Shamima Begum: Stripping of UK citizenship was unlawful, lawyers say

11/23/2022 9:25:00 PM

Stripping Shamima Begum of UK citizenship was unlawful, lawyers say

Stripping Shamima Begum of UK citizenship was unlawful, lawyers say

Decision to remove UK citizenship from woman who went to Syria when schoolgirl is being challenged.

Ms Begum's UK citizenship was stripped after she travelled to Islamic State group-controlled Syria when she was 15.The case is being heard at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), which has similar standing to the High Court, and can hear national security evidence in secret if necessary.

Ms Begum ran away from home at the age of 15, with two other east London schoolgirls - Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15-year-old Amira Abase. Once there, she married a Dutch recruit and lived under IS rule for more than three years.Shamima Begum trafficked as child, tribunal hears

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Pity about her. Lesson for others Why She shouldn't be allowed back to the UK or else we will be in big trouble. So let’s make a law then… Lawyers lie..goodbye😉😉 She a traitor No it was not she went for the MEN !!! Who cares, nation says. Well she Dissed the hand that fed and raised her , and when she Dissed the stadium victims that was the last nail…sorry.

Well who would have thought that.

Shamima Begum trafficked by IS to Syria for sexual exploitation, tribunal hearsShamima Begum's lawyers say her UK citizenship was unlawfully stripped, but the Home Office insists she continues to pose a threat to national security. Thought we got rid of this scum Dressing up western style while her appeal goes through doesn't fool anyone

NO! She left to join ISIS! Sorry! What if it was reversed! Would there be compassion? I'm fine with the stripping of citizenship illegal. (International law says you can't leave a person stateless) She is therefore a TRAITOR and should be tried as such (life imprisonment) Shanina Begum helped the ISIS to strip people of their lives, would you want her to live next door to you ? - Perhaps the lawyers could put her up in their houses. Do you want her back in the UK ?

Yes it was. Not familiar with this news here in America. But will look into. Oh here we go. She knew exactly what she was doing when she went to fight for the enemy ShamimaBegum Such a vague title, 'Layers say'. No, it absolutely wasnt. It can be stripped for terrorism offences. She had criminal responsability and capacity. Enough whining!

Who is funding this perpetual middle finger to our laws? Illegal immigrants coming to this country is unlawful too. But still they come.

The Shamima Begum 'problem' won't go away unless we bring her homeGermany, Denmark, France and other European countries have repatriated women and children from Syria, so why not us? Why not her? 🔵 ipaperviews ipaperviews Wow, desperate to get people arguing and still failed. ipaperviews Clearly racism by our Govt, media and establishments, holding her back rather than security issues especially when she doesn’t have any nationality to move to. It’s gross mistake to leave someone citizenshipless in modern age.

i give up.. Lucky for her she not inSineria with brittany Grober No it wasn’t has she was a poster girl for isis and if she was trafficked she would not be doing any interview with anyone she’s a liar Tell the lawyers who say it was unlawful to syrip Begum of UK citizenship to go on the front line to fight terrorist or visit families who lost people who were killed by terrorists

I wish I cared, but I don't. We have become a country that defends terrorists!!! Joining Isis ,bombing& beheading people is also unlawful. Let her suffer the consequences of her actions. Strip the lawyers citizenship aswell

Shamima Begum: Police and school 'missed opportunities' to stop her leaving UK, lawyers claimQuestions have been raised over whether 'key indicators' that Ms Begum and her two school friends were at risk of being trafficked were missed.

If she returns I think she will be stripped of much more than the citizenship she should never have had in the first place. Unlawful which side are you on !!!!! She old enough to go and shag at her age !!! Did her family do something about that I guess no and they knew she gone for it Oh give me a break . She wants us to have our heads chopped off for heavens sake .

Keep her out of England Lol here we go. Just give her passport back ffs because all this tough talks laughable. Give her a load of compo and set her up for life , we all know that’s the outcome. She can come back in a body bag and don't mean that kind of death shroud uniform Islamic women have to wear... 🕋💩🕋💩

She must never be allowed to return to this country Who exactly is paying for her saintly lawyers. It's not Begum I'm sure. Other lawyers said it wasn't. so whos right. Not hers. Who cares! Let her be tried under shariah law!

