School bans skirts to 'protect girls' modesty'

Skirts banned at Suffolk school 'to protect girls' modesty'

9/11/2019 10:08:00 PM

Skirts banned at Suffolk school 'to protect girls' modesty'

Stowmarket High School in Suffolk has told new Year 7 pupils they will have to wear trousers.

Close share panelThe new uniform will be rolled out to all years from September 2020A school criticised for banning skirts on modesty grounds has defended its policy.Stowmarket High School in Suffolk introduced a new uniform policy amid concerns over glass-sided stairwells.

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A school newsletter informed parents that,"with modesty in mind", skirts were no longer considered appropriate.Headteacher Dave Lee-Allan said the reference to modesty was an"error" but claimed the new uniform was"more affordable and smarter".

Image captionHeadteacher Dave Lee-Allan said the reference to"modesty" had been a mistakeAccording to theEast Anglian Daily Times, some parents accused the school of"cracking down on girls's behaviour and trying to enforce a"gender-neutral" dress code.

The policy states all year groups must wear the new uniform when the new building opens next September.'My error'The ban on skirts has been discussed on Facebook with some parents critical of the move and others supporting it.Mr Lee-Allan said he thought the glass-sided stairwells could have been another reason for moving away from skirts, but the contractors had assured him this would not be an issue.

He said mentioning modesty in the newsletter was"my error, hands up"."For years a number of schools in the region have had this particular uniform policy. We have consulted and a group of parents came in and we looked at different options and then asked students and then published our proposals.

"But we can not make all the people happy."Image captionThe new uniform includes a blazer, white shirt, clip-on tie, black shoes and black beltThe new uniform also includes a black blazer with the school's logo on it, a white shirt, a clip-on tie, black shoes, a black belt and black or white shirts.

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I am 89 years old, I don’t believe the shit going on. Utter rubbish Which insinuates girls legs should be hidden and not seen!! A backwards idea. Let girls decide what they want to wear. It's never about the boys or men is it? Instead of teaching them not to rape, they teach girls it's their fault. disgusted

MariaLaoise Stupid. These schools are all now out to embarrass girls who start periods? No girl likes to wear trousers when suffering from heavy periods! These schools need to start respecting choice Suffolk needs their Heads Read! And what's the punishment if a parent goes against it. The draconian uniform system in this country needs severe reform as it is, now adding this to it makes it even more so

Holbornlolz Only if you're not wearing knickers surely It will not take too long to have them covering their heads. Nausea Why don’t they teach some self control instead Maybe ban the nonce teachers and teach the boys about respecting women? Just take mobiles off kids when they arrive at school and give back at the end of the day. Then punish properly anyone trying to see up girls skirts.

Thin end of wedge.... let’s go the whole hog and introduce the Burqa ... Men! Time to break out the kilts to show solidarity. What the actual f**k? Maybe something should be done to frost the glass on the stairwells and not punish girls for wearing a skirt. I’m also offended by clip on tie. Can we not teach a child to tie a tie now?

Some of my friends are teachers and they are embarrassed at the short skirts girls wear to class, overseas some schools have modified school desks to protect girls modesty and teachers embarrassment Did they ask the parents or most important the children or are they teaching the students that choice dose not matter in life at a time when children are told to speak up

Kids have minds of their own. They need adults to teach them how to live and survive, not to tell them how to conform to their ways. New Puritanism. If only! Uniforms are stupid. Full stop. They will just wear tight trousers it’s a youth thing , have people forgot their school days ? Rebel people rebel that’s what you do when your young 👊🏼 it’s time all theses kids said your all just another brick in the wall 👊🏼

Don't know about banning skirts totally but where I live some teenage girls go to school in skirts so short they barely cover up anything. My old headmaster would have hit the roof and sent them home to change and send the parents a letter. Can we ban shorts to protect boys modesty..........? What is the world coming to!!!!!!

Tell boys not to look up them, it is an offence punishable in law. Society cannot keep blaming women for being women when it is men exercising their presumed right to behave anyway they like. My political correctness bullshit.. Let the students decide. petuniasforever They will have all our girls wearing Bhurkas next

if pm may forgot to ban her costume queen selected 3 pm and 3 rd is boris coming to muslim costume sea side dress be re designed too iceland usa dress etc petuniasforever Islamification!! petuniasforever Don't fcking ban skirts just give girls a choice!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Mad notion to let girls be who they want to be? I don’t see them worrying about young boys...cause boys will be boys right? 🙄 why don’t they just keep their focus on a child’s education like their paid to ✌️🤙

If they wear skirts, then they obviously will get raped. Next step is to ban women from showing hair NowStreets yet another example of policing girl’s bodies for the convenience of men 😒 This de-feminisation of women must end! What if a trans girl/boy feels oppressed in trousers?. You’d be in court for forcing them to wear trousers. Now they are forcing girls to wear only trousers. Can’t have it both ways. Let the Kids decided to wear either.

