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SARAH VINE: Now even the Queen can't escape Prince Harry's self pity

SARAH VINE: Now even the Queen can't escape the wrecking ball of Prince Harry's self pity

5/14/2021 6:30:00 AM
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SARAH VINE: Now even the Queen can't escape the wrecking ball of Prince Harry 's self pity

Not content with embellishing the facts to suit his agenda in the Oprah Winfrey interview Harry - has launched another searing attack on the folks back home, writes SARAH VINE.

sharesHe went on to suggest his grandparents were at fault: 'I know this about his [Prince Charles's] life, I also know that is connected to his parents so that means he's treated me the way he was treated, so how can I change that for my own kids.'

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As a concept of course, the idea of unhappy families repeating their mistakes through the generations is nothing very new.And the fact that Harry is so determined to do better for his own children is in some ways a noble sentiment.But Harry is no ordinary man, and this is no ordinary washing he is laundering in front of the entire world. This is Elizabeth II we are talking about.

The longest reigning monarch in history and a woman who, in the eyes of most people, is a much-loved paragon of duty and service.To launch such an accusation at someone who, quite apart from her great age and the fact that her husband has just passed away, is in no position to retaliate is not only an act of extreme insensitivity and unfairness, it's also a colossal act of self-harm. headtopics.com

It may play well to American audiences but back home – and Harry is still British, despite his newly acquired American twang – it will win him no fans.That Harry cannot see this is a tragedy, not just for the royals but for the man himself.Not content with embellishing the facts to suit his agenda in the Oprah Winfrey interview and accusing the Royal Family of racism, Harry – under the watchful and approving eye of Meghan – has launched another searing attack on the folks back home

That he has so little respect or affection for his family, so little understanding or self-knowledge of how spoilt and embittered he seems, is a sad reflection of his own self-indulgence.It's clear now that Harry is someone who, for whatever reason, has come to loathe the very fabric of royal life and managed to convince himself that, for all the privilege and status afforded him, his upbringing was a prolonged torture.

And that is very sad and destructive.It also presents him with an awkward paradox. Because, of course, the only reason anyone is at all interested in Harry or Meghan is because they are members of the Royal Family.The source of their power and their riches is also the source of all their pain – which cannot make for an easy conscience.

Perhaps this goes in some way to explain the festering anger that Harry clearly feels and which shows no sign of abating.Far from exorcising his demons, Harry's newfound freedom seems only to be feeding the monsters.He talks about his shoulders dropping and a weight lifting since he moved to America; but all the evidence seems to point to him becoming more, not less, unhappy. headtopics.com

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There is also the rank hypocrisy of his behaviour. For a man who is always complaining about lack of respect for his privacy, he seems disproportionately determined to betray other people's confidences, to expose his own family to the kind of scrutiny which, he never tires of telling us, traumatised him so much in the first place.

As for compassion and caring, those other pillars of his existence, well, one might well ask what is caring or compassionate about accusing a 95-year-old great-grandmother of poor parenting just weeks after her husband has died.Not that any of this seems to cause the slightest iota of concern to Harry.

He's so high on his own drama, so busy monetising his own neuroses, he has no concept of the pain he is causing.Quite what the Royal Family can do about all this is hard to say. But one thing's for sure: Their anguish over Harry is not going away any time soon.

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That’s way the palace is seen as medieval. Harry’s talking about his life experience. It’s not treason. Talking about mental heath’s is not winging. Why can’t he just live his life in America and leave the RF alone as he ‘doesn’t want anything to do with them’ Lucia68871359 He's always been cruel and nasty, he needs to look at his own behaviour before criticising the people that gave him everything 🤦‍♀️

Teapot_Lady They are not relevant anywhere other than the countries they enslaved The royal family did not act firmly during the past year, especially after the OW interview. Consequently MM has prepped-up her immature husband to start attacking the senior members of the family, as a 'liberating yoga cure'. HM must put end to this soap opera.

Teapot_Lady Oh shut up! What utter bullshit. There wasn’t an ounce of self-pity in what Harry spoke about. You’re just pissed he won’t allow you to control him anymore. Good on him.

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Prince Harry recounts feeling 'helpless' in three crucial occasions during his lifePRINCE HARRY has recounted three major events in his life which left him feeling 'helpless'. Grow up Harry!! Everybody feels helpless during their life. Try living in Africa, rampant corruption by governments, house break-ins, violent crimes that people endure due to incompetent govt policing. So you were chased by paparazzi boohoo. RF protected & loved you, ungrateful!

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