School and police 'missed opportunities' to stop Shamima Begum joining IsisA court has been told Shamima Begum’s school and the police both ‘missed opportunities’ before the then-schoolgirl travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State. Oh pissoff! Everyone else’s fault, AGAIN!!! Surprise, surprise 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

Here we go.. back to the UK.. paid for by the tax payer.. who she hates because we western 😩 unbelievable That would be her lawyers, of course.. hardly a surprise, nor worthy of a headline that at first glance could be taken as fact. By keeping out terrorists we are potentially saving lives! Bad laws should be ignored and changed.

No one forced her, no matter how misguided. But it appeals to the racists in England so the government will continue to treat her badly ShamimaBegum Her taxpayer funded lawyers would soon be changed if they wanted to say she no longer was a U.K. citizen! Only saying that because they can make thousands of pounds she’s a Terrorist

How many school girls don't flinch at the thought of beheading people and are happy to sew kids into suicide bomb vests? of course it was

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Let her rot BBC literally spanking it’s own monkey thinking of having this walking liability back in the UK Uk lawyers work against us Notice she's switched to western clothing Serves her right She should stay where she is. UK has put citizens in jail for life for crimes that were 9 years old!!! Her excuse of 15 non sense. Trafficed, non sense, the majority of arranged marriages should be illegal and construed as trafficing if this were true.

She is a terrorist. No if no buts. She should be lest to rot So she was groomed WTF was she looking at in the first place to be groomed. Twoddle lol You made your bed now stay in it

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I bet these lawyers are running their hands together defending her , 💰💰.she doesn't look like she having a hard time overthere ...being funded by British media no doubt Being a terrorist is unlawful as well Rubbish grubby lawyers and media people trying to white wash her. Click bait! Just one half of the story. You should be better than this bbcnews

Wrong. If Britain was more 'unlawful' we'd be able to strip tens of thousands of people of their citizenships who shouldn't be here. Agree, we should have executed her Bore off / Not only Unlawful but also Unjust + Inhumane!!! Unlawful? It was undoubtedly deserved! She knew exactly what she was doing! You want to live by that isis sword? You can bloody well die by it as well!

She had potential and that was 6aken away from her as well. Why, she could have become PM, who knows. Best thing they ever did she made her bed ! Well the lawyers will say anything if they paid enough. We know they don’t have a conscience. Money grabbing vultures What she supported was unlawful and horrific

Supporting ISIS while they butchered people was what then? Foreign lawyers that is. Forget about her this is nothing to do with us ffs No Really! Shocked 😮 If she was white and Christian would of it happen I doubt it ! Brexit Immigration Didn't she at tge beginning of the whole thing denounce her British citizenship on a video when her husband was still alive? Or was this another girl?

Terrorist b...

No Sorry but she was so happy skipping onto that plane. I did not see her being dragged onto it. She sew bullet proof vests on terrorists. She exploited herself. Unforgivable and too risky to let her back into the country after who she’s been with her mindset could be dangerous But the correct thing to do

Yes ! Shouldn’t be allowed back in our country ….. your all saying give her a chance but yet when something bad happens you will say why did we let her back in !! Cant win ! Either way I personally think she made her bed now lie in it ….. we don’t welcome terrorist simple as! She was literally a terrorist. Citizenship is ultimately a privilege, not a right. No 'international law' can make that otherwise nor be enforced.

She did it herself. Take the hint no one wants you She was used then threw away . Look at the BBC wankers trying to bring their favourite Muslim home!! DefundtheBBC Canada should take her. Wasn't it Canadian intel agent that trafficked her to Syria?

Loophole lawyers. I'll wait on a judge saying it. Click bait. You should have said that Begum’s lawyers said that & U.K. Gov said opposite & we wouldn’t need to read your article The then interior minister had the right to strip the terrorist Muslim woman's British citizenship.This is not human trafficking. And Begum was not as innocent as lawyers and supporters said. It is a national security issue,so she must be deported from the UK as soon as possible.

