in stopping supply and distribution. Rubbish! Classic case of punish the many for the sins of one.

All those outraged are again typically as lefties putting emotion over facts Can you imagine if a white guy said this about black people 😬 Because the wealthy don't take drugs do they?! Ridiculous sweeping judgemental statement aimed at lower income families A spokesperson for Bailey's campaign said: 'Shaun Bailey has over 20 years of experience as a youth worker.' 'He's been homeless and he's been out of work. So Shaun won't take any lectures from career politicians on what life is like for those struggling to get on'.

UBI will be spent to live. If we all have economic security we can thrive and contribute more to the economy. UBI will also be great for any future crisis. Wouldn't we rather have more to spend for the country? PMSL........what planet is he on? Tory, what do you expect. Is that what he would use it for?

What sick world does he live in? He speaks the Truth. He’s correct. This guy 🙄 nope. Says the BBC who's employers snort the way to work and piss the licence fee money away. Is he wrong? He knows the city. He knows the people. He calls a spade a spade.... no more pussy footing around issues ... he has to get the big pussy Sad Dick out ... !! Drugs are the basis of knife crime in London.

What a farce of a candidate GregHands Just means more campaign funds for you. That’s all. The Tories hate the idea of poor people taking drugs. It's only ok for them and their friends. He’s right Communism pay people a state wage to do menial jobs so they don’t have to try and better themselves. delete it quickly, anti-tories, so unlike you.

Waste of space. If that's what he's gonna use it for maybe best not to give it to him. Any anglo-saxons (English) interested in the mayoral position? He's right. Maybe he's right It’s true. Truth don’t care about your feelings He ain’t wrong there A textbook Tory Charlie Brown, “good grief,” moment Mainly the people who voted for Corbyn id imagine 🥴

Another bigot He's not wrong! He is only speaking the truth. A lot of benefits do go on drugs. w1mav He’s right!! ok so hand out food parcels then ... I think he must have been on some, himself. Then let’s adopt the South Korean UBI system where monthly instalments of money gets put onto a card where citizens can only spend it in a certain area and on certain businesses

Well, he’s not wrong... however... he misses one key factor... not everyone on universal income takes drugs. Bailey you’ll make a crackin Tory MP ! ‘By some people’ thanks for the tabloid style clickbait, great to see the direction the BBC is heading Fair point Anyone but Sadiq Khan’t... the most inept London Mayor in living memory!

What the f---? What makes him think that? Evidence? Or prejudice/stereotyping? Perhaps he's just realised that he's backed the wrong horse by going political! Either way there's money to be made, by all Mayors, for doing next to sod all. What exactly do you call tax breaks except UBI for the rich that don’t need it?

Hes not wrong. Not all income support will be spent on drugs but, I bet the majority of illegal drug users will be on income support. Even if that was true, which it's not as someone with 'chronic reoccurring pain' the NHS waiting times where 8 months before pandemic and are now yearly appointments. They're constantly trying to remove painkillers, and aren't treating it. Self medication is a systemic symptom.

I’ve caught him sending fake information to voters. Nasty piece of work. Which are funded by the Tories anyway. So what's your point? Maybe.....but then I’d waste the rest. Mexican coke? Typical Tory. No doubt he will apologise and pretend he gives a damn. Quite possibly Well that’s him gone Based on what evidence? This plank will be the next mayor of London. It will happen.

Shaun Failey seems to be doing his very best to lose this election. Same old Conservatives. Some old toxicity. He'll deserve it when he comes 20 points behind Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party. And that’s just by Michael Gove It’s true! only for wealthy people like him sure HolyMidweekService 하나님께서는 인간의 마음을 회개토록 움직이게 하는 것이 무엇인지 아십니다.