Sanctions Could Increase Moscow's Dependence on China

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Some experts say that Western sanctions are likely to bring Russia and China closer together economically—and that they may pose a threat to the U.S. dollar’s dominance of the global financial system

financial institutions in more than 200 countries and facilitates the majority of global money transfers. It’s the lubricant of international trade and finance. Without it, moving money is slower and more expensive. “This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally,”It could also have an unintended consequence.

“For an economy such as Russia that still relies a great deal on export revenues and on international trade more broadly, losing access to global finance is clearly a painful blow,” says, a professor of economics and trade policy at Cornell University and the former head of the IMF’s China Division. There has been some debate on whether Moscow will resort to cryptocurrencies to circumvent sanctions. But for now, Prasad says “The restrictions on Russia’s access from the Western-dominated global financial system will undoubtedly drive it into a deeper economic embrace with China, in terms of both trade and financial dependence.”

After traveling on a new route from China, a container train carrying food and medical supplies from Shandong province arrives at Terminal Selyatino, outside Moscow, on Feb. 20, 2022.


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Motives are ground zero. China wants to be free of dependence on the West & makes no bones about that. Russia taking Ukraine benefits China due to increased access to valuable commodities it needs that would be at Putin's disposal. Maybe it really is that simple...

you guys are way behind on this

Moscow and Beijing have memorandum of understanding because both are communist countries

gad_media This is virus, China is a big problem in the world

China understands what side of the butter their bread is..

Hopefully we see dollar golden time finish soon as this is going to help stop most of the war that American creat it.

Yes. It'll divide the world into two economically: US and EU on one hand, and China and Russia on the other.

See what is within western values? It's all about benefit, justice means nothing.

Finally someone giving a fair illustration of what the 'western world' is building up .... against himself..

gad_media wouldn't that mean they'd have to agree on a single currency to be the market standard, the ruble or the yuan? that's one hell of a fight they're gearing up for in that case, who's the junior partner and who's the senior

All normal people who aren't experts are saying this too.

I think it's a bit late for media to start showing concern for this now.

Next china invade Taiwan and no one do anything just like putin

They both need the free world!

No way! Brandon would make sure it doesn't happen.

No fucking shit

Very interesting! Go check out RayDalio’s YouTube video and book about the changing world order and it can put this article in context of a bigger cycle.

The dollar is done.

🐶🐩🐕 اتحاد سگها

Let them..... Russia will be worse than North Korea


China's only interest is it's survival and not to harm their economy. Knowing how the West responded, I highly doubt that China will come and support Russia. I do not see China and Russia together can challenge US dominance economically.

Oh gee you don't say.

By “some experts” do you mean the entire Bitcoin community?

Not only empowerment of Russia - China axis, but dismantling the multinational business culture, impacting the western society's economies considerably, with living standards nose diving, will be the immediate effect increasing joblessness and poverty around the world.

⚫︎Putin is afraid that his war crimes will be known to the Russian citizen & soldier. ⚫︎Can Russian billionaires accept the termination of international transactions? ⚫︎The president never exist alone.If you stop Putin's supporters, change happens.

The war will be over if we kill all the Ukrainians. Oh wait, we have to kill a lot of others. Rusians, Jews, Americans, Arabs.....

Wow biden has messed things up!


No shit Sherlock

Where the hell have you been?

No. Fucking. Shit.

Best of luck with that!

Chinese military technology is no better than Russian.

Two piles of....💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Waaay behind the curve! We all said this was a bad idea, y'all ran with it anyway.



'the experts' stating the obvious

Ya think? Glad we have experts in the job

Is it not normal? The US dollar's dominance is a threat to the global world, like it if there's any other replacement.

Stop manufacturing in China

Russia & China made arrangements for bilateral trade in local currency, end US dollar in world financial market & trying to modify international order. Russia & China as UNSC P members play important diplomatic role in world politics

If China can make friends with India. It will become unstoppable but there is no cure for short term thinking. Same could be said with Russia it could great West ally but short term war machine don't benefit from it

Com'on, bring the 'gold standard'. Atleast its more eco friendly than 💲, 😉

Tax china, they have blood on their hands.

It’s like we haven’t been saying this all along.

The world needs to know: CCP has been in bed with Russia/USSR for more than 80 years, even longer than the founding of PRC.

Russia China are already'best friends'. They will dethrone dollar just wait .

'Experts.' The last 2 years has taught me not to trust anything an 'expert' says ever again.

Isn't that good thing If it's true 😂


Who's stupid to keep holding on to Toilet Papers?

