Shamima Begum joined IS with eyes open, UK lawyers says

11/24/2022 5:54:00 PM

Shamima Begum joined IS 'with her eyes open', say government lawyers

Shamima Begum joined IS 'with her eyes open', say government lawyers

Lawyers defending stripping Shamima Begum's citizenship say her age at the time does not matter.

Isil is another name for IS, meaning "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant".He went on: "She travelled for the purpose of aligning with Isil, and once in Syria she did in fact align with Isil."The assessment is that she did that with her eyes open.

"The ideology of Isil and their uncompromising brutality had been widely covered in the media."Ms Begum's lawyers argue the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid should have taken into account she was trafficked to Syria for sexual exploitation purposes

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Thats like saying a child, who has been subject to adult images etc, went into exploitation with eyes wide open She was classed as a child Child grooming victims blame themselves for all the deeds they have done there is some shame remorse or guilt even though it's not their fault , she doesn't have it ,it's clear that she wasn't groomed

she left to join a terrorist group marry have their babies to breed and 8ncite violence onto another generation She knew what she was doing and what she was joining Truthmeister01 Im happy to send over a donation of stones Whilst relevant she entered knowing what she was doing Brgum has never denounced ISIS &her change of clothing leads one to suspect she is looking to be allowed back into UK &mentor others into terrorism. Keeping her out breaks terror recruitment chain of sleeper like White Widow.

FGS why doesn't she just go away and all those leftie fools that support her. True Kenmorrey92 Well, half open anyway. Never seen a picture of her with them fully open 💯Leave her to rot.

Shamima Begum: Police and school 'missed opportunities' to stop her leaving UK, lawyers claimQuestions have been raised over whether 'key indicators' that Ms Begum and her two school friends were at risk of being trafficked were missed.

Breaking News: Lawyers state their client's case Yep. No shit Sherlock. Government liars, yeah. She was 15! I wouldn't trust a 15 year old to buy an outfit they would still wear next week, let alone make serious life decisions! They don't have the capacity to understand consequences at that age When was her passport application? If it was prior to her travelling, who paid for it? Who paid her air fare? Did her parents influence her in joining IS? Lots of questions unanswered here.

Anyone who agrees with that is a potential danger to children. It's irrelevant in terms of the law regarding her citizenship anyway. You cannot say that if you have any I tention.of.classing 15 as A CHILD. Are we going to let adults whomjabw sex with 15 yer olds off now. (Wouldn't surprise me with this lot tbh). You can't change how the law works based on crimes/people you do or don't like more!

But the world listens to Greta !

Shamima Begum: Stripping of UK citizenship was unlawful, lawyers sayDecision to remove UK citizenship from woman who went to Syria when schoolgirl is being challenged. But the right thing I'm struggling to find a single fuck to give Bbc support terrorists

'Prosection layer claims' is how you are meant to accurately report facts Just leave her where she is as she is no good Put up against a wall and shot. Evil woman She is a terrorist and should never return its only the BBC wanting her back She should never ever be allowed to step on this soil again however much she tells stories or changes how she looks

If she was a man - she wouldn't be getting the 'poor me' treatment. Though when juststopoil youngsters in prison realise they had their lives ruined -expect similar accusations of grooming. She was a child She's a terr*rist and I thought that she was already de*d 15 years old. Groomed. Government can't even sort it's own shit out so I wouldn't put any stock into their arguments.

Yes she did.. But she was still 'a child'.. Maybe what she saw was not the reality of the situation..

Shamima Begum: How can you lose your citizenship?The Shamima Begum case has divided opinion - but what does it take for someone's citizenship to be removed? It hasn't divided opinion nearly enough. Those of us that hate the idea of our citizenship being taken away because of our actions as a child are in a minority - Mob rule is prevailing in the case of Begum. Treason So British will knee down to terrorist and bring them in to kill innocents? And to get compensation 🤬🤬🤬 I know the justice is completely lost but when the common sense disappeared? Her family only taught her how to wear the scarf and forgot to teach her to love England.

A child. She has done a lot of bad things and I for one don’t want to see her back in our country where should would no doubt expect to be kept She was 15 200% What about her mother and father responsibilities? Very much. She is an little-girl terrorist ok. Can you imagine when she's older. Let the bitch stays right there and rightfully so.

10/10 for her ‘sad face’ To be fair, that was the only part of her that wasn’t covered in black She was 15. She was groomed by people working for British Intelligence. The way she has been treated makes me ashamed to be British. She was a child.

The Shamima Begum 'problem' won't go away unless we bring her homeGermany, Denmark, France and other European countries have repatriated women and children from Syria, so why not us? Why not her? 🔵 ipaperviews ipaperviews Wow, desperate to get people arguing and still failed. ipaperviews Clearly racism by our Govt, media and establishments, holding her back rather than security issues especially when she doesn’t have any nationality to move to. It’s gross mistake to leave someone citizenshipless in modern age.