Ridiculous nonsense. Ensure standard of teaching and education is up to scratch, how ever did kids survive in years gone by. Let people have some choice, common sense non existent these days. Here here. And I've gone further by reintroducing the practice of covering up my table's legs Secular haya for the SJWs to destroy the gender binary.

Welcome to a lesson on human history where girls and women had no right to choose for themselves...forward thinking indeed Equality More mard arsed snowflaked Nancy pamby state to live in.. Wtf is wrong with these offended pricks with saddo lives.. Has this muppet banned shirts for pe or is exercise to hard work. Ashamed of this country. Long live Fireman Sam

What happened to freedom of choice? Focus on children’s education. Can't wait for the trans-kids to kick up about discrimination!! So now we want to make all the girls look like boys. How is that progress? How can schools be allowed to get it so wrong? The country is going mad. Never mind all this loony left stuff...teach the kids what you're paid to teach them. Girls have worn skirts without an issue for years so what's gone wrong all of a sudden.

Huh? what they’re doing is trying to sugar coat the fact they’re implementing gender neutral uniform and they’ve seen what’s happened at other schools so they’re coming up with bullshit excuses Perhaps they should have thought of that before installing glass staircases. Holbornlolz My girls school lets them wear 'either' no matter what their religion as well as head coverings It's how hi the girls pull their skirts up no matter how many times they are tolled.

Muslim s in charge? what is wrong with headmasters these days leave the kids alone cant wear skirts ,,cant play old games in school yard society is going the wrong way shape up grow a pair and leave kids enjoy school again God !!! we also have scarf school girls ban in A Senegal college...the World is going crazy.

Oh please. Centuries of skirt wearing and now you're worried about modesty? What do your female teachers wear to work? Will they be banned too? Not surprised. I went to this school, they are more concerned with appearance than being a place of safe learning. They don't want to be bothered by little things like dealing with sexual assault. This is a school that made me wear a jumper at 6th form for wearing something...

What. The. Fuck. Is. This? 'To protect girls' modesty' When are we ever gon work on the boys? These girls can't wear skirt because of some horny male teenagers that cant control themselves? Sigh Lol. Girls don't have much modesty in Grammar school. They compete against each other like peacocks. Suppressing this will make them more extreme outside school. Maybe that's the plan?

Didn't know Suffolk has a high 'peaceful' majority Multiculturalism Mogg will be pleased, Victorian England in the 21st century. Skin tight leggings shall 'protect girls modesty' And so those that are comfortable wearing skirts must suffer. Stop wrapping kids in cotton wool, let them decide for themselves

And allowing them to walk around in underwear will help ? If some religions impose their ‘rights’ to wear religious dress, then girls have a ‘right’ to wear skirts. Why not impose regulations on skirt length (like we had in school) under the general notion of uniform? Skirts have been worn at school for decades. Now it’s a problem?! No.

Education’s response to ban the burqa claims - “we must respect a person’s right to choose”. Education’s response to girls dressing as they have done for decades - “STOP IT!” So girls need protection? I thought genders were equal This is following Islam. If it is the stair wells that is not a modesty issue but a discipline one. It is all getting really silly now.

It’s so funny to me. In the ‘60’s girls were required to wear skirts in NY and they fought to wear pants. Seems like a responsible school.🙏 Without reading the comments I already know this school is getting slated. And quite rightly so. To make it more cost effective he says now....... Skirts are not usually any more money than trousers, point is moot. Terrible policy

Doesn’t say anything about boys wearing skirts though - come on guys call their bluff! LaytonWilliams JamieMusical Holbornlolz Modesty is a enforceable duty now. Girls modesty or the pervy brains of the males around them? I remember when my mini-skirts were dry cleaned and priced by the inch 🐶❤️ soon your female children will be wearing burqa dress and having to ask men if they can do certain things when they become adults.

Same philosophy as Islam. I knew those bloody nuns were up to no good when they insisted I wear a skirt all those years ago. ... 'Protect girls modesty' oh FFS! How many generations of girls have frozen their asses off sitting in F^&k awful classrooms for hours and staying inside because it was just too cold outside. Get real. Girls own themselves now with no reference to males.

