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Saudi Arabia oil attack: Boris Johnson says UK believes Iran responsible

Saudi Arabia oil attack: Boris Johnson says UK believes Iran responsible


Saudi Arabia oil attack: Boris Johnson says UK believes Iran responsible

En route to the UN general assembly in New York, prime minister raises possibility that the British military could become involved

The US and Saudi Arabia have previously said they believe the attack was carried out by Iran, and not by Houthi rebels battling Saudi forces in Yemen, who Iran says were to blame.

Speaking on the plane Johnson said one of his key objectives at UNGA was to help “bring the world together in response to what happened in Saudi Arabia, in our management of Iran”.

Johnson went on: “On what kind of action we can take, you’ll have seen that the Americans are proposing to do more to help to defend Saudi Arabia, and we will be following that closely.

But he declined to specify any possible action, saying on the idea of tighter sanctions: “There is certainly a case for responding together, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

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Yes, because BorisJohnson believes anything you'll tell him The UK is responsible for many deaths in the Yemen civil war. You would just because America said so BorisJohnson should know better than to repeat what Trump says. In fact, I would expect our Prime Minister to investigate the incident first before embarrassing himself. Weapons on display have model numbers of weapons made for NATO. Iran is not in NATO.

They speak English better than any language.. UK US are soul mates.. Fellow arms dealer..nuclear dickheads. Yes they see eye to to money..all is well. Just destroy Iran.. they have.. Kuwait Iraq Libya Yemen Afghanistan..around/ in Mid East. To show off old balls!! So it definitely wasn't Iran then. Proven liars can't be trusted!

The conservatives, especially the anglo conservatives aka the republicans and torries dont want change in economics, in ClimateChange policy, in tax heavens, in taxation they rather want to burn the whole world down instead of change our system for the better. Who else could it have been? The one-armed man?

UK will believe in Pixies from Wales as well. Nothing new from colonialism UK doesn't believe Johnson about anything. Iran has no reason to, buttface.

US imposes new sanctions on Iran's central bank after drone attacks in Saudi ArabiaThe US has imposed new sanctions on Iran after Tehran's alleged involvement in drone strikes on Saudi oil facilities. President Trump said he believed showing restraint 'shows far more strength' and he wanted to avoid an all-out war with Iran . Read more: He believes showing restraint “shows far more strength”. Ironic, coming from the guy who has consistently threatened war against Iran, coupled with the fact that a recent US drone strike intended for Isis hideout killed 30 pine nut workers in Afghanistan, two days ago. 🤦🏿‍♂️ A true leader. Showing restraint? He doesn’t know the meaning of the word

Where is the evidence🤓 It is exactly what the UK needs right now, send army to a Middle East country following US senseless lead...again!! Isn’t Brexit catastrophic enough Of course a crook believes another crook 'serving as a bridge' what's is it with Boris and bridges ... He believes... 15 of 19 WTC 911 hijackers are SaudiArabia citizens. Osama bin Laden is SaudiArabia citizens. Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen since 2015 Suddenly Trump and BorisJohnson want to be Saudi Arabia defenders? How much money do they get?

Told what to believe by Donald perhaps ? Oh so when Iran launches a targeted strike against a genocidal state sponsor of terror it's a 'crisis'. Dont let Johnson drag us into another war. The Saudi regime is evil and soldiers will die to boost the profits of oil and arms dealers

Patrick Cockburn: The drone attacks in Saudi Arabia have changed the nature of global warfare Saudi Arabia and the US’s failure to defend oil facilities has had an impact on the balance of power Um. It’s still unclear if those drones were from Iran... good luck proving it

Boris like Trump Not hard to work out Because the US told him so. Even though those responsible.have admitted it

Iran vows ‘destruction of any aggressor’ as US moves troops to Saudi Arabia'If anyone crosses our borders, we will hit them,' Revolutionary Guard general warns Save all the aggravation and all countries get round the table for talks and not put thousands of people's lives at risk Careful what you wish for.... Walnut whips come to mind.....for some reason 🤔

Yemen: UN welcomes Houthi vow to cease missile and drone attacks on Saudi ArabiaThe promise came a week after the rebels said they were behind a major missile and drone attack on Saudi oil facilities.

UN Yemen envoy welcomes Houthi offer to halt attacks on Saudi ArabiaProposal by Iran -backed rebels ‘could send message of the will to end the war,’ says Martin Griffiths

Russia savages US following Saudi Arabia oil reserve crisis - ‘Can’t repel attack’ Saudi Arabia : Amer Madani, CEO of The Royal Commission of Al-Ula reveals plans to boost tourism in the historic area.

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