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Elle Fanning, The Great

Screen queens: How new comedy drama The Great feeds our appetite for royal biopics

Screen queens: How new comedy drama The Great feeds our appetite for royal biopics

6/2/2020 8:36:00 AM

Screen queens: How new comedy drama The Great feeds our appetite for royal biopics

Elle Fanning is resplendent as Catherine the Great in Hulu's big-budget show. But what keeps us coming back for more queens? We relate to their conflicts, self-doubt and messy relationships, says Charlotte Cripps

The Great. She’s already had a suicide attempt over her loveless marriage to the brutish emperor Peter III of Russia, played byNicholas Hoult,who would have bumped her off in a carriage “accident” if she had continued to be a “miserable, scowling c***”. He tells her that “women are for seeding, not reading” and presents her with an infertile lover called Leo (Sebastian De Souza) because “our f***ing is as dull as a beaver chomping at a log”. He smashes drinking glasses against the wall, punches her in the stomach, and shoots dead her pet bear – all with a triumphant “Huzzah!”

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