Scientist claims Omicron causing up to 1K infections in UK, contradicting official records

Scientist claims Omicron causing up to 1K infections in UK, contradicting official records

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12/7/2021 6:13:00 AM

Scientist claims Omicron causing up to 1K infections in UK, contradicting official records

A LEADING scientist has claimed the heavily mutated Omicron variant is causing up to 1,000 infections in the UK, which is much more than the official figures suggest.

UK Health Security Agency has reported 336 confirmed Omicron cases in Britain thus far(Image: Getty Images)“Not all infections turn into cases,” Professor Balloux added.“It's not a precise figure but probably not far from the truth."Professor Balloux’s estimate is based on the proportion of total cases caused by Omicron over the last week and some projections.

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He said at the current growth rate, the outbreak will swiftly reach large numbers.READ MORE: Professor Balloux warned the new influx of cases will put the NHS under pressure this winter.(Image: Getty Images)He said: “It is not ideal (for the NHS).

“We can hope that vaccines hold up well, maybe not protecting against infection but protecting against severe symptoms.“People who have been vaccinated and boosted recently should on average do reasonably well.”Professor Balloux added: “The real issue is the very large number of cases.

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