Why is so much focus on her and not the british victims of isis. Its always the innocent victims and their surviving relatives who are disrespected and forgotten about. British lawyers bringing the country to hell. Let her rot. No country can make its citizen stateless, this beyond politics or law, this is about basic right of a person. All persons belong to his/her homeland.

Money chasing lawyers

The killing of UK soldiers is unlawful. The beheading of human beings is unlawful. Talk about picking and choosing your human rights. Bonkers Terrorist Socialist_Doggy I completely understand the argument for her citizenship being revoked, but I can’t get over the fact that she was 15 and was helped to get “into ISIS” by a Canadian spy.

She was a terrorist scum, end of!! If she was a major threat then we should have jailed her in our country. She was a child lured to a foreign country, stripping her citizenship was a bizarre move Is that her lawyers,or just lawyers in general.? A terrorist plain and simple no other excuse for what she did

Wise up. Leave her where she is. She chose her team and has nothing to offer our country. And there will be another lawyer who says the opposite, that's how they make money and even when they're proven wrong they still get paid. P.S. Joining ISIS and being party to the atrocities that can't be mentioned here is unlawful I say.

is Mrs Blair her lawyer Her mother said she ran away…the lawyers are living in another world? So was what she did. Traitors were shot Well what a shock that was🤬🤬🤬🤬lawyers are officially in charge of the UK now Might as well make her a duchess all together just to appease the fuc*ing snowflakes! Her lawyers can shut up. The woman is pure evil.

She knew what she was doing. Let's hope she is never allowed back to the UK. What did the lawyers say about her supporting beheadings of infidels and also not helping in exposing the men behind it?¿? No it wasn't keep her out Choosing to join isis is unlawful

It's to risky bringing her hear! Nope! UK population says! This is bull 💩 leave her we’re she is, she’s nothing but a vile Terrorist. People are forgetting she practically backed the Manchester bombing, in her interview. Groomed my Ass English people up in arms about kids being groomed by Asian gangs, Lexley Lennon and his lot. Here’s a girl groomed and it’s a case of “Fcuk her”, could it be those that are against her are maybe racist? And actually don’t even care about the innocents groomed at all?

BBC...British biased corporation No excuses she stays out, any other county would say no but UK is full of do do Gooders What did she actually do whilst she was there? Also if she committed a crime then put her on trial and jail her. It makes no sense to strip someone of their nationality. What must the so called trafficker promised her( 15 yrs) old girl that will make her to leave her school, family and friends to travel to isis in Syria? I’m just wandering anyway.

Of course it was… a child groomed but her 🤷🏽‍♀️… shameful Breeding future little terrorists is unlawful The UK is a rogue state that commits illegal acts against its own citizens. it is against international law to strip a person of their citizenship if it leaves them stateless. all other considerations are moot

Odd piece. Of course that's what her lawyers were going to say. However it is the judge who decides, hence the name Maybe she was 'groomed' though I'm sceptical. Not worth the risk giving one person a second chance, it may (literally) blow up in our faces. Shamima Begum is a victim. People are incredulous that a teenager can be fooled by such vicious criminals. Yet millions of Americans have been taken in by absurd Q Anon conspiracies. And how many Russians believe that Ukraine is a Nazi state?

hang on hang on unlawful ,,, Prince Harry stripped of titles ,,hang on this man served and protected this country ,,,she went of to join terrorists who destroy our and other countries i for 1 say she should be banned form ever coming to the UK Grooming is the last throw of the dice by her lawyers. I feel that we as a country should be allowed to strip any person of they citizenship if we feel other citizens are at risk. I think she is due to past history.

Don't care. She made her bed so lie in it.

so was doing waht she did, cant have it both ways ah well if a lawyer says it, it must be true. We cant argue with lawyers - the beacons of morality All those that ever went there either to fight or become sex toys deserve r we everything that happens to them. Sorry but they knew these people were fighting against us so that makes them either a traitor or a criminal against the country

No fucking way. If she keeps her citizenship then trouble will come for her It is lawful. Why is this still a case!!! We should be asking for the dead penalty not for a new passport! Weak country we are Qatar is clear. I don't care as I thought you all would like to know, I'm being sarcastic, it's just funny how many on here need to write I don't care if not move on

Her lawyers would say that. BBC supporting terrorists

Yeah right, someone in the media fancies giving this one some heat 🙄 What rubbish. Plenty more to strip citizenship from. Lawyers are the worst scum Let her fucking rot which is correct, and the government casually stripping its own citizens of citizenship should worry everyone. Which ruddy Government lawyer drafted this legislation? Should have been tighter than a mouse's nostril. I hear this a lot..quality of Govt drafting is poor and getting worse.

