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Scott Morrison prays for Australia and commits nation to God amid coronavirus crisis

Scott Morrison prays for Australia and commits nation to God amid coronavirus crisis

4/1/2020 6:24:00 AM

Scott Morrison prays for Australia and commits nation to God amid coronavirus crisis

The prime minister offers a prayer for the national cabinet and says his faith gives him ‘enormous encouragement’

The prayer is contained in a video, first published by Eternity News but later removed and republished by Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools, in which Morrison explains his faith gives him “enormous encouragement” in how to respond to the crisis.

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Morrison, Australia’s first evangelical Christian prime minister, has made no secret of his religious faith, referring to his re-election in 2019 as a “miracle”. Many other former prime ministers, including Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd, identify as Christians.

On 23 March Morrison called for Australians of faith to pray as parliament reconvened to pass the second tranche of fiscal support for those harmed by the economic effects of Covid-19 shutdowns.But glimpses of Morrison’s personal practice of Christianity are rarer, such as his decision to invite cameras into Horizon church at Easter in 2019.

In the video, which appears to be filmed in his prime ministerial office, Morrison thanked people for their prayers and described the world as “largely in trauma … with the scale and pace of what is unfolding – this is incomprehensible, even just a month ago, what we’re seeing today”.

“Pray for the premiers and chief ministers, they’ve joined me in a national cabinet – which is unprecedented for Australia,” he said.“It is a moment like when Moses looked out at the sea and held up his staff … there are moments of great faith in this.

“But as a prime minister I have to take my decisions based on very strong advice and exercise the best judgment I can.“And my faith gives me an enormous encouragement in how I can make those decisions and try and do that in the best way I can.”Morrison then shares biblical verses from Psalms about God delivering the righteous from troubles and from Isaiah that the Lord “will guide you always” and “will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land”.

“Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins – that’s a prophecy over our country, I believe – and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called repairer of broken walls, and a restorer of streets with dwellings.“I pray that we will be a restorer of streets, with people in them, businesses open again, Australians going about their lives again, returning to their jobs, returning to their livelihoods, returning to normal times in our schools so children can learn and that we can get to the other side of this.”

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Morrison offers a prayer that begins “heavenly father, we just commit our nation to you in this terrible time of great need and suffering of so many people”.“And we do this also for the entire world – in places far from this country there are people suffering even more, going through tremendous hardship, crying out.”

Morrison also prays for “colleagues in parliamentary roles, it doesn’t matter what party they’re from”, ministers in his cabinet, and again for the premiers and chief ministers.“Pray that you’ll keep the national cabinet strong and united, and we may be able to face each day and each challenge with unity and purpose.”

Bishop Phillip Huggins, the National Council of Churches Australia president, told Guardian Australia: “The prime minister says he’s a person of faith – therefore he prays.“He’s just being true to himself – likewise – the prayer we’re asking people to share is consistent with our tradition.”

The NCCA prayer asks worshippers to pray for “those in need of healing” and the “Holy Spirit’s discernment amidst the many choices and decisions facing our national, community and medical leaders”.Martyn Iles, the Australian Christian Lobby managing director, said it was “refreshing to see a prime minister with the humility to consider and pray for others in the midst of crisis”.

“Alongside his emphasis on practical measures, it demonstrates good leadership,” he said. Read more: The Guardian »

FFS I for one, say Amen EconscholarU Econscholar_U DirumahTerusMaju COVID19Pandemic magnumscholaris The only thing that needs to be committed is him. How dare he commit anyone, let alone the nation, to a religious figure of any sort, when a great many of the people don't even believe in his little sky daddy. He might like to think we're deluded, but that's more his problem.

Too late Morrison, you've done the damage... Where was God when you could have prevented the severity of Damage? I will tell ya, He was ALLOWING YOU TO HANG YOURSELF! 💥 It's almost as if we don't realise we have a choice in who we ****ing pick as our leaders... 1) Please don't hold up your staff. In fact keep your hands right off it for the duration. 2) If these are your beliefs, howcome you hadn't already committed the nation to God ?

