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Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from tomorrow

Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from tomorrow

5/31/2020 11:20:00 PM

Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from tomorrow

The Government is to introduce new measures that permit people to have a maximum of one person to socialise in a private space but they cannot stay the night without a reasonable excuse

The Government is introducing new lockdown measures that prevent people from socialising (or gathering) with one person from outside of their household in a private space.Up until now the person visiting a house for sex would have been the one in breach of the measures - now both people would be able to be prosecuted under the law with a bill called Amendment Regulations being introduced in parliament tomorrow.

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For those couples looking for a workaround, having sex in a public place is already illegal.The new legislation explicitly bans being inside the house in a gathering of more than one person without a reasonable excuse.People who may be deemed to have a reasonable excuse are sports professionals, people attending funerals, vulnerable persons fleeing a risk of violence, carers and those with unavoidable work commitments.

For those attending a funeral of a loved one, rules encompass staying overnight to attend a funeral as a member of the deceased person’s household or a close family member of the deceased person.Meanwhile athletes are able to stay in a different location to their own residence if they are training for a competition - and this applies to an elite athlete, a coach and parent.

Others who are exceptions to the new rule are those moving house and people who need to obtain medical assistance.The UK has seen a shocking rise in domestic violence crimes during the lockdown and the new measures take this onboard permitting anyone who must escape a risk of harm to sleep at someone’s house.

Police have seen an increase in reports of domestic abuse while calls to a 24-hour helpline for victims are also significantly up.Writing on Twitter, Adam Wagner, a human rights barrister at Doughty Street, said that the police will no longer have powers to challenge the public carrying out activities outside of the home.

He wrote: “To be clear - from tomorrow - the police can no longer get involved with why you are outside of the place you are living.“No more power to direct people back home. No more power to fine for leaving / being outside of home without reasonable excuse.”

The Government has faced criticism after 'ignoring' vulnerable persons like the elderly in lockdown changes.People who have been shielding for weeks to protect themselves from coronavirus will hopefully get more tailored advice in the future, a Cabinet minister and senior medic have said.

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The Government has pledged to review guidelines on the clinically extremely vulnerable as part of each review of social distancing measures for the wider population.More than two million in England are said to be isolating alone with many feeling forgotten.

Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online Charities are demanding the Government makes public the evidence on which it has based its decision for the lockdown change, saying it has come "out of the blue" and "adds to the impression already created that the shielding group isn't high enough on its list of priorities".

The next review of shielding measures will take place in the week beginning June 15.Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, said the new change does not amount to telling people to stop shielding.He told the daily Downing Street briefing on Sunday: "We're not today asking people, or advising people, to stop shielding.

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Ok!! But it’s legal to have orgy in the park 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️ it will help identify the real father's West is tailgating Islam with a speed of 1,441years for one law Arslaninayat beta khyl kar, US main bi aisa hona ha!!! It's amaging go see morons debating if sex is a human right or not. Completely forgetting that human rights charter was documented by some morons who thought some ABC things are human right and some XYZ things are animal rights. These things don't exist in reality. Losers.

Sorry but I need head kweku_j24 fullstop Cue curtain twitching neighbours holding glasses to shared walls 🙄. 😂😂💔پاري تونج بوووه What do you mean, 'Illegal from tomorrow' It was illegal ever since the lockdown started, you weren't allowed to visit friends in other households at-all, let alone for sex. The only way to get in the loophole was to BECOME a single household.

Is this shifting towards Sharia Law? Just the same as Shafiq Khan wants masks to be made permanent, similar to making Niqabs and Burkas legal again? 🤔🤔🤔 More_Evolved Skarmory93 how does it feel knowing ur girlfriend is about to go prison and join a gang? Probably get a face tattoo. Might make my own shank.

fynvanilla There you go, stay safe! Hahaha 😂 What if it’s in a field KTHopkins This Gov is becoming a joke. You can't tell people what to do in their own private property and you can't stop them from using the public soil. Get over it. I've been married 43 years, no-one has sex in my house! Could you have sex in your house with a homeless person?

Neighbour that got the knock back. My missus must have known about this six months ago then Pathetic Jeez! What are folk thinking of here? Socially distanced sex! A new drama from Britain 'Sex In The House' Chance would be a fine thing 🤣🤣🤣 Easy workaround: just have sex at the funeral. God dammit 😫 Great job for this so meaningful & important news! Not sure why other media is not covering it & busy with old news from March 2020 about some Covid-19 pandemic.

Just do it anyway. Sasalurv Haibo!!!! 😯😮 They aren’t allowed in the house at all so I would have thought that was obvious anyway. katie_marwick Lockdowns a bit fucked now, isn’t it 😔😢 Sex in my house with someone I know would be a bleeding miracle! Would love to know how this will be enforced. Will they employ perverts to spy through bedroom windows?

eziketobe Lol Who's gonna call the cops? What about Blow Jobs.. Is that still allowed 😉😎 The stupidest story ever. It has no other purpose than to whip up fear and resentment of the government. ScumMedia personified. Question of legality comes only when someone knocks the door of court. Rest everything flows as normal

Dogging it is then So can we expect police 'snatch squads' now.? This is taking a right away, they can’t do this, or even police it lol It's good to see the government promoting incest and live-in brothels, at last. Does this apply to government official with poor eyesight? 😂 OK to have sex with your sister then? Asking for a friend🤔😳

It goes further than people realise. You can't put your house up for sale at the moment. You can't visit your mum, unless your her 'carer' etc, etc. Can have sex outside tho dogging Seems social distancing is the call here as well. Clearly satire It’s fair to have an “affair” but to practise it in ones personal space is illegal. Indeed, it’s the house that matters & not the person Einsteins!

But sex outdoors is fine then!! 🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣 They couldn't stop thousands of Pakistani paedophiles having sex with children in this country, how are they going to manage to stop two consenting adults from enacting their human rights. These people are bloody idiots. How about with person in another household not in my house but at third party place like hotel ... Law system needs an ISO certification.

Better do everything today itself!!! If two partners from different household goes to a third household is OK? So imagine yr neighbours dob you in (coz they're not getting any) and the cops show up. Are they gonna knock on noisy windows demanding I.D. You're avin a larf. Define household! Define legal !

Damn This means your wife can't cheat you and have sex with your friends in either their home or in your absence in your home.... Its this simple British Twitter Furious About Something Other Than Trans People For A Change Longshanks went to far this time! What is next? Prima nocta, the lords right to your bride on her weeding night? Wow!

