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Scouts shun badges to focus on climate crisis and homelessness

Scouts shun badges to focus on climate crisis and homelessness


Scouts shun badges to focus on climate crisis and homelessness

Spurred on by the likes of Greta Thunberg , the movement is now engaging with social problems

The scouts themselves chose the issues they wanted to take on in a vote among their 640,000 members. The campaign kicks off next week with a focus on Britain’s homeless in partnership with the charity Crisis.

Scouts will work to raise awareness of the issues with help from charities such as Mind, the National Autistic Society and the British Red Cross. “We’re united in our belief that we can make change happen,” Peake will say.

Chief scout Bear Grylls believes it isnot just noise but what he calls “a shift in the balance of power”. “Greta (Thunberg) has shown young people that their voice can be heard,” he says. “The most compelling and trusted voices are no longer coming from the establishment, but from young people. When they see injustice, they call it out. When they see threats to our planet, they call it out. They want to see a brighter future and they’re not prepared to wait for it.”

That resonates with Sam Murphy. One of his best friends was homeless for six months, he says. “It was scary – he refused to go into a shelter because he didn’t feel it was safe.”

Maxwell, who now runs the Really Neet Project in Sheffield, a learning establishment for disadvantaged young people – cautions though that there are “deep-seated issues” and they won’t be resolved overnight.

The children – five- and six-year olds – have to move the balloons around and talk about the choices they would make in their own lives.

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yes, tavistock 'get 'em while they're young' imprint the alarmist nonsense of any 'fear' you can concoct in your cabal of conspiracy against humanity... WTF who gave kids balloons? That plastic waste depletes hellium and ends up in bellies of starving animals. Thus us a photo of idiocy. Awesome. Could they also shun balloons then, please? Balloons injure or kill marine creatures like turtles, dolphins and whales. The tattered remains of a broken balloon can look like a jellyfish. Once ingested, it can block the animal's digestive tract, leading to starvation. 🎈

'“She inspires me with her passion,” says 19-year-old scout Sam Murphy from Salisbury' Scouts are 10½ to 14 years old! 👎👎 Those aren’t scouts, I may be a virgin but I know a beaver am when I see one.

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