Good luck with that! 😳 Morrison and Pence should pray for a brain. Which god Wazzock. Hope leaders of Countries who are religious fanatics, don’t “commit nation to God” to fend Covid 19. They need to listen to Science and take needed drastic measures to fight the virus. Total lockdown seems to be most effective to minimize rate of infections

Si, same God brought on coronavirus or allowed it to take hold? Allowed Hitler? Either your God is not all-loving or is not all-powerful. If we have free will to handle challenges like this then why is prayer valuable? Alrighty Then... Let's Move On. Another brain dead old white man at the helm. God won't save you

A manufactured, fraudulent moment by the criminal organisation masquerading as a 'govt' & the CrimeMinister! Wag The Dog: 'Look at that! That is a complete fucking fraud, & it looks 100% real.' - Stanley Motss WagTheDog auspol moorrison is a fraud who has betrayed us! God is often the favourite word of the worst arseholes on Earth...

I do believe in God. But this is a typical bullshit incompetent politicians do during a moment of a deadly crisis. It’s a cult that leads millions of its uneducated and desperate followers to death worldwide. Wake up, folks! ❤️🙏💐 God is the favourite of the worst arseholes on Earth... God only helps those who help themselves Scott- so save your breath

Oh boy that’s going to help!! What a twat Oh well, problem solved then. Imaginary friend people call him but when death 💀grips their love ones reality comes to them when screaming o God. Since that god dude sacrificed his only child for y’all, good luck Australia. Useful. 🥴 They're screwed. Yeah, that'll work. Moron.

Yeah that's gonna help... The same as propagating eating animals, regardless of the conditions in which that happens, is also a gift from God. The amount of hatred in these comments is telling. .well done. It’s a pitty the U.K. is so far behind some of the world in more ways than one. The US also had a national day of prayer.

Praying to this fictitious god thingy for help is bollocks. Isn’t this the fuckwit leader who went on holiday whilst Australia burned recently? Maybe all our doctors, carers and nurses should just go to church to pray instead that will help! Another moron in charge! Moron. AND Good luck with that Australia! Unbelievable!

He’s absolutely no right to commit his nation and population to something of choice. Religion and beliefs are personal NOT government led 'Enormous encouragement' to accept bribes from the fossilfuel industry and destroy the planet in the process. Very Christian ScottMorrisonMP Praying: the act of doing nothing to solve a problem, and if it resolves take credit for it.

When your leaders start resorting to prayer, that's when you know you're fucked Religion 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 really that's your answer 🙄. Idiot. Smashing. That’s that, then. Who does he think created the virus? He never has been right in the head that one... It is 1st April 上帝也管不了不遵从科学抗疫的人! Christian man prays. Why is this headline worthy?

Praying to God won't help at all. Asclepius is the imaginary friend you want, right now, and maybe his father, Apollo. Problem solved then. Merkel grew up in a religious household. Her father was a pastor, she has Christian values but she’s also a scientist and doesn’t publicise that she’s praying to God. Right now Scotty needs to focus on leading the nation which he’s not fit for.

Ahhh yes, God, that's who we need right now, not nurses and doctors That’ll help.....🙄 At least BoJo will never do this. Yes when lockdown quarantine kicks in they recon there could be as many as 10,000 deaths just from being hit with monopoly boxes due to there poor internet and tv broadcasts Phew, that’s them saved then..

Whit? Is he a friend of Kenny Macaskill? higherpower thereisnogod The irony here is that he has no soul! Foolish move.... God won’t save you . From Continue/ / 'In an instant, you will be amazed and struck by brutal punishments that are incomparable to what you fear with crimes,' God said. Amen. by Prophet Yi / Three families and 17-month-old child after 'corona virus19...

That'll work. What a crank. Don’t mix Religion with Politics you will come a cropper It’s not and never will work for the multitudes No 2 사회적으로 암 매장을 시키는 범행들을 저질러 오고 있는 것에 대한 형벌들 중에 일부이다. 모든 고통들은 신의 종이신 프로펫 이 님과 가족들이 겪고 있는 고통들 그대로이다. 더 잔인한 학살과 학대의 고통들을 살인학살자들인 한국인들과 미국인들이 당하기를 원하노라! 아멘. by Prophet Yi The experts like Norman Swan, G Combet, S MacManus, R MaCintyre, Peter Doherty are the ones I look up to and the ones that are encouraging me to think that we will survive this pandemic. ScottyFromHillsong just shooosh with your Hillsongers' God. auspol