And this will be policed how? My balls are about to be blue af from tomorrow Talk about the Tory nanny state. The royal family will be fine with this one! Sweet Home Alabama Good news for wankers. Good law Reznoz_OG glad we don’t live in the uk Is this a joke. Language Arts by Various Artists How hard is it to keep it in your trousers for the duration of the pandemic?!

Can anyone ( who usually does it ) actually reply to this and say they will be abiding by this nonsense? How many MPs will break this rule to do the dirty with their secretary and then get support from fellow party members when it leaks to the public estelle2009 Does Johnson realise this? JosephMoranYeeh

And just to be clear, this also applies to your dog. KathrynSincla12 That's UKLabour MPs fucked Good luck policing that. This law is made to benefit hotels MattyPlace_3 if I hear this one more time from u🤦🏼‍♀️ It's tough on singles and divorcees... Everyone else on the planet is from a different household...

Are you serious it's about UK? I mean what the Thank god I am not doing it in my house, so it's OK 😂 😂 So what if you both go to someone else house? Does that make it legal? Fucking ludicrous! What next no kissing? banzaibob11 what about dogging, then? Are we covered? Let's do it in the car instead, thats not illegal....

Are these people for real? Unenforceable Draconian bullshit. Would tantric sex count 🤔🤣🤣 What about the bank, can u go there to make a withdrawal So only the Muslims are getting laid...... You got police shooting protestors in America, and police in uk arresting people for shagging in their own beds. 2020 is mad

Emporor Augustus once made infidelity illegal.. Even tho he was shagging anything with a pulse.. I can't see this sticking.. coronacheat syeda0712 laughs in Muslim What are all the married footballers going to do does oral count Shit! I knew I should have done it yesterday! Who is going to check your house that you are going to sex with stranger 😁😁😁

I'm a bad bad boy then 😂 Do it outside with a group of six and a BBQ and you’ll be sweet 👌 though 👍👍 Now, this lawmakers needs brain tests. Rosie Duffield heading up the department British men& women: time for masturbation inside your home, in privacy 🔐. Make sure your neighbour doesn't see you. NoSexSaveLives right BorisJohnson?

How would they(LEAs) knw that its happening in tht house? June 2020 already started on a hight note 😂😂 thismustbeuncle urajya he.😅 Last time I had sex in my house with a person from another household. I realised I needed a 30 mile drive to test my eyesight. George Orwell wrote' 1984 ' as a warning; not an instruction manual

How about the garden shed with the window open? DannyP95_ Ain't buying it. This isn't real. The government wouldn't pass a law they have no way of enforcing like this mohmaaya 'For those couples looking for a workaround, having sex in a public place is already illegal.' Workaround is having sex in ' a public place.'.. Wonder who came up with such a workaround.. Legend 🙏🙏

mism_2020 The mind boggles. I've forgotten what that word means But you can shag them in your garden ;) Sorry I can’t come over anymore CFCEllis___ So we do it in public instead So if I go to someone else’s house, does that mean they are commiting a crime and not me? Can I move in with you then Ricey1970 😘

harryjkavanagh Oi mate, d'you boff have a sex loicense? Fuck it ive got a shed Oh crap, guess that means no more orgies for MPs and Lords So how many MPs will be jailed in the first week? Tabloid scum getting desperate for clicks I see.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 meeggsy How will you know? 😝👌 Ok I'm going for sex in their house so that's ok 🤣😂🤣

Screw that Johnson has made it a lifestyle? That's one way to fill up empty hotels. He’s punching How are the Kirby birds gonna pay their lemo bills now 😢🙏🏽 Will they be hiring Peeping Toms..just asking for a friend? order comes direct from holy sex department Use your best friends house! Gives a new meaning to walls have ears!!

Don't tell my wife.. So only people from your own house? Got it. It'ss all best avoided, virus or no virus. Brilliant ..... I'm nearly 50 and I have never had sex with someone I DO live with QuarantineLife LockdownLife IsolationLife SexIllegal NeverGettingLaidAgain Neil Fergusons got his in just in time! (yes, that can have a variety of meanings)

Not a problem Just when you think you’ve got your PPE for this sorted! 🙄 😂😂😂 Also for Pakistani? Is it ok outside though 🤔? So everyone from a Norwich gets to have sex but the rest of the country has to suffer? As if I needed another reason not to vote for the government! Enjoy enforcing this Nyarkoa__Yvette over to you

Yeah how will they ever be able to police that the thick m0rons 🙄🙄🙄 Exactly where does it say this? Who is policing this nonsense? What about in the car? We'll be taking up dogging then. Drive my car to an open space or park cos that's ok to do. It'll be part of our daily exercise 🤣 Wabona? Khulekani__ 💀😂

We're gonna need a bigger prison... I’m wondering already if DominicCummngs will have a work around for this as well! No doubt he will say his eyes were a bit weird, and that ‘he thought that taking himself for a spin would allow him to make a choice to go the whole journey or not. ‘ 😀😃😂 Bugger! As a married man I may have to get a lodger in. 💔

skymilletth ...BORIS! Ya let’s see how well this works out Here BorisJohnson this kinda fks u up eh 🤣 Bt if two parties hv agreed to work. Then it's no one's business skymilletth Who cares? We can all go to ikea instead. It’s similar to old laws about “Fornication” license.. or even better laws on prima nocta.. English laws..

is this Ferguson's law or the Duffield amendment It was big Norris wasn’t it Its goodnight John Boy then! If you buy The Mirror, you’re screwed already. Bolloxs. They will enforce a tax on sex before the end of this restriction. £2 a poke. I will do my bit to rid the uk of debt RosieDuffield1 FYI That's all your journalists screwed

lucykate_w sorry hun x I think they are deploying their undercover team. According to my wife the punishment is death. It has been so since right around when we started dating she said. Whoops... Well that's a wank idea Where will the racist grooming gangs take their victims for sex ? Oh I forgot the law doesn’t apply to them

allan21983 looks like park shagging is the way forward I'd love to know how they're going to monitor this Ridiculous. I feel like the government are focusing on the wrong things right now 😂 oraclexviii please be careful for your future endeavours. Pretty sure this rule will get a stiff ignoring. Get out, you two !