How do we know this isn’t a ploy to get in the country and commit crimes here? And get husband here? If her family went back to Bangladesh why does she need to be here? 'her lawyers say' Typical misleading BBC headline You reap what you sow. She should be grateful they only stripped her citizenship only

Bollocks say the rest of us..

Hwfg Groomed at 13 Trafficked at 15 If she was white she definitely would have been seen as a victim As a Sunni Muslim the Wahhabi devils of ISIS are my No1 enemy but this girl is a innocent victim The BBC is really milking this story, its as if they have an Agenda for an ISIS bride, who knew what she was doing, who was happy to see a kiddys concert in Manchester blown up, wasn't bothered by heads in a bucket and the liberals claim she is a victim. No she isnt.

She left the country with two other girls she was not forced she new exactly what she was doing it wasn’t until Islamic state was getting there ass kick she made up these stories “lawyers say” Would they be her lawyers by any chance 🤔 Also, the argument being made is ‘failure to adequately consider trafficking’ not that she unequivocally was trafficked

And how much are the lawyers getting payed ..treasonous..she whent and fought against her country's monarchy Nope. No it wasn’t. She made her bed, she can lie in it. Or just lie… either works for her, apparently. We should look after our national treasures. Not strip them of their citizenships. Boo Hoo ,

‘Peter Sutcliffe is innocent, lawyers say’

A truly civilized country would bring her back and be tried in a court of law. But the right thing I'm struggling to find a single fuck to give Bbc support terrorists Time for a reaper drone...

By Daniel Sandford & Elsa Maishman BBC News The removal of Shamima Begum's UK citizenship in 2019 was unlawful, her lawyers have argued.will "follow up" on the allegations .November 22, 2022 5:51 pm (Updated 5:54 pm) Shamima Begum, who lost her British citizenship after joining Isis in Syria, is having her case reviewed this week (Photo: AFP) I am endlessly bothered by the plight of Shamima Begum .Image: Shamima Begum married an older ISIS fighter from the Netherlands "Importantly victims should not be punished for actions as a result of their exploitation," she added.

Ms Begum's UK citizenship was stripped after she travelled to Islamic State group-controlled Syria when she was 15. In a hearing challenging the decision, her legal team said it ignored the fact that she may have been trafficked into Syria, adding she has been "banished". In 2019, she was found by the Times newspaper, nine months pregnant, in a Syrian refugee camp. The Home Office said Ms Begum was a risk to national security in 2019, and MI5 assesses she still poses a risk. She’s the one who, aged 15, left the UK in 2015 with two friends to join Isis as “brides”. The case is being heard at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission (SIAC), which has similar standing to the High Court, and can hear national security evidence in secret if necessary. In an interview with BBC News in September 2021 , Ms Begum said she would regret joining the Islamic State group (referred to as IS, ISIS and ISIL) for the rest of her life and offered to help the UK fight terrorism. Lawyers for Ms Begum, now 23, has argued that - based on the government's own evidence - she was trafficked into Syria for sexual exploitation in 2015. "Particularly the number of girls from Tower Hamlets who left for Syria, the trafficking obviously began in the UK and needs to be investigated by the UK," she added.