And She Was A Minor Get over it UK Government They would say that of course, it suits their narrative. A child listening to propergander of ' is, And being Brain. Washed Trafficked into Syria no wonder young Asian people Think they belong to the country's of there parents births and not this country. How many of us had our eyes open at 15 and made decisions we would abide by later in life.There used to be a concept know as the age of majority !

Agree 🤣🤣🤣 No one cares about this piece of poop. She was 15 yrs old~how did she have 'her eyes open' with informed consent when she was an indoctrinated child groomed for years neuroscience trauma psychology & when you have a racist prejudiced hate crime Government attitude towards her illegally overriding her legal rights.

Then that makes her a bigger traitor than I thought

School and police 'missed opportunities' to stop Shamima Begum joining IsisA court has been told Shamima Begum’s school and the police both ‘missed opportunities’ before the then-schoolgirl travelled to Syria to join the Islamic State. Oh pissoff! Everyone else’s fault, AGAIN!!! Surprise, surprise 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

The argument that she was 15 and didn’t know what she was doing is weak at best. You can legally join the military in the Uk at 16…… figure that out 🙄 She was a child, for God's sake! It's no different than being a child and groomed for sex. Have Government lawyers TheJusticeDept become 'justice paedophiles' within the British legal system?

I think we should give all 15 year old UK citizens the vote. And change the age of consent. And the age of working. The new age of childhood-ending becomes say 14? Then keep her out? Perhaps? Maybe? Does anyone else think? At all? Joined ISIS in josh, and had two kids there. Then realized her folly came back to the UK. They said go to your country of origin Bangladesh. They don't want her Britan has revoked her passport. So now a stateless person. Best alternative is go to Kailasa and Swamy Nityananda.

And legs it would appear Even if she came back she wouldn't be employed by anyone .so then funded by us Age of criminal responsibility in the uk is 10 ShamimaBegum Not that I condone Begum's choices but she is the natural result of misguided colonialist foreign policy... just sayin' BBC - I wonder why the BBC is using this new picture of Begum 🤔

People on here actually defending her 🤣🤣. You do realise she joined a death cult that believed in utterly exterminating all of us 'kuffars'. She deserves no mercy whatsoever.

Apsana Begum: Labour MP calls for duty of care for abuse survivorsThe east London MP talked about her own experiences during a debate in Westminster Hall.

Who's behind all this, who's funding the legal team,who's portraying her as a exploited teenager. I know the BBC are complicit in all this, Ive seen their carefully orchestrated news bullitins of her in jeans, trainers n baseball cap in syrian camps. Why is she still in the news ? Oh of course the bbc. Indifference is the best policy.

'You still run the risk of detonating a bomb in London or Manchester, even if you were trafficked into IS territory at a young age.' How bad is the logic to draw such a conclusion ? Agree she did and needs to understand that. Why we still talking about her Why are we wasting tax payers money on this. The U.K. court decided to remove her U.K. citizenship and passport, end of. She knew what she was doing.

Sent her back She’ll be allowed back. Not to a leafy, middle class street of course. She’ll be dumped in a working class community on more benefits and assistance than the law abiding locals. She’ll write a book and be paid to talk about her experiences. Probably campaign against islamophobia. Who is paying for this terrorist to have all this court time?!

Watch her interview, zero remorse

Yes at 15 years old, a child! Essentially to be used as a sex slave to an isis soldier. Im sure if she was a young white girl it would be very different! Sick of reading this story! At 15 you know right from wrong I can’t believe we are spending tax payers money on this woman, she made her choice, that’s it

She was 15, ffs. A minor. Government Lawers condem female grooming victims as complicit how disgusting can you get 15 yrs old. Groomed online. Professionals reportedly knew about the grooming. Those children were let down by the adults who were supposed to protect them. Shame on UK government for taking this line.

It's a tragedy, but they are riggt. She has been radicalized. That said, any 15 year old that leaves home like that is not okay. Not only her eyes!? Of course she did she knew what she was doing noway was she brain washed Can this please be made a legal precedent?

We love on planet earth..there is no England in the eyes of animals..she should be free to go where she pleases .and be able to marry who she wants and have any views she wants that is such a slappable face She was 15!! Surely deserve another chance. She was a child. Her poor judgment hardly counts. While I sympathise with her plight, the government is right to exclude as many IS members from the country as possible. Who's to say that having been let back in she'll not pop a bomb in her bag and jump on the tube? It's just not worth the risk.

Not a single tweet by Muslims criticising ISIS She knew exactly what she was doing She joined ISIS in 2015 just after jihadi John’s gruesome video in 2014. She was groomed by Islamist preaching their religious book. How or why she got there should have no bearing. The question is, after 7 years of being part of and the teachings of IS, does she pose a threat to people on British soil. The security services think she will be and they know a damn site more than us, so I trust their stance.