Why governments around the world so interested in controlling the personal (Sex) lives of consenting adults.... Definitely looks like Population Control All those sisters up north breath a sigh of relief 😂 And who the hell is going to police that ffs?🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ That way the UK will boost its budget and mid range hotels, especially for overnight stay. Or an innovative hourly business model can be adopted!

good luck enforcing that FirstAD_ ''sex crime'' joe02crowl How the hell do you police this one? Surely the police have better things to do than spy on folks like a voyeuristic gestapo? 😳😳😳 Let me get this clear .... SEX INSIDE MY OWN HOME IS OKAY THEN .... Always the car. Just don't tell our MP's Does it apply to politicians?

Luckily I’m married. But this is an infringement of human rights to couples who have been dating for a long time. How long is this effing law going on for? LTHlondon What civil servant goon came up with this idea ? They are determined to keep the population down This just isn’t right it’s almost sinister in a very strange way Who the hell came up with this one !! Crazy world 😱

Dam 🤭🤭🤭🤭 Fucking government trying to stop me getting my end away with the postman's wife. Bastards So not illegal if neither of you are in your own home but someone else's. 'House swap for sex' ads soon appearing in local papers 🤣🤣🤣👍🏼 naomi_marrone Jakes getting it A nosy neighbor looking out between their curtains may call the police to come knocking at your door! Ha! Ha! I immediately thought of that comical British TV show: Keeping Up Appearances. 😆

Wtf... the world has gone mad Will the sane people please take the helm Make it illegal all together. Srajan244 pls follow above one Recent reports suggest dogging in the UK has gone up by 75% 🤔😏 It’s hard enough to get it in the same house hold it’s called Marriage 🌝 Well looks like I’ll be having sex in the garden then🤷‍♂️

overeach from's now a tyranny..propping up a hoax I see Kevin_Maguire is keeping it classy 😒 Sex in your house with a person from another household illegal from tomorrow, for You meer mortals, NOT US! There, fixed it for you. Your welcome😝😂dictatorship FlattenTheFear prayforkylewalker

How does it feel to live dangerously, baby? rebecca_haye We can meet 5 people now yet it's illegal from today to have someone from outside your household in your home without a good reason! Just tell them you’re following you instincts and doing what you think is best regardless of the rules. It’s worked wonders for those in/around government recently.

Yeah Boris is not gonna tell me who I can or cannot shag Well I aint bangin my mum so take me away mr officer Damn. Will have to invite a homeless person back. What a total total loads of old bollocks ! Well my wife wouldn’t put up with it How are they going to reinforce that? They’re going to rely on all of us telling on each other again. (Which many people are now sneering at in light of the whole DominicCummings situation When someone told about him being up in Durham.) 🤦🏻‍♀️

PritishNandy Nice way to promote hotel rooms Households on the Isle of Wight not affected then Oh, so I’m not allowed to shag my wife’s sister in my house but I’m allowed to have sex with my mum in the garden. Ridiculous. I wasn't having an affair. I was testing my eyesite. billmylesfry But not outside, presumably

यहां तो कुछ भी नहीं हो सकता 🤭 Couple households rn💀: Does that mean we all need to have a shag in a field like Katie Hopkins did? And can it be a field in Durham? For I feel the other option might make me go blind, so I'll have to drive there to check. 🤣🤣🤣 shut your curtains Grindr’s going under then...

People won't listen to this. 😂 You can still do it in someone’s garden though by the beach 👍🏼 Is it still ok to do it household? People from Alabama loving this one rn unaffected 😂🙌🏼 Except if it’s Cummings Oh well, I’ll just have to stick with the missus now then🙄😂 Damnnn! How cursed is my house I wonder how government officials will be able to Cumm 🤷‍♂

Lol 😆 How the feck is that going to be policed What about in the garden? Someone better tell the PM. Lol. Damn! The one day of the year... Heard everything now ..... how will they police this then What is sex From today, sales of sex toys & carrot🥕 will increase & break the record of all previous years. washingtonpost guardian

She needs to sign the rental agreement first? Always more bloody admin! But the shed's still fine, right 😁😁 ‘This law contains an exclusion clause for people living in Norfolk’ Avon lady, brace yourself! Only in England. Wales,Scotland and N Ireland can bang away My milkman will be pissed off So, where is it legal? 😂

Lol renae_lanzon 🤔? That’s tomorrow’s dogging trip buggered Can I just put the tip in 😂 ffs, how are they monitor this then? What if you erect a tent in the back garden? 'Excludes athletes in training for a competition' - worst chat-up line ever. Dogging becomes most popular uk hobby Itemboy_ Till today was it ok

What say GaneshPuttu ? I’ll be ok then I live in a bungalow American licence for leg ower incoming What nonsense, absolutely trappling over our civil liberty! So it is 'illegal' to have any new relationships? cordeliers No it isn't! And if ANYONE wearing a collar and lead tries to TELL you to do something, simply tell them to Fuck OFF!

But..But.. polygammy When the UK people say how shit the US government is, show them this. So today it’s legal? Great!! A bit harsh.... What if you live alone? Yup and who is gonna know what's going on behind closed doors? lol you'll have nosy neighbours watching a couple obeying the rules in a garden, but if they go inside...they're having sex!! Call the police!!

Wolves fans will be fine they will have their sister as 'special company' Won't bother most Mirror readers; they'll be having a one-in-a-bed romp as usual. 😉 Interesting Not if they don’t stay overnight 🤡s Whos gonna police that 🤔 wack 😂😂😂 Great so Sex is still legal unlike cow slaughter. Will they beat the offenders with lathis ?

Thought April 1st was bleeding months ago, twats 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So only, marriage, live-ins and incest allowed? Efyaaaaaaaa Well they can go fuck themselves. Looks like you won’t be having anymore gay orgies for a while then RichardSparkes3 I guess many “cleaners” and “nannies” will now be getting a pay rise?

This is one way to get the economy booming hotel room will be fully booked What if I look after next doors dog? 😂😂😂😂great even ban six for 1 year People in Alabama.💀💀💀 mfc_1876 the garden it is then 🤷‍♀️😂😂😘 Getting stupid now rileycp01 😬 So it's ok in the garden up against the shed (apart from the splinters and the neighbours looking on)!

AmeliaHelliwel1 😂cba with you calling the cops on me Get dogging people ! So dogging is fine? Oh for god sake, why is this even a thing? If you’re not supposed to go into people’s houses, then you’re not going to have sex are you? I swear our government just make stupid rules for the sake of it. AbangMercy Wish the uk govt luck Imposing this law .... 🙄 Just like that the fundamental rights to privacy got snatched away.

