Climate Change, Media

Climate Change, Media

Shame on CNN and the New York Times for ignoring the climate crisis | Kate Aronoff

Shame on CNN and the New York Times for ignoring the climate crisis | Kate Aronoff


Shame on CNN and the New York Times for ignoring the climate crisis | Kate Aronoff

Virtually every area of politics will be affected by global heating. So why couldn’t moderators be bothered to ask Democratic candidates about it?

What did we get instead? An entire round of questioning was kicked off by asking Bernie Sanders about his recent heart attack, and the last of the night asked candidates to opine on a surprising friendship like the one between Ellen DeGeneres and George W Bush. Amy Klobuchar – now polling at 1.6% – was asked to speculate about whether Democrats could get elected by running on universal programs like Medicare for All.

The Democratic National Committee chairman, Tom Perez, shares plenty of the blame too. As organizers with the Sunrise Movement demanded that Democrats hold a debate dedicated to the climate crisis this summer, Perez fought each step of the way to make sure it wouldn’t happen. His reasoning – explained in a defensive Medium post – was that there was no reason for a dedicated debate on something candidates were sure to bring up regularly. “I have the utmost confidence that, based on our conversations with networks, climate change will be discussed early and often during our party’s primary debates,” he wrote then, doubling down on a DNC rule that would penalize candidates for participating in any unsanctioned debates. So what happened?

As Fox News pumps out wall-to-wall coverage of a Green New Deal – trying to build the case against any sort of climate action – CNN should be ashamed of itself for letting a network perhaps best described as state media define the conversation about such a grave threat, failing to give advocates for that policy suite as much airtime as they’ve given to huckster climate deniers in the name of presenting “both sides” of a debate over science that never really existed.

Read more: The Guardian

And voters suppression !! Ummmm... what Why the surprise? The only crisis is the Democrat Party. I applaud CNN and the New York Times for not wasting time on a Hoax. Never thought i'd praise either outlet, but here I am...

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