Maybe we need to teach boys how to respect little girls? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh dear not the uniform police... Boys have to wear skirts in a Cardiff school. Something about shorts not allowed.. I dunno! Shiny shoe were banned in my school in the early 90s. They said boys could look up skirts with them.. always confused me how that would work. But funny.

So what's next 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Enter sharia law. Very progressive, mandatory burqas next maybe? Simple solution. Change the glass stair sides to solid wood or paint the glass a solid colour to protect the dignity of those wearing skirts. Modern architecture is not always appropriate in a public setting. Especially when there are kids involved.

Holbornlolz BS your doing it to please the Muslims. Be up front about it . Woke woke woke. Holbornlolz Nothing to do with Islam Bloody ridiculous 😡 At my daughter's school in March to July they wear so socks, September to March tights, my daughter wears a pair of gym shorts u der her skirt, so why can't girls do this instead of banning skirts .

This is ridiculous This is completely outrageous! Bloody lunacy. Head should be fired. Girls should go on strike. Suffolk Right wing media: blame Sharia! Meanwhile here in the Philippines, a major catholic country in Asia, a lot of schools have Japanese style above-the-knee skirts ;) Skirts should be below knee anyway l8ke in the 50’s

Handmaids tale in 5,4,3,2... never mind the fact that the contractors said it wont be a problem. MODESTY!! *as opposed to having reasonable skirt length, and teaching boys respect. Head teacher needs sacking. Well they have a point Sharia laws would be the next. I wonder what group this could be pandering to. Haven't the faintest.

Just a thought 🤔 Ridiculous: at a time when boys should be encouraged to wear skirts if they want to — gender boundaries being removed is great but not this SileER Rubbish pc gon bonkers This is 2019 if you hadn’t noticed ... Why are schools these days determined to take away any individuality from its students? All choices taken away. Learn what’s on the curriculum, don’t have your own opinions. So sad that they concentrate on grades and uniforms instead of creative minds.

Oh dear, so who is now making the decision on behalf of those girls n their parents? Slippery slope indeed - indoctrination, loss of freedom of speech, censorship n state control. Almost religious. Certain rules made by certain fools. Mandatory burka next Let's start removing these pc idiots and getting in proper teachers !

Or they could just specify that skirts reach a certain length (say, the knee), surely no need for a ban? Of course girls should also have the option to wear trousers too. Islamic ideals creeping into UK with some schools even claiming they are trying to help transgender pupils. Holbornlolz Don’t stop there, guys.....

So female teachers too?. Blatant sexism and bowing to what culture? Not ours. What nonsense this country is becoming A small step for Pupils but a Giant leap towards Sharia 🙂 bbcnews what an irresponsible tweet You’ve reported this on the local news and even spoken to the head!😡 Funny how none of the parents complained because it has to do with a staircase and a glass wall where it was pointed out that you would be able to see up the girls skirts

What a load o pish Think it’s bad now, give it 20 years and you won’t recognize the western world anymore. Why not get them all to wear grey shorts Sorry to be controversial. But my view is that the head teacher has the final say on what is or isn't okay to wear. I may or may not agree with him. But it's his school. Not mine. the Taliban laugh quietly up their sleeves... What is the problem with expecting teenage girls to act decently and modestly, the same way we expect teenage boys to behave Half the information. Their new building means as they go up the stairs, others may see more than that girl wants to show How about protecting the girls from boys who can’t control themselves by dealing with those boys and not by dictating what a girl can wear. Again girls paying the price for boys not controlling themselves.

dairoberts85 What the actual fuck? It's a slippery slope. Wonder what other 'modesty' rules will be brought in next? I think we all know where this is going.... 🤔 Pathetic. Provide some privacy if necessary and come down on anyone, presumably boys, who are acting like peeping toms. Show some moral fibre.

Or you could teach your boys to be respectful to every human being whether that human is using skirts or pants . Why this obsession with SchoolUniforms in the UK? Most of the rest of Europe just doesn’t bother... . What suddenly has changed in our society to bring this about after hundreds of years?