I was gonna say we'll just have to do it outdoors but they already have that one covered What about in the garden 🧐 That's gonna piss off a lot of politicians. How will they carry on their extramarital affairs? What the fuck? Horny couples Is foreplay OK? notmabdulle AbdiTV 😂😂😂 wysssss I wonder what the government are going to do next bring out a licence!

Out in the front garden it is then LaurennHarrigan Hmmmm how about nope How the heck are they gonna enforce this 😂😂 Ok today then!!!! What about in their house? The good people of Norfolk and Alabama will be delighted with this What about back of a car? Wait for the increase in glory hole-ing....... Rioting in London is OK though.

Is this a joke? In door sex is shit anyway 😂 prefer out doors '...people attending funerals, vulnerable persons fleeing a risk of violence, carers and those with **unavoidable work commitments**.' I'd count sex workers as having *unavoidable work commitments* This UK numbskull gov: put your left leg in your left let out?! Which is it?

It’s only in England though. So us Scottish people can continue the hallway sessions? Right! It’s also illegal with most of the people already in your household too. FullFact ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 WillieSirWillie Lmao 😤😂 CommonSense But BJs should be OK, right? 1m between faces? Time to bust the VR sets then... Lmao

Are we OK at work with another staff member on the QT😜😜 Well shops pubs and restaurants are closed so £50 well spent Kellyxbelly2017 Everyone out onto the front lawn then I guess. Bit different from the Dutch approach I'll give it a week before someone in government gets caught doing this. Then the law will be hastily changed to imply that it wasn't broken in the first place.

I knew that tracking app was going to used for more than just covid-contact checking! Umm 🤔 so who you supposed to have sex with? Your family? Tf is this ? But this is OK Read more: Twitter: | Facebook: And how do the police intend to actully enforce this That won't stop Boris laurencereed something for your show? Haha

Are you people now practicing Sharia law ! What about if we say that we're just testing whether our dicks are working? My husband commutes for work we’ve been married 25 years and you are telling me it’s ILLEGAL to have sex with him 😂😂 I should be so lucky. Probably fake news 😂 You've got to be fkn joking can't have no fun

Any covidiots still thinking this is about a virus? Do yourself a favour, go read 1984 and then we’ll talk. Gotta do it in the garden during the BBQ with 6 other people that we’re allowed to have then. Checkmate. Nice to see how they're going to police that then I'll just continue not having sex with the one in my household, then. Problem solved. Now, let's sort out world peace and hunger...

Everyone joking about the sex angle of this but it’s far more serious. As of today you cannot invite into your home a person of your choosing. The government has banned you from having who you want IN YOUR OWN HOME. It was bad enough being dictated to in public but this... cordeliers You can have sex if you need to test your eye sight.

suckerforRetro luxxgiaa Back to the warm apple pie then 😀 Time to take them girls to No10 downing Street. Bed police, special force from tomorrow So they’re going to fine people for having basically paying for sex which is prostitution.....which is illegal 👀🤣 No. Have you not seen the gatherings in London? Don't make me laugh

If this is such a dangerous risk why the hell are they saying things are fine and we can start reopening and relaxing restrictions on public locations. 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣 What about sex in someone else's house with someone from another house? me being driven away naked from his house tomorrow 🚨🚔 fuucking do one. this is just embarrassing!! the level of fascistic control that is trying to be exerted is frightening and we need to make a stand

Norfolk should be fine. that'll piss the milkman off. LynseyClaire_ gutted for you x Use the terrace! Really? Should I make a report if I knew someone is doing that? king_mings40 damn you’re gonna have to move in bro So sex is basically in the same category of ramming a heroin needle into your arm 🤣🤣🤣 this has to be cap!

What are the MPs going to do now?! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Solution: Borrow someone else's house. Thanks for clarifying They suggesting we fuck family? Cos that ain’t it sis. Travel ban on cummings? That's just England though yeah adorey_stephen Jesus there's one our clowns never thought of, just a matter of time,, ...ow sorry we're not supposed to have sex in holy Ireland, that's just for the priests and bishops etc.

Interesting, the disgusting cretins in power are trafficking and raping children and getting away with it!? shreemiverma type of content u rt haha Who's policing this? That's alright then for people from Wolverhampton How did Cummings get that one past Johnson? But then he probably didn't even bother looking at it as its more than three words.

But it's fine to gather in a crowds of thousands to chant fuck the police at a gate. Okay then. 😜 There go my chances with Rachel McAdams. I thought it was easier as of tomorrow Dogging is about to get really popular loophole msg_297 lols With this would happen in Ghana 😭😭😭 Lmao how the fuck do they even want to check that?

they using track and trace for this as well, dear me, the level of stupidity get's better Well then it seems like BorisJohnson is going to be in trouble. Maybe you should be door stepping this public figure 🤔 JamesMc_14 DanielBadrock Government is simply trying to promote Oyo. lol the fk aaronsholding MatthewJToms D_ATaylor

Difficult when your husband is home So it's SEX SEX OVER THE PHONE! So 50 pounds for a one nighter? Seems ok Am I being thick here? I live on my own. To bring someone into my home is breaking the rules. If I see them in the garden, I still have to distance.... am I the only one It always was. Otherwise my OH would be a bit annoyed. 😆

Wait but we can have sex with people in the same household? Nice! Can’t wait to tell me sis So the Tories have dumped their lovers as of Wednesday then, or will they just meet them in a park instead or Barnard Castle probably will do What if I just ‘dip the tip in’ Am I only an 8th illegal then? Limbs in Norwich

'Sex [...] with a person...' This is hurting my head a lot Sex with a house is just weird bro 😟 fdygbaja Well well well How are they going to police this one? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 chels_smxth Sorry had to tag you in this, quite amusing That's buggered it for a number of Labour and SNP politicians. People have been doing this the whole time it’s a bit late

Nothing for me to worry about....... teethlad gonna have to shag in the park :// Loving the comments! 😂😂😂 So how is this going to be controlled then? Johnson has shot himself in the foot with than one eh. What about in their house? gunelley 👀 Is it ok to say that people don't give a toss about the lockdown other than the vulnerable and those the govt has shit scared. This virus was already slowing before the lockdown. The end of the lockdown will result in a slight uptick but the virus is done-apart from vulnerable

But the garden's still fine yeah? Is it ok in my garden then 🤔 LTHlondon can we do it in the bushes or fields then? Guess we will have to compromise. Alexa play bacc seat by Roddy rich 😇 chriscwoody1 think you need to show your brother this. Larry356788 Will stop all the politicians shagging rent boys ILLEGAL? Prisons are full enough already!