China like India is all about business, hence the reason they’ve remained neutral throughout this conflict with Putin & Ukrainians which is sad-:))

They already are together

Of course all communists (Biden, Obama, NATO, Russia, CCP) working together to destroy the USA Constitution.

If these experts studied in high school in Russia, then it will be serious!

'The World Doesn't only revolves around United States' there are other countries too Remember It

Get away from SWIFT....

This is good news

Wow, you're finally catching up.

New World Order..This is exactly what the “elites” want. They want China to be the leading country in the world.

In the words of the great philosopher Rihanna...No shit

Time experts don't realize that the World is not tethered to China or Russia. After their attempts to ignore the sovereignty of other Nations, there will be retaliation from the rest of the world . Their actions will cost them.


It's about time the eXpErTs caught up to reality! DUH! Our greedy ruling class and their dopey experts have made it where we would be unable to do to China that which we are doing to Russia. China owns some ways...literally. Of course, they'd LOVE for us to BE China.

Check Krugman's analysis on the matter

EmmanuelMacron vonderleyen eucopresident EP_Edinburgh EU_Commission Europarl_EN UN NATO POTUS OlafScholz BorisJohnson Isaac_Herzog naftalibennett Close the sky over Ukraine. Or you also want us to be killed?!

欢迎加入cipsWelcome to CIPS, Russia, argentina, more and more

Regretting now?

Russia and China will try to disrupt the American system of unity in the world! It's up to the world to decide what countries will succeed and what countries will fail! I'm betting on the American open system of cooperation! I'll always bet on freedom, capitalism and democracy!

Putin in unpredictable nowadays , China knows , its temporary alliance

What Russian economy?

I wish it happens sooner than later

They started to notice what they were doing. The world was so pride of US but now today 🙊 A proverb say 'Everything you do is for yourself, good or bad'

Really Good !! 😂👎

China will only be weaker with Russia

So what happens to China’s economy if Europe and the USA Boycott Chinese goods and Manufacturing does that hurt China? I’m no expert but I presume China wouldn’t want that.

Depending on how much support china is giving out, at some stage China should also be sanctioned as Putin said clearly anyone who sanction Russia will be considered its enemy. Any country supporting Russia is the enemy of the world !

Not only is he wrecking Ukraine. But the World Order as well.

Very true. In fact the third world could benefit from it.

Why are we still letting Russia get away with this in 2022? StopPutin They are killing innocent people! They are bombing our cities! Don’t be silent NoFlyZoneOverUkraine ClosetheSkyoverUkraine

Russia is going towards clearing house unionpay that will reduce market for American ones including app based payment system. This is good to remove monopoly.

Sanction or not, they have already stayed together, 'back to back' against the current world order. To stop Russia, China also need to be isolated.

JoeBiden single handedly destroyed america between pushing GaryGensler SecYellen and corrupt TeamPelosi in one year completely destabilized the world and are responsible for unreasonable amounts of suffering.

Of course it is - world war 3 will happen thanks to weakness of western leaders

Jesus..Time…why don’t you stay in your lane of continuing to kiss Elon Musk’s rear? Leave geopolitical strategy to the experts.

Human World is so fragile. You mess with one piece, and everything falls apart.

Think people don’t realize that there a very strong possibility of china and Russia v rest of world…

This is already understood by USA government in schedule,which is so easy to guess so,but the USA still did support them,unless they are all fools,there’s something much more worthwhile certainly

another Biden own-goal ?

No,they don’t pose a threat, they may pose two threats, Happy?

logical conclusion: In Every way Profitable for china but for Russia, it will be north Korea Version 2.0

They already close decades ago...who is that expert!! 3rd grader?

Regardless, western nations need to divest in Russia and China. They are essentially the same garbage leadership, being so involved in their economies just puts ours at risk. Divest.


U dont need an expert to see that coming. Even before NATO started kicking the russian beehive again, it was obvious. I think all this sanctions will catastrophically backfire on US economy, its just incredible they didnt see this outcome. Or did they?

Not likely. Russia being crushed gives China control but they have very dislocated economies. No symmetry. Russia is too far behind.

I think it’s safe to say that the only tangible thing NATO can do is to CloseTheSky over ukraine. The air strikes are non stop and hundred of civilians including children are dead. What are you waiting for POTUS Europarl_EN

China will only be weaker with Russia. China should could ties with russian terrorist government. Doon it will backfire onto China.


Very amusing! You sow what you reap.

How long will you be passionate about having no love? I'm afraid that the human beings who dominate the country will be incapacitated. The earth is dark until we see the emergence of leaders who consider the world as one.