Optional, dress/skirt/trousers/shorts. Next..... Backwards... Fine if if the school in question wants to impose a change that affects you then send them an invoice for the new uniforms or like if you take kids out in turn time fine the school for every day they refuse to teach your child Crazy.... I’m sure girls and young women are able to protect their own modesty, if they wish, without being dictated to by men.... we are going backwards.. bring down the patriarchy ✊🏻

That’s a great idea. I fully support it. In fact the school should go further and introduce a covering for the face and hair to protect their modesty and ensure men are not lusting after them. They could perhaps leave a slit for the eyes. That seems a good idea. Pathetic beyond belief - sack the head and governors

If the male staff or students of this school can’t control where their eyes go, to give the female students the respect and dignity they deserve, then this school has much more of a problem than glass stairwells. Holbornlolz Cultural Marxism. FFS... Just continue with the madness & make it compulsory for the boys to wear skirts & the girls can wear whatever they like. I believe this is called Modern Day Equality🤦‍♂️

Whoever makes these decisions needs to get a milk round. Society is going backwards Skirts are trad tho Nothing to do with... I think I was just sick Some of the boys are going to be pissed off particularly the ones who have bought a new skirt for the new term would of hated that. I still do not wear trousers. I like skirts and dresses. We got through the 60s with mini skirts and modesty was fine

What total left wing thinking....shut the school. ban skirt, but not ban burka... Perverts everywhere Remember back in the day, our all girls school, assembly, all Male teachers sent out we were told not to roll our socks down so as not to entice the Male teachers 🤔 so we didnt .. just saying, times don't change

So my old school not to many miles away in suffolk the stairs you could see though, so will they be doing the same? that's not protecting girls modesty, it's taking away their freedom of choice regarding what to wear! talk about a Dictatorship, what ever happened to choice? What ? Rubbish absolute rubbish girls women been wearing skirts for centuries never bothered anyone back then snowflakes

What a crazy country we are becoming. Is Sarah Pascoe running the world!!!!? Sexism again!skirt & tights/ yes! This country is doomed and beyond repair. ... and what measures are you going to take to protect us from your stupidity? It seems as though we're no longer able to make our own decisions! Sounds like a u turn coming up

How utterly pathetic Boycot this school ,move ur kids to another . This is just another excuse for gender neutral issues they all seem to have . But you had the head on look East hours ago saying it wasn't for that reason! Why do you think this is still a story? I sincerely hope you are joking. What's next? A scarf to cover hair?

Why not teach those causing distress it has consequences. Life lessons. What? What a load of rubbish. I used to wear my PE shorts under my skirt so I could hang upside down on the climbing frame. ridiculous nonsense So because boys can’t control themselves and the school doesn’t have enough discipline, the girls as always suffer and have their rights/wishes constricted. So not exactly equal rights for all . Females being suppressed again .

What a lot of crap - I grew up when the mini skirt first came out and at school we were the shortest skirts we could now they aren't allowed to wear short skirts in most schools Why not have all the boys wear skirts? This “protecting girls modesty “ is rubbish. Teach boundaries and self control instead.

My daughter likes skirt.she will on in her school sorry 😐that depends down the knees or up the knees that’s other issue. Makes me wonder ..... is it the professionals that have the problem with eying the girls ..... this is sexism going into reverse.... Why not just make them wear a burqa? FFS Hasn't anyone considered educating boys to stop thinking of girls as sexual objects and to stop making them feel uncomfortable about wearing what they want to wear? 😠

It’s really stupid Not on religious grounds then? Their having a meeting next month to consider reintroducing the chastity belt it hasn't been used since the dark ages but it's the only way to assert full control over women I really don’t like where this going... I would refuse to send my daughter to school until it was overturned..

You think that’s bad? Thomas ain’t to happy either !🤔 I no longer understand the ways of our world, frightened to open your mouth anywhere but in the confines of your own home and so much more How long have girls been wearing skirts and dresses at school? This ban is an absolute nonsense and should be ignored.

TarekFatah Instead of blaming glass walls, paint her cover the glass. No brainer How utterly ridiculous!! Some people on here are just pure racist. Islam has nothing to with this so pls stop bringing religion into it. Let's just cut to the chase & make all the girls wear burkas now. This is where we'll be in 50 years time anyway

Fix the stairs... I question why it is skirts banned and not trousers 😂😂😂 Another case of blaming the victim not the perpetrator! Preparing the country for the Burka? Hahahaaaaaaaa replace the glass.. never heard such a load of bull Sounds like the argument for burkas. Hold a referendum to decide! I bet a lot of white, heterosexual guys, who’ve never been upskirted are triggered by this...