What an absurd headline. And who's gonna check like, idiots For fucks sake Well... that's me f*cked! My imaginary girlfriend doesn't live in my home, just my head, which is always elsewhere! 🤡 How will they know - Will GCHQ bw watching through you mobile phone camera, listening through your smart TV? CarriesLaw

A law that can’t be enforced and no one will obey. Might as well as be pissing in the wind. Is everything okay at Number 10 ? 🙄 Safeee man So the restrictions are starting to lift which is a positive thing and the mirror spin it into a negative, well done to everybody that fell for there click bait 😂 Ffs I was struggling when it was legal 😤

This is crazy. Look at the level of control they are putting on everyone and most people are following like sheep ffs You do know it’s the 1st June not 1st April 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 How on earth can you even police it. This is some dummy repressed UK shit Illegal sex sounds so hot I do not know who will be more happy my brother or me?

Hasnt it been illegal since the start of the lockdown? Although judging by the Labour MP's you wouldn't have thought so.🤔😂 Too late for RosieDuffield1 Guess I’m going to be a criminal now... don’t feel like one So, sex outside then? Where do you suggest? What about at a castle? Gov pushing pro public sex agenda

if two consenting adults enjoy sex in hotel /resort /yacht? XladeOrain This is madness!! 😂😂😂 Pin this on pabloclavers door. Anasumbua yvonnebuluma sana Government policy is illegal they can all go and jump in a very deep dark hole. Inciting riots UK Government FreedomOverFear WakeUpWorld What about 69?

From this day forward, to be known as the Duffield - Ferguson Law. So you can only have sex with your girlfriend if you live with them? 😂 fucking hell how can they make this law when government can’t even obey it themselves 😂 What about in a tent in the back garden? The government in UK needs to be deposed for this. But the Brits will, of course, accept this.

what a mess. I'm Cumming Well, why not go round to their house? What if i have an eyesight problem and mistakenly copulate with my neighbor? Ridiculous and the more these stupid rules come out the more we're gona end up in a mess like the USA What about in a car 😂😂😂😂😂 What will all those Labour MPs do now?

What if you need to check your eyesight? This government are fucking useless, they bring in new laws way too late weeks after the peak instead of when it may have been needed grafjacks ill be busy today..... Back to the whole marriage thing tomorrow (must be a special holiday or something) Line up men!! 🤪

What about if you’re Dominic Cummings? He’s got dodgy eyesight so might not even know it’s someone from another household. .....and how might they police that one ? 🙄 Pfft I've been not having sex with a person from another household for years Has anyone let Kyle Walker know? Interesting. Permission Required? This Is 'Inspector Raaj'

What about dogging mattcuerden Neil Ferguson doesn't think this is valid and he is supposed to know. “Unless you want to test your eyesight”. Who’s gonna police it? So how do they police this. Will there be a olive officer in every bedroom or home throughout the country. Total utter crap. I will double my effort and visit even more damsels in distress for greater, more intense fornication that ever before.

How will BorisJohnson cope with this? Charley_Louise What if you're a cleaner exercising judgement & the other person, while clearly wanted does not persuade you to break the rules yet you inadvertently fall into that other person? In short we apply the bush theory🤔🤔🤔 The latest premise in taboo porn.

So outside is fine then ? That's labour mp's knackered then. Yeah lol fuck that. Letter boxes are set to become the new Glory Holes up and down the UK Nice Clickbait title, you that desperate for clicks? No surprise given how stagnant you are Oh well the dogging is OK then? What I’m hearing is that I can have segz 😏

You’ll have to stop coming around then love DemiRoseMawby I’m sorry but I’m a law abiding citizen. Is it ok to go to theirs though? I came in assuming this was an article from The Onion... How are you going to enforce it ? Peep in ? What about sex with a person, not from your house, in a house that neither of you live in? Asking for a friend...😳

So basically Neil Ferguson did nothing wrong as he wasn't the one breaking the rules when his bit on the side visited him for sex..... The only thing I believe in the news papers is the date, and I double check that. Always amusing to see the poverty of instinct in the current tabloid editing. You're pushing a story that would have just about had traction in 1978 for people with no life!

😂😂😂 the law is going to be fucked ten ways from sunday in my house , good luck enforcing that one you cretins . Will they install camera in every house hold to monitor this ? A feed going to PM's office from every household ? What about in some bushes? Who will police these matters ? Typical labour paper Talking about sex

Have they got a tracker for this too 😂😂😂 Apparently this doesn’t count in Worcester 🤣🤣 Fuck sake. Now I’ve got more friends on tinder than on Facebook YerAuldFaither Car sex and alfresco sex numbers are set to sky rocket like Falcon 9 and Space X !! 😂😂😂😂 Which perv gets to monitor this like? Dominic Cummings can’t - he’s blind although got a pretty appropriate surname...

Ha ha they can get stuffed basically human right right to found a family and get married lock me up I’ll get plenty in nick Is there a loophole where I can drive to Durham and it suddenly makes it okay? Dafuq you mean Not sure the UK Govt fully thought this through. This will seriously impinge Boris Johnson's extra curricular activities ....

BS! Anything to get clicks! Here come the riots KurlyKrissy lol Haaaa! Seriously? Heard it all now. COVIDIDIOTS beware. Doubt they'll listen. Carrie Symmonds can see the signs, last ditch attempt to keep her man faithful! Cummings has come up with a new idea to maintain government popularity - stop breeding opportunities to increase citizens who will challenge them! sackcummings

So folk just shag in their garden then. How will Boris father any more illegitimate children? Boris will break it first then defend himself on TV stating that he was just doing what any other father would do 😂😂 😂😂 Wow totalitarian much? The UK is a dumpster fire To think, there were protests in London today lol

I’m sure cottaging in Durham is an exception. What about the garden though? Aside from the (IMHO) clickbait headline, how many Tory MPs will have broken this rule just waking up this morning? It's still okay to drive to a tourist attraction on my wife's birthday to 'test my eyesight'? (asking for no one's friend)

Can’t wait to tell the wife. Might as well be living in Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic shithole. Must be a fucking joke. Lol Im not stupid i will have sex in their house But ok in the garden? Even on the counter? It wasn't me. Just marry them instead. Same difference. 😉 TheOnion pls respond. OLC517 What about traveling to Durham while I'm sick, and then taking my wife, who is also sick, to see a fucking castle? Asking for a prick named Dominic.

