Drugs Policy, Scotland, Drugs

Drugs Policy, Scotland

Scotland to reduce prosecutions of class A drug users

Scotland to reduce prosecutions of class A drug users

9/22/2021 9:31:00 PM

Scotland to reduce prosecutions of class A drug users

Police can issue warnings in policy change unveiled by Scottish lord advocate in response to high death toll

Last modified on Wed 22 Sep 2021 19.31 BSTIndividuals caught in possession of class A drugs inScotlandcould be issued with a police warning rather than facing prosecution, in a significant policy shift announced by the country’s new lord advocate as a direct response to the ongoing drug death crisis.

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Dorothy Bain, who was appointed to the role in June, said the decision to give police discretion over class A drug offences did not amount to decriminalisation but told MSPs there was “no one size fits all response” to dealing with drug addiction.Read more

She added that the policy did not extend to drug supply offences and that neither offering a recorded police warning nor reporting a case to the procurator fiscal prevents an officer referring a vulnerable person to support services.In her first address to the Holyrood parliament since her appointment, Bain told MSPs: “I recognise the extent of the public health emergency we face in Scotland and the ability of prosecutors to help.” headtopics.com

Bain went on to outline the success of the current “diversion from prosecution” policy, whereby an individual can be referred to a programme of support with the aim of addressing the underlying causes of their offending.Bain told the Holyrood chamber: “The most appropriate response – the smartest response – in any drugs case must be tailored to the facts and circumstances of both the alleged offence and the offender.”

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