It’s like grooming doesn’t exist.

She was a pawn of the Canadian intelligence service. The evidence is undeniable. The hate she receives is purely racism and nothing else. She is ....................too the core...? Disgusting, she knew right from wrong at her age ,,, she’s a threat to society,, she should be feared,, her parents are in denial

Her parents and family are back in India, I dont imagine there is a lot left for her here. She should never have been allowed to leave in the first place. She was a child. Now, we’re in a situation where a 23 year old, hardened, unrepentant and radicalised woman wants to come ‘home’. Too little too late. She’s too dangerous.

Take the UK out of this for a moment... If the UK was any other nation would they allow her back? I knew what ISIS was at not much older than her. I knew they killed people same as I knew about all terrorist groups. At her age she knew what they did and what they stood for. Bye Then why is tax payers money been wasted on greedy lawyers

Eyes wide open - which means anyone at 15 know what they are doing... like a Brexit vote when fed certain information with a lot of expectations So wide open that it would be three years before she would be able vote in the UK at 18? Ridiculous- she was 15 years old and groomed.

The government hate foreigners. Wasn't she 15? Not fooled by her lies and western look she made decision to live with the devil and believed their behaviour was justified- no return to civilisation for her as no return for the victims they killed or their families who need justice If she comes here, the courts will set her free, because they like a good sob story.

Maybe she was wearing those shades All I heard was she isn't white so I don't care No one knows really what she did but I have a feeling she was the last person some poor souls see and to them was the Devil incarnate And her legs, apparently. Yes bang on

And her legs apparently Leave her where she is. At 15 years old. Seriously Then they need to change all the age related laws of the land, from sexual consent to driving, fighting in wars, drinking, criminal culpability, all need to change to make this position credible! She was 15. OK, let 15 year old vote then.

How do they know that? She’s still British At 15 you are right, you know it all, you walk into things with your eyes wide open SHUT. I know, I was 15 once. I’m surprised I survived to get older & wiser. She certainly knew what she was doing and now regrets it. She should stay where she is to deter others too

She and Her Friends Did Sir James Eadie KC, on behalf of the Home Office: 'You could well have been ... manipulated at an age when you are vulnerable... but nevertheless however unfortunate it might be ....' Now imagine that being said about a child enticed into an intimate relationship here. BBCNews

Groomed or not it’s disgusting that a country can strip citizenship She was 15. 15 years old, full of the arrogance of youth, none of the common sense. I know what I was like at 15. Lucky for me I wasn't groomed. She…Was…Fifteen…!!! Bring her to the U.K. , publish the date and flight number, I’m sure there’ll be a nice welcoming reception

That's funny, I thought lawyers were supposed to be lefty and woke. To reward her husband for beheading innocents? What's her colour got to do with anything, anyone whether they're white, black, would know they were getting involved with a load of murdering, beheading terrorists with ISIS.

Did she get a cash bung? Love the way people keep saying 'she committed a crime abroad' like she's guilty of burglary or drink driving. Regardless of age she knowingly joined a cult that filmed people being cooked in cages and televised beheadings, they threw LGBTQ+ people from the top of buildings. Don’t let her back.

If she was ethnically English they would have said she was groomed , I don’t know how they can honestly say this girl was not coerced and influenced to go to Syria. 'With his eyes open.' Boris Johnson's lockdown parties. And her legs according to her legal team She was 15. oh god not this again She was 15 years old.

Awww bless her. Please bring her home

Leopards don’t change their spots - leave it in Syria She's a terrorist She only wants to come back because ISIS is no more. You didn't hear her complain before that. She was a kid. No way there are people actually defending a terrorist She was 15 ffs, had she been a white middle class suburban girl who had been groomed this conversation wouldn’t even be happening.

She was a groomed child.. How the fnck is that 'eyes wide open' A teenage girl groomed into sex slavery is deprived of her nationality while a man in his fifties who slept with underage girls is 9th to ascend the throne. Of course, they would! Keep her OUT

She was 15. We know what way this is gonna go and she will be allowed back in the country no matter what and its possible she will be a sitting cell for isis If we make out own choices we have to also face the consequences That’s ridiculous. Where does she get the money to file appeal in court ? Think behind the scene.

How can someone so young understand the implications of what they were doing. Morally or legally? So the Government approve of Canadian Special Forces trafficking a minor out to ISIS for sexual purposes? 15-yr old eyes. She knew what she was doing. Now it's all gone tits up for her, she wants to crawl back into this country and claim any benefit on offer. Leave her to rot where she is.

In that case, 15 year old should be allowed to vote 🗳 😉

She was 15, had she been a white teenager running away to be with her teacher she’d would not be considered to have done so with eyes open. Stop giving her air time and leave her there where she belongs And her legs. Now if ISIS still had a presence in Syria and such, she'd still be there offering support. You made your bed, now lie in it. Nothing more than a traitor!