Just can have sex in your garden then with up to five people. 😀 But is it illegal in Durham? manbers_ GoldiPeters sorry, tomorrow is off 😞 The headline though🤷🏻‍♀️🤔🤔 I feel for partners who don’t live together. This is just going to cause massive breakups in relationships. What if both people have been away from anyone else but just see each other?

does RosieDuffield1 know Good lord! The state is a ridiculous beast 😀 What a load of shit. As if Good thing no girl finds me attractive enough to even touch my hand so I’ll be fine So it’s illegal in mine so I can go to theirs 🤣😈😂 Incelesque 😂 That's Boris fucked (no pun) Why? Someone better warn Johnson!

It's ok on Hampstead Heath so long as it's in groups of no more than 6. So take it outside boys and girls...🙄👍😂 This is a joke right? So incest is okay. Finally some good news. Totally unenforceable. It's been happening since 'lockdown' began without enforcement what's going to change it ? Sharia DJPayne87 gutted for u and Sam

Alabama boutta go crazy Anyone that is interested, I will be renting out my secluded garden by the hour. What apartment complexes?🤔 Now there’s a problem. Can I take this for granted With your eyes over me? In this place This wintery home I know there's always someone in Sex crime Sex crime Nineteen eighty four And so I face the wall Turn my back against it all How I wish I'd been unborn Wish I was unliving here Sex crime Sex…

What if you meet in a park? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Even Ingsoc didn't manage to outlaw sex. AirstripOne JacobArkle unlucky skidda Has someone told Johnson? Yeah right.... How about my garden? hard to tell if it's the people hating labour party or fun hating conservatives who thought this one up. likely signed off by both.

BorisJohnson so does that mean neil_ferguson will be getting charged for his little slip and slide with that married bird!! HA! Jokes on them, i have no house! hang on love I'm just gonna test my eyesight 🤣🤣 People can't be incest ffs. Someone start a Anti-Incest revolt please. How exactly are they gonna enforce this?

cfcmariee 😞gonna have to do it in your garden prince Andrew was glad to hear that Good job Blackford got his little trip for a shag out the way . All these new rules you can understand why some people get confused and don't know if they are Cumming or going he he I live alone so no worry's about me braking that rule

I’m sure MPs will find a way around it Unless you're Cumming Sex ? jakewalcott 👀 Desperate for clicks since your Wuhan Virus hoax has been exposed. Off to the park we go That's ok pay your partner to do the plumbing lol Then I say, let's have sex in the streets! That is if it's illegal in your own home. Aloha snackbar

That’s me and my albino ex Hey, UK. You guys wanna try this revolution thing? It works great against shithead governments. Gamers: Pfft, this is too easy to avoid 😎 Taylor Swift would get a life sentence 🤡🌎 So they want people to bang outside, is that it? GilesBrunt Don't move to Tasmania Anti-Peaches law.

Even if this is true, how the hell are you going to in force it? Is some kind of resurrected Cornish law? Got a loisonce for that sex mate I have a feeling there's going to be a lot of sex happening outdoors from tomorrow 😂 What a joke GuanahStephen How will anyone know? Sex should only be for the sole purpose of procreation.

On the lawns OK, though? People need to oppose this madness! It's nothing to do with sex with another person. It's the government trying to have complete control over us. I will not comply with this rule. This madness has to be stopped. This can’t be real lol So does that mean one person can not come over just to hang out in a private space?

Really? Oops...lucky I got it in tonight 😂😂 Athletes are exempt, time to get fit people. Wtf is the British government smoking? So you can’t visit one other persons house yet you can sit on a busy beach/green in groups next to another massive group who you don’t know and who have wheeled out a bbq and the garden furniture to spend the day next to each other and not get moved done with the gov.

what if I just jerk off on them....thats still cool right? We’re not in Alabama😂 mollie_fuma This is a ploy to entrap opponents to the regime. They'll make sure that their own cultists will be protected, but anyone who disagrees with Dear Leader Cummings and his minions will feel the full force of the gossip law coming down on them.

I’m a virgin and it sucks. kylewalker2 😉 Ok It's been legal until today? Oh just try and fucking stop people. Until the government can stick to the rules and enforce them among themselves, how can they reasonably expect the public to. MitchellSmith80 no shagging tomorrow or i’m reporting you Arrest me then ✌🏾

Nothing on visiting castles? Odd. I thought they’d be *something* on visiting castles. Oh well. Just break into some else’s house I can only presume that everyone stopped listening to this drivel weeks ago. 😂 mcfc172 you wont have ANY issues following this rule tbf😁😁 Norfolk, just saying But what if you're husband and wife? Like some couples live apart because they say it's better for their relationship. Weird how Cummings can do what he did but you can't have sex madness!

That's only gonna make me cum sooner. Thanks a bunch. ChristianO278 L If you listen carefully you can hear Fiat 500 twitter crying I don`t think this is going to affect me. My wife won`t allow it anyway!🤣 Jokes aside. People should be concerned about how nonsensical it is and the sinister motives behind it. There's literally not one thing about this whole 'virus' nonsense fiasco that makes any sense anymore!. What nonsense tyrannical draconian nonsense will they implement next?.

But we can’t have unlimited exercise? Make up your minds sha This has been the law in Alabama for ages now *laughs in homeless* Speechless. Bwahahahahahaha. Now that is some dystopian shit What about if we both went to someone else’s house and the owner just went and stood in the garden? Ikyfl lmaooo What about the dog?

I better find a sexy chic to move with any offers 😜😀 Damned if imma start listening now 🖕🏻 😂😂😂 *step siblings entering the chat* If you've all been locked up and unable to go to anyone else's house, hasn't it been illegal since March? Come again If COVID wasn’t already the biggest cockblock Well they always said ending the family unit was the plan. So now essentially all new relationships are illegal 😂😂. Get back to the circus. Wtf is going on?. Honestly?...this has got nothing to do with a virus now.

RandyNorton_ vjw_x that lingerie tho amaright Pucker up! what 😂 So ..... they can come round to your house for a barbecue, but not for a quick bonk !! Who the hell is going to police that ? 😂No more fornication & adultery, just like the bible says! If you incest Well it’s understandable tbh to stop the virus

What if it forms part of an eye test Wibian12 Does it Count up the arse? Me tommorow ChloeCarlin4 My wife made that rule 15 years ago... LOL wow. I was seriously considering moving to the UK too. Huge L. Surely this is a joke right? How on earth can you even check what people are doing? 😂 Oh fuck right off!