Jeśli Chiny nie przeciwstawią się i nie potraktują putina ostro, jako zbrodniarza, a nie władcę to same sobie też krzywdę zrobią. Putin to zwykły człowiek, bandyta, który ze swoimi kolesiami z dzieciństwa okrada i oszukuje Rosjan. Chiny, wierzę, że zajmą właściwą stronę.

It's about TIME🤣😜

OECD countries GDP is 60x higher than Russia one which will only be declining as of now. Russias impact on the world economy or currency is close to statistical error, fortunatelly😅

Will SA trade with Russia via China? They seem to be pro-Put+in

That’s it. Retweet the same damn stories over and over and none of them are even well written. Waste of twitter space and paper.

One should understand that global sales make developed nations to maitain their higher standards,not vice versa.Isolationisms by them crash prices below cost prices making many co crash unless all nations join to grow together global free trade.arrogance,greed breed fall of all.

It's a temporary The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Russia and China have warred, and there can only be 1 despot long term, and Russians are not Han Chinese, so its not unrealistic that Xingjiang could annexe Russia becoming a Uyghur, Kazakh, muslim and Russian workforce.

You people can only think of money, money and more money. Can't you leave this economic selfishness and empathize about blood, blood and flowing blood being shed in this war? This is very sad for who feels it, knows it.

It definitely will.

Good joke. Putin told you❓

Money needs *trust* to the instutions & eachother to believe in the value of paper/electronic digits. Inside russia china people do not trust their own words. The 141 others also don't trust. Greed alone is too unstable.

Well that's the way it goes. We have to do the sanctions. The other option is war. So whatever Russia and China do, we need to be prepared. That's the way it is right now.

Not sure that's entirely a bad thing.

How is TIME news a war promoting news network 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤟✌️

The US is China's biggest client China isn't going to jeopardize that type of business relationship.

How? The US + EU + UK + Latin america + singapore + other allies makes 70% of wold economy

Not just China and Russia. Every regional superpower will look for reducing dependency on the US now. I have two cards: One Visa another Master Card. I will now cancel my Mastercard and get an Indian Rupay card. Also will re-visit my logic of not buying Chinese phones

Indeed, the more america and europe push Rusia away the more they bond relation until they bring NORTH KOREA to join them and that the time you must be worry

facts !

it is none of your American's business

Maybe stop shipping every single manufacturing job to China and they wouldn’t be so powerful.


Need to watch my little buddy Zhang ChinaAmbUN he's been known to enjoy some good ol fashioned human rights violations n jailing innocent people just for kicks. On the side he's a backstabbing little chit. usun UKRinUN china supports russia little man putin onestandard4all

Oo naw you realise 😂 American are most dumb. Foreigners run their economy.

While NATO keep green lights for Russian bombs by not closing the sky, Russians are destroying one of the largerst city in Ukraine, with prohibited cassete and vacuum bobms. NATO , save Ukrainian people from RussianWarCrimes by CloseTheSky . StopRussianAggression

China will not want to risk similar sanctions by aligning too closely with the lawless Russia under Putin.

Music to my ears...

From their comfort zones politicians in EU🇪🇺🇺🇸US imposed destructive sanctions with an impact not only in Russia🇷🇺&🇪🇺EU economies also in the survival of people in middle income &Poor🌎🌍🌏Countries.

sendplanestoukraine...just end this war quickly..stop the dilly dally..why so slow in acting...just stop the war and let the world know that peace is better than war..and that no country is better than the other..we only have 1 world

US is China's bitch

2 third world countries!

Historically they have always been tied together


China will just buy more oil and natural gas from Russia at a discount. Other than that, I don’t see any new major trade opportunities between these two countries.

Wasn't an closed market economy for Eastern Europe, an recompense for inflation after levelling Nazi Germany; the precautionary tale for the Megadeth album Rust in Peace was that Vladimir Lenin was not able to read or interpret 'That' photo of Leon Trotsky, Yoko Ono was on about.

This will pose a threat to rest of the world too when Russia and China become together. No one knows the Putin’s vision.

Share this message, please! Putin respects the pope! The pope must reach out publicly to Putin! The head of the Catholic Church ( The pope) has not condemned the killing of innocent civilians in Ukraine!

Русский народ встать! Уничтожьте диктаторское, террористическое правительство ПУТИНА! Вернем честь и достоинство русскому народу! Russian people stand up! Destroy the dictatorial, terrorist government of PUTIN! Let's restore honor and dignity to the Russian people! Kremlin

That's a good thing

Военная операция России на Украине не закончится поражением России. Ни одна страна Европы не застрахована ни от каких соглашений с НАТО или США, потому что они нигде не собираются воевать с Россией. Он не будет распространяться по миру. Заканчивается в Украине.