100% correct. Watch her first is not shown again. Then suddenly the western dress and the lippy. Pathetic What do government lawyers say about Michelle Moan? We'd all love to know. Started to dress in western clothing don't be fooled She certainly did At the time of buying her ticket and setting off she had one goal in mind ISIS, She stood watched applauded and celebrated the torture and murder of captives, she is not was not ever innocent

If she was not brown they would be hugging her. Absolute disgrace to abuse this victim. She was groomed by Terrorists. Stop being uneducated racists. SuellaBraverman who hates Muslims is behind this. She is a peak racist. Not to mention they used sajidjavid! And her legs.... She was 15 years old. She was groomed, brainwashed, enslaved, married etc but what mental damge has it done? Is she still vulnerable to be pulled back in by terrorist activity? If and big if. she can enter UK legally. Then tagged at airport. Under house arrest. Teaching by Video conference schools

Bring her back I'm sure a member of the public will thank her as soon as she's recognised 😉 This terrorist must never be allowed back in the UK. Ok and? Was still a minor Totally agree. She supported a regime that advocated torture and murder in the name of religion. We don't want terrorists here in the UK.

Nice one. She was a child. Groomed by adults. Why isn’t the BBC pointing that out in their narrative? Is it now government policy that children must bear responsibility for their own grooming & sexual assault?Age isn't a defence any more

If she was white, everyone would welcome her back with open arms! She was 15. Imagine it was a white girl rich girl. Imagine

Sir James told the tribunal: "The assessment made by the Security Service [MI5] was that [Ms Begum's] travel was voluntary and demonstrated her determination and commitment to aligning with Isil.Image: Shamima Begum married an older ISIS fighter from the Netherlands "Importantly victims should not be punished for actions as a result of their exploitation," she added.By Daniel Sandford & Elsa Maishman BBC News The removal of Shamima Begum's UK citizenship in 2019 was unlawful, her lawyers have argued.When can you be stripped of your British citizenship? If someone is a UK citizen they have the legal right to live in the country, and to have access to services such as welfare, education and healthcare.

" Isil is another name for IS, meaning "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant". He went on: "She travelled for the purpose of aligning with Isil, and once in Syria she did in fact align with Isil. "In this case we say there were missed opportunities by the school and the police. "The assessment is that she did that with her eyes open. The Home Office said Ms Begum was a risk to national security in 2019, and MI5 assesses she still poses a risk. "The ideology of Isil and their uncompromising brutality had been widely covered in the media. Ms Knights said the relevant trafficking took place while she was in Britain and there was a"seamless timeline" in which she left UK and arrived in Syria." Ms Begum's lawyers argue the then Home Secretary Sajid Javid should have taken into account she was trafficked to Syria for sexual exploitation purposes when making his decision in 2019 . How can citizenship be removed? The government has the power to remove someone's UK citizenship in certain circumstances: It is "for the public good" and would not make them stateless The person obtained citizenship through fraud Their actions could harm UK interests and they could claim citizenship elsewhere The power has been used against members of proscribed organisations such as al-Qaeda or the Islamic State group, or those who obtained their British citizenship fraudulently.

She left her home in London in February 2015 with her two school friends Amira Abase and Kadiza Sultana. No consideration was given by the home secretary to the"obvious importance" of the rescue, recovery and rehabilitation of Ms Begum as a child victim of trafficking, her lawyers said. She was a minor who had been radicalised and had travelled to Islamic State-group controlled territory without telling her family, they said. Within days she was in IS-controlled territory in Syria and was soon married to an IS fighter. She remains in a camp controlled by armed guards in northern Syria. She married an older ISIS fighter from the Netherlands within days of her arrival and had three children, two of whom died of disease or malnutrition, and a third, born after her capture, died of pneumonia. Media caption, Shamima Begum speaking to the I'm Not a Monster podcast, says she needed help from traffickers to reach Syria Sir James said Ms Begum had been "further radicalised and desensitised to violence" during her four years in IS territory before she was captured, and pointed out in her first interviews she expressed few regrets about travelling to join IS. She was found by the Times newspaper in a Syrian refugee camp in 2019. He added there have been cases where women have plotted terror attacks on the UK, and Britain had learned about the threat it faced in the "hard school" of "repeated deaths, including children, in the UK". Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player 3:44 'I didn't hate Britain, I hated my life' - Begum The government's Prevent counter-terrorism strategy said"safeguarding is at the heart of Prevent to ensure that individuals are not groomed" and promised:"We will respond quickly to support UK victims. Image source, Image caption, Tauqir Sharif started working for a charity in Syria in 2012 Tauqir Sharif, an aid worker from Walthamstow, also lost his citizenship for national security reasons.