🤮This is disgusting. Australia doesn’t want to hear about your imaginary friends ScottyFromHillsong. No wonder we are here-we are lead by a guy who believes in imaginary beings and disregards advice from scientists and doctors. Keep your religion out of it. Prayer=Doing nothing He should be committed to a psychiatric ward.

wildfires 🔥 virus🦠 theyneedmoses God: Not now, Satan ... Oh great , a Happy Clapper who believes in a Rapture - just what's needed at a time like this And like that, god descended with with his angles, put on a gown and stood side by side with brave nurses and doctors fighting for human lives Has he done with praying? Can he now go back to his forking job?! Tell me what he's going to do with the Chinese shutting down hospitals!

Things should work out just fine then Sucking up to US politicians me thinks. Keep your deranged ludicrous religious beliefs to yourself. We don’t need that madness. RichardDawkins Prayers are for people who can't do anything about a situation but want to feel better about themselves. He is in a position but is just refusing. auspol

He prayed to stop Same Sex Marriage and failed. He prayed to stop the bushfires and failed. He's praying to stop Coronavirus, third time's a charm as they say. auspol Still can't understand how these Morons got elected! Idiot god already said you were a moron who should focus on running the country not wasting time with religion

This idiot down under is another gem! Best commit resources and Australians to the pandemic, and trust them! God will do HIS work! Should’ve prayed to god to tell u to fucking get off your knees and open your eyes earlier to do what needed to b done. blind_kris The Pope already tried this, sadly it didn't work.

His beliefs are his beliefs. Please don’t commit me to something imaginary. Sorry mate but I’ve met too many two faced horrible people who claim to be christians. Doing a pretty good job at the moment - don’t screwbut up now. The fact that the country with the most evangelical nut jobs also has the most Covid-19 cases proves that the gods (pick any one of them) don't give a flying fuck... and why the fuck should they.

I'm not sure that we need to 'commit Australia to God'. But, there is no reason that we shouldn't be helping as many in need as we can: as MANY religions teach. The Bible has some good advice in this area - but, it is not the only 'resource'. Nevertheless... 🙏🙏🙏🙏 I bet ScottyFromMarketing was surprised to learn that god is a socialist.

Thing is, scumo, we don’t need your prayers... we need you and your mates to stop rorting I thought it was happening only in America. Looks like a lot of con artists have been given the reigns in supposedly 1st world countries. 🤦 Which God? Don't pray for me Morrison-o. The virus doesn't care about your religion. To get through these wild days, this sad existence, we need a vaccine and social distance.

This is an April Fools Day joke...right? Uh, this is going to trigger the socialists. After listening to that babble the only person Morrison should be committing is himself 🤪 Some sanity for once..way to go Looks like we,ll have coved 4 a long time then Hope his knees get sore as hell Perhaps he can boil up some newts, sacrifice a few chickens and give the goat’s bollocks a squeeze for good measure. What the fuck is Australia doing having this tool as its leader in 2020?

Mate, keep your prayers. Focus on what the science is telling you. 'Justice is a human affair. No God has to do anything with it'. Sartre. SM your procrastination brought this plague to us. You cannot shift the responsibility now. less politicians and more scientifics.... The same God that brought you hellfire

This is dangerous. ScottMorrisonMP believes that he can communicate with an omnipotent being, one whom he believes has created all of existence. This is textbook delusion. He, like the rest of religious people need mental health, he is unfit to run a nation. Clearly refusing to accept the hard realities, So he tries the hail Mary pass.

Quite the way to avoid accepting responsibility for his fouling the bed. fruitcake Ahhhh..of course! He’s a Christian idiot/oaf. Explains a great deal. Poor Australia At a cost of only 30 pieces of silver for admission. The nutjobs are coming out of the woodwork. Don't drink the KoolAid! In his office, in his house/building, during work hours... Which WE FUCKING PAY FOR!!!!

Cunt Never trust any person who prays, particularly not in a position of authority. Thui. How about just do your fucking job and keep your imaginary friends to yourself. Please dont ..... Jesus. what the fuck is wrong with this cunt!? hes talking to his imaginary friend in the sky again, the fact this man is in charge of our nation is disgraceful and dangerous.

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