Better ban the kilt then in all Scottish schools and Scottish regiments - after all Nicola, this is the type of nonsense you & your cronies will inherit with continued EU membership...... Pure idiocy. How harmful. And thus we see the UK return to Victorian times It's always the way in history society swings from one extreme to the other E.g. A repressed generation is usually followed by more wild one

Is this real or fake news ? What is going on in our country ? We are going backwards and the P C brigade are really taking the p now . When I was at school girls weren’t allowed to wear trousers & if you did you got detention. Why worry about what kids are wearing & worry about what they’re learning! Are we living in the dark ages.

Suffolk school or Gillead school? Bring back the burqa and flogging. Holbornlolz To protect from rapefugees? then the veil and the Burka and eat Halal and pray 5 times a day and FGM and... Those teachers really don't seem to be able to control themselves do they. Under his eye. Fuck this Gilead bullshit. And if any teachers say they get “distracted” they shouldn’t work with children.

What from? The teachers? the state of replies to this, can't suffolk do anything positive Holbornlolz Caliph on its way Holbornlolz This enforced modesty culture in schools needs stopping fast! Bullocks World has gone bloody mad. That mean I can’t wear skirts what a load of crap They should wear hijabs...that they will be known and not be abused..

Stop the social engineering. Holbornlolz New primary school here in Norfolk makes the children take off their shoes and put on slippers . Apparently to protect the underfloor heating , yeah right . Parent says to me 'what other building do you need to take off your shoes to enter '🕌. Since when was it immodest to wear a skirt in the UK?

Let's the children chose what they want to wear ❤ x Is this an Islam dominated school does anyone know? Holbornlolz Yes the Muslims are 100% correct How is wearing a collar, tie, and trousers gender-neutral? It's been boys' uniform for decades.... Holbornlolz Hijab next? It's about gender-neutrality not religious considerations... and I'm not sure which is worse.

If you want ban something Ban bloody phones not skirts Holbornlolz Is it an orthodox Islamic/Catholic school? Are the female teachers not allowed skirts or blouses also This is wrong, you are teaching girls that how they dress matters more than brains. But also that dress must dress to avoid the attention of men rather than teaching boys to behave.

Holbornlolz Bound to be judged as Anti Trans rights I am so glad they’re not reaching my Grandchildren, what has become of the world ? Girls are different in nearly every way in appearance, and if they choose to wear a skirt it’s their bloody choice! It’s almost Bullying!!! Burkhas be next step. Holbornlolz Shall we give parents/pupils our views and let them make an informed choice? No... Fuck it... Let's ban them skirts

Modesty? It's part of female culture in this country for girls to wear skirts. Whats going on? We defeat the Islamic State abroad only to let it into our own Country. Mad! Just also give the boys the option to wear a skirt or not also. I think that’s what they are afraid of but it would be fairer on the girls.

We’ll soon be a medieval cult, void of democratic free thinking. The BBC is at the very heart of this. Fuss about nothing, a group of boys in protest decided to turn up in skirts as they were not permitted shorts. I am pretty sure there were outcries in the past decades when girls were not permitted to wear trousers. How about the Hijabs and Burkas worn, let the kids have choice.

What’s next headscarf’s? Asking for a friend Let girls be girls PC madness. Surely making them optional was all that was necessary... Established 1909, so there has been no problem with skirts for decades, but suddenly there is? 🙄 or medieval ignorance I dont understand the islamic comments? Where in the article is any religion mentioned

You guys should avoid this situation with other words this problem if you want to see what will happen if you dont avoid just check Turkey . Keep your country civil It’s scientifically know that “pants” help significantly to protect girls modesty, not parenting or teaching boys and girls how to behave. SMH!

Muslims rule these days? Will controlling the female body never STOP? Wonder how they protected their modesty all through previous generations. Probably told the boys to piss off and play football 🤔🤔🤔 For gods sake - they said they made an error using the terms 'modesty', however, they're still taking away choice from girls. I'm an advocate for uniforms in school but to have no choice (it's always girls) is unacceptable in this day and age - i hope they review the policy

Holbornlolz Protect Modesty = Appease Muslims Bloody pathetic WTF WhatEmenWear is none of the state’s business Holbornlolz Dear god save us from this insanity. Holbornlolz Good ol Sharia Girl's modesty doesn't need protecting. Children need to learn not to perv and if your adults can't be trusted they certainly shouldn't be working in a school. Grow up and stop making girls feel ashamed to have legs.