People from Alabama right now: 'Well I think we can accommodate that easily enough', commented committed European Josef Fritzl. Mr Fritzl is 85. But they’re opening schools? I’ll just give her a key then 🙂 shelb_kyra Me calling the police when i hear my neighbour inviting their partner round Looks like digging is going to be on the rise 😂

As is any other activity, surely. As it was yesterday? But you can protest with thousands side by side for a crime being committed in America. Er... so what law is that I don’t see that on our magma carta Well that's plans gone Fuck Lol. Sooo.... They want you to fuck your sister? What is this nonsense? What about in a car? 👀

weeglo_xo u heard them babe x And what about sex in another household with a person from your house? Utter BS🤮 Fucking finally Tomorrow never comes......cough cough.... But, you can barbecue the brains out of people. Ah, so that's why dozy Rosie isn't being pursued. That's OK then. 🙄🙄 who'd of thought this would ever be a headline in 2020? mental times...

So this won't change anything for the people of Alabama. Will there be a fine or scarlet letter stitched on to the clothes? sadladbun oops Mrs Brad says she is willing to enforce this with a frying pan to my head.😯 'It's been so long since I had sex I can't remember who is meant to tie up who'. - Woody Allen

Just record it on video, it becomes a porno, and thus falls under the « unavoidable work commitment » Ya what lad? What if you know them? This just in: being a hoe now illegal. sorry madisonbeer gonna have to cancel 😔 Clickbait headline from a trash tabloid. JackRog59055655 ohgodits_ste well that’s us fucked

What's the point of this?! So many have stopped following social distancing now anyway. Good luck enforcing that! What about in the garden, or a tent? So we’re allowing full contact sports, meet ups outside, the high risk population allowed out, but 1 person in your house is illegal? Though before now, for the past 2 months of spread, it has been perfectly fine? The English government remains king of mixed messages.

How about under the tree at Durham Castle, the police seem to be a bit more lenient there!!! “But you can have sex with someone from another household in their house!” - Boris Johnson, 2020 kamranpasha We having a gangbang but it's ok cuz it's gonna be a riot... WTF! How are we going to reproduce? No. the only person ive ever had sex with is my stepfather anyway

omo government officials will still break this one Are the government still trying to implement rules? Oh fuck right off Boris and Dom. BigBazzaB you’ll have to just move in then 🙃 What about in my garden? What if we live in flats? It's been illegal throughout lockdown. The change is that both parties are now responsible, and not just the visiting party.

But it's OK in the garden with up to 6 people So this is how it's going to go down: Let us vaccinate you or you wont be able to be intimate with your boyfriend, girlfriend or your tinder match. Get lost I am still ok to watch my neighbours though? Shagging in protest at the government sounds good to me All enquiries DM me for details ...

joonyam27 Wtf man Johnson from the Rose Garden next week: 'I did what any father would have done' katybagshaw_ Missus stopped me doing that years ago. Well that’s Boris fucked.......or not actually... Argh fuck sake didn’t know I was gonna have a cop in my bedroom 24/7 The comment is funnier than the news itself 😂😂😂

Sex was never given by government therefore cannot be taken away by them. Emily__AH sad times!! 😪 I'm sorry but this one has finishhhhh meeeee, they keep implementing the impossible 😂🤣😭🤣😭🤣 But is it legal with the cleaner or the gardener? Or in the park with up to 5 others? 🤔 Taboo Okay well just spoon naked under sheets at 3am. Thats legal.

That's me not fucked, then. Would love to see Ferguson charged then. But this is so fucking stupid. People have the right to intimacy and sex is part of building a relationship. This is stupid What if you drive to durham? Why are people surprised by this? It's the same rule as lockdown has always been.....stay 2 metres away from anyone not in your household 🤷‍♂️

Wtaf 👀🤣 ! Nobody is listening to the law anyway, it’s a sham. Everyone near me is having parties and doing as they please. The police have zero capcity for this or care. Try reporting a lock dosn beach they will do nothing and state ‘we are really busy but thanks for letting us know’. you just need to say you are protesting together under the BLM banner and all will be well

If the government assume the British population are all promiscuous swingers then a spike in dogging must surely follow! That will stop my wife from shagging haha LOL What's sex Could be me, but somehow I see this as nothing to do with COVID-19 but everything to do with total control and basically making it difficult to have relationships. Guess it's ok if you have a live in relationship, but in reality you could be prosecuted for dating!!

They want us to die or lose our minds init Just end this fantasy lockdown nonsense now!. Just do it in the garden instead robz26 😂😂 xx Jesu Oh no, what is no knickers Rosie going to do now? rizalxv Damn StephenGAWA , a field it is then 😂😘 Unless you're a Tory MP What about technology lessons? Not the Onion. Real life.

George Costanza might have gone to prison for committing adultery. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 beckysmalll I'm calling complete BS at this. It's in direct contradiction of the exact measures that they've just relaxed. And how do you plan to enforce that 😂😀😂 Don't sound very Boris to me.

liatrueba do it in garden then. How about “persons” sillypig123 watch yourself Well, they banned Menthol cigarettes, so what's new? JEvans2042 what’s going on over there xD seaned75 BrownNUFC 🙄 'Challenge accepted.' if it's forbidden in YOUR house... come to MY house instead?!?!?! But we can have unlimited exercise? Make up your minds sha

alcrann fuck The park was a routine establishment in the Victorian era so I suppose the Tories would be legit with that then... And if there's one thing we've learned from abstinence programmes, it's that telling people not to have sex always works out. ___natx fionajones92 us virgins are safe then That's Boris knackered then

Ahh no Cummins and goings😂 Imagine grassing someone up to the police cause you can hear their bed rocking Even your wife? Cos literally she's from her parents house and that's entirely another household. CampbxllEra huge L what about in their house I thought it was permitted as long you maintained the 2m social distancing which is a form of safe sex. That's good, yeah?