.... making Russia's image as a supposedly proud, magisterial nation even worse as it begs for support. Brilliant moves Master spy!!!!

Derp a derp duhh

If it hasn't happened before, why would they do it now when the whole world is piss off with Putin

Some experts :D


We should let Russia and China know : The only ruler of the Earth is the U.S.

Probably true, tending toward a struggle between communist dictators and the rest. Could use a few more nations to be liberated and part of the fight, even if they may not like communists, and their leaders averse to tolerating rights.

What do you mean by 'may pose a threat'?

If that's true then so be it🤷🏾‍♀️

You don't need to be an expert to understand what the sanctions will lead to. More than half of the world population do not think like the USA and EU.

Since when Xi is the big brother? Between him and Putin. Between Russia and China’s history.

Rubles and reminbi will become the world currency?💩

Time is always for war

Maybe Russia is hoping that China will help them out of all their troubles. Remember though: The GDP of the USA is $20.9 trillion. The GDP of the EU + UK is $17.7 trillion. The GDP of Russia is $1.9 trillion. Which markets do you think China wants to court

Closing together between the twe countries help each others will make some present effectiveness. But those will be coming to isolation from the world economic situation . Rld


economic sanctions, financial blockades, closed skies, expulsion of diplomats... but... the US, Dutch and UK oil companies will continue to buy oil from Russia! how is it understood? how should we understand it? They are kidding us, while thousands continue to die. StopRussia

So just like North Korea then , right ?

But it is only Russia and China that see anomalies in the US system?..Or there are other countries that think like Russia and China but they can't risk their peaceful existence opposing the US hegemonic power..

Because they 🇺🇸 are stupid. You have an entire continent of 52 nations in Africa that you can get closer to with over a billion people. Unfortunately because racism is still so pervasive a thing no one looks there except to plunder.

The world needs an alternative and its good even for US .

You do realise the Russian economy isn’t much bigger than Australia’s, don’t you?

RIDICULOUS. China is on brink of a real estate collapse. Who is shilling for these countries

Already stated. add India too.

Dada’s loving this Ukraine invasion, right up his alley (or ally ;-)

That's why we China 🇨🇳 support Russian invasion of Ukraine

Never happened

We will cross that bridge when we get there. Meantime, let's blame Biden for everything huh? :/


Back-channel diplomacy is not working at all. Dear Russian Brothers & Sisters, Please visit this grave and pray to reduce anger of their son... Дорогие русские братья и сестры Пожалуйста, посетите эту могилу и помолитесь, чтобы уменьшить гнев их сына.

Back-channel diplomacy is not working at all. Dear Russian Brothers & Sisters, Please visit this grave and pray to reduce anger of their son.. Дорогие русские братья и сестры Пожалуйста, посетите эту могилу и помолитесь, чтобы уменьшить гнев их сына.

Back-channel diplomacy is not working at all. Dear Russian Brothers & Sisters, Please visit this grave and pray to reduce anger of their son. Дорогие русские братья и сестры Пожалуйста, посетите эту могилу и помолитесь, чтобы уменьшить гнев их сына.

Dear GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. You've never allowed anyone to stay at this planet forever then why they're fighting based on their own creation of differentiation based on Nationality & Religion? They have divided your LAND & OCEAN. the old age...they'll fight own diseases.

Dear GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. You've never allowed anyone to stay at this planet forever then why they're fighting based on their own creation of differentiation based on Nationality & Religion? They have divided your LAND & OCEAN the old age...they'll fight own diseases.

Dear GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. You've never allowed anyone to stay at this planet forever then why they're fighting based on their own creation of differentiation based on Nationality & Religion? They have divided your LAND & OCEAN the old age...they'll fight own diseases.


To hurt Putin the US must spread the mad man's wealth frozen in the US to poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

The world needs to stop this nonsense about 'dominance'. If we stopped spending money on killing each other we would have solved climate change and we'd have people living on Mars. Humans are still weak and selfish.

RMB + Rubble = XYZ

Russia is done. It's military has been exposed as a joke. What happens when 'the West' stops buying Russian oil? Putin will become a puppet for China.

If a nuclear power plant blows up in the Ukraine? The nuclear fallout would the Ukraine first. Then probably Moscow, the Capital of Russia, Belarus,Turkey & all Countries East of Ukraine all the way to China. President Xi needs to stop this from happening. The UN needs to Act Now

Economic Dominance is passé.

