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Dailymail, Health

Scientists claim antibiotics already on market can treat coronavirus

Scientists claim antibiotics already on the market could treat coronavirus

2/28/2020 3:14:00 PM

Scientists claim antibiotics already on the market could treat coronavirus

Scientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology day they've identified 31 commonly-available drugs that could be a first-line treatment for the deadly coronavirus.

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That’s odd considering antibiotics treat bacteria and coronavirus is, well, not a bacteria Everyone knows antibiotics don't work on viruses... I should have thought of that; Selling antibiotics for a virus. Let’s see how that turns out. 😂 Dont thinkk so طلع علاجه مضاد حيوي... الله يغربل ابليسكم كبرتوا المسائل و اهي ماتنشاف بالعين المجرده .

Coronavirus: How killer disease spread from bats to humans - and we are likely to blameCORONAVIRUS disease (COVID-19) has infected more than 82,000 people worldwide after human activity led to bats spreading the disease, an epidemiologist has claimed. It may be related, but watch this video and draw the conclusions ... No it was spread by humans eating bats from the far east because they think they have health purposes, Just tell the truth Don't think so

Coronavirus experts ‘on alert for side effects’ as infected blood used for treatmentCORONAVIRUS experts must be 'on alert for side effects' as the blood of previously infected individuals could be used to tackle the deadly disease, a scientist has claimed.

Shares face worst week since global financial crisisAsian stock markets continue falling, as the coronavirus spreads across the globe. My body waiting for the virus The rich will bail the market out eventually. Meanwhile Im buying in on the way down. What does Trump has to say about it?

Professor who predicted last 9 elections warns coronavirus could 'doom' Trump in 2020With markets sliding due to supply chain disruption, coronavirus could have dramatic impacts on 2020 election Why? Why wouldn’t people see having him leading us is the safest thing for the country especially as we are the ones pushing out the vaccine? And he was the one restricting travel immediately. Ivanka in a lab coat isn't going to save Americans from the Corona virus ... ? Professor Allan Lichtman also correctly predicted that Trump would be impeached in 2019. Can he please give me tonights lottery numbers?

Coronavirus advice: Wearing face masks offers 'negligible' protection from COVID-19CORONAVIRUS infections cannot be stopped by wearing a face mask alone, health experts have warned as infections surge across Europe. Washing your hands is arguably more important. Please, people: STOP COUGHING IN YOUR HANDS! I’m not sure why adults need to be reminded of this...

Susanna Reid: ‘I smoothly lean away’ GMB host admits as she addresses coronavirus fearsSUSANNA REID - a host on Good Morning Britain - has spoken candidly about the one act she 'rarely' participates in at work, as the presenter admitted she 'smoothly leans away' if a colleague goes in for a hug or a kiss. It comes as the presenter also addressed the impact of coronavirus.