Put bike shorts or gym shorts under - that’s what my girls and their friends did without glass staircases. Just not that hard people! So they are implying the boys are sex pest thats what muslims say about their full face coverings....... You were warned. Instead of not allowing the children personal choice why not deal with any child who causes a problem. This country has gone sex bloody mad. When my kids were at school (2 girls) they were allowed to wear skirts dresses or trousers) this is just high handed idiots.

Boycott the school and hundreds of parents should be in touch withthe local authorities asking to transfer their children to other schools! Headmasters can make up all sorts of shit but if noone attends it's a waste of their time. Schools also recieve money based on pupil numbers Oh my The decision about whether to wear a skirt should be up to each individual girl and her parents.

Lunatics Holbornlolz Slowly, slowly catch the monkey. ISLAM Give them a choice for goodness sake Is it the Islamists at work? Holbornlolz Promoting PC nonsense that is rejected by the majority of people shows the mindset of Neo Liberalism and how they keep trying to revive this corpse. Holbornlolz Very Islamic

Have they not heard of pants? ,🤔🤔🤔🤔 Can the UK teaching profession get any more stupid? Our schools are the front line in the inevitable culture wars. Europe and their stupid rules...oh wait! 🙄 Be careful what you vote for . A vote for the identity politics of Labour and this will be more and more common.

Is it a Muslim school? 😳 It’s going........ BS. I have four Girls. They would hate this. PC brigade forcing an issue thats not there. Always have concerns about the kind of people that bring in these rules. Wonderful I wish it could happen in South Africa Sexualisation and associated (potentially unhealthy) behaviours are perhaps best addressed through education, dialogue, and consensus based multi-stakeholder approaches (including the children, parents, teachers, other child welfare bods), rather than by sudden, arbitrary bans ⚖

Holbornlolz From migrant rapists, oops sorry for telling the truth The world has gone nuts Let the girls where skirts if they want to Kilts ok? 😂 The head teacher is a comedian. this is why i dont like my country Holbornlolz Haram. Pathetic If the issue really is 'upskirting', isn't the answer to replace the glass stairwell partitions? Is that too much like common sense?

As anyone bothered to ask the girls what THEY think?. Load of tosh! Londonistan Make them wear burkas. Wtf is wrong with people Why not let the kids choose what they want to wear when it comes to skirt / shorts / trousers Omg why not just put longer skins on the girl's wouldn't this severe the same purpose?

Or we could expect people to exercise self control and hold them to it, but...nah. Western civilisation was about freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Another nail... Does it apply to staff ? Burkas will be next? How sad the world has come to this ! Prologue to The Handmaid's Tale. Full burqas will be in force by next year the way things are going.....

Best sew the boys flies up. Bollocks Can fire woman Sam wear one at weekends?

Anger after high school swimmer disqualified for suit that broke 'modesty rule'The decision to disqualify an Alaskan high school swimmer for wearing a swimsuit that exposed too much of her buttocks has come under heavy criticism Saudi Alaskia She didn't were a burkini? Shocking... The number of people being hospitalised or killed by the sight of buttocks is a serious concern. There is no cure.

Teacher wipe cosmetics off girls to stop them wearing makeup in schoolThe school in China said many pupils had been wearing heavy makeup to class and it decided to ban the act. A spokesman said it was the school's responsibility to educate and guide students. Good. It's school not a beauty contest. Make up should be banned in all UK schools. It would teach kids to accept their bodies and peers bodies in their natural form, not their plastic forn Bet they wouldn't do this in th UK. Have you seen how ugly UK kids are? They need all the makeup they can get. This country could never learn what is human rights

Male teacher slammed for removing girls' makeup with damp towel at school gatesMobile phone footage shows the member of staff rubbing cosmetics off the faces of female students as they line up outside Good on the teacher. Why are they not in uniform?

School bans skirts to 'protect girls' modesty' on new glass-sided stairwellA SCHOOL has banned girls from wearing skirts to “protect their modesty” after installing glass-sided stairwells. Male and female pupils must now wear trousers. But the new rule only applies to Yea… It’s 2019, why are schools making children wear uniforms? Ridiculous girls should be feminine if they want to be ok, so why do these same girls after they leave home then hike their skirts up?

Teacher wipe cosmetics off girls to stop them wearing makeup in schoolThe school in China said many pupils had been wearing heavy makeup to class and it decided to ban the act. A spokesman said it was the school's responsibility to educate and guide students. Ok I obviously think this is pretty harsh. Disturbing

School built in slave trade apologises and offers £1.4 million reparationsOne of the schools founders was so opposed to emancipation that he criminally prosecuted abolitionist journalists WHY Offering to who?