Why is this what they worried about ffs man mxsteeex oh it’s real Lol stfu Isn’t that a commandment of some shite? Lol Noooo I wanna know who gone stop me Oh no. All that sex I've definitely been doing. Ruined. rhysstebbingss gutted F.U.C.G! Gonna have to be in the garden then Makafuiii_ Oh? Ok Boris people from Liverpool are fine then

Dogging ok though with up to 6 people outside. But I’ve put the signs up 😳😍🖕 What about on the roof CHO is out then If you think the government can tell people who they can have sex with in their own homes , that they have worked hard for, they own, frankly they can fuck off... Unavoidable work commitments? There’s some wriggle room there ;-)

No chance of me complying 👌 LucyyKT It’s not illegal if you wear socks. How about a undocumented cottage on my parents estate? will just shag her in the woods then no worries NevesSZN1 mudded c0ncetta guess we’ll have to reschedule:/ What about in the garden? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️👀😂 Meh, just do it outside then

FFS STOP THIS NONSENSE!!! Unlucky if ur from Norwich Shit so it's now the law as well as the missus not wanting me to do that Oh bugger. That's my Monday up the swanee. ok public sex it is. _chloewiggett Can you do everything else though? Asking for a friend 🤣 how would they know if me & my bf had sex? lol

Make it permanent So if I’ve read this correctly I can have sex with a professional sportswoman, a gardener or a cleaner. Don't bother me if they made sex illegal with a person from the same household. This is dreadful, all my tinder matches will be truly devastated Screams incest AmbroseBarnaby What about castles?

I'll let my mum know not to bother coming round then 🙄 Think they need to sort out the packed beaches first, this country is doomed. Bholarjeee We have to organize a meeting point 😅 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Are we expecting dogging to become a national pastime at this point? What if they do it under a tree outside as nature intended.

But how would you know? 👀 Ha. Good luck. Things are getting silly now. What if it’s with an estate agent? Get to fuk What ! So it wasn’t before ? 😩 I’ve been missing out Only applies to Labour Mps Y’all have no better laws to enforce? How much is the fine. but with yourself is still legit right? 😂😂😂 best one yet. Wise up

But I thought u could meet up with 6 people ? 😂😂😂 Illegal? Show me where this law was passed? Found a loophole lads 'People who may be deemed to have a reasonable excuse are sports professionals, people attending funerals,' How about a hand shandy then? They’re not serious, so what of people that are sex starved, or don’t the govt. know that lack of a sexual partner is now a disability

Hahaha ... Dogging is the way forward So a hand job with gloves on not o.k either😒😒 This is becoming dystopian Whaaattttt pardon? Enjoying reading all the comments like: miserablesatire Oh, somebody better tell Neil!! LOL This is so wrong. What about in a park with upto 4 others from different households & we promise to wash our hands after?

Is this only going to apply in England? Does that include Cyber Sex? Some people still do it anyway. bizzleosikoya Wth is going on. Ive worked all the way through lockdown, If I do meet up with someone, who I was with earlier this year who has also worked all the way through. You can get to fuck. nocummingsjokeshere

'those with unavoidable work commitments' . So escorts should be fine to come around then? Hold my beer.. 😂😂... The baron spell is about to escalate April 1st every day I’m sure if it You missed to say : 'It's for your safety! .... The supermarkets are now full of sex starved women, its worth queuing up.

What?!?!? If you listen to these rules then you deserve not to have sex, it’s called natural selection, you’re not meant to reproduce! This cant be a real law. Its none of their fn business what people do in private, how would they know? cant ask wont tell . Ignore this rubbish AmbroseBarnaby Sorry rex_arms and TSSVLUFC tomorrow’s cancelled

I am glad to see that the government is continuing to alienate as many people as possible so that everyone can just stand up and end this lockdown. I am assuming that even the most ardent lockdown fanatics have basic desires, or at least that their friends/family do! Good luck enforcing that one 🖕 A person in your house from another household isn't currently allowed anyway under lockdown rules, so obviously it includes sex. Why from tomorrow? I don't get it. Is it illegal or just a breach of lockdown? Laws have to be passed by parliament.

Unless you have a 6ft member! Never seen so much bs in my entire life and I’ve seen a lot In the crisis, people find them walking in Islamic way, cleaning as Muslims, precautions which they takes is just daily habit in Islamic people, Islamic way is not stranger, it is your nature which you'll back to it

Whose going to be checking that? How about in the garden What if it’s in my landlord’s house? What about in the park? Oh.. So making people take room in a hotel.. and rebuild the economy... 🤔 Daily Sport Mirror can do it in the car then leemhacker1 didn't say nothing about dogs though. Bring them rescues round mine next week usual time

How did they get Bloody Johnson to agree with that one? That should be. Thanks Been thinking about this and cannot for the life of me remember what sex is. What about the Houses of Parliament. What about a balcony? Outside the house 🤔 Knew I was doing something wrong ROFL!! Chance would be a fine thing....

Can you put it through the letter box? This is scandalous, so the government are now saying it is illegal to have a basic human privilege, isn’t that a breach of human rights or something? Awwww...poor MP's, how will they cope...😂 Oh that means it definitely won't happen then. Totally ridiculous. MirrorPolitics tbh it's been illegal for a while - so my wife says anyway

Just in my house ? Seems I'm being singled out here Journalism...... Work place commitments? Does that mean a home visit from a sex worker is ok? 😁 We can do it in the backyard or in the car! Does that include Labour MPs? lol I wonder which government official is going to break this one. evafoxxyy I thought you were allowed to visit one person at their home as long as you social distance, so that already effectively bens sex. The government is loving this. They now hav an excuse to push almost North Korean levels of control onto us. Fuck this government.

Just go round to theirs then 😊 Lmfao 😂🤣😂🤣 What about in their house? “So is doing bombs in the swimming pool but you do that, cuz it’s fun yeah!” JRLSaint 😆 The level of squirts will not decrease given this. It’s futile Good luck with that

River Phoenix’s Insatiable Appetite for SexTrey Taylor shines a light on a lesser known side to the Hollywood star River did not eat a hamburger ever in his life!!

The three-date rule is dead as most people are up for having sex soonerDATING: boring! SHAGGING: great! Oh great another politically correct illustration!

Uni students forced to perform degrading sex acts & drink urine on cameraUNIVERSITY students were bullied into performing a series of horrific acts on camera, an investigation has revealed. First-year rugby players had to perform degrading sex acts, drink urine, take dr… ohhh the internetz ....

Harry Potter fans notice secret 'sex scene' on Marauder's MapExcuse me what is going on here?

Sex Education's Ncuti Gatwa opens up about being homeless before the showNcuti Gatwa from Sex Education says he was homeless before being cast in the show, sharing a bed with a friend.

'Look what he's taken from me': the deadly toll of Catholic church sex abuse on GuamThere are now nearly 300 sexual abuse lawsuits against more than 20 priests on the deeply religious island in the western Pacific Yt ppl gonna yt ppl Countless British aristocratic, rich folks abused minor boys & girls as SEX TOURISTS in Thailand, East-Asia. Damage claims upto US$s 35 each will be made anyway.