Saudi Arabia will allow foreign couples to share rooms

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Saudi Arabia will allow foreign men and women to share hotel rooms

Saudi tourism commission will allow foreign men and women to share a bed. Kingdom criminalises sex outside of wedlock with harsh penalties. Saudi women are also now allowed to book and stay in hotel rooms alone.


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There is a significant improvement in Saudi Arabia thanks to Prince Mohammed bin Salman

I will pass. I don't have any shit hole countries on my bucket list

Good I will be going to Saudi Arabia soon to work


😲 Whuuuuut?

does that include gay couples

Im of to Spain in instead cherooo

No booze no go..

But first they have to get all the blood out of the sheets.

Bet they were ok with putting a 10 year old in the bed and force you to marry her haha

Is is the nationality or the gender that's the issue? How do Saudis procreate osmosis?

Easy get 3 men and 1 woman in that bed that ok

How progressive. Won't see this soon

Will my companion still need a chaperone to go to the bathroom?


Oh yay I can finally go somewhere I would never want to. 😴

So till now it was ok to share a room with the same sex? Two men or two women in on room? I don't get it.

Hah... Habibi 😂

I’m cumming.....alahu akbaaaaar!

I do admire the efforts of a tourism campaign for one of the worlds biggest holy place.

How about a non straight couple?

What ever it takes to cozy up to the west. Very funny.

I'll pass on the visit to a country who doesn't allow people to conduct themselves as they would in their own country, but has its citizens come to the west demanding that they be allowed to practice their culture undisturbed. Nope, I'm good.👌🏽

Failed attempts to tarnish the image of Saudi Arabia

Well if you’re willing to risk it.

Bet I still won't be able to stay with my boyfriend !

The Saudi regime is very conservative You know nothing about the Saudi regime

They still revere a man who at 51 married a child of 6. That won’t change until islam dies.

for the offer but nah

Must be losing tourist and the money

As Arab men do in the west when visiting!

Don’t they do public beheadings in the streets?

flow45351894 Yeah, not going there now or in my next three lives, though.

How terribly kind.

You don't know anything about Saudi Arabia. You should know more about the regime in Saudi Arabia, then write so readers can believe what you're saying.

what the fuck? no wonder women are running away from SA.

Should we roll out the drums?


Big deal !

I don't know why everyone is happy with these clowns destruction of the holy Land of islam

I’m gonna shag my way to Mecca!

Saudi Arabia advancing into the 9th century.

Still won't be going

.......then slaughter them

Wow, how progressive 🤔

Wow thanks Saudi Arabia

Well that's big of them. Really going to make me visit.

Things are changing for the better.

No thanks.

How did it work before this new allowance? 🇸🇦🗡


Why on earth would anyone even want to visit such a country that decides who they can sleep with?

Oh gee thanks

Wow. Great stuff! Welcome to 8 century.

It's allowed until it's not allowed. Then your ass is in a public square being lashed by religious police. Don't fall for it.


Well, that's me forgetting about their terrible human abuse issues. Well done saudi

They didn't before this ? Wtf ? Crazy bastards

Condoms all around 🍺🍺🍺🍺

While Saudi Arabia has their archaic laws that step on people's rights and while they keep the terrorist royals running the show, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia should never be on anyone's list of destinations. They will chop you to death!

I do admire the efforts of a tourism campaign for one of the worlds biggest shitholes. I think the only trickier campaign would be to market bacon to Iran.

Saudi Arabia do not represent Islam

Do they want a medal?

Oh my cup runneth over.

Anyone would think the Saudis are paying media outlets to push a propaganda campaign for them....

Break out the fncking buntings people! MBS should hurry up and drag this nation into the 21st century.

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