Scott Morrison tells students striking over climate change to be 'less activist'

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Watch the Australian prime minister's angry response to schoolchildren who plan to go on strike against climatechange inaction: 'What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools!' MyClimateQuestions climatestrike

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What a knob. Maybe if he did his job and took strong steps to reducing further climate change' school children wouldn't be so scared of Earth's future that they felt the need to protest Planitchange10

lots of these kids will vote nxt year


In our times activism is simply an unavoidable by-product of learning. A child free of a life times prejudice and propaganda first reaction to oearn8ng about global warming is utter horror followed by wanting to do something about it and rightly so

By the way society needs more than activism, youth has to involve as soon as possible in the problems of the world, education and activism are not opposites.

He has got no idea

Activism *is* learning. What a schmuck.

If children continue to be fed with poor quality food & are transported in eco-hostile cars, then those poor kids are being used. They dont have to sacrifice a day of schooling, they must sacrifice their own consumption to stand up for a climate future. Activism starts at home!

But at the heart of climate change is consumerism and you won't find them protesting that.

Do you have guts to tell US to stop shale fracking or tell Aussie beef farmers to stop toxic methane released by 🐮 Methane is far fat more potent than co2

World also needs to pay close watch recent PartisanPoliticalApproach to publically supported schools in CanadianCounty Oklahoma US where education opportunities being reduced so young people will not receive exposure to Science -in the guise of parental freedom & budget restraint

Kids should go to school

It would be hilarious, were it not that most 'ruling' politicians are exactly like Morrison

He's not really the PM. Just a clownish caretaker for another few months.

Frankly if you want less activism quit giving them good reason. Activism is a natural result of learning as when you find out things you find ignores all common knowledge and logic as far as you can tell, it seems rather natural you'll want it changed.

Going back to the Botany Bay days of 'follow orders and shut up'?

what's the reason that you don't give right the freedom of speech to the school childrens

That’s the beginning of the end for you old man.

I have actively discouraged my grandchildren from taking part in this demonstration. But this is learning! It is learning about how power works. If the PM takes this line then perhaps it is important that the young people point out to him, and all MPs, what really matters to them

It will be this generation of schoolchildren who will pay the price for our stupidity over climatechange

So true.

billshortenmp tanya_plibersek drkerrynphelps Scomo saying “You can’t do that” is the Best way to get kids to do exactly that. kidpower pinkfloyd

I think the PM would prefer kids to be sheep ... just like his 'flock' rather than intelligent independent thinkers.

Activism is the result of learning combined with independent thinking. It’s a sign education system is working.

Well isn't he special. He's a white male, but that woman behind him that agreed? Without activism, she probably wouldn't have that position right now. Idiots, the lot of 'em.

Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.” — Sir Herbert Read

Wait till the kids are old enough to vote u out! Signs of a dictatorship

If schoolchildren are going on strike it shows you're not doing enough about the issue.


Students have a right to be activists. And it’s because they’ve learnt about the science that you’ve ignored that they’ve become so active. Perhaps action on your part would forestall action by others.

They learned about climate change. Which is why they’re going on strike. Maybe he should attend some classes

How awful for Australia to have a PM with this stupid belief.

Looks like you guys have a real ass there almost as big a jerk as our president😣

another muppet in force... Australia what a shame...

Warming fears are the “worst scientific scandal in the history…When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists.” – UN IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning PhD environmental physical chemist.

This is what happens when kids are brainwashed with bullshit about man made climate change. Teach the little pricks something useful.

He seems to prefer sheeps instead of thinking boys and girls...

Yes PM that’s the way to put your point across schools are for learning, how dare they use that education to call out the Government for doing very little, after all one of them will replace you and will probably do better judging by this response 🤔

Children striking against climate change inaction? Hmmmmm sounds like they have been well- indoctrinated.

Irony of his statement is staggering.

It's the same in Australia, Europe or here in Brazil - these bastards want schools to create obedient workers and passive citizens, not critical and independent thinkers, ethical citizens. They want schools only to instruct and not to educate.

Their activism demonstrates they’re Learning

Nothing makes someone want to change the world more than a good education. I hope to heaven my two daughters learn to be activists.

He should be celebrating their concern for the ecosphere. Of course Oz, a racist state, is a world class polluter.

My mistake. I thought Australians were a lot smarter than this. Trumpitis.

And I thought burying the head in the sand was stickly an American trait.

What good has ever been accomplished without activism.


I would like my children to grow up to be independent thinkers who are prepared to take a stand for what they believe in..

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