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Saudi ruler 'sent hit men to Canada to assassinate ex-top 'spy''

Saudi Crown Prince 'sent team of 50 hit men to Canada in failed attempt to assassinate rival prince's 'spy'

8/7/2020 12:39:00 AM

Saudi Crown Prince 'sent team of 50 hit men to Canada in failed attempt to assassinate rival prince's 'spy'

Saad Aljabri (left) has filed suit against Mohammed bin Salman (bottom right) alleging that the Saudi ruler ordered his assassination and seized his two children, including daughter Sarah (top right).

Saudi Crown Prince 'sent team of 50 hit men known as the Tiger Squad to Canada in failed attempt to assassinate rival prince's 'spy', and arrested his children and brother to lure him back to his home country', bombshell lawsuit claims

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Saad Aljabri, a former top Saudi intelligence official, filed suit on ThursdayHe accuses Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of trying to assassinate himAljabri has been living in exile in Toronto since MBS took power in 2017He alleges MBS sent 'Tiger Squad' of hit men to kill him using 'forensic tools'

Lawsuit alleges Canadian authorities thwarted plot at border checkpointAljabri alleges MBS had his two children kidnapped in Saudi Arabia to 'lure' himAlleged plot was thwarted less than two weeks after killing of Jamal KhashoggiKhashoggi was a Washington Post columnist and critic of MBS' style of rule

In October 2018, he was killed while visiting Saudi consulate in IstanbulCIA believes MBS ordered Khashoggi killing and covered up crown prince's role Read more: Daily Mail Online »

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So many scared info people after Khashoggi. Hope they are all well...❤️❤️❤️❤️ A man pursued by the local police on charges of stealing the money of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11 billion and escaped from prison and left the country how it feels when this happens to you then he writes in the press the core of the core of al-Jabri fleeing on charges of steal

Next up 50 hit women When did half an hour of backstabbing down the rose and crown go out of fashion ? And UK government still selling gun's to them DailyMail MBS is the Caligula of Saudi Arabia 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 That's not true، Where's the source khashoggi sushi receipt 2.0 1. chop him up 2. put the sushi in a briefcase/s = whoa la , its almost done

Btw he stole a 11 billion USD $ and he was corrupted AF and thats the main reason why saudi Arabia want to get him, don't listen to ' Fake News' they are everywhere nowadays . In the end , everyone will account for his/her deeds before the Almighty Allah Al-Hakam, Al-Adal . No one will live forever. last night I watched again 'the Family' and this tweet just brought the memory back to me

Canada should have sent them home in a box. 50 hit men, this is so funny when you publish such fake stories without any evidence, this man stole billions and he must be held accountable. According to The New York Times it was a team of 50 austere religious scholars, dispatched solely with the intention of singing The Canadian National Anthem

Even so, the west will turn a blind eye for fear of economic fallout from disrupted supplies. Ethics, morality, decency aren’t, and never will be, part of the deal... DailyMail These accusations has no clue. Aljabri is hiding the billions he stole from the government which makes him feels scared and insecure

Saudis cannot ice skate Barbaric! “50 hit men” What fictional world are you talking about !! Saudi simply put this man on the wanted list and Canada is obligated to turn him in because unlike your accusations, he is PROVEN guilty of treason and public fund theft. Can't they just play with their jewels in their own sandbox and leave the world alone?

Remember the good old days when only one hitman was skilled enough to do the job. Now they need an army of hitmen. They don’t train em like they use to. Wow. What a band a shitty assassins Where's the proof? MBS is psychopath Saudi Arabia needs some permanent vacation time for their leadership. This nonsense accusation just to protect a corrupt fugitive with hard evidence against him , a double agent protection tactics

This royal family and scandals are like 5 and 6. 50 hitmen who failed. Maybe they should of been better trained. lulwaalthani The most dumb and idot spy operations in history is the Saudi intelligent MBS didnt learn after Khasoji case lulwaalthani lulwaalthani هل الترجمة صحيحة ان الجبري جاسوس للأمير المنافس؟

Lucky, nonsense. Has someone who eats people's money become a competitor that the Canadian government should bring to Saudi Arabia for trial? This is never fair 🌚 lulwaalthani الجبري كان رئيس جهاز المخابرات وليس بجاسوس لولى العهد محمد بن نايف . DailyMail 50 ! It’s not called Hitmen . It’s called an Army !

Saudi prince loves to kill and addicted to it. 🤣🤣🤣 Here we go again. Don’t you have anything else to do. Saad aljabri is a ex- official stole 11B$. And now he is the victim!!! Shame Of course he’s going to say that to get asylum. Whatever MiaFarrow RaniaKhalek rulajebreal AbbyMartin georgegalloway

Things just dey happen anyhow😳🤣

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Out-of-control Arctic wildfires released more CO2 in two months than in whole of 2019Smoke seen by satellites covering area equivalent to more than a third of Canada LeoDiCaprio Fuck How sad LeoDiCaprio This one is for Mother Nature. . 🌎🌍🌏 LeoDiCaprio How did this happen though

Don't demolish old buildings, urge architectsKnocking down defunct structures sends a wrecking ball through carbon targets, architects say. Ok Elon Yeah, what do they know Exactly right. Turn them into cheap flats/apartments for the homeless etc