Schoolgirl told to change trousers because her ankles 'could distract teachers'

Schoolgirl told to change trousers because her ankles 'could distract teachers'

9/16/2021 10:15:00 AM

Schoolgirl told to change trousers because her ankles 'could distract teachers'

A SCHOOLGIRL says she was told to change her trousers and socks – because her bare ankles could be “distracting to teachers”. Olivia Harrison, 13, claims she was ordered to dress …

She'll face a further three days of learning alone when she returns to the classroom.The teen's mum Karen Harrison said her daughter isn't the only one taken to task over uniform since the school was taken over by The Gorse Academies Trust at the start of term.

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"It's got really bad the last two weeks," she said."Olivia's trousers are from Debenhams, they're the ones she wore before with no problems."Now I've got to order more trousers. They should be more interested in education and not what pupils are wearing."

'NO APOLOGIES'A spokesperson for The Grove Academies Trust said: "We have the highest standards across all areas of school life, whether that is in the classroom, in terms of behaviour and with regard to uniform."We make no apologies for this and are pleased that the majority of students abide by these standards.

"However where students do not meet them, we have clear policies in place."We do not comment on individual cases but can say we have not received a parental complaint on this matter."Sue Radford shares how she gets Britain’s biggest family to wake up for school and it’s actually genius

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الغربي المتطور لا يقوم بالتدريس وإنما يتفحص أفخاذ الدجاج مسعورين By this your implying male teachers, if so they shouldn't be teaching in the first place. Said no one for about 130yrs... 😂 likewisevibes_ That is the dumbest thing I’ve heard today. That much skin would send the Taliban into a sexual frenzy !

The world's gone mad . It's ok for some teachers in some schools to have highlights in their hair , or have blue hair , but if you show ur ankle WWWWOOOOOAAAHHH ..... Crazy rules I wonder if this school allow girls to wear knee length skirts or just trousers ? I wonder ? Either way no school I know would allow a pupil to wear those as they are are nether ! Just saying !

'Cover up! We don't wanna see ur hair Cover up! We don't wanna see ur ankles' -from th book of how to police women n girls They should worry more about the teachers being nonces, this is messed up story 🤔 The teacher is the one with the problem.

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Taliban effects.. 😳🌻 Only very very short teachers. Hiring teachers that are distracted by teenager girl legs? Then he has no business teaching showing ankle is forbidden in one particular religion. Is the teacher of such religion? Personally I think the worlds gone mad 😠 I feel sorry for these Afghani women under Taliban rule now.

Taliban 😂 Every year, just wear the correct uniform and parents stand up to your kids and be a parent

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Haha stupid mother as per Could be worse... willbeoneday Any teacher distracted by a girls ankles needs to be sacked and investigated.. It's she in a northern town? She's the right age for a large number of men up here. Whoever found this ankle a problem shouldn't be working with kids ... ? What a load of bollocks. Next they'll be asking girls to wear a burka.

Change your teachers if they find ankles so distracting It is a well known fact the lesbian likes the ankles showing more quality, insightful journalism, bringing the important stories to the masses. So grateful, pass on my gratitude to the reporter Look like not uniform at all some parents don’t mind what children wear when go to school 🥵🥵🥵

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Are they going to school in Rotherham? The school is ridiculous and pathetic. Is Rees mogg on the board of governors 🤔 The school should set a clear uniform policy and if a skirt is on that then more than an ankle would be showing. That teacher needs to be sacked Is it new normal There or Kabul effect?

Prevent painful ankles with these 3 expert tipsTip number 3 is always a good reminder 👀🏃‍♀️:

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