She was a minor who had been radicalised and had travelled to Islamic State-group controlled territory without telling her family, they said. I'm Not a Monster podcast host Josh Baker on interviewing Shamima Begum It has been almost eight years since Shamima Begum disappeared from east London with two school friends. Although that was all bad enough. Ms Begum ran away from home at the age of 15, with two other east London schoolgirls - Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15-year-old Amira Abase. Once there, she married a Dutch recruit and lived under IS rule for more than three years. For more than a year, I have been talking to her in a dusty detention camp in north-eastern Syria. She was found by the Times newspaper in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019. And there she stays . Ms Sultana is believed to have been killed in a Russian air strike in Syria, according to her family's solicitor, and the whereabouts of Ms Abase are unknown. Throughout an exclusive series of interviews for the I'm Not a Monster podcast and a BBC Two documentary, Shamima claimed that she is a victim of trafficking and that before she left the UK, she was sent detailed instructions by IS members about how to make it there. Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 3:44 'I didn't hate Britain, I hated my life' - Begum The government's Prevent counter-terrorism strategy said"safeguarding is at the heart of Prevent to ensure that individuals are not groomed" and promised:"We will respond quickly to support UK victims.

Marrying Ms Begum off to an adult in Syria was part of the IS agenda, and MI5 knew this, her lawyer Samantha Knights KC told the court. Shamima Begum trafficked as child, tribunal hears Ms Begum left IS territory in 2019. Media caption, Shamima Begum speaking to the I'm Not a Monster podcast, says she needed help from traffickers to reach Syria Ms Begum's lawyers arguedat a tribunal on Monday that the evidence she was a child victim of trafficking is "overwhelming" and "depriving her of her British citizenship was a disproportionate means of addressing any alleged national security risk". Is this what we do? Her lawyers argue that she was a child victim of trafficking and treating her as a keen Jihadi bride is wrong. Two weeks later, her UK citizenship was stripped by the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Ms Knights called this decision "hugely draconian - effectively an exile for life", while her colleague Dan Squires KC described it as "permanent banishment" from the UK." She added that "over-hasty steps" deprived her of her citizenship forever. The lawyers said the government should have considered whether she had been trafficked into IS territory before deciding to take away her citizenship. The closest thing we have had to date to impressionable young girls running off to join Isis is the fascist wing of the Mitford sisters. The European Convention of Human Rights article four imposes an operational duty - to help victims and assist their rescue and recovery - and investigative duty - to identify victims and investigate crimes of trafficking.

They also argued the Home Office had not properly considered the effect taking away Ms Begum's citizenship might have on the wider Muslim community and other minorities in the UK. They told the court that, in "multiple press interviews" before Mr Javid made his decision, she expressed "no remorse and said she did not regret" joining a terrorist organisation - also arguing she had acknowledged she was "aware of the nature of the group when she travelled". Mr Squires said for some people British citizenship is somehow "conditional on their good behaviour". The legal team also suggested that Mr Javid had "made up his mind" to take away the citizenship before seeing all the official documentation. During the hearing, Ms Begum's lawyers pressed an MI5 officer, known as Witness E, whether the security service had considered if Ms Begum was a victim of trafficking when assessing her national security risk. Simpler days. In a statement, Ms Begum's mother Asma Begum told the hearing that her world "fell apart" when her youngest daughter went to Syria, adding that she still thinks about her "every hour of every day". Many of her belongings are still where she left them, Ms Begum's mother said, including her school blazer "still hanging on the door in the front room just as it was when she left". Witness E pointed out that Ms Begum must have been aware of the Islamic State group's atrocities, including beheadings of Western hostages, by the time she travelled. Related Topics.

Lawyers for the Home Office will make their legal submissions on Thursday - the fourth day of the five-day hearing. The hard line on this is that MI5 thinks that Begum presents a significant enough threat to national security to be denied re-entry, the implication being that they know something we don’t. But in written submissions the Home Office said: "MI5 assessed that the best way to mitigate the threat posed to national security by Ms Begum was to deprive her of her citizenship". The hearing, which is expected to last five days, continues. They went on to say: "For completeness and for the avoidance of doubt, the security service continue to assess that Ms Begum poses a risk to national security." The decision to take away Ms Begum's citizenship was made soon after she re-emerged from territory controlled by the Islamic State group as its collapsed. In other words, she might have ditched her hijab and climbed back into Western clothes, but this is only skin-deep. MI5 assessed that she had only fled to save her unborn son, after her two other children had died, rather than because of a move away from IS ideology.

In their written arguments, the Home Office lawyers concluded that this was "not a case about trafficking", and that Mr Javid had considered Ms Begum's age and the circumstances of her travel to Syria when making his decision. More on this story .