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Scotland players WILL now take the knee with England before their game

Scotland WILL kneel at Wembley: Scottish players REVERSE decision to stand before kick-off and will take the knee

17 minutes ago

Scotland WILL kneel at Wembley: Scottish players REVERSE decision to stand before kick-off and will take the knee

Scotland have reversed their decision and will now take the knee with England's players in a show of solidarity at Wembley next week.

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⚽️ When the number of knees is more important than the number of goals. Ridiculous Feck, feck, feck Booo Disgusting Sheep Pathetic Hope they lose too!

Tory minister says England players taking the knee are being divisiveConservative Gillian Keegan MP was answering a question from the public on BBC's Question Time on Thursday night when she made the comments what racism? in china? iran? where you want to end it? I just kneel to God A free man must never kneel to anything or anyone, only to God!

England players taking the knee is ‘divisive’ symbolism, says ministerBlack Lives Matter ‘is really about defunding the police and the overthrow of capitalism’ Education minister. 🙄 Educate yourself ffs! I find Tory union flag displays to be far more divisive symbolism. Who cares live music and clubbing is more important

Government backs England players taking the knee – but not for Black Lives Matter‘Only right that we back our team,’ says Nadhim Zahawi I suppose the England team will simply have to accept that the cost of their protest is support. So long as they accept it, then there is no issue really. What I don't want to see is more moralising about how people should just accept having this forced down their throats. So does that mean, the government only regonises racism in football?

Gordon Brown calls on Boris Johnson to back England playersBoris Johnson came off the fence to urge respect for players who want to do the act, linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, before kick-off. tony80554056 Why does our MSM continually wheel out the dinosaurs? Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, John Major, Alastair Campbell? They're all on the scrap heap for good reason. Piss off Broon and back to your cave!

Fresh calls for fans to applaud England players when they take the kneeSome supporters booed the gesture in friendlies ahead of this summer’s tournament Excellent idea, Fresh. The English didn't want all that booze, anyway. Booooo!

Johnson should back England team for taking the knee, says BrownFormer PM says country should support footballers and ‘stop fighting these culture wars’ The Man who should be PM Good stuff. Now let's see if the current PM will push back against those wilfully misinterpreting this and support what is a very simple and clear message from the players. So by inference then, he disapproves of Scotland (and almost every other nation at Euro 2020) not taking the knee?