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Secret Victorian ALP report says 'one size fits all' campaign may have cost it 2019 election

Secret Victorian ALP report says 'one size fits all' campaign may have cost it 2019 election


Secret Victorian ALP report says 'one size fits all' campaign may have cost it 2019 election

Labor’s Victorian branch to argue giving states more say in policy and campaigns will help avoid repeat of shock loss

While not explicitly mentioned in the submission, the complaint is understood to be in reference to the difficulty the party had over the Adani coalmine as it sought to balance the concerns of blue-collar workers, particularly in the mining industry, and progressive voters in inner-city areas.

Another suggested that because of the desire to minimise the risk of leaks, the state branches were largely kept in the dark about policies until they were announced nationally.

“It pains me to realise after the election that I’d misread some of the mood in Queensland and Western Australia. There they saw some of our policies as being green-left, not for the worker, not for working people,” Shorten said on Sunday.

Nationally, the primary vote of 33.3% was Labor’s worst result in 85 years.

The party was also hopeful of winning up to three seats from the Coalition in WA, but swings did not eventuate.

“We have to start right here in Queensland, we need to do better in Western Australia, we need to do better in our outer suburbs and in our regions, and I am determined to put forward a positive agenda for Labor.”

“What we’ve done at this time is recognise the scale of the defeat, which was significant, (and) recognise we’ve lost three elections in a row and we need to do better.”

The review by Weatherill and Emerson is expected to be delivered to the party’s national executive next month, with parts of it to be made public.

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