Sanctions will not bring peace. This is a chronic humanitarian disaster!

is not we trying to stop a big demon leads to birth of something more bigger mammoth which beyond our control in the future ps -just a thought

No. No one is saying that. Speculation is coming from businesses who import abc export oil and minerals

West is creating a monster by pushing Russia in China’s lap. The combo will be a formidable challenge both economically and militarily.



Try and find the difference between their presentations

And Russia will be under China mercy, bad place to be.

US$ 's dominance on global trade needs to be reduced significantly


We push Russia to China ! They're perfect together

Duh!! Lol

Those two 🤔

UkraineUnderAttaсk HelpUkraine UkraineRussiaConflict The Pope and all others on the battlefield. Bring the papamobile if scared to join your father in heaven. UkraineConflict

What if india join this ?

We are being witness of the last days of Usa as the most powerful country in the world. These two are gonna eat it alive.

China has to sell in Europe and USA.... however his economy doesn't work as well

Let the fucken US dollar flourishes on blood and tears of the poor 💔

Between these mutually respecting countries relations countries with each other are called 'partnerships' not 'Dependence' as imperialist colonizers call it.

SWlFT sanctions were the blunder by US, A instrument with should be use against ¢hina, US used against Rus, What a blunder,


You dont need an expert to realise that!

*some Russian and Chinese experts

I wish it is true analysis

The threat to the dollar's dominance is there regardless. I hope the US is actively thinking of an alternative for when that time comes.


That will be the best thing ever

Good thing.

You time is up

Every dominant power have an end, USA will not be forever on top, things are changing always

Thinking is not for everyone. USA have themselves to blame.


USA's high-headedness & Only-Make-USA-Great in every matter will create a Asian-Union on the lines of European Union. Much needed.

N India. Don't care about what USA thinks.

They could? At this point is obvious.


The US only seek the world dominance at all cost, using Ukraine to advance their agenda. May the East unite and balance the scale

Don't believe them. As a Chinese, I think I must commit that US have beaten us heavily. Huawei has been destroyed. Go on. After Russia down. No enemy anymore. Then you will beat yourselves. The biggest threat for the US is inside; not outside.

No gives a shi***t about dollar.

Whatever, the U.S. is and will be the only ruler of the Earth.

Y'all will learn the hard way. The relationship between Russia and China has been growing in recent years. All these anti-Russian moves will accelerate the process faster than it should've taken.

NATO and the European Union are not afraid of China. China's economy depends on All NATO Alliance and the European Union. If NATO and the European Union breaks economic ties with China Russia does not have the economic power to buy China's products.

Wasn't this part of their plan the whole time? Seriously anyone with average IQ could see that coming. Russia wouldn't be so brave if China wasn't backing them up.

Great 👌👌👌 Dollar must fall 🚮


If we say that Putin is a war criminal, then we must do everything to make his regime fall. Let's not predict what he will be able to do in the future. Let's do it together so that he doesn't have that future! Слава Україні 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

Both of them are communist countries and ruled by dictatorship. So we have to be careful!

I wish so

Katanekwaa They will take over Russia like they ve done Zambia

Brothers 🦸‍♀️ 🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️🦹‍♀️ show the world 🌎 some secret 🤫 about couple destroyer this Putin - Xi jin ping please

Stop 🛑 Putin 🤝Xi YourAnonCentral

if this isn't the time for China and India to intervene, I don't know when it will be. When Putin starts a nucleair war, China and India won’t exist anymore either! time for China and India to intervene

China wants nothing from Russia except their resources short term. Eventually they will fight each other when China realizes you can’t trust a Russian and it does not help their bilateral goals.

New Cold War : Russia&China vs West&Allies. Already happened.

Can't ya'👁️👁️ it coming?🧐 ✔️out🎧 'GOSPEL FOLK' 🎸by AriYahna on most streaming services. To text (901) 244-3108

ali_naka That's the truth, when cornered you come up with options that's how great companies came to be.

Oh now you get it. Duh.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nah, China's reluctant behaviour proves that they're scared of secondary sanctions, especially now when their real estate market is going to sh*te.

'you fight, me cook' 🥡

I think China's watching this and shaking their heads. I don't think China is stupid like Putin. Wars gain nothing. NoMoreWars

Oh well….Russia chose this war.

Joke of this decade. Let them try the challenge.

America is going to ef'ed until Trump is gone.

China is like a cat, they don't care about anyone, but themselves. They'll never be allies with Russia or Putin.

Russia's GDP is equal to half of California... and that was before the invasion...

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