Sex and the City fans have only just noticed that Willie Garson was in Friends


Sex And The City, Friends

1/13/2022 7:55:00 AM


The late actor might have been an enemy of Ross Gellar but he was a beloved friend to Carrie.

“He’s definitely one of the more memorable guest stars imo,” wrote one fan.Another added “Damn did I hate [Steve] in this scene. Shows how good of an actor [Willie] was.”Willie himself sadly died in September 2021 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, hence his abrupt departure from the

Sex and the Cityreboot. The actor was just 57.Just a few days ago, his 20-year-old adopted son, Nathen, shared a hilarious throwback photo of his late father dropping his pants to show off a pair of boxers as he ushered in a new year on Instagram.“Happy New Year!,” he captioned a photo with his girlfriend. “The second photo is what I think of 2021! Kiss my butt!”

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Wait is he in SATC as well?

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